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  1. What is the going wisdom for troubleshooting filters that just don't seem to "take?" I keep getting hit with this one, Despite the fact that (using BE_AEG) I've got, Added to line #2, the exception strings for the eventHandler keyword. If that doesn't work, and the BE kick keeps happening, I'm stuck on where to go next! Any thoughts or help? Thanks!
  2. I've been struggling with the colloquial and often recited advice on this as well. The problem is, this isn't enough of an explanation. In a comparison, you also have to consider the WHAT that you're making a comparison too, and THAT'S never part of the guides or the shared information. So, what you've explained, "sounds" good but look at it closer: !"CUP_C_Golf4_black_Civ" Should, just the same, exempt ONLY the black civilian golf. and !="CUP_" should, just the same, exempt ONLY and ALL that begin with the pattern. How at these functionally different? YES, What you provide as a "pattern" effects what it ultimately matched, but, /given the current explanation/ the choice of '!' or '!=' is irrelevant. The missing piece here is, WHAT are they being compared TO? THAT's the only part of this puzzle that makes this distinction an actual distinction! Until we fully understand that, functionally, as the explanation stands, there is no difference in But I can't find any deeper explanation for all this! Thoughts?
  3. I appreciate the feedback despite the broken English. I can pick up plenty to at least try and research in the right direction. Let's be clear. THIS is the default infiSTAR attachto.txt: Let's pull our heads out: You don't really think I got from THERE to my current one IF IT WAS WORKING? SMH! But I'll work on it. The double Entry was simply an oversight. Many thanks! #NewFact - if you mean "no offense" don't be offensive Son. It's not about my focus or my efforts and you're really in no place to be a douche about it. This is a forum for questions, I simply asked one, you can choose to respond or not but the self-righteous attitude isn't required nor helpful. I don't know your background, but if you had one in the software industry you'd better understand my comment. NO ONE expects you do be perfect or be able to do EVERYTHING. And while I'm thankful for what you made me PAY for, the reality IS that a TON of BE exceptions have to be added just to get your addon to work out the box. Challenges aside, In The Real World, software, especially software one pays for, whether it's $30 or $3000 simply doesn't work this way. But I'm not here to debate nor argue with you on this, but be careful talking to courteous people just asking a question!
  4. Here's the full kick from the scripts.log, Now, since this was a RemoveAllEventHandlers call I thought it was pretty safe to try and simplify it, so I tried, to no avail! This is the first exception filter string that's totally got me stumped! Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Anyone know anything about this BE kick? It seems to not be taking this exception string. This one was created by BE_AEG which has done great so far.... I'm at a loss? Thanks!
  6. Yes, yes, I get it... looking at it again, it would seem the hidden concept of the Super would conflict with this. I sort of like aspects of both, I guess I'll have to forgo the Super...
  7. I've set up the adminNameTags, and I've also set the SuperAdmin for myself. My ID is in both lists, but I'm still seen as admin when I enter without the admin tag. It would appear this feature is either not working or one can't be both SuperAdmin and have NameTags enforced. Can you confirm or clarify? Many thanks!
  8. I'm trying to set my default view distances on the server end. Searching thru infiSTAR config turns up, of course the, settings. However, when I enter the server it's back down to 1500 or so I think... I am surrounded by hills that just look like grass. Now, all I have is vanilla Exile and infiSTAR going on at the moment but I'm concerned that these setting are not taking effect. Am I missing something? Is there another setting somewhere? Thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
  9. First off, since the thread was closed already, wanted to say thanks Chris(tian) for the quick fix on my previous thread about the server shutting down saying I needed to update. I hadn't realized your script must be talking to your website (to keep it simple) so I hadn't considered such an externality figuring it was all having to do with my server and my local files. But, it's all good now, Thanks! I must say, I know BE filters are the bane of every server admin but I have spent many hours just in and out, in and out handling exceptions and filters. There's got to be an easier way. I realize it puts a big burden on the mod makers but IRL that's just the way it works, software teams must exhaustively test every button, every click, every sub-system. Here in the Houston area in the space and aviation software industries, let me tell you, the testing departments are often bigger than the development teams! But I really wish there was a better way, and especially that the community was a bit better at putting together at least a foundation of vanilla, out-of-the-box filter exception files to share. Everyone, every single server owner out there shouldn't have to do the same work over and over for a common foundation. I've written some analysis tools and hopefully one day I'll share them, the deepest string analysis algorithms are not trivial and once /I've/ finished and exhaustively tested them maybe they'll help. I know what I have done has been a big help so far along with the BE_AEG too (kudos to it's author for that!) I've made progress. I started with simple Exile, then infiSTAR and that's it and yet still, I don't know for a certainty that I'm not going to get into the game and get kicked again for some event or mouse-click that I hadn't tested. So far, I've gotten most of the obvious things handled, I've been able to spawn vehicles, tele where I want, etc. But I can't seem to open the Arsenal and I don't understand this attachto kick. Here's the log entry And here's the current filter file, Now Exile vanilla as well as what comes with infiSTAR reads as follows, So you can see the only entries I've added. What I don't understand is why the patter isn't catching on 'exile_unit_player' Any thoughts and feedback on what's going on here is much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Great I'm happy for you. And I'm glad you edited your comment. What I don't understand is the hostility. You don't know anything about me, you don't know my background. But I'm obviously learning a lot about you. Still what I don't understand is what I've said already, "there's not much else that can be said with 'plain vanilla exile out of the box.'" In the end, *I've* had start and restart, enter and leave the game over and over again and yes, ALL because of BE filters AND Exile mod. But hey, if it makes you feel good, shit on me all you want, I'm all about duty, honor, country. But, you may want to reconsider my milk offer! Thanks!
  11. Wow, so thanks for contributing nothing with such a silly comment. But thanks. Keep up the good work! There's not much else that can be said with "plain vanilla exile out of the box" what part of that did you seem to miss? But you didn't want to ask questions, help, or contribute right, you just wanted to act smart and tough! Ok, then, I wonder what I could have done wrong? The server auto-installs the mod. Even says, you do nothing just jump in and play, right on the box! Oh, and there seem to be a lot of folks yelling on the forums for much the same thing. But thanks for being so kind, courteous and helpful. Look me up next you're in Houston, I'll buy the chocolate milk. Thanks!
  12. The last comment on the latest thread on this subject was, "We have closed this thread and marked it as solved. " BUT, there was NO solution in the thread! Have I been drinking? I just downloaded the latest from the site, v83 today and managed to halfway muddle my way through understanding the install instructions only to find that it's doing the very same thing. What did I miss? Thanks!
  13. C'mon folks. I just wiped my server again, not a big deal since I've not really moved forward on things yet; Installed Vanilla Exile 1.0.3, and jumping on as the First and Only player, out-of-the-box, I get kicked for simply entering a safe-zone! I mean, I'm really jazzed at all the hard work and I'm very impressed with the amazing things I see folks doing extending Arma but this is a huge oversight and I know everyone is struggling with this in some form or another. In my case, as basically a newbie server, I can't search every thread trying to determine from the snippets here and snippets there what is relevant, what is not; what will help me, what will not; and try to kludge good, clean Exile Vanilla BE files together. Moreover, I'm sitting here, not only dumbfounded at this oversight by the Exile team, but thinking the first thing I WOULD DO if I had a clean set of perfectly working Vanilla filters, would be to Zip them and post them so no one else would have to pound their heads against the table because of this infantile oversight. Can anyone please offer up a set of clean, working Vanilla filter files so at least new and especially /newbie/ servers can move forward? As I'm sure everyone's noticed, the number of Exile serves running any map, after being divided between PvP, PvE is not really that large, I wanted to start another server for that exact reason, to give us all MORE choices! And IF I'm missing something here, clue me in, I just want to move forward. A BILLION thanks if anyone can point me to a working set! Thanks!
  14. Z, my comment was just in fun. Thanks again. I must admit to being pretty amazed at what can be done with the scripting built into Arma and what some of the modders have been able to actually accomplish. Do you really think this has to be fixed by BI? I mean it might be nice if vanilla Arma itself handled this better but I still wonder if it can't be fix with a mod. I'm no expert at Arma scripting but as a Software Engineer older than I should probably admit, a new language doesn't bother me, but I don't yet know the engine well enough to always know what's possible, probable or even the lines between what only Arma can do and what a mod might do, so I welcome the general thoughts on the matter. For example, your use of "parachute spawning mod" confuses me a bit as I see paradropping in as part of vanilla Exile, but I really don't know if by this you might be referring to scripts Exile has included from elsewhere or it's native to Exile or whatever. I'm learning what I need to learn on the fly so, as in this example, I've not looked or considered it any deeper than that so sometimes the actual boundary lines are still a bit blurry. Seems to me, given the things I see in the Exile mod and others that achieving a better tracking/glide-ratio might very well be done in a mod. At first glance, adjusting the player's lateral positioning as he's falling seems like it would be possible to fix. I do notice the animations are accurate enough, regardless of actual gliding distance, when you push forward the body animations appear relatively correct. Any further thoughts? Thanks again!
  15. Cool, well I appreciate you doing this. You just forgot to add in the 'you were right' part, but if you were 11B you get a pass! I was 19D and I today I fly'em I don't leave 'em! So, you confirmed my suspicions, thank you. I figured it was vanilla Arma but I hadn't researched any further and only asked because someone might have actually already knew. That and, even if I did find out what you did, it's good to get observations validated by others, and that's really what's valuable to me about you taking the time to look into it! Dukes! Now I wonder if it's possible to 'fix' it? Your height of 805m is interesting, and while this certainly is not actual HALO heights ( I agree the term is just one used for fun not accuracy, which is fine) but except for airborne parachuting, which is meant to get you boys down as fast as possible without killing you and /over/ the DZ, as a pilot I know many skydivers and I've asked this question before and while a novice my not be able to get 1:1 flying glide, with any reasonable level of experience this is very realistically achievable. And now that I'm thinking about it, I'd suppose you'd have to infer that tracking distance does NOT include the time under canopy else it wouldn't be called by it's own term! So, minus any wind working against you, at 850m in height, you should have been able to get to at least that far or farther IF gliding was modelled correctly. FWIW's I'd pay for a fix for this, that's how much I'd like to see it working correctly. I wonder if, with a mod, we can't 'more properly' adjust this lateral tracking. I've played on a few servers that limit this spawn/jump height at much lower values but most seem to default, I think exile itself defaults, to 1k. I don't know how high you can set this? Can we get 2k? But I think it would be really cool to eliminate ALL bambi towns, randomize the DZ from the center of the map out to about 1/2 the radius of the general extent of the map and new spawns/ new criminals are ALL dropped in from 2k, allowed then to track how they want, float under canopy how they want and while you'd not necessarily be able to get everywhere at all times from your drop point, it would be much better balanced, fit into the back story better and overall be a better, balanced way to handle respawns. At least, that's what we'd like to do. Other ideas welcomed! Thanks again!