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  1. Thanks for the convo on this. So correct me here, but this IS EXACTLY the pattern, from my research here at exilemod.com, that is used to create a SERVER side ADDON to add a custom ITEM to the game, ie CfgMagazines. Now, I don't know if this is ALL to the story, but in researching this, people report success adding new custom ITEMS to CfgMagazines with a SERVER side ADDON. So what if MY SERVER ADDON, myserverside_customs, instead defined, class CfgMagazines { ... class MYNEWExile_Item_EMRE: Exile_AbstractItem { ... ALL would be well? I started thinking along these lines because, On CfgMagazines, BI says, "These classes can be subsequently added to by addons inherent in the game or provided by oem." "Addons", this is a very specific word right? EMRE's are currently defined in the binarized config under exile_client, this is NOT an Addon, right? BI continues saying, "but it, and all other classes in cfgMagazines are deletable/erasable/modifiable." I think there is a reason the ADDONS pbo must start with the addon's header class, CfgPatches. And there is a reason it's called CfgPatches, and not CfgAddon or CfgNewAddon! But just like the initServer.sqf script that pops out of the Eden plugin needs to have, //ExileRouletteChairs = []; //ExileRouletteChairPositions = []; commented out, I expect that if we could get the client updated with the new "patched" info from any Serverside code all would be well. At least, the clues point to this being possible, I've just not learned enough about the framework to know what I'm talking about! Thanks for any contributions, Spin Phd.
  2. So I'm just looking to understand the why or why nots of this idea: class CfgPatches { class myserverside_customs { requiredVersion = 0.4633; requiredAddons[] = {}; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; magazines[] = {"Exile_Item_EMRE"}; ammo[] = {}; }; }; class CfgMagazines { class CA_Magazine; class Exile_AbstractItem; class Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Consuming; class Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Eating; class Exile_Item_EMRE: Exile_AbstractItem { scope=2; displayName="EMRE"; descriptionShort="My New EMRE Item. <br/>Hunger: +100%/60s"; model="\exile_assets\model\Exile_Item_EMRE.p3d"; picture="\exile_assets\texture\item\Exile_Item_EMRE.paa"; mass=20; class Interactions { class Consuming: Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Eating { effects[]= { {2,100,60} }; }; }; }; }; Looking at the infiSTAR [a3_infiSTAR_exile] server side addon, this pattern is virtually identical. From what I understand, this SAME pattern is exactly how you would build a custom ITEM to ADD to the environment, why not override/redefine. The hickey I see, is getting this new definition injected into the client. Thoughts? TIA, Spin Phd.
  3. I see, for example, infiSTAR adding to the config class CfgRemoteExec.hpp, by adding the #include to his customization file by the same name in description.est. What I'm interested in overriding some existing behavior outright, not add, but redefine. How can I insure that the Mission's overrided config class is read AFTER the client side equivalent? In otherwords, I want the config file changes I embed in the mission file to overwrite the client's original. Adding my overrides as infiSTAR works fine, but the data isn't overridden... Thoughts? TIA, Spin Phd.
  4. Thank you, that helped a lot.
  5. Anyone know where the food definitions are found? I'd like to adjust the amounts of hunger reduced by the food types but I can't find where they are defined. Thanks.
  6. Bump... Yes, what is the condition for stopHack?
  7. What does this mean? How would that line actually look in scripts.txt? Is it actually ON line 9?? I don't follow... Thx
  8. OP or anyone, can you explain better the battleye filter lines? I'm not familiar enough with BE to understand what appears to be commentary from what lines I'm actually supposed to add. And the references to line numbers I don't follow. I have a very small script.txt as I've got a vanilla exile with only the ExAd stuff installed. My BE lines look like id != "" with only 10 lines?? TIA
  9. Ok, newbie here so go easy, and please expect I don't know stuff... I've followed how to get the 3den plugin installed and I do have the Exile menu option but I'm confused about two really big things: 1) when I open my map, the stock vanilla exile.altis.pbo that was on my server when setup, I see lots of items in the left side nav tree greyed out. In fact the only things I see are the "independent" and "Markers" folders in that tree. Is this right? Can I not access the rest? This has me concerned, and I'm no 3den editor expert mind you, because of 2) when I move the camera in close to the main airport tab city, I don't see ANY of the vendors, the signs, lockers, etc. Being so green, I don't know if this is ok, or if this indicates I've got something configured wrong. Can anyone clarify? There was a video posted on the thread where the 3den plugin was first announced but it appears it has been pulled for copyright on the music... just please don't think I'm not doing my do diligence before asking. If that video is still around, I'd love to watch it, or any other pointers to a clear and full explanation of the 3den editor and use with Exile. The difficultly being green, besides dating a pig, is that you often don't have enough knowledge to assess even when things are going right! Baby steps... TIA
  10. Thanks, I'll look into those. I figured there had to be some established methods. And I wasn't being a dick... dick! Check yourself.
  11. yeah, apparently I have to buy that. And while I just might eventually, right now I just want to play vanilla.... So not a valid answer, exile shouldn't be making me purchase something else in order to admin myself! Thanks for playing!
  12. First time at this, 25 yr software engineer. Ok, plain vanilla Exile installed, now I'm just trying to figure out how to admin it... I can't walk everywhere but the debug console is hidden. Fixed that, but now it appears it doesn't work. So... how do I admin my server? Thanks.