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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Homesick, and i'm the current Head Admin for Exile Edict/Arma 3 Edict mod. Due to our main dev, and owner being in the process of moving/starting a new job we are currently recruiting more developers for our development team. This is obviously due our developement progress stalling as we currently only have one developer, but hopefully by looking around we'll be able to find a couple of people that want to help us progress both our mod and community. I wont be making a big post with requirements and all that here, but if you think you are the person for the job, don't hesitate by contacting me on these forums, our twitter, my twitter, or send in an application on our website which can be found here -> Dev App. If you have any questions regarding anything don't hesitate to ask!
  2. As it currently stands we are lacking developers, as our main dev (and only) dev is moving/starting a new job. He is however hopefully back on his PC within this month, and the developement of the mod will continue. We werent far from release when he last worked on it, so i doubt it will be far off when he starts developing the mod again. We used the Desolation framework for our previous version of Edict, but due to performance issues, and alot of other issues we decided to re-do the framework using the Exile framework, which will most likely solve most of the issues we used to have, and therefor create a better experience for all our players, and our community. If anyone has any other questions don't hesitate with shooting me a message here, on discord, or on our website. - Exile Edict, Head Admin, Homesick.