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  1. Link to InFistar Discord. https://discord.gg/xSAr7GA
  2. What do you mean by no objects in the editor/sever?
  3. Shalloa, I just reread your post. Zeus is in Infistar already... In the infistar console when you hit F1/F2 and it is only the Lighting Bolt portion of Zeus that you have in game...in other words you can Zapp somebody with the lighting bolt and kill destroy with it. What Im telling you is going to give you ALL of Zeus.. you can view, spawn and delete stuff..cars planes etc. Now I don't play Exile...I"m only arma 3.. but, Zeus will be independent of the traders or what ever. It works in and by itself.. it will not be linked to the trade zones/traders(?). Hope this makes sense. It works by its self, and only for the person who's ID is in the modual and only for the map with the modual in it.
  4. Hi! it s been awhile since I posted here. Hope Im doing this right and you get this. You open the map you are playing on (in Exile i presume) in the editor: drop and edit the modual as stated above and move it off to the side or to the edge of the map..dos'nt matter cause you don't see it in game. Save and then roll the map back into a PBO and load it back to your server in the mpmission folder and play as you normally do. Its that easy! Questions?
  5. hello. just browsing and saw this topic. Yes you can add Zeus to the game or any game... drop the module in and double click on it or via attributes look for OWNER in the dialogue box and then place you steam ID in it, 765611...... and Zeus now works for you . set a keybinding if you have conflicts with the default. Reason being, you can use Infistar and your friends could moderate and view by using Zeus. They can look /spectate and verify etc. almost but not quite Infistar powers. Hope this might prove helpful. Cheers!