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  1. Did they just crash? 04/23/2017 at 18:36 PST?
  2. For the helisteal mission how would I change it from a little bird to a attack chopper?
  3. So I had QGS add this and I see files are there yet virtual garage doesn't work. I believe they didn't add that part. However whenever I do add it server won't load. Any ideas?
  4. For two days I tried to do this! Now just ExAd virtual garage and thank god I'm done! Thanks so so much Tin A beginner like myself appreciates it!
  5. stupid Q but zeds will still spawn yes? Id like to get rid of those ugly red squares. The way you showed now only 1 loot and spawn so again thank you!!
  6. Say for example I wanted to use ONLY "No man's land" would the way I have it make it so?
  7. ok I just want to turn off loot and death. I don't see that option. I'll look again
  8. Sorry but where?
  9. it worked THANK YOU!!!!!!!! However two things. I got a TONE of loot and death circles on map. How do I remove those? Also as this s new can you kindly remind me where I edit it so no running zeds?
  10. will give it a go now I'll report back.
  11. Thanks I'll try now and report back. Also thank you TIN as well!!!!
  12. no I found the ExileTraderZoneIcon but where would I add Also where do I add my current safe zone cords or does your script auto detect. Sorry Im a super noob to this!
  13. Im trying to figure out where in the fn_init.sqf to add what tin shows..
  14. Yes because they used the 1 click install version. I can read the readme hopefully it isn't to complicated... couldnt I just upload that and it would overwrite the current one?