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  1. Triggered ^ Proof again I'm lmao! Thanks
  2. Shows you three are A: kinda clueless, B: A whee arrogant. Lets' make a quick video on battle royale, h1z1, and battlegrounds and compare the numbers.. Oh don't want to? haha wonder why! Also make another video of exile being added to the mod hall of fame? What?.. It's not there?!! Love how the mod's prove my point to lol cheers as option B proven over and over and over and... #micdropyougotowned!
  3. I really wish a mod or someone here would decide to make videos in CLEAR/FLUENT English. for example were on whatever version of exile yet there is a SINGLE "how to update your server" video or text. You see guys like playerunknown get huge and thru it a he helped ppl with his mod! Im just hoping one of you finally steps of instead of that lame ass " get good" kind of argument I see from a lot of you. Exile could be a lot bigger then it is with just a little effort from you guys that have incredible skills that a lot of us would love to learn. ( this a text I'm sure it'll come off as I'm being rude but I'm not in any way trying to be ) Cheers
  4. lol well good for you as you deserve it! Hole tho that you kindly consider making one. cheers!
  5. I can spawn it in, I can save it. When I try and copy it tho it doesn't appear at all. I'm not sure why.
  6. 1,70 was easy. I wish exile was as easy. stop server, click update, done! anyways any info on a chernarus/skalisty ai island?
  7. I figured out how to add the exile addon feature but it still isnt saving the carrier.
  8. never used that 1 before I used just 3den. gonna give it a go. THANK YOU Hogan! True hero here on these particular forums! Edit* I don't see a exile option on the top next to M3Editor..
  9. Hey Hogan I placed it near Skalisty island in m3editor 3den edition and it saves. ALL custom items I spawn in pop up except the carrier. Any idea why mate? Cheers
  10. they constantly lock threads for no reason other then they like to power trip. small man syndrome is my guess.
  11. found the ignore. better then arguing
  12. uh no i didn't if all other items spawned in and if you're gonna be of no help don't reply and save your attitude for other threads. Cheers!
  13. I added it right as all my other objects appear yet the uss freedom isnt showing. any idea why?
  14. you da man! Thanks
  15. No actually I have no idea what that means or how that helps me to spawn one in the m3editor...