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  1. we are looking for people who would like to help translate we have a language file formated like this for easy translations $['language string leave alon'] = "translated string change me";
  2. 1.0.0 Alpha 2 Released https://a3exileportal.com/release-notes/
  3. been very busy today installer is done! Installer Welcome Page ------------------------------------------- System requirements --------------------------------------------------- License Key (Not Found) please note this key is already been deleted -------------------------------------- License Key (Found) please note this key is already been deleted ------------------------------------------------- Server Details --------------------------------------------------- Portal settings ------------------------------- Admin Account ------------------------------------------ Installing Page has few steps setup Database --------------------------------------- Admin Account ------------------------- Done!
  4. UPDATE ALPHA 0.0.1 All Screens shown may not reflect final product Home page ---------------------------------- Profile Page ------------------------------- Garage/ Vehicle Management ------------------------------------ Territory Management ---------------------------------------------- MarketPlace - Home ---------------------------------- MarketPlace - item page ---------------------------- IMPORTANT LINKS Release Notes- https://a3exileportal.com/release-notes/ Feature Plan - https://a3exileportal.com/featureplan/
  5. within the month ill have something available for testing
  6. im resuming development on this as of today i have added a poll to first post
  7. due to work this is on hold
  8. TacticalGeeks.Net A3 Exile

    running DMS, occupation, and zombies! Tactical Geeks created by two geeks who wanted to come together create a community that is designed for geek hearted minds that love to play games
  9. currenlty only on my server but once its more stable and complete ill start branching out to testing
  10. Hello Everyone, Im terrible at introductions so i apologize ahead of time. The A3 Exile Portal will be a all in one system Basic features Automatic Branding Automatic Install File Live Statistic Signatures Blog System Internal News System Anti Spam Bot system built in Contains a fully functional private message system User Profiles Administration Area Notable Key Features Online Garage Stats tracker Marketplace Online Players View Inventory Territory Management Clan Management and more to be added full list of features can be found HERE will update as i work Also Releases notes can be found HERE Official Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/eRc5Bn4 Will update with Screens Shortly
  11. Still Recruiting and looking for new members stop by our teamspeak server ts.tacticalgeeks.net
  12. JOIN TACTICAL GEEKS! Do you want to join a fun and Realism based clan? Looking for a well-organized, established group of gamers? Look no further than Tactical Geeks. Requirements: 16+ and mature attitude Headset/Mic Computer to sign up Speak and understand English ______________________________________________________________ SUMMARY Tactical Geeks created by two geeks who wanted to come together create a community that is designed for the geek hearted minds that love to play game We are looking for new members to help expand our Arma 3 Division. It doesn't matter if you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran either ______________________________________________________________ What We Offer Community Teamspeak Server: TS.TacticalGeeks.Net Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tacticalgeeks and many more Staff Positions are Open and need to be filled as well for Arma3 Feel free to join the Arma 3 Server located at arma.tacticalgeeks.net or by searching "TacticalGeeks.Net Exile Server" ______________________________________________________________ TO APPLY Click here to apply!: https://tacticalgeeks.net/register ______________________________________________________________ HAVE A QUESTION? Ask me here in the forum or contact me via steam . My gamertag is "Checking_Out". or you can hop on the teamspeak server @ ts.tacticalgeeks.net and join the "Requesting Help!" channel and a member of your management team will get a notification and hop down More info: Head Quarters: https://www.tacticalgeeks.net Arma 3 Division: https://www.tacticalgeeks.net/gc/4-arma-3-exile/ If you register, please reply here stating you have done so.