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  1. Yeah, do what you want with it man.
  2. That will not work Class's can only be defined once, delete the the class CfgRemoteExec in description.ext, and keep the #include in description.ext and add this to the CfgRemoteExec.hpp file in mission file root. Don't delete anything in that file just add right under the other class/es. #Include just copies and paste the data that is in a different file to the current one.
  3. Looks fine to me as long as you have put the files inside the the "loadouts" folder, so they link up.
  4. Add them up top some where in ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp.sqf , add to your customcode section in config.cpp and assign your custom keys to them, custom 5 for bandage and custom 9 for instadoc. Done
  5. try this This will delete everything that isn't Equal to a classname in a radius, eg: flies, bushes trees ect.
  6. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27697 The question is what will happen when you actually want to reload the empty magazine, probably wont load it unless you add it manually through the gear menu or load it last or never because it has no value. Its something that could be in Arma 4 though, having realistic magazines so you have to load all your rounds yourself finding stray bullets in drops to fill magazines up instead of just finding full magazines, would add interesting dynamics to looting.
  7. I don't think so but you should test it out for yourself to truly know.
  8. They have to be .sqf files. Copy the pastebin stuff and paste it into a blank notepad ++ page and then save the file with .sqf at the end and name them accordingly then you are golden.
  9. Yeah you build bases, fight over missions or hotspots, loot up, get respect to access better gear, base raid ,get poptabs (currency) to buy anything from the traders, building supplies ,weapons,food,vehicles ect. It persists as well kind of like DayZ Epoch. There are a ton of Zombie servers out there, its almost overwhelming how many servers have it.
  10. Exile is more PvP oriented than DayZ, there's no hero's and bandits but there is a system called respect which is similar to the way you play as a bandit on DayZ, in a sense that you kill everything on sight most of the time , but there are mods that bring back a lot of DayZ like zombies, Arma 2 weapons and there is a humanity mod as well. You can also build a base similar to how you would on DayZ Epoch, traders, safe storage, missions (addon), loot, spawn selection. If you are looking for a open world game, you are in the right place.
  11. go to this thread and go to the last page of it there is a post by "leonardos1978" click the spoilers and take note of what he says. delete and change what fits you, add classnames ect.
  12. Mikero Tools? IDK if its possible to get that bin file working in another directory. If you repacked it in the same folder then everyone would have to download your version of Exile.
  13. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=411
  14. download unRap and point the file browser to the config.bin and it will return a bunch of C type files in the same folder, that you can look over with notepad ++. Its not something you can just change though with a click of a finger, but it would be cool to do. You could link your Teamspeak, discord or website or what ever through it.
  15. You need to do that in the Exad_DV.pbo in server addons in fn_spawnDeployableVehicle.sqf I haven't tested this but you should do something like this right below do this should be good then.