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  1. GTX will allow you to upload your .DLL files if you put in a ticket requesting access. I warn you tho, they are extremely pushy with their answers, trying to avoid the main subject in many ways.. that's the main reason i left their services, if i had technical problems i got send from the wall back to the cabinet continuesly lawl. Regardless of that their support is lightningquick with replying compaired to many other hosting companys, bigass plus on that one, especially if they knew what issue i described to them Also im quite sure you dont specifically NEED those dll files for infistar to function, can't remember though, i just put them in the folder on my dedi regardless
  2. Is there any decent object which looks sortlike the default tanoa bridge from the up and bottom side yet is as well accesable by both vehicle and on foot? I'm using LAND_PIER_F right now for my bridges, but frankly thei're seriously fucking ugly in general. Why? Bottom side is seetrough, top side is decent unless you need to line them next to eachother. And thei're rather deep (bottom to top height)... Which means you need to make a very high bridge over water in order to let some boats pass trough. I tried to debugrun this object: bridgesea_01_f.p3d but once i did that, it simply appeared without ability to move it around whatshowever. So basically what i need is an object, which is flat, a person can run on, a car can go on (200km/h speed limit), and which isn't see through from the bottom side like the land_pier_f's are, and also be able to let boats under trough without having weird pillars sticking out of it. I tried the exilemod wooden floors, but they spaz out when you attempt to line them up, same with the concrete floor, and certain other floor objects i found. (i'm using m3editor so as far as i know i got acces to all the objects) Also i get the feeling i posted in the wrong section lawl, not sure. .Sorry if i did
  3. [UIC]Tanoa ExileZombies..

    Arma 3 Exile Zombies Server, [UIC]Tanoa ExileZombies Missions Tanks VirtualGarage and alot more.
  4. @kuplion Updated IP, could you update the sig. Can't do it myself somehow.
  5. Ah found it, missed that option completely. Thanks
  6. @kuplion if the mod is updated, which it is at the moment. Which files are exacly required to be updated without changing all personal settings? (if that's even an option). I'm currently using 1.3.1 rather then 1.3.2 and i'm being spammed by 14:40:17 Error in expression <","_distance","_radius","_flags"]; if (ExtendedLogging) then { diag_log format[> 14:40:18 Error position: <ExtendedLogging) then { diag_log format[> 14:40:18 Error Undefined variable in expression: extendedlogging 14:40:18 File exilez_mod\scripts\ZombieMonitor.sqf, line 9 I havn't adjusted the script at any point. So i am not so sure why i'm being spammed, is this a known issue on 3.1 ? Do i have to update or is it a optional one? (i will update if my first question gets answered :P). The "extendedlogging" part reminds me of infistar extra logging and such. Not sure if relevant or not
  7. I seem to be getting the same issue somewhat even Without infistar.. Got it a couple of times on Default Exile as well, the hell is going on here.. Since the updates everything just got ruined lawl.. I will keep testing what's causing it as i really don't know, all i know is that battleye justu goes nuts and kicks you for it ..
  8. So i've had this issue ever since exile updated.. The only "logical" answer i get from people is to disable BE kicks in general, which makes no sense to me as it would probaly cause more harm then any good whatshowever... The spoiler below shows the problem , ingame it will simply kick you with battleye restriction (Battleye:) or (#14 #40 #12.. whichever), i've seen one topic with the same issue, and a reply that an update would happen the next day, which.. was 5 days ago, still nothing though? @infiSTAR did i missinterpet when the update shows up or ? Sure is a problem.
  9. ACP yeah, along with filezilla and that shit. Dedicated box is just too pricey at the moment ;p.
  10. assuming you mean servertype, partially setup one from Gtxgaming. Unless im answering the wrong ballpark here lawl
  11. would be good if that was the problem, although it states in teh webconsole everytime it boots up that it is indeed correct.
  12. So i'm almost done with my server, got a few large bugs to iron out. One of them is the restarter, im not sure whats going on with that stupid thing but it just keeps ruining itself. This is my code in the exile config, due to this one simply not working to begin with. And with those settings above, i enabled the infistar restarter which looks like this:. 2 massive bugs with the way i got it now, 1: infistar simply counts down from 3 hours to 0, and then goes into -1 till 12301230210312003 or whatever, without restarting the server. And 2: the Exile part doesn't kick people at the required 3 minutes. Figuring it's the infistar restarter i want i'll do this @infiSTAR Any chance you could help me on this part? i have tried #restartserver & #shutdown but netiher are being done it seems when people are offline. And when they are online they simply arn't being kicked. I can't seem to find RPT errors about this either, unless im missing something
  13. yeah i figured the "DebugConsole" was the default one of arma (Like in the editor.) And "AdminConsole" was the one you made. Either way, if i clck on AdminConsole it pops up just fine. But if i click on DebugConsole i merely get a playerlist and that's about it. And thanks regarding the "bump in player" part, too bad it's not there anymore, but good to know it's not supposed to be there anymore either so i can stop breaking my brain over it ^_^.
  14. Reinstalled fresh version of Infistar, same problems. @infiSTAR Any chance you could tell me something about this, wether it could be the arma update or simply my infistar being ignorant to the changes i make? As i did reinstall infistar but the issues above remained existing. And the RPT isn't mentionning any issue either. View distance setting is solved, had a conflict somewhere.
  15. hi, so i got some issues with infistar i suppose it is.... **Disregard my view distance setting issue, i solved that as i had a conflicting app ruining it** i want to enable the "Cannot bump into player with car" setting which is this. block_safeZone_ramming = "true"; But when i i actually test it in my trader city it simply ignores the setting anyway?... Player just drops on his bum and gets ran over basically regardless. one more issue. If i open up the Infistar menu, then head to DEBUGCONSOLE. No matter the setting i got in Description.ext(mission folder) as in 'debugconsole 1 or 0', it remains 0 i suppose, as when i try to open up the debugconsole, all that shows up is a playerlist on the right side, and no actuall console in the middle of the screen.. Halp :). PS: i've seen not a single RPT error so far regarding these changes i tried to make, they are simply being ignored it seems.