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  1. It appears to have been AVS, I'm assuming the database became dependent upon it when I ran the queries in the database for it. I also got AVS functioning properly so overall win I guess. Will mark as solved.
  2. All players who connect are being booted from the server while staring at the grass waiting to be spawned in. I just updated to 1.0.3 everything was working fine. Added in Extended base mod and removed AVS(it wasn't functioning because I had a script error) and the error began occurring. I have disabled EBM, but have not reinstalled AVS as I was never able to get it to function properly and I'm not sure this is the problem. I am having trouble finding the specific error related to what is kicking my playerbase. here is the RTP. Going to keep messing with the files but, hopefully an extra set of eyes will help spot the error. If I can figure out WHICH error is causing the boot I can go from there.
  3. Can you possibly shed some light on what your needed to fix in your code. I'm having the same problem only with CUP vehicles.
  4. Gah, this was answered already after all. Right here. In case anyone else sees this. I am very sorry for the needless post.
  5. It appears to be identical so I think the defining value may have been renamed either in an update or by me I guess? here is the sqf though. I'll keep looking for the correct variable it's trying to define.
  6. That is indeed the issue and, I located it in the eden editor. It's in line 40 of the statusbar.sqf it's trying to define the wallet as "exileclientplayermoney" and this is not a valid variable. The variable may have changed and my script might be outdated although I just picked it up two days ago. I'll look around for an updated version and compare the variables. (although I am unsure of where exileclientplayermoney is defined at in the first place.)
  7. Hey all, tried adding a post to the status bar script page asking about this but, it's been a few days with no response so I figured I'd create a thread for it as I can't seem to locate the problems solution elsewhere. Upon installing Cr34mpie's (I apologize if I murdered the spelling) status bar script I got everything up and running except the pop tabs always displays as ANY for the amount on hand(only in the status bar, physical pops are unaffected) I'm assuming there was a value I was supposed to edit but missed somewhere. If you need an logs or screenshots on the Issue I am happy to provide. Thanks in advance, Arkan
  8. Hey guys, so I've installed this and it's up and running for the most part. However lockers seem to have disappeared and pop tabs just says any next to it. Here is my Description.ext and initplayer.sqf incase they will help in solving. If there is anything else I need to provide just let me know and I would be happy to.
  9. Z Land of Exile

    Z land of Exile aims to bring everything it means to live in the apocalypse to ARMA. Our apocalypse just so happened to involve the Z virus so, watch your back while building your legacy. Oh...don't get bit.
  10. Z Land of Exile

    Anything goes server.(inside the rules and respecting t he boundaries of safe zones) Be who you want to be, play how you want to play. Just don't get bit.
  11. Z Land of Exile

    Welcome to Z land of Exile. Be who you want to be, anything goes outside of glitching, hacking, and safe zone underhandedness. Be a gun for hire, a play hunter or just a thief. it's up to you. One more thing, try not to get bit.
  12. Thank you DOC, I do not currently own infinistar(yet) and, this post just saved me at least a few hours of searching for the exact spawn locations in eden to correlate to the buildings. Cheers.
  13. First off, thank you for the timely reply. It was perfect to get off work and be able to solve this. While I did have PBO manager 1.4 I went ahead and reinstalled it upon you suggesting this and it turns out I either installed 32 bit or just incorrectly the first time as it has much more functionality now. Hopefully this solves it. I'll update this post if so. EDIT: It has indeed solved my problem and all missions seem to be functioning. Have A LOT more kinks to work out with this server of mine, but you have helped with a real headache so thank you once again.
  14. Is it possible to just download the premade .pbo when I attempt to pack it on my and and run server-side it doesn't initialize or give and error of any sort so I'm assuming I'm doing something incorrectly.