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  1. I did do that very thing and was wondering why all my base items were gone from the map. I followed the video he did and did the exile.ini the same way. nvm i guess. My server did actually start back up though. How did you not have a backup of exile.ini, Had you changed it once before, why not take a default one?
  2. getting this error in the logs when i try to store a vehicle in Virtual Garage @Janski "ExAdServer Debugger: Error in clientRequest - 'Forbidden message name! Payload: [""VGStore"",[""2:2275"",""2:58"",""2:2041""]]'"
  3. Thanks @q-p for that. However, I did manage to get it figured out. The tut specifies to launch the mod with parameters, come to find out for a3launcher to not throw a fit you just have to put the admintoolkit pbo into @exileserver/addons to get it to launch without a parameter. Thanks though.
  4. tool

    ah, ok. Thanks mate, @kuplion
  5. tool

    where is the @marma download even at?
  6. Hey @ole, I have it installed and it works great. But with this running serverside I can't get my server listed on A3launcher. I would really like for it to be listed here as this is the most popular launcher. I've added the pbos straight to my @exileserver folder. Is there any trick that can be done so a3launcher doesn't see it?
  7. HAHA, thats great. literally 30 mins after i installed it, Nice work @duda
  8. Nice job on this mod man, I LOVE IT. I can't even begin to imagine all the scenarios that can happen from players driving these trains around in MP