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    Download the Required Mods Here Chernarus Map Zombies AI Missions 50K Tabs Start ExAd XM8 Addons Modded Vehicles Custom Territory Ranges XM8 App & Discord Supported infiSTAR Anti-Cheat Protected Active Admins Active Development Custom Items (Coming Very Soon!) and More!
  2. Hello, I'm a bit new, and am learning to understand the complexities of this mod. I'm having some difficulties with a mod, one of the NIA Arsenal mods, as the rifle, but not the ammo, is showing up in the Weapons Trader. The listing is there, but without a name and the issue " Warning Message: Bad vehicle type hlc_5rd_3006_1903" filling up my RPT. I added it to arsenal: //Springfield. class hlc_rifle_M1903A1_unertl { quality = 1; price = 800; }; class hlc_rifle_M1903A1 { quality = 1; price = 800; }; //Ammo class hlc_5rd_3006_1903 { quality = 2; price = 29; }; and in the weapons trader shop: "hlc_30rnd_68x43_Tracer", "hlc_30rnd_68x43_Tracer", "hlc_30rnd_68x43_IRDIM", "hlc_5rd_3006_1903", "HLC_3006_FMJ", "B_556x45_Ball" but nothing seems to be working. The mod is built a little strangely, as shown here: as the weapon ammo is a child of B_556x45_Ball, then converted into a 30-06 type round, and then later is packaged in 20Rnd_762x51_Mag type of ammo container.. This has been messing with my mind for the last three nights and I can't seem to find any sort of resolution. Any ideas? Anything is greatly appreciated, thank you.