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  1. @Apoc Perfect mate, Just what i wanted to achieve, Thank you. Having great fun with your script. Love it. On a side note, I know you have discussed previously about dropping persistent Vehicles. Would it make sense to maybe adding a codelock to the inventory of the dropped vehicle? If that's easier.
  2. @Apoc Hey, would you know which variable i would need to change if i wanted the drop to happen, say 100m, prior to arriving at the player position? I've tried a few but without success so far. Ta
  3. Thank you
  4. Hi Ghostrider, really useful tool this, thank you. This may be an ignorant question, but when i run this against, say CUP, using the Vehicles script it generates all vehicles in one list. Inc air and land together. Is there something i need to edit in the config to split them? Below.....
  5. Would anyone know if there is a 'quick' way to enable lifting with this mod? or do i need to enter all the class names. Ta
  6. Scrub that......my bad!!
  7. Hey M8 Which part of the config did you change to get the lights to come on? They are not working on mine and need to troubleshoot. Ta Stu
  8. Hi Question for anyone who can help. Is there a setting to shorten the amount of time it takes to spawn Static Vehicle patrols on server start? I'd like this to be the first thing that happens. Nothing i have tried seems to have any effect. Ta
  9. Definitely using it, once i got it working, its so useful. All the important info in one place.
  10. I managed to achieve something similar to what i wanted by adding a colour to the Icon reference in the mission.sqm from this: to this for example:
  11. Looks great m8. Forgive the dim question but should my icons be coloured like your in the screenshot?
  12. Ah, its the version in the Tanoa Silver.rar download that's incomplete. The other seems ok :-)
  13. mission.sqm seems incomplete?....