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  1. on a couple missions there is buildings/objects with doors theres a option to open the door but it doesnt open anyone kno how to fix that?
  2. cant help ya witht he 1st issue nvr had that before lol but 2nd is easy in the CPP look for class heliPatrol set that to no if you want to turn them off @geekm0nkey
  3. @Chainsaw Squirrel i dont think it was a trader goof but knowing my luck probably was lol havent had time to test it yet tho but i did see that i forgot to add the 2 custom code lines GG Me
  4. still says it cant be found?
  5. i use this same statusbar in my mission file i have a folder called addons, a folder in that called statusbar in that folder is where the statusbar files are works fine only diffrence is my [] execVM "addons\statusBar\statusbar.sqf"; is in the init file not the localplayerinit
  6. @kuplion works like a charm thanks a million
  7. Ohhhh tyvm
  8. far as i kno i did folder in the root init where it should be lines in the CPP where they needed to be added other then that idk what iam missing lol
  9. @hogansheroes iam having same problem man i have a defib and get option in scroll menu "perform CPR" but when i click it nothing happens
  10. can someone share a good line for making missions despawn if players are not doing it or a certin distance away? kinda like a timer i guess you could call it
  11. thanks again my hero works like a charm
  12. ive looked in the rpt shows no errors for loading revive or anything everything loads on the server missions start but when you join it its stuck on loading screen
  13. iam having trouble with this its showing loaded and Initializing but it seems to prevent the server from starting stickin git in a loop anyone have a idea what i may have done wrong? yes the init is in place my b ad i should say server starts but gets stuck on loading screen
  14. tow

    does anyone know how to stop the "take safe" or "take huge container"? i cant seem to find it anywhere in the player can move or anywhere i mean the class names for the items that has "take" on it ive looked in the can be moved and transported by player i found nothing
  15. got the same error again ill pm u my server/config lol