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  1. hey sorry for the delay umm iam not sure i deleted the other version when i update to this one iam getting a error that says desc_include.h in the log
  2. i got it working again i used a backup map i had but when i put the new r3f log over it looses the towing and vehicle contents option
  3. yep i did
  4. regualr default arma vehicles strider and just random spawn vehicles i put the strider in front went to the back scrolled no option to tow reversed the vehicles same situation never touched core at all to my knowledge
  5. Can someone help me with this i fallowed the instructions i get the load and view vehicle contents but no tow
  6. @Freakylein ah crap man totally my bad man everything works great i had the stupid start pers backwards CBA then EBM works lol my bad for the troubles
  7. finally got it installed now another problem getting a memory error if i uninstall EBM server works fine actually i just removed CBA from the start pers and the XBM works fine now no errors isthere a certin version of CBA that works with 3.3?
  8. how do i do that? think i found my problem lol dont think its supposed to look like this //#include "EBM\recipes.hpp" my bad if it works ill keep you posted
  9. Need Some help probably something simple who knows lol Installed EBM on our server items are in the trader and can be baught however they cant be constructed they show invisable any ideas?
  10. thanks for the help
  11. iam using Occupation now i just cant find the right place to set it up i found other missions just not the town invasions lol
  12. iam a rookie at this lol where would i find that? and thanks for the help also
  13. sorry if this is the wrong place but iam woundering if someone cant set me in the right direction to find the Dynamic town invasion missions and get them running