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  1. Your a PBO script kiddie. Stay banned. I have logs of you spawning things in on life servers with PBO's.
  2. [SSG] Smoke Shack Gaming

    Smoke Shack Gaming has been around since Arma 2: DayZ and Arma 2: Dayz Epoch and Overpoch. Our server replicates Old Arma 2 DayZ overpoch. The map contains coustom loot spawns with Open Chernarus, aswell as High End Traders that replicate Overpoch Hero/Bandit Traders. We Hope to see you soon! Mods: Mods: @Exile @CUP_Terrains_Core @CUP_Terrains_Maps @TRYK_TRYK’S_Multiplay_Uniforms @Extended_Base_Mod @Chernarus_Isles @Advanced_Urban_Rappelling @Advanced_Sling_Loading @Advanced_Towing @Advanced_Rappelling @CBA_A3 @RHSUSAF @RHSAFRF @Open_Chernarus_Project_with_JBAD @CUP_Units @CUP_Weapons @CUP_Vehicles
  3. Im looking for a exile dev that can get our server running aswell as fix traders and stuff. You will be paid!!! Come to this Teamspeak if intrested:
  4. Hello I am one of the owners of Smoke Shack Gaming, we are looking for devs right now that can fix our DB and get our serving running since we are having issues with our server. Also looking for other devs for things like lootables, traders, and other things. Please come to our teamspeak :
  5. Apply to become a dev at SmokeShackGaming [SSG]. TS:
  6. Apply for Dev at SmokeShackGaming [SSG]. TS:
  7. Remove all apex objects that you have placed on your map. Weapons and Vehicles should not kick a player, only apex props. I suggest you go into your initServer.sqf and check if you have any Apex objects.
  8. Your probably infiSTAR global banned
  9. Hello I am trying to edit our already placed objects in our Initplayerlocal.sqf and our Initserver.sqf and when I execute both via debug console, the objects are placed in the editor but I I get no option to move them or delete them. I have 3den and M3den on. Please help me
  10. Dude what even is this. There is more people that have the same name as me....
  11. Hey Christian, I met you a while back when I was creating my A2 OA server with Eric Lally dont remember if you remember us lol. I have been apart of the A2/A3 community and I made friends and enemys over the years. I met a couple of these guys and they forged my name under hack forums and stuff like that to get me global banned. I dont hack as I have 2000 hours on the game and Ive never been VACed or whatever. I was hoping to get removed and buy your anti cheat for my milsim. Hope this isnt a waste of your time pal and If you have any questions PM me Thanks!