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  1. @Diddl3s you have it in parameters under -mods, not -servermods, yes?
  2. Nice! Does this code still use the settings from config.cpp for cost? So instead of upgrades costing the amount of pop tabs listed, it will cost that much respect?
  3. Map objects do affect the servers performance... But it takes a while lot before that starts to hinder performance. The lack luster you see is probably the limitation of that server owner/Dev. I myself, am not the creative type so I only do what's necessary when it comes to traders and map objects. In other words, don't worry too much about that, get creative!
  4. Very cool! Can the loot crate chance be set to a decimal like 0.1? To make it REALLY rare...
  5. I think you should build a simple server based on a map/mission file that is supported by Exile out of the box. After a couple weeks you'll understand the whole shebang and will probably have no trouble building your own mission file. That's definitely a huge task to jump into without any experience with it beforehand!
  6. Thank you for that, much appreciated!
  7. Is this what 'manage flag' does or do you mean add custom interaction menus to the flag?
  8. Thanks for the info @towatai! Have you had any negative effects from VCOM? @kuplion Quick question regarding Occupation config.sqf... I'm using Tanoa. Under map overrides, if SC_useApexClasses is set to true, does this override the bandits possible gear or add to that list? Thanks!
  9. I think it's just exile_item_flag
  10. Make a territory flag recipe so you can craft it, then change territory lifetime to something like 999 so rent doesn't need to be paid. Not sure how to go about territory upgrades though...
  11. Also, @SpaceWeed, go visit the ExileZ thread and stroll through it, all your questions are probably already answered there.
  12. That's probably why you don't have jump then, as far as I know, Infistar creates the 'jump' instead of stepping over...
  13. Are your enhanced movement and vault set to different keys? They should be set different so that enhanced movement doesn't interfere with vault (jump). The jump actually originates from infistar, there's an option whether to "jump" or step over when pressing the vault key... Make sure that's set correctly.
  14. Found it, it was a post inside another thread: There are 4 different settings that need to be ran to get a complete list (cfgweapons, ammo, vehicles, etc.), Then just copy & paste to your own txt file.
  15. Yes, like he said above, I use custom control 20 for enhanced movement, and set that to a key other than vault.