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  1. Sounds like the lagswitch check, in your infistar config file (infistar_ahat_config or like that) search for "lagswitch" and set it to "false"
  2. I was going from memory, sorry. I don't think I had to comment anything out in Easy Traders now that I'm looking at the server. Here's a snippet from my cfgTraders.hpp: EBM folder is not inside of my Traders folder, its in the root of the mission file.
  3. I personally left EBM out of Easy Traders, since it is organized out of the box in a similar fashion to Easy Traders. I installed EBM per the instructions, and in Easy Traders I commented out the appropriate EBM stuff to keep them separate.
  4. Does anyone know if 'Static' AI will respawn after being killed? I had to turn off Occupy Military, and add AI in manually, so I want them to respawn after being killed if possible. This post says so: But this was awhile ago and I'm not sure if anything has changed since then.
  5. Ah of course! That is the better solution.
  6. I believe there are some options about keeping the vehicle locked. May have to dig a little deeper than the config.sqf but I would imagine you could set the car to stay locked even if the ai are killed...
  7. Did you set lagswitch to false? In v80, it became a problem... This new setting was introduced.
  8. Double click account, and it will show in the center. Then you need to click the 'data' tab, then you will see what you're looking for. Sorry that's the best I can describe, I don't know much about SQL, let alone the terminology...
  9. Correct.
  10. I don't know if that's possible, but I do recommend if you haven't already, set it so the AI don't die after it's capped... That keeps it from being a cakewalk and that player now has to sneak past 8+ AI or kill them before being able to safety get dat loot!
  11. Just to add a tiny bit to this, there is also the same set of settings in map_configs (something close to that), which I believe will supercede the config.sqf, so make sure to change those settings in both locations.
  12. I turned off the occupy military module, and placed my own 'static' groups and gave them a big radius (3 to 4km). I observed them for a bit and unless they're frozen (dependent on your config), then they do roam around according to their given radius. Edit: sorry, missed the 'helis' part... @aussie battler I don't believe I made any changes before it started happening... Only after to try and single a problem uniform out
  13. Worked like a charm, I've got loot in my barracks now! Thanks again @aussie battler!
  14. I leave the original ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn.sqf inside the exile_client.pbo right? I think yes, because either way the custom code will override it and I wouldn't want to break my server in case I decide to remove the override (and have forgotten that i made the override in the first place)...? Learning every day.
  15. Ahh thank you kindly Sir! I was on the right track in my head, but not quite, this helps tremendously.