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  1. I will definitely take a look. Thank you!! I'm having issues with my current map and the spawns. Players report being killed upon respawn from time to time and looting bodies is a problem. Maybe this one will make everyone happy and the custom traders sound nice! Any pictures to share of the custom stuff?
  2. Did you ever find a solution to why everything was working for you until the contract creation?? This is one of the first scripts I haven't been able to get working. I'm at a loss, but am still trying.
  3. I'm still having the same issue after stepping back and going over the install a couple more times. If someone knows what would cause everything to work up to the point where the player wants to create a bounty it would help me a lot. Nothing at all happens when "create bounty" is clicked by players. I tested clicking everything. Other buttons just say there is no bounty is set so I at least know the messages work. Seems like the actual bounty is not being created. Also, I noticed the friends list is being updated in the database so I know it is working at least that much. The creation of the contract never happens so whatever controls that has to be the issue. I provided my files above. Any ideas?
  4. I've never seen that before. Looks like an error part of the way down that is really what I am worried about. Everything seems to be working, it just looks way different in my console.
  5. Hello all! I am having issues with some spam in my console that seemed to start after the Tanks DLC hit. Not sure if it's related and also unsure what issues this is causing. The server is still running strong it seems, but as you know errors will creep up on you. Here is a copy of what I am seeing in the console every few min. https://pastebin.com/uU9EuJ8y Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this?
  6. Good afternoon! I decided to install this awesome script due to popular demand on my server. Thank you for all your work and the long hours and headache stuff like this takes. I truly appreciate it. I followed your wonderful guide you provided for the installation (thank you for that). Everything seems to work and the UI pops up in-game but when players try to set a bounty nothing at all happens. You can click the button but nothing. I don't notice any errors either. I've double checked the database and the proper table was created, but I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. I'm known to make dumb mistakes so I'm sure I am overlooking something. lol One are that I was unsure of was CfgHints and CfgNetworkMessages. I didn't find them in the config or description so just followed the directions. However, I feel I have seen those classes for sure during my script installs. Here's some files. Maybe someone with a sharper eye can see the issue. That would help a ton! init: https://pastebin.com/25LX1vds initPlayerLocal(you may want to see it too): https://pastebin.com/GMM6YKkZ description.ext: https://pastebin.com/PQgWw1K3 config.cpp: https://pastebin.com/rcNrV9Z5 I placed MostWanted_Server.pbo in @ExileServer addons and MostWanted_Client.pbo went in the Exile.Altis.pbo so they should be in the proper locations. I hope this helps track down what I did wrong. Thanks!
  7. Thanks guys! That's what makes the Arma community great.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this setting in the mission config.cpp has something to do with it. Double check that... class CfgSimulation { /* Use Arma built in Dynamic Simulation. If you have any issues with players unable to get into cars, control vehicles, fly planes, etc. try turning this off Options: 0: Use Exile's built in simulation system (Same system in 1.0.3 and below) 1: Use Dynamic Simulation */ enableDynamicSimulation = 1; I feel it affected my DMS missions.
  9. OK update. I have tested the system for the last couple restarts and it seems like crates are still wiping the respect. Not 100 percent, but it seems after restarts the first crate players sell wipes the respect. After that they start gaining again. I am going to have to disable the feature until you have time to find a fix. I will help you test things if needed or whatever you like.
  10. I'm having a totally separate issue with infiSTAR while viewing players. Can't see respect totals in the F1 menu. The issue with loosing respect at the wastedump is fixed with the changes I made posted above.
  11. The path to the file should be Exile.Altis/R3F_LOG/objet_deplacable/relacher
  12. This is the setting I changed and it works for me. private _revrespect = ((_newrevenue/10)*1); Now players don't loose respect. It still works perfect if I use that setting.
  13. Once again, thank you for a great script. It is very useful and I know players love it.
  14. The players loosing respect by selling crates was fixed by simply changing the setting from 0.8 to 1 in the relacher file. Works like a charm again. Not sure what you mean by "using the server side stuff". I'm not the only admin reporting the player respect not showing in the F1 menu at all, even if you view the player. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm known for not being perfect. I contacted infiSTAR and posted in forum and the official Discord with no answer yet. I figure they (infiSTAR) will fix it in a patch if it is a problem others are having.
  15. Hey I have players reporting loosing a lot of respect selling crates now. Has this been figured out? I also can't see the respect on players while viewing them via infiSTAR. I've looked for answers. This has become a big problem.