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  1. Hello there. Just use search next time. Good luck.
  2. Hello there. Try to fix startup string, should be like this. You have problem with SQL server or DB itself. Check your extdb-conf.ini. Good luck.
  3. Hello there. If you do want missions to be spawned on the whole map, you have to leave the isladuala3_config.cfg as it is. If you do want missions to be spawned only on the main island, you have to increase numbers. Loot spawns based on building classes. Here you can see building with military loot. Most buildings on the Isla Duala should spawn loot. Good luck.
  4. Hello there. These vehicles are for spawn zones. Change quantity to zero in config.cpp of the exile_server_config.pbo. Or you can edit ExileServer_world_initialize.sqf in the exile_server.pbo. Good luck.
  5. Hello there. 2 ways. You can try to edit config.cpp in the exile_server_config.pbo. Or you can edit ExileServer_world_initialize.sqf in the exile_server.pbo. Good luck.
  6. Hello there. You can use Panthera one config for DMS engine. Name you your config like isladuala3_config.cfg and land it the map_configs folder. Another one thing I've found later. There is a file $PREFIX$ in the root of your mission folder/file. Should be Exile.IslaDuala3 string in there, instead of Exile.Malden. If you want to run 2 servers, the best practice is to copy your actual server folder into another one. Copy @ExileServer into @ExileServerTest and make all your changes in there. Create new SQL-base for tests and put her name into extdb-conf.ini of @ExileServerTest. Run your second server with: "-servermod=@ExileServerTest;@a3_dms;" "-mod=@Exile;" -config=@ExileServerTest\config.cfg -cfg=@ExileServerTest\basic.cfg -profiles=@ExileServerTest "-name=@ExileServerTest" on another IP-port. Good luck.
  7. Hello there. Not tested, but should work, I think. Definitely, point you can start from. Good luck.
  8. Hello there. @WURSTKETTE Nice find. Thanks for info. And if we'll change ExileClient_action_execute.sqf in this way, we'll have more universal approach? Good luck.
  9. Hello there. You can change it in the config.cpp, which persists in the exile_client.pbo. Should admit, you have to create your own mod to be able to do that. Good luck.
  10. Hello there. Please add in the mod optionality for basic items. What I mean? We have Exile_Item_InstaDoc, which will heal player up to 100%. Will be great if we will have Exile_Item_InstaDoc_Random, which will heal player up to random amount from 0 to 100%. Same for canned and packed food, Raw_Meat and drinks. Exile_Item_MacasCheese_Random may feed you up to 40% or even damage down and will cause death. Only cooked food/meat/drinks can guaranty absance of any harm, but Exile_Item_DogFood_Cooked_Random will feed you up from 0% to 100%. As I can see, there are no new models needed, only configs work and additional logic in the few functions. And as always, it's up for server owner to use or don't use such functionality. Dev Team, thanks for your efforts. Good luck.
  11. Hello there. Forgotten Exile_Item_MetalWire. Again. Good luck.
  12. Hello there. @NeverAgain What was the reason of 2 static missions? Good luck.
  13. Hello! My 1 poptab. Good luck.
  14. Hello there. Did you tried this suggestion? Good luck.