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      We are happy to announce that the Arma 3 Edict Mod made the decision to base upon Exile Mod in the future and has been granted permission to do so. We have only had little contact so far, but we are looking forward to a successful cooperation. We will post more information as soon as we have them. You can read more on their website here. Welcome to the Exile family!
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      Read about Exile's future here:  
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      If you ever find yourself being asked to pay for a script, consider it a spoof. Especially if you are being asked to discuss the details on Teamspeak, think twice. Do not fall for these persons. Make sure your provider is legit and avoid fishy services like Contract Coders. Instead, report them and prevent being fooled. This community is not a marketplace. People offering their services are being tolerated, but be certain that there are black sheep amongst them.


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  1. Hello there. Did you tried this suggestion? Good luck.
  2. I'm not sure, but maybe _player should be used? Sorry, if I'm wrong.
  3. Hello there. How exactly you called "ExileClient_util_world_isInOwnTerritory"?
  4. Hello there. Why fix something if it isn't broken? But if you really wnat to break something, here you go. ExileServer_system_lootManager_spawnLootInBuilding.sqf in the exile_server.pbo Good luck.
  5. Hello there. This option will do the trick if you'll set useShutdown = 0; to 1 and serverPassword = "blablabla"; is real password for your server. About 3dPersonView try this. Nice joke! ;-) Good luck.
  6. Hello there. May be you need to increase distances in this file. Good luck.
  7. Hello there. Use the Force, Luke.
  8. Yep. This class. Should looks like.
  9. Hello there. How this error sounds like? Found only 1 place, looks wrong for me. class Community2 { name = "Pistol Ammo"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\uniform_ca.paa"; Should looks like. class Community2 { name = "Pistol Ammo"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\CargoMag_ca.paa"; Good luck.
  10. Hello! Mania grandiosa?
  11. Cool. You can find some tips here.
  12. You should move/tilt BBQ-can. Weapon or any other assets, which BBQ-cans represents, will follow. Use "Sync Simple Objects" option. Sorry for my English. Good luck.
  13. Hello there. In the EDEN you'll have the option "Convert into Simple Object". That's you BBQ-tin/can. ;-) Convert all your weapons into "Simple object" and you'll be good. Good luck.
  14. Hello there. Here is very basic misson.sqm V52 for Napf. Good luck.
  15. Hello there. Really don't understand what are you asking for. I had these strings in my mission.sqm for Napf Server. addons[]= { "napf", "exile_client" }; Class AddonsMetaData can be dropped completely, he's optional. @Schmidtch.have already answered your question. Good luck.