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      https://discord.gg/FMkqWpF Click the link above and join our Official Discord!  Chat with developers and get quicker support!
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      New XM8 Discord Bot   05/15/17

      Our new XM8 Discord Bot will send you notifications about events happening in-game, even if you are not online!  Read about it on the Devblog:  
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      Server Files Updated   09/16/17

      Published new server files today. No client update needed. There is no need to update your server files if you do not have any issues with your current setup. This fixes an issue where loot customization would not work. Also, some simulation issues were addressed. Nothing major in this mini patch.   http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/
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      Do you want to play Exile Escape? Do you want to host Exile Escape? Check out the post here for more information!  


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  1. You still searching? Where u from ?
  2. Jävlar, kör ni fortfarande? vi körde tillsammans för väldigt länge sedan med min kusin gooby. Har ni fortfarande bara tanoa?
  3. Några svenskar som spelar?
  4. Hi, I'm new here at Exile Mod's forums but have been playing Arma 2 and Arma 3 couple of years. Tried to search on the forums but I couldn't find anything about having a max amount of players in Family/Party. How about making Families only allowing 15 people to be in it and then having ranks. The papa is the one who can kick and promote people. The mini-papa can promote people only to plebs. The plebs is only in the family. Can't do shit. Sincerly Sebbe