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  1. Shcaf, I take it your using the old Exad VG, the link that we posted just describes what to do so when clicking on the new VG it will take you to the old one, this way people are not confused and start complaining that the VG button doesn't work. It also make a space free under more screen, so you have 1 extra app you can put in. But to each their own. I don't think trying to superimpose another icon over the top will look good.. but your call.
  2. @Shcaf, check out this tread, it seems to explain what your looking for from Beowulfv
  3. I hadnt seen this, thanks for re-posting I will give it a try
  4. @roadsoldier Check your Vehicle database.. see if the names are the same.. so if they cant retrieve a strider for example are there more than 1 striders in the db with that name.. I just had the same issue, and as soon as the name was changed the vehicle could be retrieved.. could have been coincidence but it worked for me. I am now telling everyone to use a unique name when storing.
  5. Yeah I meant if your removed from the database. If your still in the game even though not part of the territory its fine. but as soon as your removed from the database anything you have built will be gone. I understand MGTDB if you dont delete the person from the database all is good.. but then you end up having loads of players that are inactive in there. and I for one want my database clean. All I am asking is if the owner gives permission for someone to build in his territory, any structures should revert to his ownership as its his territory anyway..
  6. Is there a solution for this? It seems its only happening with new bases post update.. anything down before the update you can construct fine. The owner of the territory to upgrade to level 3.. and still they cant build. I am on 1.04a.. Is there somewhere that's stopping players from building on a hill or anything that is not flat?
  7. I have the following in my initPlayerLocal.sqf at the bottom of the file missionNamespace setVariable ["ExileClientXM8IsPowerOn",true]; player setVariable ["ExileXM8IsOnline",true]; profileNamespace setVariable ["ExileEnable8GNetwork",true];
  8. Would it at all be possible to change the base building rights so any player you give building rights too in your territory when they build, place items, those items automatically reverts to the territory owner? This would allow someone who has building rights in a territory to help the owner build their base and if that person leaves the server for whatever reason all the things they had build wont disappear from the territory. Today this is not the case as in stock Exile and I have not found any sort of overwrite that would fix this issue.
  9. Im not into coding at all. So if this is a stupid suggestion please ignore. Would it be at all possible when you click on the icon, you get a menu where you can select what type of AI you can select from. I did a little test and spawned in 4 AI and got 3 snipers and some random AI with a rifle. by having a select dialogue box you could build a balanced squad if needed.
  10. Yup I do.. Damn thing still wont work. My extraApps I copied text directly from your github, and it just refuses to cooperate.
  11. If your using infistar I believe you need to add these to the white list. 24036,24015,4006,4007,4009, //Exile Virtual Garage
  12. @anthonymax09 you should download the Command and control mod, just put the key into the keys folder and have it running as an optional mod. It works great with the AI. C2 mod C2 Mod Wiki
  13. I think limiting how many you can have per session is a good idea.. The other thing that would be handy if possible, say you have 2 AI.. and do a mission, you get killed, the AI are still around but you loose control of them so maybe on your death you can some how reconnect to them or they die too.. after-all they are supposed to be your body guards, and if you die they have failed in their primary mission.
  14. @aussie battler. I will try that. Thanks.
  15. Yes I downloaded the Exad v1.04.pbo I know its going something simple I have missed.. Moved the new DV.pbo, and then added the string you have posted no other change, every other app works no issue, with the exception of course of this one and the compass. Here is my config