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  1. Thank you.. Looked at it for hours trying to see the issue. Cant see the forest for the trees sometimes..
  2. Yeah thats what I figured, but as soon as I remove the // from here //#define USE_APEX_VEHICLES 1. the server throws out errors saying error in the config and DMS doesnt load.
  3. I am trying to change the AI Vehicles in the missions from the Armed Offroad, to Armed Striders, Armed Ifrits and Armed Hunters. Below is what I have changed, But the Offroad is the only thing that spawns in with missions DMS_ArmedVehicles = [ // List of armed vehicles that can spawn #ifdef USE_APEX_VEHICLES "O_MRAP_02_hmg_F", "B_MRAP_01_hmg_F", "I_MRAP_03_hmg_F" #endif "Exile_Car_Offroad_Armed_Guerilla01" ]; Also when I remove the // from the define statements below, I get errors saying issue with config.sqf when loading the server and DMS doesn't load. Do I need to add something elsewhere? // Uncomment this if you want Apex weapons on AI. //#define GIVE_AI_APEX_WEAPONS 1 // Uncomment this if you want Apex gear on AI. Uniforms, Vests, Backpacks, Helmets,Scopes //#define GIVE_AI_APEX_GEAR 1 // Uncomment this if you want Apex weapons in loot crates //#define USE_APEX_WEAPONS_IN_CRATES 1 // Uncomment this if you want Apex vehicles to spawn for AI/missions //#define USE_APEX_VEHICLES 1.
  4. Yup, issue is still there. I take it no one else is having this issue or would know how to fix it. Not sure if its a mod issue, Infistar or what, but its very annoying.
  5. Would also like to have color of the admins name, Was this ever possible?
  6. Hi, Not sure what the issue is, but it seems when you tow a vehicle the towed vehicle disappears, then comes back at restart. Would anyone know where I should start looking to solve the issue, I'm using R3F mod and can find nothing to indicate the issue in there. Seems only to happen when towing using a mission reward Vehicle or any non persistent vehicles.
  7. A quick question in regards to the Rules and Server info section, Is there anyway to have it show different languages within those sections it seems the Server rules is very limited in space, and the Server info section you would have to scroll along way down to get to the language you were looking for. I have many users from both Germany and France as they don't speak or understand English well, it would be good if they only saw their specific language.
  8. Was this issue ever solved? I am seeing the same thing, at the start of the capture its like in this picture, but half way through, the players name appears
  9. Hi, Not sure where to post this but I have a weird one. With the Roaming AI I have changed the vehicles to a Hunter, Ifrit, and Strider HMG's. Now when you kill the occupants and use these Vehicles to tow a persistent Vehicle say another Strider that I bought.. once you get out of the AI Vehicle the towed Vehicle disappears.. at the next restart my Vehicle is back at the spot where it vanished from. I have tested with spawning in a non persistent Hunter and a persistent Hunter and towed each of them, and neither vanish. I cant see anything in the logs that would indicate whats going one, so any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Just wondering if there is a time limit on Vehicles stored in VG? I have seen some servers where after a period if you don't take out a Vehicle it de-spawns from VG. Where would I find that setting if there is one?
  11. How do you stop other players selling crates a traders. What I mean is. I noticed that if other players are at traders with crates, you go to the waste dump guy and you can see all the crates and possibly sell them. I thought if you had the anti theft on it wouldn't be possible.
  12. Nope, I gave up in the end and removed it.. Its a pitty it seemed really good.. and I have seen it working on servers..
  13. Just a question on getting infected by a Zombie.. Where can you change that or what to cure the infection, like an injection or another Item
  14. Yup, Its already there. It works for me fine, but a player is having issues.. he cant respawn, just gets a black screen, and I see that message in the logs for him.
  15. Anyone have an Idea what would cause this? and how to fix it. not Allowed Display with idd: 86000, parent idd: -1, controls: [Control #1100,Control #1101,Control #1600,Control #1601,Control #1500,Control #1300,Control #1204], controls parent: [], control texts: [""Control #1100: xs\spawn\xsbackground.paa"",""Control #1101: xs\spawn\xslogo.paa"",""Control #1600: Halo Spawn"",""Control #1601: Ground Spawn"",""Control #1500: Kavala"",""Control #1300"",""Control #1204: [ Press '6' key for XM8 in game to view Server Rules and Building Limits ]""] | 0h 17min 7s [09-10-2017 23-02-41 - v85] [09-10-2017 23-02-41 - v85]" Seems it wipes the player of everything. respect, poptabs in the locker.