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  1. I've had the problem particularly after adjusting the mission pbo. I found that picking up the door piece and putting it back down will make it work. Have to reinstall the code lock but it works. Not sure if that's relevant or helpful but thought I'd chime in.
  2. I added this code and when I started the game it bugged out all my other vehicles. Couldn't get in them, couldn't lock/unlock them. Tried to get in one and my guy just froze.
  3. Yeah, get in contact with the server admins or you're going to come back to a missing base... come to think of it... I need to pay rent on my base tonight too
  4. Are you sure you're unpacking the PBO before making the changes? I ask because I did the same thing when I first started.
  5. I only use a3 launcher to update mods. I start up the game and use the dashboard to set up mods for each server I join. Make sure you don't have any extra mods running "Like jumping from an exile server to a coop server with exile mod still running. Make sure your game and the server are both running the same version. There was an arma update last week or so. Aside from that, I second Z80CPU. If you're coming here expecting help you've got to meet people half way and being an ass isn't helping. I've asked several questions and been helped on almost every single one of them without issue. I'd consider myself lucky that you've even gotten 2 replies with any advice in them this far.
  6. Hey everyone. Has anyone seen vehicles with the headlights flashing off and on over and over and over. And you can't get in the driver seat to move it, the only way to drive it is to get in the passenger seat and scoot over. If you look at the driver door and use the scroll menu it just keep flashing.
  7. Speaking as an inexperienced server owner, I can attest that This company is amazing to work with. Every time I got stuck, broke the sever, was missing some 3rd party software (like FTP, notepad++, pbo manager) Brian pointed me in the right direction and helped out immediately. The service and product you get for the price is the best I could find and I'm extremely happy I found them. For reference, from the time I made the purchase to the time I had it up and running, including installing the mods I wanted took a week. And I did a large part of it myself and had never looked at a SQF file or done any scripting before this.
  8. *Not sure if this is the right thread but here goes* I saw an earlier thread with advice on how to adjust the server difficulty settings but it looks like it's a dead thread. I looked in the server profile and the setting aren't there. I saw a bit of scripting to add in somewhere creating a custom difficulty setting but I don't know where to put that. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Where do you save that? Do you add it to the config.cfg file?
  10. I figured that might have been the case. Just wondering if it was a glitch or a feature.
  11. hope it works
  12. I found the items list from Behemia and added the armed hunter, ifrit, strider and the slammer UP to my server. It was a simple addition to the pricing list and "trucks" list That way you could have the regular ones but also (once you get top rep) you could buy the armed ones for a lot more.
  13. the magic of ghille suit concealment...
  14. should be in your map pbo. (for example Exile.Altis.pbo)
  15. So it's not a big deal, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I was on a server and I was hearing footsteps around me. Looked around and didn't see anything. Thought maybe it was just an audio since I had just gotten on a bicycle. Though a while later I started hearing it again. It sounding like someone running around me. I looked down and saw foot prints showing up in the dirt with little dust "poofs"... Has anybody seen this happen?