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  1. Is there an option to prevent zombie from attacking vehicles?
  2. The Good Old DayZ

    This server customization intends to hold the atmosphere of Arma 2 survivial games, such as DayZ, epochmod and origins. Addons CUP Weapons, Vehicles and Backpacks Open Chernarus Project (OCP) -- interior for all that enterable village houses Ryan Zombies Humanity system. No respect here, guys Custom loot tables, custom loot placement Heli Crashes Dynamic Mission System (DMS) Hero/Bandit missions Vehicles spawns with loot and unlocked. Code 0000. Claim dynamic boats with code lock. Land/air vehicles spawns unlocked, code 0000 Advanced Vehicle System (AVS) : persistent vehicle ammo, refuel/rearm on fuelstations, persistent vehicle spawns (Code 0000) Vector Building XM8:Spawn bicycle from can opener XM8:Crafting recipes XM8:Virtual Garage (on your terriory) XM8:Change Visibility Status bar
  3. Please confirm, that you test 1.0.3d with exile_server_config.pbo packaged with 1.0.3d and loot customization works ok? Can you please provide working exile_server_config.pbo (1.0.3d) with some test loot table customization (like only flares)? as for me, exile_server.pbo from 1.0.3d & exile_server_config.pbo from 1.0.3b works ok. Here's my 1.0.3d not working example: https://aler.me/~aler/exile_server_config.pbo It configured to spawn only road flares, but spawn default table for me. BTW, were can i see changelog 1.0.3b --> 1.0.3d ?
  4. Custom loot tables seems to be broken again in 1.0.3d & 1.0.3e. 1.0.3b works ok. Checked that on cherno & fresh altis install.