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  1. heres what i put mine to DMS_ai_allowFreezing = false; DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI = false; DMS_ai_freezingDistance = 3500; DMS_ai_unfreezingDistance = 3500; DMS_ai_offloadOnUnfreeze = false; DMS_ai_freezeCheckingDelay = 0; DMS_ai_freezeOnSpawn = false; altho i found that it didnt work with 1 of my mission.pbos and had to change it for another i have no idea whats different with them as i been through them and all the same. weird i no.
  2. i found the problem i had WY_Snow_Winter_Effects_and_Retexture_Pack on and the snow part was messing it up ground must have thought it had snow on it lol took if off and works now!! cheers guys!!
  3. worked for me thanks
  4. anyone no how to change protection money date? its use to be in CfgTerritories but not in there anymore or that ive found
  5. any tanks normal cars anything that has wheels and travels on the ground lol
  6. so like the title says when in a car i go to drive up hill even an inch the car comes to a stop?? its like it wants to go as the wheels are turning still but nothing anyone no why this is doing it or a fix.? this is for me and my server players thanks
  7. thanks gfourth turns out its the exileZ config turning them off looked everywhere but there. thanks alot dude!!
  8. so ive noticed that when i start my server up the lights go out right after i get in these are the ones i put down as well as most from the map. how do i fix this so they come back to life and stay on when its dark? cheers for help in advance freak..
  9. thanks dude all works now
  10. bit of a noob here but where do i put the NR_fnc_SalvageVehicle = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "SalvageVehicle.sqf"; in initPlayerLocal.sqf as i have no idea?? i have got the other part in and that shows up in game but when clicked does nothing im guessing its cus the other part aint in but where abouts do i put it could someone show me theres so i have something to look at so i can get an idea rather than people trying to tell me. i just find this easier thank you. freak
  11. anyone no if a pve server that has no roaming AI loads of loot spawns and gives money to start with