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  1. I cant find a hint and now planning to reinstall server. after infi updates my server randomly have 80+ CPU usage, and i know what to do
  2. Hi all. We found that random death is ON if a player have basemarker switched ON in his xm8. When base masrker in xm8 is OFF - everything is alright! Can somebody try to find a hint?
  3. i have the same problem, and no solution :-(
  4. thx, I will try after restart and write here the result
  5. After thay I need to edit my server start BAT file, yes?
  6. I have it in Exile server. I must have 2 folders?
  7. I have them. Thnx for answering, my friend.
  8. Hi, After january update i have random errors on working server and starting server. Today the server just hangs, without error. Seen 8 players. But when you log on to the server, we see only the logo. After the restart, gives the error: 10:16:53 C:\ARMA3PVP\@ExileServer\addons\a3_infistar_exile.pbo - unknown 10:17:06 "<infiSTAR.de> Can not load infiSTAR" 10:17:06 "<infiSTAR.de> DLLs not found!" 10:17:06 "RU39/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] a3_infiSTAR_Exile_fnc_preInit (0 ms)" 10:17:14 "RU39/BIS_fnc_log: [postInit] a3_infiSTAR_Exile_fnc_postInit (0 ms)" Helped only a complete reboot of the computer. Can you help me?
  9. Hi! After Infi updates my random players, at random time die, when them open parachute, some players after open teleported to left corner on the map in water. Can anybody help me to fix this? Map Altis
  10. Hi, how you remove persistent bicycles? From where
  11. anybody test?
  12. no permisssion, share plz