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  1. restart pc, try Edge, opera.... 3 months ago Cherno. Cherno winter - ok - i see your updates
  2. may be github show me a magic. ^-) I cant download your new version of cherno, going 2 restart my pc
  3. cant test now. Armaholic is down, so i cant download map. Sorry I will try when armaholic start to work
  4. Very atrange. See my screen upper. It says about 3 month. But now i reload and its ok. Ok, i am going to test winter, wait 5 mins
  5. Wow, sorry I tried Cherno, not winter. 5 min and i will test winter
  6. On your github all files are 3 month ago edited, may be you forgot upload something?
  7. 1 players slot in Cherno map
  8. Yeah its work
  9. very cool, i want this. May you can make this as billboard?
  10. dont help. i add [_ZCP_AS_unitPilot] setVariable ["DMS_AllowFreezing",false,true]; and planes after zcp is captured - are freeze
  11. How? I do all as in 1 post, nothing change. As i know ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateInventoryDropdown is broke
  12. In what file i can try to add this? Hi.
  13. I understand, but from start to find what script freeze planes