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  1. I'm trying to create PvP Zone myself , been changing safezones code with combination of AntiPVP script posted on forums. So far no luck... Can you help me get it working , @BeatenByBacon ?
  2. I also interested in changing only one line in exile_client config.bin. I want to make it possible to open food cans with a Exile_Item_Knife in addition to Exile_Item_CanOpener. I found out that this check is "hidden" inside config.bin , class CfgMagazines > class Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Eating_Can: Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Eating . Is it possible to call for customized value for this somehow?
  3. Yeah I heard infi have something similar , but I'm not interested in this tool. I'm testing right now combination of Anti-PvP script and altered Exile "Safe Zones" handlers
  4. What about PvE server with PvP Zones? Is it something anyone managed to create?
  5. Been looking for an answers and was testing things myself a bit, in the end I found a solution for this. null =[] execVM "briefing.sqf"; // Briefing and Rules Add this at the beginning of your ExileClient_object_player_initialize . Don't forget to remove any briefing init from other files such as init,initplayerlocal and initserver.
  6. Also I want to point out, that you should add the option of completely REPLACING the part and not only fixing it when it meets the conditions. Lets say, if the wheel is damaged more then X % can't be fixed, only replaced. And if its less then X % , then have both options FIX and REPLACE. At the moment , if you want to fix the wheel you need repair kit , but if you have spare wheel you just can't replace , you need to shoot it out until damage condition is met.
  7. DB manipulation is not something I can do. If anyone know how to stop the infection effect from resetting upon logging out/in, please let us know. @wetNreckless , I think what you were thinking about was the player hunger/thirst reset aka "don't forget to change your cfgEnvironment" thingy & I'm talking about RZ Infection status.
  8. @wilderness nope, not the ExAd damage indicators. What I mean is the 3D floating circles with the part name and damage color indication like in DesolationRedux.
  9. I've noticed this thing too. @wetNreckless did you find a fix for this? I'm also using a RZ Infection. There is no infection status saved in database, so maybe we should add some column with it?
  10. Hm, why changing scavenge animation from "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medic_1" to "AinvPercMstpSrasWpstDnon_G01" , doesn't work? It shows the holdaction wheel and the search bar , but never shows the animation and after the search process ends character is stuck in scavenge process ... its like its stuck in that (actually never seen) animation... Also, why not completely remove the search progress bar and drop items right after the action wheel is full ? I've seen it in action in Ravage Mod , its smooth and you can stop the action at any given moment, not be a "hostage" of animation.
  11. Anyone had AI gear (uniforms and vests ) from DMS missions disappear after a restart ? Trying to find out what can cause this. I even applied this fix , but still some players report this. Have no problems with rest of the gear acquired elsewhere . One thing I did, is I customized weapons and gear for different missions , such as roguenavyseals and medical by adding another bandit type, but it works well, see no reason why it should mess something up. I'm using these mission at the moment: beertransport construction donthasslethehoff medical roguenavyseals paul_c130 - the only mission I took from @GolovaRaoul pack and not the default DMS @ Github.
  12. did you manage to remove this? cant find any info on showFriendlyTags
  13. You talking about merging two completely different mods. Forget it, it wont work out for you.
  14. btw, what script adds "3d" repair icons like it used to be in dayz arma 2 ?
  15. Mike, "have just gave his blessing" to use all assets from his mod @Extended Items. I beg you , please consider joining these items with your mod.