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  1. I see a lot of Exile related errors. " exilespawnzonemarkerpositions " " ExileSpawnZoneMarkerPositions " , "File exile_client\code\ExileClient_util_world_isSpawnZoneInRange.sqf" etc... Whats up with your markers? Any missing commas or brackets? Probably Exile server configured wrong and it "dragging" some errors to DMS & Occupation. Check your setup, missions.sqm and the rest exile server files.
  2. @Annihlator if you using extdb2 just roll back to 1.4.4. Works like a charm for me.
  3. What you saying doesn't make any sense. There is some misunderstanding here. You delete step-by-step guide I edited & posted with the very same code that is still posted few posts earlier, I just put the parts together ... but you don't delete BlackheartsGaming posts ? I can edit out the claimed script part of it, just say what wrong in what I posted. Never took any credit, really don't understand what was the problem here.
  4. Howdy, folks! I'm trying to find a solution for this: Task: I want to allow players to change the default 0000 pin code of persistent vehicles spawned by AVS by installing a new codelocks and choosing a new one. But without changing the id of the actual owner so the AVS won't spawn more cars after player "claims it". Possible Solution: Possible solution that I found was changing a bit @Mezo's https://github.com/Mezo/Claim-Vehicles script > server part of it ExileServer_ClaimVehicles_network_saveVehicleRequest 1) First , I commented out the if (_vehicle getVariable ["ExileIsPersistent", true]) check. It will allow players reclaiming "claimed by AVS" persistent vehicles. 2) Second, I was thinking of changing the _ownerUID = getPlayerUID _playerObject; Instead of player's account UID , it must be AVS's one, but I don't know the command calling for it. So instead I tried completely commenting _vehicle setVariable ["ExileOwnerUID", _ownerUID]; out, but it messed things up. Help me out with: How do I call for persistent vehicle account UID from database? _ownerUID = SOMETHING????? call ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingle; ?
  5. Not sure how vulnerable your server will be after this , but that's what I did since I don't care about security on my private server.
  6. forget about BE exceptions , better use this money to buy infistar
  7. If I recall correctly, Contaminated zone doesn't differentiate building classnames. Every building inside , if you did create a Contaminated area, will spawn items from Radiation Loot Table. So if you did set Land_GH_Gazebo_F loot spawn points and added it lets say to "Civil loot" any Land_GH_Gazebo_F outside Contaminated/Radiated area will spawn Civil loot, anything inside will automatically spawn "Radiated loot". You don't need to configure the same building twice.
  8. RyanZM have a few interesting features like RyanZM_ModuleInfection - a resurrection module & if I remember correctly a built-in exploding heads , is it something that could be used and configured at the moment via exilez and if not , would you consider adding it?
  9. Something ain't right with the distance condition check. Its still possible to scavenge objects multiple times, its could be something goes wrong with distance2d check if you go a bit far from the object. I've been changing the values of this line in ExileExpansionClient_object_player_scavenge_addAction: if (_x distance2D player < 3.6) then { and found that only with value = 4 it was kinda possible to restrict the infinite multiple looting from the same object, but on the other hand its too far away and any object in 4 meter radius (?) was disabled for looting. It sucks, if you inside the house with 4-5 objects close to each other. Can't find any workaround for this at the moment. Maybe add some player distance cursorObject check?
  10. Yep, that is it. Just test things out, if it doesn't work for any reason go for Solution#2. It really depends what your crate classname is , for example this one is for Box_NATO_Wps_F :
  11. No, you need to find and insert the correct classname of the box you have configured in DMS. target = "Required_SupplyBox_Classname";
  12. Just forget about it, this is how EM works... well on map that I've tested it on at least, ChernarusRedux
  13. I have no such headache , have no traders at my server Try to find a fix that restricts selling mounted crates.
  14. Solution#1 : Your mission config.cpp have class SupplyBox that is used for Exile Supply Boxes, you can always try and create a new class with the new required DMS supply crate classname, for example : Solution #2: Just change the DMS supply drop crate classname to the Exile ones (Exile_Container_SupplyBox).
  15. Check exilemod.com/topic/17352-bigfoots-shipwrecks , maybe it can help you find a way. Its an addon to randomly spawn gear crates in water only.