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  1. I think I fixed it. I was using old version of random weather script (1.3). If you used it and had similar problem, get a 1.4 from armaholic. Then change real_weather.sqf to:
  2. used new sqf posted somewhere here on forums, fixed the problem https://pastebin.com/7rUE5fPP by the way, did Dealman's 3DEN Tools has been updated ? I see , on this video, that the loot code generated is different from what I use in my config.cpp (server config)
  3. Looks very promising, fantastic addition to any survival like server.
  4. If only it were possible to create fog at specific locations , instead around the player...
  5. It always confuses me ) when I translate words (reserved slots and whitelist kinda have the same meaning?) So basically I set it like this , to allow 15 listed uid-s only , right? // Max Players of your server. MUST MATCH YOUR MAX SLOTS AND NOT HOW MANY SLOTS YOU WANT AVAILIBLE TO PLAYERS! _server_maxplayers = 15; // Reserved Slots. HOW MANY SLOTS YOU WANT TO BE RESERVED IN TOTAL! THIS IS NEGATED FROM MAX_PLAYERS SO IT MAKES IT 45 PLAYER SLOTS AND 5 ADMIN SLOTS! _server_reservedslots = 15; // Reserved Player UID's _reserved_uids = [ "00000000000000000", // First UID "00000000000000000" // Second UID ....... // 15th UID ]; Hm...you right , don't touch what works ;-) But still, it will be very convenient to have that option, as an admin, to change uids "on the go" on live server without the need of restarting it every time someone was added/removed.
  6. Can it work not as a reserve slots , but as whitelist. 15 slots , only listed uids allowed? I wish there was a way to add uid-s , without rePBOing and restarting a server.
  7. yeah but this will require ai interaction , as it was with "flags trader" was wondering if it can be done "hidden" somehow, maybe via xm8 button or something...
  8. very strange downloaded all files from the official site... confirmed, works on 1.0.3.f
  9. Any news about the correct setup? I'll just remove them from from classes list , what zombie classes are causing this ?
  10. What happened with the latest update.. I have this issues too now... all Exile guns have floating parts now People telling me its an old and known bug, I'm surprised I had no issues till the end of september-october updates. update: Not sure what was that , but I've re downloaded the Exile mod again, overwritten the files and restart the game again. That helped fixing this. update 2: its back, non consistent in game glitch. it does appear in virtual arsenal too, nothing to do with server config . update 3: if you restart the game enough times , it dissapears . wtf. Arma spaz in action!
  11. yeah I remember that from your server but what I'm asking is there non reborn script for it
  12. Yeah I know you can make a second recipe , but as you said it looks bad at cookbook & its unnecessary code clutter. I'm pretty sure its possible to make the OR check. Like it was on one of the servers , where you can open cans with Knife OR Can Opener OR Toolbox. Do you know where I can find the original code for opening cans?
  13. Thanks! Easy to install , works flawlessly Need to figure out now how to make it appear on startup to a new users only ...
  14. Anyone can drop a quick fix or idea where to look for it? everything in config looks good I even checked if any of the mods overriding something...nope. Running out of ideas...