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  1. I'm having similar behavior on my server. Something very strange happened after the latest 1.78 update. My custom made mission.sqm is just crashes the server and sending it to full reload loop. Here is the working default mission.sqm that loads fine: https://pastebin.com/iVfdPWMd Here is my mission.sqm that worked perfectly before the update and now crashing the server: https://pastebin.com/UmhaPb57 Anyone have recommendations on how to get it fixed? I didn't touch mission.sqm before the update for at least a month... pulling my hair out what might cause it..?
  2. Hey pps, I was trying to change the Random "hunter" spawn announcements from toasts to a simple systemchat message, but it seems it doesnt work. Anyone knows why? Here is the part I changed in occupationRandomSpawn.sqf:
  3. A couple of questions: I bet you've noticed @red_ned have premade some missions for DMS and If understand correctly, in these missions he spawns AI by setting only one position coordinate & spawn AI around it. Its ok, but I would love to see them spread exactly where I want them in Static missions (as in Dynamic ones) and not bunched up in one group at the start. 1) If I use your recommendations , given in your tutorial, can AI spawn on top of towers , inside buildings , etc... ? It should work right? 2) Any tips on how to convert static mission into a dynamic one? So far I understood, that I need to convert the ai & objects coordinates (x,y) which are relative to mission spawn center that will change randomly too?
  4. probably some "," or ";" or "}" or "]" missing ))
  5. It comes and goes, no idea why. In the end, what I did is: I removed every Exile weapon I had and replaced them with CUP Weapons. No glitches anymore. Just use alternative weapons mod (or only vanilla), Exile's models are f**ked (when used with another mod?). Same goes for hatchback cars.
  6. отрежь ему ногу, выколи глаз и посади на плечо попугая
  7. @Excaliber_47 I think thats for you. I guess, that should fix your un-enterable buildings. @red_ned
  8. Yep, it did help with invetory "spasm". Thanks/ At the moment (0.7) , can confirm, loot drop works fine. With the temp fix it drops on the ground , inventory stays closed.
  9. I have little experience in this sort of things, all I can do is listen to what you have to say guys and change scripts accordingly. Right now it is what it is. Thanks [RG] Salutesh , I'll give it a shot later today.
  10. Guys I have this problem with inventory "spasm", any ideas what can cause this? The second time inventory appeared , was because I pressed a key. It just opens and closes immediately when progress ends and something found. (By the way , didn't happen on 0.6v)
  11. Yeah I got it Salutesh, just saying it may confuse some people to see items[]= in CfgExileScavenge.cpp @ class AbandonedCamps: Exile_ScavengeClass in the current 0.7 beta files
  12. Hi , GolovaRaoul. Thanks, I'll take a look.
  13. + To get your Pumpkin harvesting work (I did it on Chernarus Redux) , change the model name in class Pumpkins: Exile_ScavengeClass to "pumpkin.p3d" instead of "bodlak_group.p3d" + 0.7 Beta files still have class AbandonedCamps: Exile_ScavengeClass with unnecessary , items[] = { // Extras "Exile_Item_InstaDoc", "Exile_Item_Bandage", "Exile_Item_DuctTape" its all about tables now , right?
  14. you can edit file ExileServer_system_event_supplyBox_start.sqf in your exile_server/code folder and add an array of map coordinates instead of airport coordinates configured on map you using replace line 13: _airportPositions = call ExileClient_util_world_getAllAirportPositions; to something like this: _airportPositions = [[Coordinates#1],[Coordinates#2],[Coordinates#3],[Coordinates#4],[Coordinates#5]] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; I'm currently trying to figure out how to do it automatically , random coordinates (depend on the map size I choose, of course) & what is the correct coordinats string format
  15. Any chance to make the loot items have their own spawn chance ? For example, if I search through a trash bin and have these items configured: 1. Can 2. JunkMetal 3. Ductape and if search succeed , "Ductape" have less chance to drop. Something like this: items[] = { // Extras ["Exile_Item_JunkMetal",20] // ["ItemName", % or how many items in array] ["Exile_Item_InstaDoc",1] ["Exile_Item_Bandage",15] ["Exile_Item_DuctTape",10] }; I guess adding more items with the same name , increase their chance to spawn & should work either?