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  1. Where do you put the pbo? In the adons folder of @Exile server?
  2. #WORKING Thanks so much for the info Kuplion, its works fine now. DMS missions load, loot spawns etc. Nice to be back on familiar ground
  3. sorted m8. thanks for that will give cherno another try later.
  4. Thanks for that. Is it just a case of dloading the newer one and dragging it all over into the folder? i am reluctant to mess with it incase it all goes pear shaped. Took me ages to get it all working
  5. My server files are 1.0.3.e Could this be why I cant run it? i am at a loss. EVERY map i tried works, except Chernarus. Following the same exact process regarding start up parameters, mission template, etc.
  6. Resigned to the fact I will never play Chernarus on my lan server Can't for the life of me figure out why I keep getting the mission read from bank loop. So frustrating. Followed every step bang on. Altis, Malden Tanoa all load up fine, but this just will not play ball. inputed the parameters in the Bat server launcher, changed the server config to direct it to the correct mission, have all the mods loaded in the root server folder and client side,,,,,nothing gives. Just out of intrest, how do people start their lan servers? I have to start up the Arma 3 front end, then start the server with the Batch file, then click play on the arma launch window. Here is my rpt log, I dont even know what to look for if i am honest;
  7. hello all, I have set up a local server and its running fine. I recently installed CUP units, vehicles and weapons. They show in the trader, and I can purchase items too. I also put in a lot table and that seems fine as I can place items on the floor and pick them up again. The problem is whenever I log off the game, and log back on, the CUP items are no longer in my back pack, vehicle etc. They just dissappear. Searched far and wide but no joy.
  8. Oustanding work sir. The time you spent on this is truly apreciated. i have one question; everything loads up/in well, except I am getting erorr code 13 when purchasing CUP vehicles only. Tried chaning the spawn area to a larger size but still the same. p.s Rebellion; put copy your key files from each mod and put them in the key folder in your root server location
  9. Hello everyone, I hope you are all well,,,,,,, I have set up a local server using mysql, and its running great. The problem is when I close down the pc and try to go on again the next day, I am met with the mysql tray tray icon showing red, the server wont start and I get this error when i try to connect to mymsql connection; Its driving me nuts.
  10. Added this the other day. You done a fantastic job making this, lots of easy to follow options to suite anyones tatse. One thing I havn't come across are any ai in vehicles. I left this setting on default (3 i believe) and I left "vehicle class to use" as default too. Atlis is quite a large map so has anyone else changed this value higher? Wondering what the best balance is between hardly any to being mown down constanlty.
  11. hmm, this is odd. I managed to eaport the scheema data to a folder with no errors, but when I import it back it says there is no data? Edit. Sotred guys. I had to add the line; " CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `exile` to my dumped sql file and it loaded fine. Thanks for the all the advice
  12. Thanks for the reply. I tried to export mysql schemas to a folder on the desktop, but it just gets an error. I managed to create another dbase using the Atlis map which worked fine. Trouble Using batch files is beyond my scope. Doesn't the schema currently in use have the option to "save as" so it can be loaded up again from where you left off?
  13. Hello everyone. I have recently created my LAN server for Exile using a fantastic tutorial I got from here, great work I might add. It runs fine but I have a question (or 2). I have tried to search for an answer but to no avail. The search results dont bring up what i am asking. So here goes. I tried the Atlis map and all was well, so i logged out and loaded up the Tanoa one. after altering the releveant file.The problem is the same charcater I had in the Atlis one, is transfered to the Tanoa on, with the same items, loot, guns etc. Is this normal, and can it be rectified so I can "start afresh" on each mission I play? Many thanks guys and great work