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  1. Hey guys, My local server is missing when I update Arma (I am currently using legacy build to keep playing) I have read through this section, and looked in other places also. From what i have read in order to update my local LAN exile server I have to change the RCON port number etc as mentioned in first post? Is it a case of changing this in my extdb-conf.ini; And this in my config.cfg to match the current build when updated; Mnay thanks p.s will it also require a fresh data base in mysql?
  2. Morning all, Trying desperately to get Tavi to run on my local server. Been in 3eden and had a mess about (but not altered any files) and all seems great. Set up the server config, and parameters and the server reads mission and starts. The problem starts (client side i presume) when I log onto my server It loads the first screen with the text at the bottom and a random pic, but then it just "freezes" and I have to esc back to previous screen. Without wanting to get into trouble from the map maker, (lol) can anyone shed any light? Server rpt; client rpt;
  3. One thing I have noticed, nothing spawns in the 2 storey factories with the blue roof and doors (Land_Tovarna 2 (Factory) I had a check in the loot.cpp, and there are defo loot positions. Even added some of my own but still nothing spawns. The long barns and long cow sheds are the same. The rest of the loot spawns fine on the map
  4. i agree 100% Thank you.
  5. Yeah i ended up doing exactly that
  6. Great work. I couldn't find any lockers though. Are there any?
  7. Hi everyone, Thinking about getting rid of CUP on my local server (sick of the multiple scopes and bipods in my inventory) Trouble is i want to put MASS Weapons on but cant find trader configs etc. Has this mod been updated to Nato Rus Weapons? Older links on here directing towards Mass mods, reveals the Nato Rus Weapons mod on Armaholic. In short; I have item lists and configs for Mass vehicles and weapons, but dont have the mod I have the mod for Nato Rus Weapons, but no configs. I am a confused noob
  8. Really good video tutorial on this, great stuff. I am however slightly confused. I allready have the bare bones Xm8 app on my localserver. I am trying to install virtual garage. Do I still need to install the "core" and "xm8" first as decribed in the tutorial, or do i jump straight to the virtual garage section? Many thanks. Edit. After instlling core, xm8 then virtual garage, I start the server and the server reads the mission file ok. I start my client and log into my server but it freezes on the loading screen after a few seconds. Sat looking at a bag of cheetos. All i can do is escape back to the lobby client rpt server rpt
  9. Hi all, not sure if this is in the correct place or not. I have mangaed to get chernarus to run on my local server, thanks to the great help on this forum. I am however strugling to run Chernarus redux. I am not entirely sure what my parameters are meant to be, and what I need client side. A previous post mentioned copying an sqm. mission file and pasting it, but i cant get it to work. Could someone explain what the server parameters need to be, and what I need client side? Many thanks
  10. just to clarify; to get this to work you dont actually need the chernarusredux map? This pasted into chernarus mission.sqm will work? I tried running it but had my parameters set to add "@chernarusredux", in client and server and it wouldnt load.
  11. Boom!!!!!!!!! Its working. The CUP weapons, units and vehicles folders on my client side still had a gap between them on the folder names, and didnt match the folders in the server, or the launch parameters. Thanks for all the help. Also, when I buy a vehicle now i no longer get "code 13" error. Many thanks
  12. No joy. Does exactly the same thing. I purchased an M14 sniper from the CUP weapons at traders, and a german army uniform. Equiped both of them, logged out, restarted the server and both had gone form my inventory. The uniform had changed to a bambi orange overall. rpt;
  13. Hmmm, the server must be launching them surely, as they appear in the traders, and as loot on the map. I can buy and sell stuff from them. Will adjust the parameters and let you know how it goes. Thanks
  14. Thanks pal, found them;
  15. DOH!!!!!!!!!!! I am such a noob, lol There doesn't appear to be an rpt file created recently for the server. Just a boat load for the client side. I take it they are all in the same place? C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Local\Arma 3