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  1. Hey guys. Looking for a way to prevent players from putting down territory flags within a certain distance from Static DMS Missions (Occupation types and Salt Flats/Slums). Been through the files and can't seem to find anything. Can any of you help?
  2. I know , but that wasn't what I was asking.
  3. there's a setting in the DMS config, can't remember which one now though.
  4. got it working, for some reason my configs didn't save
  5. So just a query about the farming scripts. I've installed them and they seem to work ok. Now, this might seem like a silly question but what kind of text should be put in where it says "Text here!!!!!!!!!" , meaning what part corresponds to what part of the event? Could we have some examples perhaps?
  6. @kuplionI'm building a server on the Australia map and I've installed this and it works perfectly, however, I noticed it conflicts with your "Open Prisons" script which came with your mpmissions\Exile.Australia.pbo. So I've disabled it for now. Not sure exactly what Open Prisons actually does, so should it be merged or disabled? Just wondering...
  7. Trying to stop the random spawns (squad of police) spawning, targetting and hunting right after a player spawns (non bambi state of course), any ideas on how to get it to wait 5 mins or so? I've looked through the config and there doesn't seem to be a setting for this.
  8. Had already done so, I worked out that much. But it's not working for some reason..
  9. Thanks for this , but as I to am new to Arma coding I'm not exactly sure how to install it? The readme file doesn't say much..
  10. Re: Deploy Quad & Deploy Bike App. The Quad or the Bike isn't spawning and I'm getting this error for the quad and a similar one for the bike in the debug can anyone help me out with it? "ExAdServer Debugger: Error in clientRequest - 'Forbidden message name! Payload: [""spawnDeployableVehicle"",[""2:4093"",""ExAd_Quad""]]'" This is my CfgRemoteExec: Thanks in advance.
  11. repair

    Made a start on it taking in your post @Heavy: Still getting an error in expression though ...
  12. repair

    My idea for this would be to be able to use either Duct Tape OR a Toolkit (or Foolbox) to repair, the difference being with the Toolkit you have multiple uses and with the Duct Tape you don't (as default). Any ideas on how I could implement this? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks that did the trick.
  14. Has anyone got a Loot and Price/Trader Table for this mod they'd like to share?
  15. Strike that, worked it out, DMS was freezing it