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  1. Dayz Survivors[Exile]

    Join Our discord and webbsite to help the community grow and find new friends and awesome people EVERYONE THAT HAS PROBLEMS WITH JOINING PLZ JOIN OUR DISCORD AND MAKE A SUPPORT TICKET ON THERE AND WE WILL HELP U OUT Dayz Survivors is a server based on pure Survival for those that want to have that arma 2 feeling back. We have special features as scavange bushes for food, wrecks for repair/crafting stuff and trash for all kinds of thing. Helicrashes and airdrops with Custom loot. We care about our community members and players. All suggestions, ideas and thougts from the community will be looked in to by staff. We hope u will take your time to check out our server and become apart of our community. server is found by typing Dayz survivors in a3L we hope to see you there. No Traders/missions or tabs just pure Survival. Scavenging: Search the bushes/trees for food Search wrecked vehicles or trash for repair/crafting items Animals: Kill and gut animals for fresh food to cook on your campfire Heli Crashes: Helis have airdrops with custom loot Helis will randomly crash leaving crates around the wreck with custom loot Don't forget to check the dead Pilot bodies for more loot Claim Vehicles: If you find a vehicle you want to keep you can claim it with a code lock so it won't disappear on restarts Repair Vehicles: Damage your vehicle? Don't worry, just make sure you have the proper tools & repair items on you and fix it up Base Building: Place your flag and make your base. You can have up to 300 items so get crafty. Lets see those Mega Bases! Custom Recipes: Almost all the items in the game can be used for crafting. Check your Brama Cookbook in your XM8 Zombies: If you get attacked, make sure you have the proper medical equipment to prevent/cure infection and stop bleeding Watch out! Some Zombies can explode Discord: https://discord.gg/ZT3ssQk Webbsite: https://dayz-survivors-community.enjin.com/forum STAFF Owners: Bullethourz SolanumX Head Admins: Blessed Darkangel ForceRecon Robin Hood Admins: Scura Webbsite developer: Scura Founder: [TBI]Liam