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  1. Hey all, I made a pretty custom ZCP and was hoping there was a way to create a thunderstorm for this particular one. Its just bigger, has more time, and spawns more AI. I wanted to shift the server weather when its up to draw further attention to it. I tried a few things with my limited knowledge but no luck. Any help would be wonderful, thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Pretty simply I wanted to know if anyone knows a good amount about hosting one of the Cup Terrains Maps. I specifically really liked Bukovina for a small project I wanted to do, but I got the no entry bin\config.bin/cfgWorlds error and a bunch of others regarding my map grid. I took the server apart at the moment, but when its back together and running tomorrow ill post the actual RPT. I was just hoping someone who knows more than I do could provide a bit of guidance on that issue as I am aware its not completely uncommon. From the searching I did it seems my issue is most likely due to the addons part of the mission.sqm but I couldnt get it to work. All help would be seriously appreciated. Thanks!
  3. but since its still open does anyone know anything about this?
  4. I have this question also. The original question you linked to never should have been closed because now it is 100% useless to anyone who is trying to learn how to do this. "I'll do it for you. Thread is now closed." is absolutely useless.
  5. Hey Guys, Like the title says I have been trying for awhile to mark the buildings I have added to my server on the in game map. Because there are so many I do not want to manually place the markers, so I have been playing with a few different codes that theoretically come close but havent solved the problem. If anyone could help or has ideas I would be seriously appreciative. Heres one of the codes I've been trying to work out somehow: https://hastebin.com/gahuvidehe.bash\ I get the idea but not the exact implementation.
  6. @WURSTKETTE any more thoughts?
  7. ok now my battleye initialization also fails i opened those ports at least though. Any other thoughts?
  8. So if I create a new rule to open 2306-2309 for Battleye thats (TCP 0) and (UPD 2306-2309) to cover it all right?
  9. Hey guys, Like the title says Battleye fails for every client that tries to connect to my server. I can connect just fine every time, but when Battleye is turned on no one but I can connect. I tried to figure out basic Battleye settings but I have had no luck so far. This about all thats left for me to figure out before the server goes up so any help would be really greatly appreciated.
  10. Unreal, its working perfectly. What did you change? I swear I stare at these files and miss what you find. edit: can I send you beer in the mail? My server runs on like 80% your effort.
  11. here you go @WURSTKETTE [removed] password is removed. Let me know what you find
  12. I believe it refers to this file Wurstkette: https://hastebin.com/iciyezapud.cs though I am not advanced enough to immediately spot the issue. Heres the relevant part of the config also just in case: https://hastebin.com/iwipazafes.scala
  13. Arma just updated on its own yesterday. Took like two minutes. Was probably mods updating
  14. heres the full thing. sorry @WURSTKETTE its a mess but (until yesterday) it works [removed]
  15. Hey guys, So I am spawning stuck in the water on my server after a small update today, and I can not figure out why. The only new error in my rpt is this: https://hastebin.com/afagaxugit.vbs I cant figure out where that comes from, it doesnt give more information as far as I can tell or I'm just missing something. If someone could offer help on this or generally the spawning stuck in the water that would be great. Also, this is not the "debug spawn with suicide option." I tried, escape and other controls do not register. I just sit staring at waves.