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  1. ive likely just screwed it up and need to spend more time with it. Thanks again Bones, youre fantastic
  2. i guess I was seriously out of date. Thanks guys
  3. I have enhanced movement installed and working, but when players hit escape there is no menu for keybinding? There used to be but I do not know what broke or blocked it. There was a related thread that mentioned a chance that infistar blocks it or disallows one of its functions sometimes, but that thread was closed before anyone could discuss the issue usefully... as per the norm with infistar... Does anyone have a fix or experience with this?
  4. just to clarify in case anyone else solved this, I have this guys problem too
  5. Nevermind. This worked when i installed on the old system. now on the new system I am getting the gui with no options that other people have reported. *By new and old system i mean old ExAd versus 1.0.4 ExAd. It worked on the old one, blank gui on the new one
  6. mine is totally blank. App is there but nothing in it I fixed the blank app and it works perfectly, however there is a second copy of the app for some reason just hanging out on the top left corner of the XM8 without a picture... its a like a second bugged copy
  7. I additionally messaged Bones about getting this to work with Cloud's 1.0.4 flag VG hack. If anyone has thoughts on that let me know!
  8. I wont message you directly then so as not to bother you, however I am highly interested in a number of things you used to offer. If you are willing to share them and see them put to use, please do message some time. I look forward to it
  9. I apologize Bones, I was referencing your script. Multi-tasking is not my strong suit. I meant to say I ran your old script and when it didnt work out I tried to reset the database (test server). I was thinking somewhere along those lines something failed. As you can see it thinks my network requests are invalid. Its doing the same thing for hack attempts as well. They throw an invalid error
  10. since adding a few things my log is a mess. I figured it wasnt your code I was just hoping I wouldnt have to back sort through things. I'll PM you the greater log in the event youre interested but I really just have a bit of sorting to do
  11. So I ended up with this @Bones51 https://hastebin.com/hodevomijo.vbs Thoughts?
  12. Youre brilliant Bones. I am going to try this right now and let you know how it goes. Thank you so much
  13. Actually for all who care Infistar v92 fixed this
  14. Hey guys, For some reason all the mounted turret AI on my server can only be shot in the legs and I have no idea whats causing it. I am not getting any errors or anything in my RPT, just unable to hit them anywhere but the legs. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this issue?
  15. is there any chance this system will work with the new way Exile handles the virtual garage now? I could use a bit of help