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  1. I had to add the lockers to mine, wasn't hard, just use the 3den editor. I originally put one at the Spec op trader, but then figured it would be best to make it more risky and have players have to bring money. Also had to enable radiation to have the contaminated zone function. But over all, great work by the designer. Feel free to hop on the server and see the changes i made. Forgot to add, I put hedge hogs in front of the main trader entrance to hinder anyone who would want to block the entrance with a large locked vehicle.
  2. Love the idea, but whats to stop them from say, building a part below 30m, moving it up using page up. saving it.. walking up a level then selecting the part. moving it up using page up saving it.. then move up. and you see where i am going with this?
  3. I need some help understanding the mechanics behind server restarts? I understand the need, but I had been under the assumption that the scripts handle the system restarts. However after reading several different posts I am confused. I have read that the host needs to perform a system restart in the form of a scheduled task. Ive also read that you can use Rcon/Battleye to do the restart. My server seems to be working, but noticed that the notification for restart and the time in the status bar was off. This is what started the discovery as I simply wanted to figure out how to get them to match. Anyone want to help clarify this for me? I have a dedicated host, with battle eye and infistar. Its currently configure to notify with infistar (and I assumed it also handled the restarts). Just want to get the times synced and insure that all is as it should be.. And in all honest I would want to avoid using a "hard coded" reset schedule using the host! Much prefer the software handle restarts. Thanks.
  4. No problem, better late than never.. Sorry I didn't mention it before, but I did download a new copy (from first post) thinking something was fixed maybe, but same results? Ill try again, and not change anything see what happens.
  5. @red_ned So, after the server has been running a while, and things all seem to work, I went back to add the mod again, with the same results. I tried to monitor it closely so I can explain what seems to be happening vs what I have seen this mod (or the like) do and was expecting. Expectation was to have it spawn 3 missions, police, swat, military - easy, moderate, difficult. What did happen was it spawned the first mission, police raid, gave the notification, and placed a marker on the map (as it should).. Then a few minutes later spawned it or a similar police raid in another area.. Gave notification and location, but.. no map marker? well firstly, it shouldn't have spawned another police raid while the other one was active, secondly no map marker? But when I teleport to the location, and its active. This goes on and on, mission notification, but no marker, but active mission in the specified areas. Id love to get this sorted out if anyone has a clue why this happens. Thanks.
  6. Any chance there is a trigger or could be a trigger to only spawn the zombies after a particular time (in game) say if you only want the zombies to show up at night?
  7. tool

    Mind fixing my pro account as well? Thank you.
  8. in error.
  9. I also would like to know if this could be done. Wonder if duplicating the script and changing all the variable names to something else would let you do this.. (disable all the other features. ), here is an interesting idea for this.... You'd have to modify it a bit to prevent the helicopter from landing at each way point, and use a heli with outside seating.. Land in a safezone, pick up players and have it fly over a set path, say spawn points or static missions.. And they could shoot down from the heli.. Then make the loop and let them out.
  10. I applied the above fix to InfiStar and made a cosmetic change. { _vehicleObject = _x; _vehicleName = getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _vehicleObject) >> "displayName"); _index = _dropdown lbAdd (format ["%1's Inventory", _vehicleName]); _dropdown lbSetData [_index, netId _vehicleObject]; _dropdown lbSetValue [_index, 1]; _index = _dropdown lbAdd (format ["%1's Loaded Cargo", _vehicleName]); _dropdown lbSetData [_index, netId _vehicleObject]; _dropdown lbSetValue [_index, 2]; _index = _dropdown lbAdd (format ["%1 + Inventory + Cargo", _vehicleName]); _dropdown lbSetData [_index, netId _vehicleObject]; _dropdown lbSetValue [_index, 3]; } But now, it show correctly, but does nothing when you click "adios" for any option. Well try as I might, i couldn't get any version (and there seems to be 3 in this topic) to work, so if anyone would like to take up the challenge to get this functioning on current versions of exile and R3F that would be fantastic.
  11. Was anyone successful in getting the heli transport to land on mark? I have tried all the suggestions I found, change o_unknown to Land_HelipadCivil_F, (heli landed anywhere but on it. I tried the creation of a mark called o_unknown, change the Land_HelipadCivil_F back to o_unknown, heli landed near but never on it. any other things I could try or maybe something i did wrong? And yes, the helipad should be set to enable simulation as all items in its group are enablesimulationglobal.
  12. Wait, how is this not possible? I have server side code that I put custom graphics in, and you see it when played? (from dedicated server not local) for instance i changed the logo for the exile loading screen graphic, and it pulls over? why wouldn't other graphics stored server side? or am I overlooking something?
  13. anyone know how to make these work? I have converted them over to PAA, but how to assign them?