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  1. I just moved mine to https://www.nfoservers.com/ Very pleased with quality and price.
  2. You don't give up do you? I ignored your personal attacks, then ignored your private messages.. You even had the nerve to insinuate that being courteous and polite to people was a bad thing.. Dude you need therapy.. Think its about time you move on buddy.
  3. Got to the ESC menu.. Look in the very lower right, you will see an icon that looks like a puzzle piece.. Click it, in the window that opens find "Enhanced Movement" and that's where you can configure it.. Don't know why it was moved there, But it is..
  4. Sorry had forgotten to hit submit, But thank you. got that sorted out.. This is what I added, I needed it removed from everything that flies. What I now need is a way to push a created vehicle out about 10 - 20 meters to prevent it from touching a building exploding.. happens to the the BlackFish.
  5. Is there a way to remove countermeasures from vehicles? Specifically I'd like to remove flares from anything that can shoot rockets?
  6. I had read the comments in the file, it sounded to me like this was for inter-game trading for players.. (future feature.) but good to know.. Thanks..
  7. trial and error, i figured out..
  8. So... Searching for answers using that as a term, yielded very little. What i am needing to know is... is it possible to create a trader with custom items separate from the main stream? For instance, I have all the standard traders, Exile_Trader_Armory, Exile_Trader_Equipment, etc.. What I am wanting to make is a Exile_Trader_SpecialOps_land, and Exile_Trader_SpecialOps_air. Specops type traders, who carry armored items that will not show up in the standard Exile_Trader_Vehicle and Exile_Trader_Aircraft. I attempted to toy with this on my own with no success.. I started by creating new classes in the CfgTraders.hpp file. then created new traders with eden and exported to. I'm sure there needs to be more than this or something else if it is even something that can be done.. Looking for pointers please. Thank you.
  9. You and cloud22 must be brothers.. You guys both have the same elitist attitude like your shit don't stink.. Make all the jokes you want, just show how weak of a person you are, that you have to cyber bully someone you feel is less than you. The really sad part is that both you and cloud22 have been involved in the community far longer than I have.. Yet my rep is nearly the same as you both.... What does that say? Simply that I am a more productive and positive member of this community, and you two are just sad little trolls. So enjoy that negative attitude boys, hope it serves you well.
  10. Dude, what the hell is your damage? You have done absolutely nothing but hurl unfounded accusations at me? Copy and Paste and call it my own? WTF dude, what have I EVER posted that was a copy and paste and called my own.. You really need to check yourself and your poor attitude at the door. If this is the best you can do to help someone, please do the community a favor and just sit and read.. And while we are at it sir.... YOU, and commenters like you... Are the reason this community is being dragged down.. No one likes dealing with an arrogant, presumptuous asshole.. (don't know those words, google it!) You may be lonely, mad or just feel superior.. But you only come off as a troll and a jackass looking for attention.. Go find someone else to harass ass. You my friend get a F- for your attitude and an A+ for being a douche! (which I'm sure your smiling about, due to that is how all small minded trolls act when they manage to get the negative attention they want.)
  11. For once, you may be on to something.. I had to refer back to the mod I released.. PVP map markers. How i got that to work was to do a foreach allPlayers and then create markers. I guess to get this done, Ill have to do something similar. Update: Yes, this worked.. Was able to get it to collect data and write to the database. Now I just need to have it collect as much information as available.
  12. This is a script I am using to track restart time on my website. which is called using. init.sqf as... My assumption was that simply changing the exile.ini, added the fields i want to capture and calling in the same manner would work.. I think it will. I just need to trouble shoot the variables i'm using.. My end game is to capture a snapshot of the player every 5 minutes, what they have, what they are in, where the are.. etc.. That way I have one place to go look when players come at me with... "lost all my respect" "lost xyz item" "game glitched caused me to crash my xyx" instead of looking over logs, and other db entries. and trying to figure it out.
  13. This is all within the editor, so he is building it with the mods he has loaded. Hasn't even made it to a server at this point. I think we tried to convert to simple objects, but for some reasons some items still show an interaction menu and other items vanish? Are you saying this is normal and that changes if you export them and then use them in the mission for the server?
  14. OK then maybe I'm missing something.. I have a script that writes to the database from client side? Or what I presume is client side. It's called exactly like the one I want.. In fact I used it as a template. The script simple writes the seconds left till restart to a new table. I assumed I could use the same technique.
  15. sigh..