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  1. Hello, I searched for it but did not find anything. If you are fast and have the R3F Mod on the Loot Crates, you can load the box very quickly without killing the AI's. I would like it to be like DMS, because the boxes have a GodMod until all AI's are dead and you can not open the boxes or load them into a vehicle.
  2. ...
  3. Hast Du ihn mal ohne Enhanced Movement Mod laufen lassen?
  4. You can give it a try
  5. Download Link?
  6. @BlackheartsGaming Have you already checked your code? Maybe you could provide your code to us, maybe one or the other will find a mistake or not.
  7. I would like that as well
  8. What does all this have to do with New XM8 App coding? Will be extremely confusing here.
  9. pls delete
  10. Ich grabe die Frage mal wieder raus. Dieses Problem haben wir auch und ich weis keine Lösung.
  11. Run the upgrade-1.0.3-1.0.4.sql file in the MYSQL folder
  12. Versuche das
  13. @SpodGamesTV Create a * .sql file eg. update.sql with the following content UPDATE `vehicle` SET nickname=id; And then go to your exile-db and execute the file you created This will show all vehicles from ExAD VG again
  14. It would not be bad to know what you are still working on. And will there be any advance information on what a serveradmin needs to change?
  15. What my players have told me is that it should be a Nato box, only I do not know exactly where to lose the respect. EDIT: It is definitely InfiStar, had tested with the new beta and so after the server restart when you sell a box, no matter what box of respect is then reduced to the value you get. Have then tried InfiStar v.88, so it works 1a.