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  1. @Maik Richter Hi, did you correct? Fix my downloading a new eXpochVectorBldg updated folder 1.0.4v
  2. Perfect .... it was translated and it was much simpler than I imagined. Thank you again!!
  3. Most sincerely I left the Exad GV on the other slide, button 3 and it works perfectly, I do not want to rock in it for the time being I'm still a bit traumatized with the update. I'm editing modcheck and my goal is to make it superimpose i button from the virtual Exile garage.
  4. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
  5. Does anyone know how to edit override the virtual garage button Exile? or which way is it? mine is already disabled!
  6. Updating classe CfgXM8 classe ExAd_VG { title = "Virtual Garage"; controlID = 50000; // IDC: 50000 -> 50015 || Estes precisam ser únicos e fora do alcance um do outro logo = "ExadClient \ XM8 \ Apps \ VG \ Icon_VG.paa"; onLoad = "ExAdClient \ XM8 \ Apps \ VG \ onLoad.sqf"; onOpen = "ExAdClient \ XM8 \ Apps \ VG \ onOpen.sqf"; onClose = "ExAdClient \ XM8 \ Apps \ VG \ onClose.sqf"; }; class XM8_App08_Button: RscExileXM8AppButton1x1 { textureNoShortcut = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\VG\Icon_VG.paa"; text = "ExAD Virtual Garage"; onButtonClick = "['ExAd_VG', 0] call ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide"; resource = ""; };ource = "";
  7. ---------------------------------------------- @kuplion Thank you so much!
  8. this my exile garage sends me this error and I did not even have an answer, so I wanted to know if I could re-use Exad's virtual garage.
  9. Olá, existe a possibilidade de voltar para a garagem Exad:? Fiquei sem GV por 2 dias e já estou perdendo jogadores.
  10. Thank you !
  11. Hello everyone, just one question you guys are using the Exile gaming: ???? I've been updating my xm8 and I'm getting this error when I try to remove a vehicle !!
  12. I do not know where I went wrong the paintings are not saving. Does anyone know how to save?
  13. My question is how to update the scripts.txt file. Local: \ExAd v1.0.4\BattlEye\scripts.txt
  14. { textureNoShortcut = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\modChecker\modChecker.paa"; text = "Mod Checker"; onButtonClick = "???????????"; <---- I need it ! resource = ""; };