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      First round goes to testing Exile Escape - which is now part of the @Exile mod directly! Yepp, one mod - two game modes.  Please help us test the sh*t out of it and join the test server here: You can grab the 1.0.4 RC files from our download page or directly from A3L. Thanks! <3


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  1. Its not stamina bar ..
  2. Hello my problems mods launcher download @KAWeaponsPackNEWRC add my serwer and join kick battleye mpehandler mpeventhandler.log
  3. ehhh nvm.... close please
  4. Hello where find AI missions ?? shoot zombie ,patrols,air, land ,vechicle for exile? and where find stamina bars ? loock
  5. so what is wrong?
  6. Hello guys help me... pls Sorry my bad English.Since yesterday I have a problem in entering some servers. Join serwer only mod @Exile This is my rpt. logs https://pastebin.com/7RGJMBxZ Reinstall Windows 10 did not help I can go to some servers. Work connect thi serwer battleye + infistar Server name: Wolfsrudel EXILE Address: Server version: 180143869
  7. ok works a that next problem Chernarus Building Replacement Script init.sqf add line #include "scripts\buildingReplacement.sqf" and now go to folder scripts and open buildingReplacement.sqf and add DMD_BuildingReplace.pbo @ExileSerwer/addons/ Script restrictions why ??
  8. a what this error script.log
  9. Dedicated serwer exile 1.0.3 i have a problem log script