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  1. thx 4 a swift response tried both, but will try it again tonight when i come home from work, just to be sure Edit: I just checked, it is as this: "-mod=@Exile;@Extended_Base_Mod" and if i disable mod in game, got deleted content error
  2. I don't know if I have done something wrong during installation, (from my perspective i followed everything step by step), but no one can't connect to my server if there is no extended base mod installed client side. They just get an content error message when trying to connect. Can anyone help with this issue? Thanks in advance.
  3. Same issue here, it gets annoying when AI gets into spawned building and you cant get them
  4. Sorry for the OT, I also had an issue with repacking PBOs, for some reason $PREFIX$ or $PBOPREFIX$ were lost during packing process. Once you pack a PBO you need to open it (not extracting it), compare it with unpacked folder and check if it contains $PBOPREFIX$ or $PREFIX$ from unpacked folder. If it does not, there is your problem. I know a two solutions for this issue: 1. Use a different PBO utility for packing - does not work always, and does not work with all PBOs (not sure why) 2. Manually copy $PREFIX$ or $PBOPREFIX$ from Extracted PBO folder to open PBO in PBO manager, or whatever utility you use (CTRL+C/CTRL+V, since i didnt notice any paste drop down menu in PBO manager i use) P.S. I was busting my head with DMS and Occupation with this issue, if I changed anything in the config it would stop working, after a while i realised that this prefix is missing in the PBO archive. Hope that helps, and i hope I understood the issue right
  5. What if I want to upgrade from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4, and was using ExAd on 1.0.3, but don't want to use it on 1.0.4, and want vehicles stored in 1.0.3 to be available? Do I have to run any database commands, and if yes, which one? Or should I open a separate thread for it?
  6. BUMP!
  7. Thank you, i will try that. Sorry for the noob question, it is my first server ever, and I discovered the game maybe half a year ago, so I am still learning about it from posts i can find online, but there are a lot of blanks still.
  8. Since there is obviously no interest in helping me solve this issue I recreated the Waste Dump trader that was dying on that location due to a nearby static mission, and now he has a god mode. Why now and not before? Beats me! Both now and before i just copied another (both time same) Waste Dump Trader. As for players selling there, they will obviously need to be more careful when selling pillaged loot. Thanks anyway, pls close the thread.
  9. I think what Forbus is mentioning is multiplying objects, happens to me too sometimes. For example draw boards in a trader house sometimes multiply, and fall around and block entrance (default trader, not custom), than i noticed sometimes custom trader signs multiply (havent tried to make them simple). All this occurs random and not allways, and I dont know whats causing it (didnt see any pattern in it). One more awkward thing is that a custom placed Waste Dump trader (which has disabled damage in editor, and allow damage command in PlayerInit is set to false) can be killed in game (but not in editor), tried to set SZ trigger in editor, but for some reason SZ turns off in 10-15 sec. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Hi, placed a custom safe zone, and a trigger through editor; When i enter safe zone, get SZ notification, but 10-15 sec later get leaving SZ notification, even if i stay still inside the zone. Can anyone point me in the right direction, how to disable this "timer", or how to setup custom SZ trigger to work untill i leave the SZ area. The point is to have godmode area, both for traders and players. (actually it is just a waste dump trader) Does it have to be trader city or a regular airplane trader will do, for the safezone marker to work properly? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, do Occupation heli crashes clean up on completion or not? Have 3hrs server restart time, and would be great if heli crashes would clean up upon completion, and spawn a new one somewhere else. So far they only spawn on server restart, and stay until shutdown. Everything else works great, both DMS and Occupation. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks, sorry for no reply for a long time, I have resolved the issue by reinstalling 32 bit mysql (had 64bit), so i guess you were right about that
  13. I am having the same issue on Win 10 - first time setting up a server, strict mode disabled RPT below: