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  1. Any help to make this work is appreciated. My server crashes on loot loading.
  2. Hey, appreciate it. Done this from the client and server and still no dice.
  3. My chernarus redux server gives a lot of players including me error bad module. I have a custom mod that just adds a lot of items and a lot of custom scripts. Most of the scripts run on my other servers without issue. The crash rpt crashes at different points but the same memory locations (relative to the user). Mods: Exile, Cup, NIarms, Chernarus Redux, Enhanced Movement, DS_houses, Ryan Zombies Serverside: DMS, Obfusqf, Marxet, Enigma revive, ExileZ Some custom scripts serverside. At this time, my mod only recursively adds about 8000 keys. It inherits from a parent class. No custom scripts check all the items though. The ram usage is also less then my other two servers both client and serverside. If you have any advice I'd appreciate it.
  4. Hey, having a similar issue, did you figure this out?
  5. I have an issue with buildings. I realize it's possible to go through and enable dynamic sim to all the static buildings but is this already implemented as I can't find it in the latest github version. Cheers.
  6. You've touched something in your Exad_Client/xm8. Recopy the files into xm8 and either keep the config or overrite everything.
  7. I hope you understand english. I don't have much experience with DB3 but if your DB is locked generally it's in use by another program. Make sure nothing else is using it or the account has privellages.
  8. Can you see other bases? Had a similar issue with a placed helipad on eden editor. Try delete the helipad out of your db and restart the server.
  9. The in territory check is clientside. Check to make sure you have your exad(serverfiles) packed as a pbo in exile_server/addons. Otherwise check CfgRemoteexecute and make sure that is amended correctly. If that fails post your rpt log please.
  10. Please post your descript.ext or your Cfgremote. Is it possible your battleye filters didn't copy over? Also why do you include 3 of your mods twice? On your serverside mods, dms and exad should be a .pbo in your exile_server/addons folder. Not included as a server mod. Client: Remote object 6:0 not found Try Packing your exad_core etc to a .pbo and placing in your exile_server addons folder as it seems it can't find the addon.