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  1. Try opening more ports, I think every time another player joins for example the 9th might be 2309, then 2310.. although I'm not positive on that. I know when someone connects to my server it shows their IP:2304, I also run a google compute engine but its on windows.. having issues with it too.
  2. If you're trying to give yourself the canisters give yourself poptabs in the database or admin menu and buy them.
  3. I've tried both db2 works db3 freezes the server and the DB3 is configed correctly and the database is fine.
  4. MySQL Edit: I've reinstalled MySQL and deleted and re-done the database 3 times with no errors.
  5. It loads fine on my PC with that error, and I've already fixed it. it only freezes when I load 64bit version of arma running exile.
  6. So after hosting A2 Overpoch and A3 Exile servers for about 4 years, this is the first time I have ever had to ask for help. So my PC is a Ryzen 5 16GB DDR4 SSD hosting Exile The server works completely fine, no errors in RPT or Database logs. This is the PC I use to script the mission file with to upload onto my VM which is a Single Core, 6GB RAM, yes I know the VM is very underpowered for an Exile server, I'm just testing before I upgrade my VM to a higher package, but regardless the server should still run and let me connect. I've also upgraded my VM to an Xeon Quad Core 16GB RAM for a short time and it still does it. I have copied all the files over to the VM nothing is out of place, the database is completely fine I have checked these a million times. I started the server on the VM and once it says Game Started, it just freezes that's it no errors in RPT no database errors it just freezes 0% CPU usage not even a windows crash. The server still shows on Arma 3 but it gets stuck at connecting the server doesn't even register I'm trying to connect. (These RPT's have loaded mods in them but these are when I tried it with mods, regardless of loading mods or not, it crashes either way.) RPT from the VM: https://pastebin.com/NTP55ETA RPT from my PC: https://pastebin.com/zV9BfHCx Running base Arma 3 Server - Server works, connected and joined. Running 32bit version of Exile - Server works, I connected and joined. Running 64bit version of Exile - Server stops and freezes in the same spot as in RPT. I've reinstalled everything possible all the visual c++ packages, .net frameworks and even directx even though that probably has nothing to do with it. as you can see my PC goes past: Attempt to override final function - bis_fnc_storeparamsvalues_data in the RPT.