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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. US420 - Exile PvE Militarized

    Militarized PvE Survival.... Missions, Randoms... bla bla bla
  2. I was kinda in the hopes that I would not have to install all of ExAd again just for this one awesome app. hehehhe But if I have to... I guess eventually I will. haha
  3. Anyone converting this to the new Exile 1.0.4 XM8 app system?
  4. So I was just having this battle myself... and I was able to solve it, and thought I would share my fix. First I have the mod installed as scripts in my mpmission. In the infistar help chat they suggested white-listing 1601 .. that did not work. Waiting for other help I attacked the script files myself. In the mpmissions\Exile.Altis\outlw_magRepack\Configs folder are 3 files we will edit... MagRepack_Dialog_About.hpp , MagRepack_Dialog_Keybindings.hpp & MagRepack_Dialog_Main.hpp towards the top of each is: idd = -1; change to: idd = 1601; I set it to 1601 because it was already whitelisted in my EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp file. Repacked my mission, ran it and it works. No more kick & ban.