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Found 55 results

  1. Good day, So i have installed the A3XAI mod into my server and its working just fine except for one thing, the roaming vehicles, there seems to be some of them parking accross the map doing nothing but staying in there car, even if you start shooting at them, sometimes they seems mutain and sometimes they actually dies, but no other reaction at all, im not sure what is the problem, maybe its interfere with other mods i have ? I have also installed ( ZCP - CUP - DMS- Occupation ) all working fine. I have made changes to the Config. files of the a3xai mod, it was ( by defult ) disabling the roaming vehicles, so i changed that and enabled it, also i increased the amount of the roaming cars to 100 active car, i dont know if thats too much, maybe its the reason why they act stupid ? Please not that my scripting and coding skills is way under low, so yeah im a big noob here
  2. @kuplion I was wondering if you might know how to fix this error that comes up in my RPT. Air vehicle AI don't despawn, they just drop out of the sky and dont blow up. Is there a fix for this. I only ask because I see you have messed with this Addon in the last 8 months. Players are finding downed AI birds all over the map but they cant access them. Warning I get in my RPT: 0:31:14 "A3XAI Warning: Group functions for unit type aircrashed not found."
  3. So, im beyond frustrated.. and need some serious help. We finally got our server running just how we wanted it! DMS missions and A3XAI roaming all over, well today, i log on, and the AI is frozen, and wont move around. So i look into it, and see that i can unfreeze them and only them. Well as soon as i change that in the DMS config, and upload it, it breaks! cant find this .sql and that .sql please help!
  4. Hello guys. I have a question about A3XAI and the drones. Does somebody have drones working in A3XAI? I switched drones on(one, to be precise), those little drones that look like the toydrones everybody uses nowadays. This now is a week ago but i didn´t see any drone yet. Roaming Ai, roaming air and ground vehicles work fine, so i thought drones might work too, that easily. Now my last idea is maybe that they just fly too high, but i rather have the feeling there is no drone on the server. Has anybody A3XAI working with drones and could me point to the right direction, maybe?
  5. Petunia Tanoa Server

    This is our standard server (as opposed to our Survival Server, on the same IP but port 9702) This server runs the Tanoa map. We've been running DayZ & Exile servers for a number of years and we have a decent mix of players, but mainly mature (if you're going to throw your toys out of the pram every 10 mins, don't bother joining!). On this server, all standard loot & weapons are available, loot spawn is edited to spawn when the player is further out (no running in & out of buildings to trigger loot spawns!) and Enigma Revive is set-up, so you can revive your buddies in the middle of the chaos. Our admins are mature, friendly, and fair. We don't troll players or spawn stupid amounts of gear for ourselves, we're here to look after the server, the players, and make sure all have a fun and interesting experience. Our rules are pretty simple... No Hacking or cheating in any way, no voice over side (Join TS!), and ABSOLUTELY no racism, sexism, or homophobia. Our overarching rule for players and admins alike is "Don't be a dick!". FEATURES: Standard loot spawn Enigma revive (needs defib, which you spawn with!) DMS Missions (with edited AI loadout & loot) Advanced tow Advanced abseil Ryans Zombies Roaming AI Petunia server has great performance and FPS and we backup the DB regularly backed up regularly. Come and join us! More info on our server and TeamSpeak at the top of this page!
  6. Petunia Tanoa Hardcore Survival

    Welcome to Petunia Server's 'hardcore survival' server. We run Tanoa map and this server is set-up to be a much tougher experience than our regular server (the regular server with more gear etc is on the same IP, but port 8702). Petunia Server have been running DayZ & Exile servers for a number of years and we have a decent mix of players, but mainly mature (if you're going to throw your toys out of the pram every 10 mins, don't bother joining!). Our admins are mature, friendly, and fair. We don't troll players or spawn stupid amounts of gear for ourselves, we're here to look after the server, the players, and make sure all have a fun and interesting experience. Our rules are pretty simple... No Hacking or cheating in any way, no voice over side (Join TS!), and ABSOLUTELY no racism, sexism, or homophobia. Our overarching rule for players and admins alike is "Don't be a dick!". FEATURES: Lowered loot spawn (survival server!) Less military gear (survival server!) MarXet Player 2 Player marketplace Weapons must be found (ammo can be bought but is expensive! - Alternatively, players can buy/sell weapons via the MarXet player-to-player marketplace!). Enigma revive (needs defib, which you spawn with!) DMS Missions (with edited AI loadout & loot) Load crates into vehicles Advanced tow Advanced abseil Ryans Zombies Roaming AI Petunia server has great performance and FPS and we backup the DB regularly backed up regularly. Come and join us! More info on our server and TeamSpeak at the top of this page!
  7. BigSL Altis Survival-ZedAi PVE

    BigSL's Altis server is customized with lots of roaming and mission ai's. Zombies are balanced accordingly and demons are only at the loot&death mission. Tools are only found by looting for a survivalesque experience and traders offer you anything from basic foods to jets on the tarmac. Respect system is used as well for trader items. We are looking for like-minded players to join our family on ts3 for some quality discussions and ArmA3 co-op fun.
  8. Доброго времени суток! Подскажите у кого-нибудь была такая ошибка? Смотрел в этом файле эту строчку там ни каких проблем все нормально. Но ошибка всё равно есть.
  9. So Ladies and Gentlemen, i am trying to do some research to find the best script out the for AI and Missions, and also allow server owners voice their opinions about what they like and dislike about certain scripts, potentially helping developers develop their scripts further. i would much appreciate for as many people to participate in the poll or add any answers you choose not in the poll to the comments below and i will add them to the poll. Also if you decide to add another script/system in the comments, please add a link to the page and credit the author. Thanks SWEENNDAWG
  10. [UK] WWCY |Altis|Exile

    WWCY - We Will Cut You - a gaming community started in 2015 by a group of like minded gaming friends, We have 2 Arma3 servers, this and Tanoa. We have 2 Ark Survial Evolved servers, The Island and The Centre. Why not join with us and enjoy the fun and frolics of this gaming family. This server is PVE only.
  11. I've had a report from a player that the died from walking up to an Offroad just outside the traderzone. i myself have had this issue where i found an offroad with ai in it which i killed then when i walked up to the rear of the vehicle to loot the bodies on and died, same vehicle (offroad) and similar location (just down the road from trader), im running, DMS A3XAI and VEMF, plus a multitude of other game play mods. any help massively appreciated Thanks SWEENNDAWG
  12. [FR] Les Vieux Exilés sur Altis

    Bonjour à tous, Je me permets de poster ici pour vous présenter notre serveur, ainsi que notre philosophie. Qui sommes nous: Une team de vieux, de croulants, de couche-tôt. Plus sérieusement, nous sommes ce que l'on pourrait appeler une communauté de personnes d'âge mûr. Nous avons en gros entre 30 et 40, 50, bref, dans le milieu du jeu vidéo, nous sommes des dinosaures. Notre philosophie de jeu va un peu à contre-sens de ce qui se fait habituellement sur Exile, nous aimons les contacts, le calme, et les joueurs mesurés. Cependant, nous ne sommes pas contraires à vivre du pvp, et malgré l'arthrose des doigts, nous sommes encore capables de nous distinguer en duels. Concernant Exile, nous sommes pratiquement à un an d'hébergement de serveur, et nous souhaiterions le peupler avec des personnes ayant la même mentalité que nous. Nous ne visons pas des records d'affluence mais plutôt de réunir une communauté de joueurs réguliers et fidèles de plus de 30 ans. Nous ne sommes pas des pros, que ce soit en jeu ou au niveau de l'hébergement. Notre serveur n'a pas, et n'a d'ailleurs jamais eu, la prétention d'être un serveur nickel, sans bugs, à la pointe de la technologie. Cependant, à force de tests, d'erreurs et de solutions, nous avons trouvé un équilibre entre serveur jouable et action pour les joueurs. Notre historique est le suivant: Ayant fait nos armes sur Dayz, nous avons arpenté Chernarus de long en large, nous nous sommes entretués de nombreuses fois, nous avons planté des légumes, chassé du gibier, transporté des tonneaux, réparé des voitures, exploité au maximum le gameplay permis par le jeu. Et puis est venu le temps de la remise en questions. Et si nous construisions notre chez nous? Et si nous avions notre petite cabane? Du coup, la transition s'est faite naturellement. Nous avons opté pour Arma, et avons jeté notre dévolu sur Exile. Nous y avons effectivement trouvé ce que nous cherchions: Un jeu complet, évolutif, modifiable à notre image, où le craft occupe une place importante, et surtout un espace de rencontres entre Vieux et moins vieux. Nous avons donc testé plusieurs configurations au cours des mois précédents, nous avons arpenté plusieurs maps, testé les zombies, les IA, et nous avons fini par trouver ce qui nous convient le mieux: Un serveur Altis, simple et fonctionnel, avec une bonne dose de défi, et qui permet d'évoluer sur le long terme. Nos installations: Notre forum: Vous pouvez nous retrouver, nous contacter, échanger vos souvenirs de jeunesse sur C'est d'ailleurs probablement la meilleure manière de voir qui nous sommes. Tout le monde est le bienvenu, quel que soit l'age! Notre teamspeack: Si la tremblotte vous empêche d'écrire correctement, que la vue n'est plus ce qu'elle était, vous pouvez nous retrouver sur notre serveur teamspeack 3 à l'adresse "" où nous nous ferons un plaisir de discuter avec vous, et où vous pourrez vous faire une idée de notre mentalité. Notre serveur: Nous disposons d'un serveur dédié chez OVH, de bonne qualité, et nous permettant une grande liberté. Nous jouons actuellement uniquement sur Altis. Notre philosophie de serveur n'étant pas axée vers le pvp pur, nous avons plutôt misé sur une difficulté accrue au niveau des IA, que ce soit en capacité comme en nombre. Néanmoins, le pvp est largement autorisé et même recommandé. Les règles d'engagement sont ouvertes et peu restrictives, nous demandons par contre aux joueurs du bon sens quand il s'agit d'échanges de tirs. Les addons Exile que nous utilisons sont les suivants: A3XAI pour ce qui est des patrouilles IA, DMS pour ce qui est des missions, Occupation, Extended Base pour le craft de bases et CDAH pour le craft de véhicules. Nous avons également mis en place quelques scripts utiles que vous découvrirez en nous rejoignant. A noter que les véhicules armés ne sont pas achetables, et que la seule possibilité de les obtenir (hors récompense d'event) est de les crafter. Ce qui les rend d'autant plus précieux. Je ne vais pas vous noter ici toutes les règles mises en place, vous pouvez les retrouver sur notre forum à l'adresse Le nom de notre serveur est [FR] Les Vieux Exiles sur Altis |pvp-pve|extended-base|CDAH|missions Son adresse IP est la suivante: Vous pouvez également retrouver notre serveur en recherchant "vieux" dans les filtres ingame. Le mot de la fin: Celui-ci reste à écrire, sur notre serveur, notre ts, notre forum, et je l'espère, en votre compagnie! Merci pour la lecture, et à très bientôt aRfpof
  13. First off, I have looked through the forums to find an answer to my issue. The ease of installation of this mod means I either completely missed something or there is an issue I'm unable to locate due to inexperience. Be gentle. The basics, this is a dedicated server I run out if my house. It has an updated vanilla exile server that I am trying to install A3xai on. I installed it according to the directions supplied and have not been able to get it to work. My issue, after installing the mod my server goes through a loop where it locks out all players and reads mission file, then it locks again and starts reading again. It will loop like that for hours. I let it run for three hours with no change. Oh and removing the files allows the server to start normally. I believe this is the error report you clever buggers want to see. A small taste, you don't really want the full three hours I assume... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi I currently am using A3XAI, DMS, Occupation. I am on Chernarus Winter and want the AI to wear Winter gear. I changed the Classes in the config file but how do I import them so it knows what to look for ? Do I use a #include "someLocationOfWhereTheModIs?"
  15. E2P

    Exiled2Paradise Exiled2Paradise is a PVE server group with a great community of players. E2P on TANOA | PVE | MISSION | ROAMING AI & RHS TANOA PVE And we are opening new server on new maps very soon
  16. Elite Gaming Exile

    Hello and welcome to Elite Gaming, We are a new community that's looking to get the name out there and also give people a fun and dedicated place to play. We are a group of people that have known each other for awhile and decided to start up a community with team work and reliability. Feel free to hop in the Teamspeak or Discord and hang out. We are fresh and learning as we go, but do we have a good team put together and a very good Developer that puts a lot of time into putting the servers together. This Exile Chernarus Server Features: DMS Missions ZCP Capture points Custom added areas/towns on the Chernarus map Various traders placed in specific parts of the map a3xai - Roaming AI's Extended Base Mod - More options for building CUP Weapons/Vehicles/Units TYRK Uniforms Respect Ranks and various others for you to see ingame!
  17. Guten morgen Wenn ich bei mir den A3XAI Mod auf dem Server aktiviere, erkennt der A3Launcher meinen Server nicht mehr. Folgendes kommt dann: " Oh snap! unknown mods - @a3xai " Das liegt wahrscheinlich an der Startzeile vom Server. Obwohl ich ja A3XAI als Client hinzugefügt habe. Weiß jemand wie man das fixen könnte, bzw. ob ich den MOD irgendwie anders einbinden kann oder müsste ich da vieles umschreiben, was ich nicht beherrsche?
  18. Приветствую граждане. Не найдя ответа в интернете и на этом форуме решил спросить у комьюнити. Все мы знаем, что находясь в SafeZone снаряды, пули блокируются скриптом, поэтому дамаг кому-либо и чему-либо не возможен. Но... Возникло это "НО", игроки не находясь в СЗ могут уничтожить любую технику в Сэйф Зоне. До обновы работало всё как часы. По этому поводу тем решающих проблему не видел. Возможные Пути решения(лично моё мнение) : Поставил я A3XAI и обнаружил что технику с ботами с СЗ невозможно уничтожить. Можно ли совместить и для пользовательской техники??? Файл A3XAI_handleDamageVeh.sqf
  19. SevenDrunkenNights DayZ-style

    Want to get rekt? Join us! Hardcore PvP server on the island of Tanoa AI missions and random patrols - Exile DMS, Occupation Mod and A3XAI Zombies! - Ryan's Zombies, Exile Z Custom Zeus missions, CUP rewards from admins on completion Admin events Special CUP rewards (no spawns, unique items!) Install the following from the workshop (besides Exile, duh): CBA_A3 (server running the newest version 3.1.2) CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod We want to create a strong community where players can both enjoy the game and experience the challenge it presents. We are open to suggestions from the community on what you would like added to the server, so speak up! And yes, we want to create memetastic scenarios and events If you want us to implement teamspeak/discord, we can do it, however we are currently using the IG ARMA channels (side, group, etc.) Note we are tweaking difficulty settings based on player feedback - let us know what you think! For Zeus missions, admins will let you know when they're active. The northern part of Tanoa Airport is protected by friendly AI (Independant Force snipers) to give players a central hub to do missions together. These forces also protect you from zombies and any other AI from the other mods. This area will also be a specific CUP trader zone, we are currently building this zone. See you online! paulgali
  20. I was wondering if anyone knew a way or could point me in the right direction to add police vehicles or police skins to existing vehicles, my aim is to get the a3xai land and heli patrols in police vehicles, got the ai looking close to swat but would be better with some form of police vehices.
  21. NPC in A3XAI doesnt move, not all but only Gpatrol(car). They remain inside car and doesnt do anything. Doesnt repond at the fire, nothing
  22. BroFraTa

    Rules Play fair!!! Do not kill bambies!!! Do not insult other players!!! Do not destroy vehicles in Player Bases!!! Try to raid only active players!!! Avoid the using of bugs!!! Do not be a sorehead, if you have been raided!!! Do not camp at safezone outer borders!!! Basesettings Territory lifetime = 14 days Territory lifetime after the flag was stolen = 7 days Pinset to "0000" after the flag was stolen = 3 days Max. bases per player = 2 Max baseparts = 400
  23. Forgotten Island

    PvP-сервера. Много различной техники, адекватная администрация, 0 доната. Arma 3 изгнанник мод Для игры на сервере требуются моды: Exile, РИТ: Вооруженные Силы Российской Федерации 1 и РИТ:. США Вооруженные силы

    Servidor PVE de 10 slots por ahora. En el que encontrareis patrullas IA, zombies en la zona radioactiva y el templo, sistema de crafteo customizado, poco loot y pocos coches ;)). Bueno lo justo para pasarlo bien. Os espero.
  25. [UK/EU] ERM Gaming Exile

    Welcome to the ERM Gaming Exile Server Page ERM Gaming is glad to announce we now have a Exile Tanoa server up and running. ERM being known for having a popular Arma 3 wasteland server have decided to take a dive into the Exile world. We always welcome new players to the community and to our servers. Its a server with very little added to make it as Vanilla as possible. The server it self has various mission systems inc DMS & VEMF as well as A3XAI to keep players busy as we have don't supply starting Tabs and a lower loot rate to encourage players towards missions and PVP. We have added some logistic systems to move various items around. There are Active Admin in game or on RCON. On this server nothing is handed to players on a plate. We have a few server rules. ● No Hacking or Duping (Obviously) ● No Safezone camping or trolling ● No Base Wall or Floor glitching ● No greifing, This is a PVP server ● No building on main roads, Can build over but must be 2 walls high min. Loot.... Adapt.... and Survive! Thanks for reading. Kappa