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Found 123 results

  1. hello, We are kick from a server by battleyes : kick battleye Script restriction #31 I'm sorry, i bad with english Thx for help
  2. Hello, I bought arma 3 today and installed it, I also installed arma3launcher for modded servers such like Exile mod. I installed all the mods including Exile Mod. My problem is that when I launch arma 3 trough arma3launcher, I always get stuck on Loading screen saying "Almost there" with crisps bag. But I noticed half a hour my arma 3 updated 7gb with a new update. But i'm not 100% sure if its due that. I await replies, best regards, Álvaro Alexandre aka Wolfieaye
  3. ABC Game Servers | By Gamers For Gamers! Are you tired of all the GSP's that don't meet your expectations? Do you want a server package that just works? Then look no further as ABC Game Servers has you covered. Who are we: ABC Game Servers is a small U.K. based company comprised of 7 staff members, we are all gamers that have a love and passion for what we do and we want to feed some of that love and passion into the server hosting industry, we are firm believers of quality over quantity and with that we ensure we put the same level of care into making sure all our customers are happy with their servers whether its help with leaning to get the most out of your server package or just learning how to install mods we will be there to provide the best support we can in achieving what you want out of your server! Your server package: From £13.50* you will get a bare bones ArmA 3 server with the ability to customise it to your desires! For the above price you get all the industry standard features listed bellow. Full DDoS Protection! 24/7 Ticket Support. One click install for various mods. Full unrestricted FTP access. TCAdmin client control panel. Fast and fully automated setups. Servers in France and Canada. ABC Game Servers unique features Included in your ArmA server package. TCAdmin Steam Mod Downloader** Engineers highly knowledged in the Exile hosting scene, see @KamikazeXeX for his community movements. 64-Bit server support! (Some mods require 3rd party fixes). Supported payment portals. PayPal As a new customer you can use the promotional code "EXILE50" at the checkout page for 50% your first month! * ExileMod requires a MySQL Database for an additional £1.50/pm ** Unlike other GSP's ABC Game Servers fully supports the usage of the steam workshop API to download mods directly to your server bypassing any long and messy mod upload times!
  4. Hey, I'm looking to team with someone for some tonoa exiles and i dnt mind how many players, small or large team. i've pld arma since way bk when and pld quite abit of exiles altho its been a little while since i pld so im a little rusty as to some of new stuff they added in but i can shoot str8 when it counts lol. I can play most nights and im 33 from the uk. I have a teamspeak server if needed or i can join another teamspeak or discord np. Add me if interested.
  5. OK so i havent had my server up for about 2 months and i go back to load it up nothing was messed with at all but when i load it up it will no longer show when people search for it. I can't even find it on the land connection i ran it on the same pc i am playing it on and it will not show up. Can someone please help me with this issue?
  6. What is Chernarus Redux? Chernarus Redux has been a on and off project for the last few months which has rapidly now began to pick up more pace. With one goal in mind, we are striving to give the arma 3 community a fresh retake on the beloved map from arma 2. What has been done? The Hillside East of Kamenka has now been updated to give more of a cliff feel to it. Zelenogorsk, Balota and Chernogorsk have been completely redone, as to give abit of re-freshness to these popular areas. Alot of the South and South Eastern Forests have been reworked. Here is a visualization of what's been done below. Will there be alpha and beta testing? When will the map be released? There will be a course of closed alpha testing to allow server owners/mod developers to try and cofingure/optimize the map to their liking while providing feedback and bug reports. Eventually after alpha testing is wrapped up we will move on into open public beta testing (no whitelisting) where we will host a server(s) for everyone to join and help us with feedback and additional bug reports. Lastly we have no hard deadlines, however we'd like to achieve a alpha testing phase sometime Soon™. Progress Photos Dev Team Axinx KillJoy NiiRoZz ComatoseBadger Smiffy Wreckedem Official Twitter Official Discord Official BI Release Thread If you have any ideas or any suggestions please post them in the comments. Thank You to Bohemia for giving us the go ahead for the project.
  7. Hey all, So Im posting here because I'm not getting any response on my Support case with InfiniSTAR. I've been playing on the EXILE servers without any issue for months (really been loving it, playing with a few friends). Though suddenly the last time I started up and connected to a server running InfiniSTAR, it booted me out and said "Global Ban". How? I've been playing just fine on other Exile servers running InifiSTAR when suddenly I'm global banned? I have no problem playing on other servers running only battle-eye. The only reasoning I can think of is I know back when DayZ mod was a huge craze, I got addicted to that. My account got compromised (there was some software on my system that extracted my game key out of my registry, not my steam account). As a result, It was banned on Arma 2 Battle-eye. I had to buy a new copy on a different steam account just to keep playing and it sucked ( I now use unique passwords everywhere now). Did the ban carry over? What can be done about this InfiniSTAR Ban? Did my GUID or something get compromised again? Any direction would be awesome as its killing me to be the one sitting out because of some sudden unexplainable ban. My GUID: 76561197974885606 My Steam Profile: A few of the others I've been playing with but are not banned(?): [EDIT] Those accounts listed at the end arent my accounts. Those are friends I play with frequently. I didnt know if there could be some cross checking to show that we have honest KDR's, and we dont do anything wrong on the servers.
  8. Hello everyone. I cant find a guide on how to setup the server to allow cracked clients to connect. I dont know if this is allowed here, if so, please help me. Thanks in advance.
  9. 11th AMB | Exile 1.0.3 | Custom

    11th AMB. A Dutch Milsim community created an Exile server for everyone to join. Wishing to share their arma 3 experience with the rest of the world. The admins are currently working everyday to make sure we get the maximum out of Exile. Keeping in mind we dont want to make things too easy for you. So there will be no 50k at start bla bla bla stuff. We work for our money. Now have fun on our server and we all hope to see you ingame. Features: - Exile - Urban Rappeling - Vehicle Towing - Zombies - Extra XM8 Apps - Enhanced Movement - Extended Base Building - Statsbar, accesable via apps - Missions and Capture Points Changelog:
  10. OK so i havent had my server up for about 2 months and i go back to load it up nothing was messed with at all but when i load it up it will no longer show when people search for it. I can't even find it on the land connection i ran it on the same pc i am playing it on and it will not show up. Can someone please help me with this issue?
  11. Exile Death Dimension

    A gaming community and great artist programmers all in 1 discord! We are a fun community but also love to help your with game development or programming in general. If you love arma 3 like we do you will love our server. We try to add new and custom scripts/mods/addons to the server every time! If you have any questions just hang in our discord channel we love to answer it! Map: Chernarus Addons: Loot Exile Occupation ZCP DMS
  12. Hello, as the title suggests I am having trouble starting infiSTAR in the server, I have istalled everything correctly (or atleast I think I did) and when I start up my server and connect, I proceed to login as admin but nothing shows up, everything works except that the infiSTAR menu doesn't show up when i press F1. if anyone could help me fix this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  13. I'm trying to set up an exile server, but whenever I try to join with battleye enabled I get kicked. I'll be connecting to the server and then be kicked for script restriction #0 or #22 these are the logs: what do these mean? is there a way to fix it? any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Hello all, We have the means to make this happen, now we need a few brains to make this a reality, now please be invited to make this vision turn into people's favorite exile destination on the web. We are creating this post on to attract some talent to Rogue Warrior Gamers itself. We have the players, I am talking about people whom are familiar with coding arma 3 servers in general. We think we will need 3 coders so there isn't too much load on one another but enough to team together and get this project off the ground. Our server ideology: To be somewhere in between dayz hardcore and wasteland surplus of action! have a look at where we have started deliberating about what kind of server we would like and see if this project is something you would like to be apart of. Currently we all play on a exile server and if you want to just play with us then follow this link Rogue Warrior Gamers! If you may be too lazy to surf over there here are a few ideas we would like to mash out but also some we have decided on; player count, and mission limit, including mods, what vehicles, economy, and custom respect, up to level 3 armors, no top tier armor, no top tier guns spawning about, loot crates having one or two guns with ammo, and spawn sporadic ai in towns including the missions and have 70 slots 5 reserved. I want this server to mean something, not to be wasteland but not to be dayz either, but when you lose your gear, it take you 2 hours to get back up there unless you have been playing awhile and have saved money at the safe zone.... also only have 2 safe zones, and 2 trader spots un protected with the best gear with no lockers there.... locker limit 25k with the top vehicle costing 25k, avg gun sell 200 and avg gun buy 800 Our server will accept donations but only to secure costs and provide a guaranteed slot to one or a few depending on amount which will have to be worked out but nothing over 15 bucks for four people! We would like all to feel welcome, the rich i7 and the poor i5! (lol) Some about RWG, We are a gaming community that has been around since 2005 and currently have servers on ARK, 7 days to die , and rust! We operate with teamspeak 3 and already have a full blown website and forums with a dedicated community of 500+! We have values which include to be respectful of one another, to not irritate others with politics nor hot button topics! We like to remain laid back but have a structure to function well as a gaming community and as a unit on the battlefield. A simple structure but structure indeed. We will run a dedicated box for the server to run independently on, which we have the means for and already have one for our other servers( no renting here or lease!) PURE POWER IS WHAT ARMA NEEDS AND WHAT IT WILL GET! Summary: Contact us at, Teamspeak: Thank you for your time, Rogue Warrior Gamers
  15. Exile Dayz Remastered DoD 3

    Do Or Die Gaming operates three hived servers running on three different maps; Chernarus; Altis; Tanoa. We recently partnered with Exile DayZ Remastered and combined forces to create one of the best Arma 3 server communities out there. All our servers feature a long list of mods including RHS, CUP, and MASSI; plus many more. Check out our website to learn more about our servers and community.
  16. Exile Dayz Remastered DoD 2

    Do Or Die Gaming operates three hived servers running on three different maps; Chernarus; Altis; Tanoa. We recently partnered with Exile DayZ Remastered and combined forces to create one of the best Arma 3 server communities out there. All our servers feature a long list of mods including RHS, CUP, and MASSI; plus many more. Check out our website to learn more about our servers and community.
  17. Hello, my name is Larsson and I am the creator of Phaze. We are currently searching for players to join our Exile Division, the group is fairly new. If you're interested then please message me, and if you're not interested then please keep reading before you decide to shove us away! *** We have Captain roles to fill *** Any further questions will be dealt with in a private message through steam Who are we We are a group of gamers that like to get together and play games. The group was founded as a joke by a bunch of friends on the game Rainbow Six: Siege but now I want to use the name to create a community. Requirements We do have some requirements, but they are not strict.[/b] Age 13+ We mostly go by maturity levels, so if you're younger, then please feel free to speak to me anyways. Decent spoken english As long as we understand you, then you're good to go! Knowledge of the game and the Exile mod You don't need to be the best at everything, but a decent knowledge of the game is always a huge +. If you're new to the game and mod then we can teach you the basics. Willing to listen Listen to orders and execute them to the best of your abilities. Also being able to take and give constructive criticism. Rules No Racism No Sexism Sharing is caring *** Any rule-breaking is to be reported to me *** [/b] Joining Process First off you add me on steam, we will have a little chat and you can ask me any questions you'd like about the team. If you decide to join then you will be supplied with a teamspeak IP, we can further chat on there if you have any other questions. When you join the team, you will be put under the rank Exile Trial You will have this rank for 2 days, under these 2 days we will evaluate you as a player and potenial member. After the 2 days have passed and we deem you to fit the team, you will be promoted to Exile Member You will have this rank until I deem you worthy for a rankup. Promotions As the rank Exile Member You might wonder when you will get your next rankup. Ranks higher than Exile Member are earned. So by being active and performing in-game you can expect a rankup within a few weeks. Ranking Structure and Chain of Command This is our ranking structure. Exile Commander > Exile Captain > Exile Veteran > Exile Member > Exile Trial Exile Commander: This rank is to be had by only one at a time. They have access to everything and can deal with promotions, demotions, kicking and recruitment. Exile Captain: There should only be 3 of this rank. They will be assigned their own squads in the future when the team expands. They will have the power to promote Exile Trial to Exile Member aswell as demoting players back to Exile Trial. They will have the power to kick Exile Trial after consulting with the Exile Commander. Exile Veteran: This rank is earned. This rank shows your support for the team and is often only given to members who are active and have shown their worth during in-game situations. This rank is prioritized for rankup to Exile Captain when a slot is open. Exile Member: The basic rank of the team. This rank shows that you made it through the Trial Period. Exile Trial: 2 day Trial. This rank shows that you're currently under Trial. You're able to ask for a specializiation tag when you reach the rank of Exile Member. These tags will show what you're better than average at. These tags include: Fixed-wing Pilot, Rotary-wing Pilot, Marksman, Architect. The Architects will be given access to everything base related as they will be the ones constructing and designing the base. *** More ranks will be added as I see fit. *** Methods of Contact Steam Message Forum PM
  18. [KOB] Exile Custon |Fenix Game|

    Todos são bem vindos ao nosso servidor
  19. Guten Tag Community, wir suchen noch paar Spieler, die gerne die neue Map Tanoa mit dem Mod Exile spielen würden. Wir sind zurzeit zu zweit 24 und 18 Jahre und haben schon über tausend Stunden Arma 3 gespielt. Wenn ihr lust drauf habt dann schickt mir in Steam einfach eine Freundschaftsanfrage. (Die Map Tanoa ist nur über das kostenpflichtige DLC Arma 3 Apex spielbar) Steam Name: WasserTrInker Mit freundlichen Grüßen WasserTrinker
  20. Hallöchen alle mit einander, wie im Titel beschrieben suche ich Anschluss an eine Gruppe von Spielern für die Mod Exile [Arma3]. Geistiges Alter sollte vorhanden sein. Zu mir : Ich bin 22Jahre alt, des Englischen mächtig, geduldig, gesprächig und bin für spontane Aktionen zuhaben.
  21. Hey! I am getting battleeye restrictions for: switching on a generator, launching the server with SM_Zombz, using a shovel and much more! I want to fix these by myself, but i don't understand what the lines and how to make the "!=" scripts. Can anybody explain me how to fix these and what it means :)!
  22. Hallo. Ich möchte das r3f logistics ändern das man in den savezones keine h Barriere oder Schilder abbauen kann. Man kann bei mir sogar den Lebensmittel händler samt Tisch abbauen und umsetzen. Ich würde das Objekt movement entweder nur für die savezones bzw händler Bereiche abstellen. Oder wenn das nicht geht komplett abstellen so das man nur abschleppen Liften quads einladen und missions Kisten einladen kann. Hat da jemand eine Idee? Desweiteren wird mir im Menü alles doppelt angezeigt.. Also z.b zwei mal tow vehicle untereinander. Das wird man doch auch irgendwie beheben können denk ich. Mfg
  23. D50 Exile Stratis

    Brand new server playing Exile on Stratis. We're running NIArsenal weapons, Enigma Revive, and DMS occupation missions. We chose Stratis for it's increased likelihood of player-to-player contact. Loot tables are custom made from the ground up. To retain the most available territory real estate possible, there is one safezone, existing military camps have been enhanced, and we added an offshore military base. Our idea was to take this native Arma 3 map (Stratis), use minimal mods, and turn it into a high action survival platform. We hope you check it out.