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Found 107 results

  1. Guten Tag Community, wir suchen noch paar Spieler, die gerne die neue Map Tanoa mit dem Mod Exile spielen würden. Wir sind zurzeit zu zweit 24 und 18 Jahre und haben schon über tausend Stunden Arma 3 gespielt. Wenn ihr lust drauf habt dann schickt mir in Steam einfach eine Freundschaftsanfrage. (Die Map Tanoa ist nur über das kostenpflichtige DLC Arma 3 Apex spielbar) Steam Name: WasserTrInker Mit freundlichen Grüßen WasserTrinker
  2. Hallöchen alle mit einander, wie im Titel beschrieben suche ich Anschluss an eine Gruppe von Spielern für die Mod Exile [Arma3]. Geistiges Alter sollte vorhanden sein. Zu mir : Ich bin 22Jahre alt, des Englischen mächtig, geduldig, gesprächig und bin für spontane Aktionen zuhaben.
  3. Hey! I am getting battleeye restrictions for: switching on a generator, launching the server with SM_Zombz, using a shovel and much more! I want to fix these by myself, but i don't understand what the lines and how to make the "!=" scripts. Can anybody explain me how to fix these and what it means :)!
  4. Hallo. Ich möchte das r3f logistics ändern das man in den savezones keine h Barriere oder Schilder abbauen kann. Man kann bei mir sogar den Lebensmittel händler samt Tisch abbauen und umsetzen. Ich würde das Objekt movement entweder nur für die savezones bzw händler Bereiche abstellen. Oder wenn das nicht geht komplett abstellen so das man nur abschleppen Liften quads einladen und missions Kisten einladen kann. Hat da jemand eine Idee? Desweiteren wird mir im Menü alles doppelt angezeigt.. Also z.b zwei mal tow vehicle untereinander. Das wird man doch auch irgendwie beheben können denk ich. Mfg
  5. D50 Exile Stratis

    Brand new server playing Exile on Stratis. We're running NIArsenal weapons, Enigma Revive, and DMS occupation missions. We chose Stratis for it's increased likelihood of player-to-player contact. Loot tables are custom made from the ground up. To retain the most available territory real estate possible, there is one safezone, existing military camps have been enhanced, and we added an offshore military base. Our idea was to take this native Arma 3 map (Stratis), use minimal mods, and turn it into a high action survival platform. We hope you check it out.
  6. Hi guys i am new to making servers and need some help with my pve server When my players kill each other they are gaining xp how do i stop them from gaining xp ? thanks !
  7. ABC Game Servers | By Gamers For Gamers! Are you tired of all the GSP's that don't meet your expectations? Do you want a server package that just works? Then look no further as ABC Game Servers has you covered. Who are we: ABC Game Servers is a small U.K. based company comprised of 7 staff members, we are all gamers that have a love and passion for what we do and we want to feed some of that love and passion into the server hosting industry, we are firm believers of quality over quantity and with that we ensure we put the same level of care into making sure all our customers are happy with their servers whether its help with leaning to get the most out of your server package or just learning how to install mods we will be there to provide the best support we can in achieving what you want out of your server! Your server package: From £13.50* you will get a bare bones ArmA 3 server with the ability to customise it to your desires! For the above price you get all the industry standard features listed bellow. Full DDoS Protection! 24/7 Ticket Support. One click install for various mods. Full unrestricted FTP access. TCAdmin client control panel. Fast and fully automated setups. Servers in France and Canada. ABC Game Servers unique features Included in your ArmA server package. TCAdmin Steam Mod Downloader** Engineers highly knowledged in the Exile hosting scene, see @KamikazeXeX for his community movements. Supported payment portals. PayPal As a new customer you can use the promotional code "EXILE50" at the checkout page for 50% your first month! * ExileMod requires a MySQL Database for an additional £1.50/pm ** Unlike other GSP's ABC Game Servers fully supports the usage of the steam workshop API to download mods directly to your server bypassing any long and messy mod upload times!
  8. Hi, i have serious problems to install an admintool. May somebody help me with it or install it for me? I'm not focused on one special admintool, i just want the basics, adding poptabs/ep spawning vehicles, kick/ban players, etc. Thanks in advance.
  9. Land of the Dead

    Mods needed to play on our 1: CUP Mods- Vehicles, Weapons 2: Zombies and Deamons 3: CBA 4: Arma Enhanced Movement 5: EXILE You can connect to our server at our website will be coming soon!
  10. Anarchy Exile

    Arma 3 Exile Server, fully militarized. Base building, active admins, public discord, and more!
  11. Anarchy Exile

    Arma 3's finest fully militarized Exile server.
  12. guys should i ask for Refund on Survival Servers cuz i have buy the server today with 50slots and it says INSTANT SETUP AFTER PAID but now are almost 10hrs gone and still nothing they dont even Answer to me on support i have open a new tweeter account and they just asked me give us ur email and support ticket number and than they dissaper again for hours really this is pissing me off worst support on my life
  13. Hello there everyone! So i am having a little bit of an issue im hoping someone here can help me with. So i use to use TADST to always start up my server and get it going but doing this meant i would have to go back and stop it and restart it. This got very frustrating so i came up with a new idea. In the server_config.pbo i put tru for auto restart and the restart timer for how long it took to let the server load before it accepted players. Doing this worked for about 3 restarts so that was another issue and to add on to that one the server clock would keep counting down so once it hit 00:00 for the first time and did its restart it would keep going and saying -00:01, -00:02, -00:03 etc... so to fix this i put these settings. class RCON { /* Note that for this to work you need to have serverCommandPassowrd defined in config.cfg and BE enabled */ // This needs to match config.cfg serverCommandPassword serverPassword = "Darkally7"; // Autolocks server until its ready to accept players useAutoLock = 1; // Server will autoLock at that time before restart (minutes) restartAutoLock = 2; /* Number of hours and minutes of your restart period. Examples: {4, 0} = Every 4 hours {1, 30} = Every one and a half hour (who the hell would do this?) */ restartTimer[] = {4, 0}; /* Kicks players before restart to prevent gear loss. We strongely recommend to use this! 0 = off 1 = on */ useAutoKick = 1; /* Number of minutes before the server kicks players that did not disconnect before the restart. Should at least be two minutes! */ kickTime = 2; /* Self-explanatory 0 = off 1 = on */ useRestartMessages = 1; /* Number of minutes before the restart to inform your players. Only use full minutes here. Value like 5.5 have not been tested. */ restartWarningTime[] = {15, 10, 5, 3}; /* If set to 1 server will execute '#shutdown', to try to shutdown the server */ useShutdown = 1; }; Now after putting all of that the server would restart every 4 hours. At the bottom i put "useShutdown =1;" this would combat my clock issue i had allowing the server to have a fresh restart. To launch the server back up i used a custom ".bat" file like this. @echo off cls color 0A set gameserver=Arma Exile title %gameserver% Auto Restart / Process Checker :start REM Time till Auto Restart. set hours="4" set minutes="0" set seconds="0" REM // Launch parameters start "Exile" /high "arma3server.exe" -port=2302 "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" "-config=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg""-cfg=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default" -netlog -filePatching -pid=pid.log -ranking=ranking.log "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" -autoInit -filePatching -servermod=@AdminToolkitServer;@ExileServer; REM Pull, display and create some time functions for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).AddHours(%hours%).AddMinutes(%minutes%).AddSeconds(%seconds%).ToString('yyyyMMddHHmmss')"') do set endtime=%%G for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).ToString('HH:mm:ss')"') do set nowtimeclean=%%G for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).AddHours(%hours%).AddMinutes(%minutes%).AddSeconds(%seconds%).ToString('HH:mm:ss')"') do set endtimeclean=%%G echo %time% - %gameserver% Server started at %nowtimeclean% and will restart at %endtimeclean% :checkarma for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).ToString('yyyyMMddHHmmss')"') do set nowtime=%%G REM ////////// TIMER CHECK /////////// if "%nowtime%" gtr "%endtime%" ( echo %time% - It is time to restart %gameserver%! echo. echo. goto restartarma ) REM ////////// END TIMER CHECK /////////// REM ////////// PROCESS CHECK /////////// tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq arma3server.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "arma3server.exe">NUL if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" ( echo %time% - The process is not running, restart %gameserver%! echo. echo. goto restartarma ) REM ////////// END PROCESS CHECK /////////// REM restart not needed. Check again in 3 seconds. TIMEOUT /T 3 /NOBREAK >NUL goto checkarma :restartarma REM Either the server crashed or it is time for a restart. Kill the process and go to start. START taskkill /f /im arma3server.exe 2>nul TIMEOUT /T 3 /NOBREAK >NUL goto start @if exist net.log goto rotatelog else end :rotatelog set str=%date% set tme=%time% rem echo."%str%" "%tme%" for /f "tokens=1,2,3* delims=." %%i in ("%str%") do set str=%%k%%j%%i for /f "tokens=1,2,3* delims=:." %%i in ("%tme%") do set tme=%%i%%j%%k rem echo."%str%" "%tme%" move net.log .\NetLogs\%str%_%tme%_net.log set str= set tme= REM This will activate -netlog. :end "C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\arma3server.exe" "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" "-config=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg""-cfg=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default" -netlog -filePatching -pid=pid.log -ranking=ranking.log "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" -autoInit -filePatching -servermod=@AdminToolkitServer;@ExileServer; What this will do is when the Arma3Server.exe is no longer running the server will relaunch it using the startup parameter inside of the launch parameter filed. This was going to be used incase the server crashes but also the .bat file will wait every 4 hours to force shut down on the Arma3Server.exe incase the "useShutdown =1;" fails to work. So in the end the entire program works just like the TADST of course using the extracted setup files from TADST. Now that you know the work around at the end of the .bat file starting from "@if exist net.log goto rotatelog else end" and down this 16 lines of code is used to save the "LOG" files from the console. It works but unlike the TADST where it would save the next log file as a higher number for example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. My bat file saves it as 2, 8, 5, 7, 9, 1, etc... is there anyone that can look over this and help me out.
  14. Retarded Operations

    If you are tired of immortal guys in V class vest armor, overwhealming amout of high caliber guns and never ending fights because of stupid spawn emplacement, this is the perfect server for you. Main assumptions of server: - spawns are located in the north and east place of the map , and there is only few of them so the whole gameplay is focused on reviving teammates ( 10 minutes for that , 15 seconds revive delay ) - no V / IV class armor (and even level III is hard to find ) - most common weapons are 5,56 and 7,62, weapons like Mar or Cyrus available only in black market or radiation zone and the best guns like Navid or Lynx can only be found in the military bases inside radiation zone with a very small chance to spawn. Mods required: @Exile @CBA_A3 @Cup_Weapons @Arma Enhanced Movement
  15. Hello all, We have the means to make this happen, now we need a few brains to make this a reality, now please be invited to make this vision turn into people's favorite exile destination on the web. We are creating this post on to attract some talent to Rogue Warrior Gamers itself. We have the players, I am talking about people whom are familiar with coding arma 3 servers in general. We think we will need 3 coders so there isn't too much load on one another but enough to team together and get this project off the ground. Our server ideology: To be somewhere in between dayz hardcore and wasteland surplus of action! have a look at where we have started deliberating about what kind of server we would like and see if this project is something you would like to be apart of. Currently we all play on a exile server and if you want to just play with us then follow this link Rogue Warrior Gamers! If you may be too lazy to surf over there here are a few ideas we would like to mash out but also some we have decided on; player count, and mission limit, including mods, what vehicles, economy, and custom respect, up to level 3 armors, no top tier armor, no top tier guns spawning about, loot crates having one or two guns with ammo, and spawn sporadic ai in towns including the missions and have 70 slots 5 reserved. I want this server to mean something, not to be wasteland but not to be dayz either, but when you lose your gear, it take you 2 hours to get back up there unless you have been playing awhile and have saved money at the safe zone.... also only have 2 safe zones, and 2 trader spots un protected with the best gear with no lockers there.... locker limit 25k with the top vehicle costing 25k, avg gun sell 200 and avg gun buy 800 Our server will accept donations but only to secure costs and provide a guaranteed slot to one or a few depending on amount which will have to be worked out but nothing over 15 bucks for four people! We would like all to feel welcome, the rich i7 and the poor i5! (lol) Some about RWG, We are a gaming community that has been around since 2005 and currently have servers on ARK, 7 days to die , and rust! We operate with teamspeak 3 and already have a full blown website and forums with a dedicated community of 500+! We have values which include to be respectful of one another, to not irritate others with politics nor hot button topics! We like to remain laid back but have a structure to function well as a gaming community and as a unit on the battlefield. A simple structure but structure indeed. We will run a dedicated box for the server to run independently on, which we have the means for and already have one for our other servers( no renting here or lease!) PURE POWER IS WHAT ARMA NEEDS AND WHAT IT WILL GET! Summary: Contact us at, Teamspeak: Thank you for your time, Rogue Warrior Gamers
  16. Gents, I started this project over 2 years ago then i slacked off for a bit. I just completed lesson 4 and published it to youtube. The information is for you so enjoy it. If you like it please share it. If you want to discuss it swing by my stream and lets discuss it. I stream Daily so come on by.
  17. Hallo zusammen, habe jetzt schon eine Weile im Netz gesucht Es geht um folgendes: Ich hab auf einem Exile Server gespielt wo Patrouillen in gewissen Abständen, also ich bin der Meinung, immer die gleiche Route gefahren sind Da das in der Nähe meiner Base war fand ich das nice, weil man konnte sich auf die Lauer legen und die Gegner beseitigen und das Fahrzeug klauen und verkaufen Nun habe ich einen eigenen kleinen Exile Server gebastelt wo ich mit Kollegen spiele Soweit ist alles gut...AI Mission, Loot usw usw Leider klappt das mit den AI Patrouillen nicht so recht......die spawnen zwar aber irgendwo im Urwald und verbuggen dann oder verlassen ihre Fahrzeuge und rennen irgendwo hin Habe mittlerweile Occupation mit DMS probiert.....wie gesagt Patrouillen spawnen aber total blöde.......20 Patrouillen habe ich eingestellt wenn da 2-3 auf der Straße fahren ist das schon viel :-) Habe es mit Random und Static probiert..............Static hmmmm.....war komisch irgendwann standen zig Fahrzeuge auf einem Fleck rum ohne AI :-) einfach nur chaotisch Jetzt habe ich VEMF probiert......da kann ich Patrouillen einen Weg vorgeben, aber die nutzen kein Auto sondern sind zu Fuß...und auch nur eine AI :-( Kennt jemand VEMF und weiß ob man dort Vehicle Patrouillen einstellen kann? Oder kennt jemand ein anderes AI Patrouillen System was gut läuft Ich wäre echt dankbar über ein paar Antworten Danke im Voraus Thosie
  18. I am having the exact same problem, I keep trying to join servers, sometimes I get in and play for an hour or two, then I get kicked from the game! it gives no reason and it happens for no reason. yesterday, I recently left elektro, and I believe i was in mogilevka, and I saw a downed helicopter, and as I was reaching it, I GOT KICKED! so I called it a night and went to bed, today, I couldnt get into that server so I went to another ccg chernarus server with only 22 people and I got instantly kicked from the server as soon as I got to the lobby. same as the person above. It cant be any missing mods or anything else because I can get in and play and fight with other players, and the pop up didnt say anything about any missing content, just says "you were kicked from the game" that's it, can someone help please?
  19. Hi everyone ! Just started up my YouTube channel BradPlays and we are going to be doing a few series on exile and plan on continuing them forever! Well, until arma 4 i guess Would be a big help if everyone could go over check the first 2 episodes out watch, like and subscribe ready for episode 3 in the next couple of days, cheers
  20. So i have a brand new ARMA 3 Server which is running "EPOCH". and i also have a few Scripts that i would like to install on the server, However i have no idea what i am doing currently. Would anyone be kind and be able to help me out a little with this? Would be very much appreciated if you could. Thanks Dan.
  21. Our Enigma-Revive is broken right now and I cannot figure out why it isnt working properly so I was looking for alternatives and came across this system that is somewhat new to Arma 3. Has anyone been able to get the built-in Arma 3 Revive system working in Exile? Is anyone willing to take a stab at getting it to work?
  22. I really like to thank the exile dev team for helping create such great memories with some of the mechanics the game-mode brings to arma allowing me and my friends to do some pretty funny and ridicules things! still working on my quality, Hope you all enjoy!
  23. hello guyss can somebody help me out with 2 script restriction! the first one is: 1: #9 "mat [" %3",_veh,_model,_icon,_vehicleicon];_marker = createmarker ["BIS_fnc_diagVehicleIcons_marker_" + str _foreachindex,_" 2: #0 2:1621 Exile_Unit_Player 439496541 [6716,13826,1305] please help me out ! thnx
  24. alright so i started renting a server from survival servers a day ago and had numerous problems right off the bat. they took care of most of them immediately until i mentioned that i still couldn't get into my server because i would get kicked after loading in for battleye script restriction #0. i have looked up vids and even previous forums on here but i simply need more detailed instruction when it comes to doing anything on the ftp if you could maybe tell me what info you need to assist me and how to get it that would be great.