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Found 136 results

  1. Chernarus

    Failover gaming comes complete with All CUP content to enhance your Arma 3 exile experience. We have a very active team of administrators, and we are also looking to recruit more admins. We also include ryanzombies for an immersive dayZesque game play environment. With the zomibes an actual threat instead of passive walking things. A list of mods required is as follows: Exile client CUP_TERRAINS_CORE CUP_TERRAINS_MAPS Ryanzombies CBA_A3 CUP_Units CUP_Vehicles CUP_Weapons JOIN US AND BECOME PART OF FAILOVER GAMING TODAY!
  2. I've seen a lot of people asking for Chernarus mission files or how to create them so I decided to put some basic ones together for people to use. All I've done is compiled/updated the previous parts of the mission to work with 1.0.2, as they were waaaaaay out of date. Features: Classic spawns (I forget where these came from, possibly the forums here, possibly me. lol) Traders (originally by @speedweasel) Does not include: Cement Mixers. Roulette. Download Links: Exile Chernarus for 1.0.2 - (A2OP) Exile Chernarus for 1.0.2 - (CUP) Exile Chernarus for 1.0.2 - (Chernarus Summer) Exile Chernarus for 1.0.2 - (Chernarus Winter) Exile Server Config PBO - (For A2OP Map, with Chernarus loot positions from someone on the forums here (I forget who), also including Open Chernarus Project postions by @odizzzzle) Exile Server Config PBO - (For CUP/Winter/Summer Maps, with Chernarus loot positions from someone on the forums here (I forget who), also including Open Chernarus Project postions by @odizzzzle) Alternate version (by @speedweasel): Exile Chernarus for 1.0.2 - (CUP) Editable files (Mission.sqm..) How to configure loot: Replace your ExileServer/addons/exile_server_config.pbo with the one linked above. Requirements: Arma 3 (Duh!) - Steam Exile (Double Duh!!) - For the map: A2OP - Steam Or: CUP Maps - Steam - Armaholic - (For CUP Chernarus, and Chernarus Summer) Chernarus Winter - Steam - Armaholic CUP Core - Steam - Armaholic - (Required for everything except A2OP) Addons: ExileZ - Chernarus Ready - (By @Patrix87. Chernarus Triggers by me) Requires Ryan's Zombies - Steam - Armaholic Open Chernarus Project - Steam - Armaholic - (By @DirtySanchez) Please note: These missions are a compilation of publicly released works. I take no credit for these works, unless explicitly stated. All works credited where possible.
  3. Hey there my arma 3 exile server says it has no security active on the server where as any others have security how do i change it so mine has or how do i install battleye on the server as i think thats the issue Also battleye random kicks me and others when on the server as its playable . just nothing in the logs as to why -mod=@exile;@CUP_Core;@CUP_Terrain;@ryanzombies;@Extended_Base_Mod;@RHSUSAF;@CBA_A3;@HVP;@CUP Weapons;;Kart,Mark,Heli -servermod=@exileserver;@infiSTAR_servermod this is my setup params is there anything im missing ?
  4. {FreshWipe}Chernarus|FPS|Loot+

    Welcome to Spartan Vanguards Exile Server! We aim to uphold the community's image of the perfect game play for exile and are always changing to make you're experience better for you. Mod List : Available Thru A3Launcher and Steam Workshop @Exile Mod @CBA_A3 @CUP - Units @CUP - Weapons @CUP - Vehicles @CUP Terrains - Core @CUP Terrains - Maps @TRYK - Multiplay Uniforms Pack @R3F Armes @Extended Base Mod Server Features Roaming AI +Loot +FPS 15K Start Non-Aim Bot AI Custom Map Advanced Building XM8 Apps Custom Loot (TRYK,CUP,R3F) Extended Base Mod Custom Missions ZCP Capture Points DMS & Exile Occupation Missions R3F Weapons Pack Virtual Garage BRAma Recipes Real Weather Script Hacking/Grinding StatsBar Custom Made Events --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Join To join the Exile Chernarus use the IP To join Discord Forum
  5. These are our official Map files These are the files For our offical Map on the exile IGG chernarus server Feel free to use at your own will! Join us in teamspeak if you have any questions Features: Spawns around the South and East of the map Custom aircraft traders Completely Custom Traders exile_server_config In downloads section for loot positions for OCP+Jbad SpawnCords are in a txt Not added: Cement Mixers Roulette Addons Required : Open Chernarus Project + jbad CUP Maps CUP Core If you cant figure out how to install it and pack it into a pbo maybe you shouldn't use it. Downloads: Exile.Chernarus + Config.cpp(defualt) +spawn/tradercords+custom traders Chernarus Loot spawns - Thanks to @odizzzzle for the OCP loot spawn cords I will not be updating this IT WORKS After editing your config.cpp And doing any other configuring you wish Pack it as a PBO And enjoy!
  6. Hey I have a propblem with my ocp mod. There are so many failure and i dont know how to remove them. Could anyone please thake a look at them. My RPT log was to big for pastebin so you can find it here: There are a lot of failoure inside like: Warning: ds_houses\derevnya\a2_housev_1l2\d_housev_1l2.p3d:1 Error while trying to generate ST for points: 5538, 5555, 5532 Warn: Shape '???' contains water texture however it does not carry a special class name. Consider craeting one to speed up the detection! Conflicting addon DShouses in 'ds_houses\derevnya\a2_housev_2t1\', previous definition in 'ds_houses\derevnya\dom_02_pinsk\' Thank you for your help Sry for my english my language is german
  7. [EN/DE] Survival Instinct

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prewords: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We miss the good ol times of Arma 2 DayZ. In 2016 we start our first Server. Now we are back with a fresh own server. With really nice performance. And a motivated Admin to bring and keep it alive. Survival Instinct is an Hardcore Survival PVP Server! We use Chernarus because the best Map that ever made. For this scenario of an Zombie apocalypse! In the main time you keep your body fit. Dont get sick or broken legs Running in front of zombies. Dont take headshots from Snipers. And loot the trash out of the old world! Cars are mostly broken like choppers and need repair and a new lock. You can not buy vehicles or equip from the Trader. We got one Trader but, he sells only compensation stuff! All what you want, must found by you. Repair your Vehicels with an exelent repair script. Armed vehicles and choppers must get robbed from the Missions. You can craft a lil amount of the to but! you will need a many tokens for this. They get dropped by nps. WE OFFER A OPPRESSIVE WORLD! FULL OF LOVLEY CORNORS AND CREEPY ENVIRONMENT! We invite you to join us for a lot of fun like the good old days. I hope we see us there. Server IP: For a smoothly connection to our server, please use the A3Launcher! FOR MORE INFORMATION SCROLL DOWN PLEASE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scripts: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clear Radiation Screen Filter Announce Base payment Anonym Killfeed Building Blocker for restrictet areas Custom Vehicle Repair Custom Loadout Custom Mission System DMS Claim Vehicles with Codelock Death Black Screen Helicrashsite IGILoad Tow and Hook System Loot Splitter Mod Checker No Spawn choice screen Random Spawn Location Status Bar in Arma 2 Look Suicide Blocker for 3 minutes after suicide Temperature System Vehicle Rearm at Gasstations Working Fuel Source Working Water Pumps XM-8 Apps Recipes Over 200 Recipes and many many more... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Required mods: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Exile Extended Base Mod CDAH Mod Pack CUP Core CUP Maps CBA A3 CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicels Open Chernarus Project RDS Civil Pack TRYK Multi Play Uniform Pack Zombies and Demons ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Connection Data: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Server IP: Teamspeak: Steamgroup: For a smoothly connection to our server, please use the A3Launcher! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With friendly wishes S.T.Λ.L.K.Σ.R Greetings from Chernarus! We shoot us there. . .
  8. Hello, How do I manage to load the ChernarusWinter map which is on my server, into Arma3 editor? All I want to do is add some buildings to the airfields. Thanks
  9. Hey, I have a problem when starting my local server. It used to work when exile was 0.9.6 and when i was using AllinArmaTerrainpack.. Now i updated to 1.0.0 and changed to CUP and the server console just gets spammed with Mission exile.chernarus read from bank. mission.sqm Startup params Thank you, SwekAap
  10. Tactical Noobs

    Tactical Noobs Mods: Virtual Garage/ExAD CUP Weapons CUP Maps CUP Units CUP Core CBA HVP HWP Are you a good with exile servers? Good at making missions? PM Mraweshumsauce
  11. SOS Gaming Exile

    Server IP: Beschreibung: Wir bieten ein ausgiebiges Basebuilding, eine erweiterte Spielmechanik, ein vernünftiges Marktsystem und eine gute Performance. Alle 4 Stunden wechselt der Server nach dem Restart zwischen PVE und PVP. Während der PVP Phase erhalten Spieler mehr Respekt sowie Geld durch Missionen und erleiden weniger verluste durch Tote. Während der PVE Phasen ist der umgekehrte Faktor der Fall.
  12. Please support! Head over to my channel view, like and subscribe. Enjoy ! My latest video Winter Exiled playlist
  13. I like to switch to chernarus. I found this My question is now: Do I have to take this and upload this 10GB big folder to my server? It would take 2 days =D Thank you for your help
  14. Good evening everyone. A bunch of people asked me how to get Exile on Chernarus or any other map running, so I decided to make a quick tutorial. To start you need to download All In Arma Terrain Pack, I suggest to use the lite version for your server. AiA Lite Armaholic Download 1. If you finished downloading it just paste it inside your Arma 3 Server folder. 2. Copy its bikey inside the "keys" folder inside your Server directory. If there isnt a key inside they the download use this one: AiA Bikey Your "keys" folder should look like this: 3. Get a Chernarus Missionfile. If you know how to, create one on your own and paste it inside your "mpmissions" folder in your server directory. If not use the one I created: exile.Chernarus.pbo. 4. Let the server load the mission file. Here for head to your config.cfg. By default it can be found inside your "@ExileServer" folder. Edit this part: class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Altis; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; };To this: class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Chernarus; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; };5. Set your servers start parameters. Where you define them depends on how you start your server. I suggest using FireDaemon to manage your lifecycle and scheduling. (costs $US49.00 but its definetly worth it) If you completely dont know how to start your server use a .bat with the following content: Following these steps should make your server run. This works for any other map than Chernarus. The only difference is that you'll need a mission file. If there arent any published on the forums you can ask me to make on for you. Have fun! Other usefull stuff: Hollow loot positions:
  15. Hello, How do I manage to load the ChernarusWinter map which is on my server, into Arma3 editor? All I want to do is add some buildings to the airfields. Thanks
  16. I have a few servers running so now I was after a chernarus one but as I am still new here I am in need of a little help getting the missions file running as I have not got one for 1.0.0 I only have the 0.9.61 "Plum" and I know a load of files was changed so I am not able to use the old one, so does anyone have a basic missions file I could use and edit or maybe help me got my old one working. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hey guys I am the founder of and have been hosting DayZ SA servers for the last few years, but a few members wanted to try out Arma 3 and as such i have got us a Arma 3 Exile server running the chernarus map, I have been editing the map and adding more Military areas around the map, i am now looking for a few players and possible clan members to come try out the server and tell me what needs to change or been added, Our server details: IP: name: -)DL(-|Exile|CUP Mods Mods: Exile Mod CUP Terrains - Core 1.2.0 CUP Terrains - Maps 1.2.0 CUP Vehicles 1.8.1 CUP Units 1.8.1 CUP Weapons 1.8.1 Community Base Addons v3.1.2 Advanced Towing Advanced Sling Loading Extended Base Mod We normally have an age limit of 18 + but will allow younger members if they show that they are not dicks, saying that us older members do love a bit of piss taking and banter so if you cant handle having the piss taken out of you dont bother joining us on teamspeak, for more information you can register on our website or find us on facebook -)DL(-
  18. Killin Zedz Chernarus Reborn

    Location: Dallas, TX USA - Excellent location for much of the US and Europe Complete server details: REQUIRED MODS To join the server, you need the following mods: Exile CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains Maps Zombies and Demons Z-Hunters CBA A3 CUP Weapons Extended Base Mod Server Description The Killin Zedz server is based on the Exile Reborn mod by JohnO. Exile Reborn is a highly customized version of Exile with the following features: Player vs Environment (PVE): Our server is PVE, so take it easy. Player names appear over their head when you aim at them. Zombies: Custom coded zombies, all walkers, including hordes. Each zombie has a chance to spawn with a vest and backpack with items and random poptabs. Bandit AI: Bandit headhunter groups stalk a random player on the map. Bandits also drive around the map in vehicles and fly overhead. The helicopter has a chance to drop air assault troops on the players. Friendly AI: Survivor AI wander the map wearing the bambi coveralls. You can try to ask them to join you, but if they refuse, they will become hostile and attack you. Increase your chances of successfully recruiting a friendly AI, bribe them. Even if you don't try to recruit them, they will engage zombies and bandits. Missions: Missions are not marked, but they are out there. Occasionally, a marker will be placed in the style of a player marking the map. These missions include a town invasion style mission, with a large number of AI in a town, a crashed vehicle or a vehicle drop. The vehicle drop includes a fully functioning vehicle you are free to take after killing off the AI. Searching AI and zombies may reveal the coordinates of missions. You can also hack comm towers with a laptop to find mission locations. Dynamic events: Two fighter jets fly around the map, trying to shoot each other down. When one is successful, the plane crashes and you can get loot in the form of military items, including a flight suit, helmet and more. Supply crates are periodically dropped at the airfields and may contain useful items. Earthquakes will shake you up. Be careful during one, as buildings can collapse from them. Jet fly overs also exist, where a single jet flies over head. Persistent wrecks: You'll find vehicle wrecks scattered around the world. They are persistent, always in the same location. There's a small chance of finding a bag of poptabs laying on the ground near them. Bambi traders: There are three bambi traders along the coast of the map. These traders sell some minor items that will be of help to the bambi player. Starting loadout and poptabs: All players spawn with a random outfit and minor loot. New players start with 5000 pop tabs in their locker. Custom traders: You won't find these traders anywhere else. They are 100% custom made. Lockers can be found at all traders except for the bambi and boat traders. Medlcal system: You can be knocked out and you can bleed to death. Your wounds can become infected and must be cured with water and Vishprin using the XM8 app. Temperature system: Freeze to death or die of heat exhaustion! Monitor your temperature. You can warm up at one of the camp fires found at most of the traders. No safe zones: None of the traders are safe. Make sure you kill off any zombies or bandits you find there. Respect levels: Level up as you gain respect. Higher levels affect how fast your hunger and thirst deteriorates, increases your healing rate and increases your chance of finding intel. Wages: Players earn a wage, this is a small amount but can increase with your level Simulation manager/custom cleanup: Every AI spawned, every supply drop, object or mission related event item is tied to my custom simulation manager for performance and cleanup. Does this server sound interesting? Please come by and check us out. If you have suggestions for the server, please post on our forums at We also have a Discord voice server. Join it via the web at VIDEOS
  19. Hi guys, I am putting in custom traders and still learning. After getting everything set up and following a guide I was linked to I am still stumped. They will not show up. At all. This is currently what is in my initPlayerLocal.sqf all help is appeciated, thank you in advance! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Static Objects /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //#include "initServer.sqf" //disabled for the moment. [] execVM "addons\statusBar\init.sqf"; if (!hasInterface || isServer) exitWith {}; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Stary Sobor Traders /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// _trader = [ "Exile_Trader_Hardware", "WhiteHead_17", ["InBaseMoves_sitHighUp1"], [4.41504,-15.6587,0.00747681], 42.6427 ] call ExileClient_object_trader_create; _trader setVariable ["ExileTraderType", "Exile_Trader_Hardware"];
  20. Hi everyone ! Just started up my YouTube channel BradPlays and we are going to be doing a few series on exile and plan on continuing them forever! Well, until arma 4 i guess Would be a big help if everyone could go over check the first 2 episodes out watch, like and subscribe ready for episode 3 in the next couple of days, cheers
  21. I have a Problem With my CfglootTable. The original loot table is Working but my compiled loot File Not. I have Used the loot compiler from here. Can someone look into it ? I found nothing thats wrong:(
  22. Lots of people have been asking for these so I though I'd share my Chernarus trader zones. There are 3 zones; a 'supermarket' in Vybor, a construction compound south west of Berezino and a warehouse building on the docks in Elektro. There is also a deactivated supermarket trader in Stary Sobor, I don't use it but you can reactivate it if you like. Zones contain a decent number of props, furnishings, lighting, guards, etc to create a proper trader atmosphere. Anyone can make some traders stand around an empty building but I've gone the extra mile. Enjoy! ***EDIT 22/04/2016*** Updated this post with the latest version. Have re-worked the Elektro trader to give a better atmosphere (and an indoor rifle range!) Have also added Aircraft Trader and Aircraft Customs guys in Krasnostav. New screenshots also. Exile.Chernarus\initServer.sqf Exile.Chernarus\initPlayerLocal.sqf ***EDIT*** 17/05/2016 The missing piece has been my mission.sqm file which includes trader zone markers as well as lighting for the trader zones (you cant see in the dark.)

  24. I made some modifications to the underwater stash mission created by @eraser1 for Tanoa. To be clear this is his mission I merely changed some positioning so that it functions on Chernarus. This mission requires DMS. You will need a crate loading script like R3F or Igiload to get the crate. Installation: Step 1: Place the underwater_stash.sqf inside of your a3_dms\missions\static folder. Step 2: Open your config.sqf and add the line ["underwater_stash",1] inside of the DMS_StaticMissionTypes block Step 3: With the config.sqf still open add the line "underwater_stash" inside of the DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart block Step 4: Ensure you have static missions enabled. Don't forget to add commas if needed. If you are confused about punctuations look at the Server Owner Guide. I modified the loot tables for some worthwhile loot. DOWNLOAD Other Links: Defents Mission System R3F Logistics Server Owner Guide