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Found 27 results

  1. Hello mates, look at this error that happen with my server: Mods: A3;curator;kart;heli;mark;expansion;jets;dlcbundle;dlcbundle2;@extDB3;@life_server;@infiSTAR_A3 Extensions: extDB3 (C:\TCAFiles\Users\GabrielN\36483\@extDB3\extDB3_x64.dll) [] [] armalog (.\armalog_x64.dll) [] [] Distribution: 0 Version 1.70.141764 Fault time: 2017/05/22 13:15:25 Fault address: 6191D0FA 00:6191D0FA Unknown module file: Crypton (__cur_mp) world: Altis Prev. code bytes: F6 C0 0F 0F 85 74 B2 06 00 49 8D 40 F0 0F 0D 08 Fault code bytes: 80 78 0F 05 0F 84 2F B2 06 00 F6 40 0F 3F 0F 84 What can be doing this ? i already tried re-paste the files to the folder but notthing, it's a random crash i think.
  2. ETG Heli Crash And Drop Script by Kellojo Description: This script allows you to add helicopter crashes and supply drops to your mission. Features: - cargo drops - heli crashes - random loot - adjustable loot tables - time between drops is configurable - toggable markers - 'easy configuration' - toggable fire at crashsites - toggable AI - debug function Installation: Add this to your init.sqf: //ETG Heli Crash And Drop Script if (isServer) then { fn_crashdrop = compile preprocessFile "fn_crashdrop.sqf"; [2] call fn_crashdrop; }; Included Files: - 4 Screenshots - The script itself - All Exile classnames (old...) Notes: If you have any questions, ideas and/or have problem with the script itself, feel free to add me on Steam (Kellojo). Problems with BattleEye Filters???: This link might help you, its a collection of restrictions/filters created by Cen, ST4RFi and Harard. Thank you very much for creating this! Credits&Thanks: - Special thanks to Galgenjunge(X) for suggesting to add a debug function - Special thanks to everyony else who reported bugs - Special thanks to CEN ( ) for creating the BE Filter list - Special thanks to ST4RFi ( ) for creating the BE Filter list - Special thanks to Hazard ( ) for creating the BE Filter list License/Disclaimer: You can use this script on you servers and missons and are allowed to modify it however you want. Its not necessary to give credit to me but it would be appreciated. Screenshots: Can be found on the Armaholic thread ^^ Download/Changelog: The download and changelog can be found over at Armaholic:
  3. Hello so I have this annoying bug and I dont know what to do every time I want to play on one exile mod server (map altis) my game crashes every time just before the loading is finished after that I get these errors can somebody pls help me. The second one says Unknown exception software exception (0x0000dead) occured in the application's location....... But when I try arma without exile mod and join some server it just works fine. Pls somebody help me im not a pc wizard and i cant fix this
  4. The drop box link contains my .pbo and rpt file. im not sure whats causing the crash but i did notice some skeleton errors for the traders.
  5. I'm new in running an Arma 3 server and just decided to grab a deal on a dedicated server for me and my friends last night. I got Exile, Exile-Z2, Ryan's Zombies and Demons (required for Exile-Z), and Admin Toolkit all running and playing fine client and server side for myself and 5 other friends. Starting last night after I installed Admin Toolkit and then played about an hour with it I started getting the memory error (LOG). I have removed every mod except for exile and I'm still getting the error. This occurs on my server only, but all of my friends are still able to play. I had my server moderator run the exact same mods as when my problem started and he was not able to recreate the error. Server logs I've tried the malloc fix in various ways including trying all of the different memory allocators (i.e. system and default and JEMalloc) to no avail. I tested with another exile server and was able to join fine. My system specs are good enough for arma (4690k (No Oc), 8GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600, R9 270x 4GB) and I was able to play with high settings usually and have tested lowering them to standard with no effect. My last attempt to troubleshoot was to use a beta client (profiling - Performance Profiling Build) which still did not help. If there is any other information I need to provide please let me know. Exactly when crash occurs (server console): 13:35:02 "ExileServer - Main thread started" 13:35:02 "ExileServer - Starting session for 'Tanner' with ID 'PKDytXhE'..." 13:35:02 "ExileServer - Dispatching hasPlayerRequest for session 'PKDytXhE'..."
  6. There is currently a bug on the server for clients where they will be playing normally for like 30 mins - 2 hours and then all of a sudden the client side FPS will drop down to 1-3 fps and it is usually when they are doing something important like pvp or driving or piloting. It is hard to time this bug, after using the performance build in 1.64 itr fixed itself but the current performance build for 1.66 does not seem to help. If anyone knows what I am talking about and knows how to help, please hit me up Thank you
  7. Hey there, first of all thank you for the best arma mod ever! I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I am having a tech issue with Apocalypse. I played on the 12th and the next morning I began to not be able to get into the server. right before I re spawn in Arma 3 goes to the menu screen. I have tried many things. reloaded everything even. any ideas?
  8. crash

    Hello everyone! I play exile since around 6months ago and i never had issues with crashes or things like that... But since the 1.0.2 had been released, i can't connect on all the servers... I always have messages like "The memory could not be in state "written""(it's a translate with google, so excuse me if you don't understand) Please, do someone have a solution? I would like to play to the mod but i can't! :'( Just help plz, and sorry for my bad english... ^^
  9. Hey Can someone help me? If I start my Exile Server (LGSM) it will crash after a minute. Log: config.cpp: In the attachments are some pics from the folder. Thanks in advance NiXeroZ
  10. So i have this server, it works fine, only me and my friend play on it, the problem is that everytime i make a change in the exile.tanoa.pbo file, i have to send him the newely packed pbo and he must put that in his mpmissionfolder also (and I'am the one with the server). if he doesn't do that he's game crashes. Any tips on what it might be?
  11. Hey i've been playing exile for a bit now, then yesterday spotret #59 came through, i have updated my exile (i use A3L). Yet when i try to connect, i'm treated to the regular loading screen, after which i see the ground/grass unable to do anything for a bit, then the screen jumps into "ironing bambi overalls" loading screen, then i am returned to the arma 3 main menu with the error message: Picture images\wrloading.paa not found. What is really strange is i am the only one experiencing these problems of the guys i play with I hope some1 might be able to aid me or provide some insight, and if any further information is needed let me know.
  12. I was wondering if anyone could help me. Recently my server has been crashing, i solved one of the problems which was that a helicopter was trying to spawn but it didn't exist due to mod updates so i changed that but the server crashed again this morning and i cannot figure out the reason for it as i don't really understand the RPT. Could somebody please help me and tell me what the problem is so i can fix it? Part 1 of the crash logs: Part 2 of the crash logs: Thank you
  13. after i installed infistar server loads then crashes right after loading map what i think is the issue but dont know how to fix: Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/Chernarus.worldName'. 1:21:12 Warning Message: '/' is not a value 1:21:12 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/Chernarus.worldName'. 1:21:12 Warning Message: '/' is not a value FULL RPT
  14. crash

    so when i try to enter ccg exile server i get to the loading screen and it starts receiving mission file. after 500 kb the game crash. the wired thing is i was playing the game and the server kicked me and was locked. after that i tried to enter the game and it crashed saying i had somting with memory. sorry if my english is bad and i will be very grateful is someone ar lest can tell mr what the problem is
  15. Hello everyone but i have been getting a problem where my game just crashed mid way loading screen here is what it says : The instruction at 0x4f656b61 referenced memory at 0x4f656b61. The memory could not be written. Click on OK to terminate the program please help this has kept happening for 3 days and couldnt do anything about it. please and thank you ahmed,
  16. Hi So I have been having crashes constant on my server and I remember having them on my Arma2 Dayz MOD servers and I used to add -malloc=SYSTEM to my parameters in the dayz launcher and arma launcher. So me and a friend have been put this in our servers and so far we have had no crashes. Not sure if this is an 100% ix but am sure it helped us on Arma2 DayZ MOD. so if you are having problems, maybe add this and see if it works.
  17. Hello, I am observing 1-2 crashes per day on my dedicated Exile server, even without any user activity. The funny part on this: I have exactly the same installation running within a docker container (same OS) on the same machine where it runs without crashes for more than a month. A core file is written but who is willing to analyse it? Should I open a bug against BI? I will script now a heartbeat which will detect an outage and bring up the service again. But anyway: two crashes per day, especially when occurring during main playtime, is not that beautiful. Regards Blacksheep
  18. Hi there, I have a question. Since a couple of days my client (as an admin) is crashing when i enter a specific territory. Its not exactly crashing it just screen freezes Arma 3. I cant even reenter after this freeze because I would spawn on the same spot which is in this territory again. Thats an endless loop until i delete my character info and spawn as bambi again. Is that maybe a known issue or anybody knows a solution for that? thats just weird, i cant even go pack the base and just rebuild it with the owner because im not getting there We are using AIA Terrain, RHS , EBM, Esseker Mods. Greetings
  19. hello everyone, so far for those 2 days i have been having issue with my virtual rented server crashing on its own after approx 2.30h of start time, server cycle we use is 4h, and i have checked the RPT log the last 20 lines were showing this: i tried to search and make my own resolution out of it for 2 days so far and i still not able to get it fixed, server run 4 mods now only ( Exile,CBA,CUPunits,CUPweapons,CUPvehicles) before we had Ryanzombies + infection also on it that i removed after reading alot of post saying that this might have been the issue crashing the server. anw for those interested this is my RPT logs: any help is much appreciated thx
  20. Hey guys... just wondering if anyone else gets memory crash errors. Every 1-4 hours my game will start to continuously crash due to a memory error that says something along the lines of "memory allocated at "x" tried to use data from "y" - I'll update with a picture when I get the error again. I know this is a general ArmA 3 error, but I only seem to get it when I play Exile. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks -CROWs
  21. Well it's truly random when it does it but right now i cant play with my brother on arma 3 exile mod on servers. Simply because it says connection failed but it allows me to join other servers. When he is already on and i attempt to connect it acts like its loading gives him no message received and tells me connection failed. But if im first in the server he can usually join sometimes it does it vice versa where him joining kicks me, But only when i try to play this mod with him. Can anyone help me out?
  22. I am trying to download mods through a3launcher and it will go about 10 mins then crash and all it says is there was an error occured
  23. I am using the latest server antihack, however updating to the v0022A from v0022 the server is crashing. Players are spawning in debug land very rarely. I have reverted an older version of the antihack. Nothing else was changed with the server, so I am presuming the antihack is the issue. c000005 access_violation I was able to recreate the issue by teleporting to a player using the panel command. Around the same time teleporting a player to me would not work. There are no other logs that indicate errors from the antihack. Generally I would try to resolve server issues on my own, but there are no logs indicating why I need to start fixing.
  24. Hey! I goggled a lot and tryed some fixes but... Every time when I start arma 3 and Navigate to "Play" and than "Multiplayer" my game crashes. What did I try: delete and re-download - steam/arma3 - local/arma3-folder - profile/arma3-folder updating network drivers updating graphic card drivers that little fix posted by moePHIUM here switched off windows firewall switched off windows defender I couldn't fix that crash! My System: Win10 Pro 64bit Version: 10.0.10586 Build 10586 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz RAM: 16GB = 2xKingston HyperX DIMM 8 GB DDR3 (KIT 2x4GB) Network: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller My Client RPT:
  25. freeze

    Hello! I have been getting three kinds of problems during the past week (I think it was after the change to .35 version), all related to freezing. I get stuck on the loading screen and it freezes on me, having to force exit the frozen game.I load the game and manage to hear sounds for a split second, the screen goes gray or black, often I can see the chat (snapshot, it gets frozen as well.), then I have to force exit the frozen game.The one I'm getting the most right now, is; I can enter the game, and move around like usual, BUT if I look at a certain direction, like into the town of Esseker, I freeze immediately, otherwise if I look at the forrest, or anywhere outside of the town, I can move and play exactly like usual.My attempts at fixing it: Verifying ArmaRemoving a DirectX dll, then verifying.Removing my mods and putting in fresh ones.Resetting my launcherResetting my general settingsLowering settingsChanging priority on arma to maxChanging Malloc to SystemChanging MaxMem and MaxVRAMEnabled and Disabled Hyper ThreadingForced Nvidia to do V-SyncResetted my Nvidia settingsDeleted my Profile mp_missions map in both documents and %appdata%.Probably something more.I love the Exile mod incredibly much and this is heartbreaking for me, having the game not being able to be played is such a tradic event to my life of Arma. I thank all whom might know the problem, or at least helps me in the bit. <-- This is the .rpt file i'm getting.