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Found 207 results

  1. RaiderGaming Altis PVP 100k

    The Newest Militarized Arma 3 PVP EXILE Server! "Raider Gaming Altis 100k Start|PVP|Militarized|VG|Raiding|Revive|Claim|" is Live. your welcome to join and play. Custom Missions & rewards, Roaming AI, Everything you can think of at the traders,CUP Weapons and Vehicles , Extended Base Mod, and more! Have you ever got in trouble/banned for killing the player next to you when you were clearly not breaking any lame PVP rules?!?! If you have we have a battlefield thats ment for you at Raiding Gaming we dont believe you should get in trouble on a PVP server for PVPing. we are noob friendly to a point but you play on a pvp server at your own risk. Active Admins and Friendly Mature Players Come Check us out! Dedicated Server with are own Hardware in the data center! Website! TeamSpeak3
  2. Thought I should give back to this community so here goes, please be gentle with criticism but I will attempt to keep updating, especially with your help. I wanted and easier way to deal with mods and items in the traders, all happened when we decided to change our server from CUP and MAS to RHS/MAS/HLC and the mission config became a nightmare. I had come across this technique before in A2 using the flat-file system and something almost identical in A3 Epoch so thought it was possible. The basic idea is to have separate trader files for each mod you use, each mod has classes unique to it, and each class has that mods items, this allows you to turn off classes quickly. I have included: CUP vehicles, CUP weapons, HLC, RHS vehicles (US and RUS 0.4.1), MAS vehicles, MAS weapons, RHS weapons (US and RUS 0.4.1), TRYK, PODS, Arma 3 base vehicles, HVP v2.1, R3F Weapons, Extended Building Mod, Apex, Fox Vehicles, HAP, Jonzie, RHSGREF and NIArms - as I said we did a whole mod change on the server so I had most of the trader files already, but as always there are things I will have missed although everything seems to be working without issue on my current server (except we aren't using clothes outside of the Exile mod and no longer use CUP/TRYK + I don't use loads of the other mods any more). To keep the theme running I also made and Exile file-set so you can call those too and it keeps it all in the same structure (plus made the recent update really easy to update my files). This trader system is offered free without any guarantee or promise and users should back up their files before proceeding. All the folders and files are included in the download, I have also included full instructions and mod class list and trader list and have updated to recent update prices and structure but have mainly updated prices of mods we currently use (as I don't know when TRYK etc. will fix issues with clothes). Download the scripts from GiTHub - ****** v6.0 Update ****** Added Fox vehicles - thanks to Bob_the_K for the list. Updated CUP Weapons including removing dupe items - thanks to Bob_the_K for the list. Updated trader files to be sorted by name. Updated Exile files to latest. *************************************************** ****** Thanks to all the following for help *************** ****** XxFri3ndlyxX, [RG] Salutesh, SE7EN *************** ****** Tobias Solem, pomp4h, Bob_the_K ************** ****** Razor77, jmayr2000, C][G GhostTown™ *********** ****** ElShotte, Killerpoodezz *********************** *************************************************** There is a nice web based install guide (probably better than mine!) made by @QGS which they have allowed me to share : Installation is in the text files but basically you unzip, copy the TRADERS folder into your mission PBO, then delete whatever you don't use. In your mission folder you remove all the pricing, replacing with file calls, and then remove item classes, again replacing with file calls (again its in the zip with more detailed instructions) and finally copy in the traders over the top of what's in the file (or replace with external file call) removing any unused classes or mods. There are 2 files in each folder one contains prices, the other makes items into classes (a full list of the classes I used is in the zip), this method seems pretty good at helping to change over mods on your server or controlling what parts of each mods are in the server traders (we only have guns and vehicles from any of the mods till all of them are fixed so we just leave out the clothing classes). I have tried to balance the prices but I am sure you can change it to suit (you can copy items straight out of your config file as long as the formatting remains the same) and also I have tried to add all the items from each of the mods I have included but some are harder to track down every possible item. I don't claim to have invented this script as there are many out there like it (probably), but I have compiled everything I have found or information/knowledge I have got from making games servers for 16 years so please don't shout "you ripped me off" as I am sure to have done just that in some way as we all have when we "borrowed" other servers trader prices etc but as ever I will take down anything which people say is 100% theirs (but I am pretty sure I haven't done that). I hope this just makes it easier with trader lists. cheers ****** You may not use my script on a server which takes real money for items in game ******
  3. Anyone interested in list of CUP Vehicles 1.9.0 classnames?
  4. The Good Old DayZ

    We overtaked the old Server and modified it a bit to make it better running:) Come and join the greatest community alive
  5. Arma 3 Dayz Survivors

    Old school dayz server. Dayz survivors [Exile][scavange][Custom Recipes][day/night] Best way to join is with the with the A3L linked here: For your information, if you have problems with joining the server pls verify the mods. It usually helps to Open arma with steam and it will auto download. Or you can join our discord and ask any admin there Search for Dayz survivors on A3L and u find the server easy New Updates are coming soon!! Player factions: Heros, Bandits and mercenarys PVP-PVE you choice Admin Events Faction Wars And Pure survival Hello guys my name is Bullethourz and I own a server on Arma 3 called Dayz Survivors. We are making a server for people that loved the old arma 2 style DayZ and we are trying to get as close as possible to that feeling. We have a community/server called DayZ Survivors, here are some links to the community; Discord: Website: Server IP: We are a very strong Staff team that loves our players, the community and we are very active. Our goal is to make this server as good as it can become when it comes to Surviving. We have frequent Updates, Balances and Additions Server Features include: Heli Crashes: Helis have airdrops with custom loot. Helis will randomly crash leaving crates around the wreck with custom loot. Don't forget to check the dead Pilot bodies for more loot. Scavenging: Search the bushes/trees for food. Search wrecked vehicles or trash to repair/craft items, Antivirus Injectors & Antivirus Pills Search Cinderblock piles with a sledgehammer for Cinderblocks Search piles of large metal poles with a grinder (ex. factories) for Junk Metal Animals: Kill and gut animals for fresh food to cook on your campfire. Claim Vehicles: If you find a vehicle you want to keep you can claim it with a code lock so it won't disappear on restarts. Repair Vehicles: Damage your vehicle? Don't worry, just make sure you have the proper tools & repair items on you and fix it up Base Building: Place your flag and make your base using Vector building. You can have up to 300 items, so get crafty. Lets see those Mega Bases! Craft: Wood, Reinforced Wood, Brick, Metal or Concrete Custom Recipes: 98% all the items in the game can be used for crafting. Check your Brama Cookbook in your XM8. Zombies: If you get attacked, make sure you have the proper medical equipment to prevent/cure infection and stop bleeding. Watch out! Some Zombies may drop Live Grenades. Join our webbsite or disocrd for more info. we would appriciate to see some new faces in our community and server Happy Hunting guys. Chernarus Redux map Mods beeing used: 1. TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms 2. Survivors Apocalypse Overhaul 3. Extended Base Mod 4. Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 5. CUP Weapons 6. CUP Vehicles 7. CUP Units 8. CUP Terrains-Core 9. CBA_A3 10. Chernarus Redux 11. DS Houses 12. Ryan Zombies (Zombies and Demons) 13. CM Zombies 14. RZInfection 15. Exile Mod
  6. Hey guys, Pretty simply I wanted to know if anyone knows a good amount about hosting one of the Cup Terrains Maps. I specifically really liked Bukovina for a small project I wanted to do, but I got the no entry bin\config.bin/cfgWorlds error and a bunch of others regarding my map grid. I took the server apart at the moment, but when its back together and running tomorrow ill post the actual RPT. I was just hoping someone who knows more than I do could provide a bit of guidance on that issue as I am aware its not completely uncommon. From the searching I did it seems my issue is most likely due to the addons part of the mission.sqm but I couldnt get it to work. All help would be seriously appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Me and my friends made a custom AI ship and I decided to share it with the community. The ship has vehicles and crates full of weapons and equipment inside it. I have imported it on the maps Altis, Tanoa, Malden, and Chernarus. If you wish additional maps please let me know. The ship has an AI boat and helicopter that does patrols as well as many AI inside. There is an working elevator within the ship to move vehicles around. You will need a lifting script like R3F Logistics to lift vehicles off ship. There is a AH-1Z on the main deck of the ship that players can take once they secure the ship. You will need some experience with Eden Editor to import/merge this on your current map. If you are unfamiliar with doing this see the my guide in my signature. There is an Eden section that should get you pointed in the right direction. Lastly, you will need Extended Base Mod (EBM) as well as CUP Units, Vehicles, and Weapons in order to use the ship. Steps are simple: 1. Place your map pbo (i.e. Exile.Altis) into your missions folder within "My Documents" and extract (see my guide). 2. Drop the "AIShip.pbo" within the same folder as your map .pbo. 3. Extract the "AIShip.pbo" into its own folder "AIShip.*Map*.pbo" (same as step 1). 4. Ensure you have EBM, CUP Units, Vehicles, and Weapons loaded and launch ARMA 3. 5. Open your map pbo in Eden Editor. 6. Merge the "AIShip.*Map*" with your current map. 7. Save your map pbo, Repbo it and upload to your server. The items on the ship may seem like they are floating in the air. Don't worry when your server loads it they will be on the correct level. You may reposition the ship and all the items within Eden if you don't like where the ship is at on map. If you do this though you will have to adjust the height of the ship or items on the ship. Required Addons: CBA_A3 CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod R3F Logistics (optional) DOWNLOADS: AIShip.Altis AIShip.Chernarus AIShip.Tanoa AIShip.Malden Note: Players enter the ship at the rear. There is an scroll option to open back gate.
  8. ODB Exile

    Old Dirty Bastards is a new exile community! We are a group of players who have been playing exile together for about 2 years. We have played on many servers, and gathered what we like and what others like, and molded it into something of our own. We have fair and active admins who's only concern is helping the server's population. We listen to the players and let them decide what happens in the server as far as scripts, mods, and price changes. We are running Chernarus Redux, NIArms, CUP's, TRYK, Adv Repelling, DS Houses, and Extended base mod. Server is hosted in Canada in a optimal location to allow to great ping for US players and EU players. Militarized fully, jets are included, although they cost more than full locker size of 1m Lockers are meant to be over filled, this is to give raiding a purpose other than stealing gear. 30m build height Spawn Quad Hack/Grind ZCP and DMS with custom loot and vehicles Heli crashes and gear crates VG Base paint and vector New trader interface giving traders a fresh new look Custom traders, and custom military bases added in around the map with continual development Players can vote on the forums to add or remove/adjust in game features! Loot++ Stop by and check us out!
  9. FULL CUP LIST FOR CUP VEHICLES WEAPONS & UNITS 1.10.0 Release of CUP class names for CUP Vehicles, Weapons & Units 1.10.0 Please Note: The release of the following list has all available items, weapons & vehicles and was created by myself for my own personal server in order to make it easier to go through the list and filter out what I wanted to be available in my Traders and loot tables therefor I split the list up into what suited me and you can of course edit and change this to suit your own needs. I also cannot guarantee it is 100% accurate as regards to everything being in correct categories but I have done my best to check class names I was unsure of in-game. If you find any errors feel free to correct them and re-post it here with a reply but remember to put it in a spoiler to keep the topic tidy. INFO: For Exile keep in mind only uniforms with CUP_U_I will allow you to drag the clothing on and off, other uniforms starting with CUP_U_O CUP_U_B and CUP_U_C will only be wearable if using the "Take All" button in your inventory this is because Exile players are in the Independent faction. I = Independent O = OpFor B = BluFor and C = Civilian. Simply click spoiler and copy/paste into a new text document and save, I recommend .cpp format if using notepad++ to view/edit. Enjoy... Captain Bigzy Discord: Captain_Bigzy#5746
  10. JJ-Exile Tanoa

    Server Start: 29.12.2017. IP: English German
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to all this and recently added CUP Vehicles to my server and discovered that when I try to use the Mortar on the M1129 MC MK19 CROWS (Desert) ( CUP_B_M1129_MC_MK19_Desert ), infiSTAR closes the Artillery Computer. So what I want to know is how, where and what do I put for an exception for this? Thanks in advance.
  12. BB/ Exile Altis [Winter] PVP

    Full Militarized server lots of armed vehicles, helicopters and jets. All weapons on armed vehicles, helicopters and jets are on and allowed. Server language English and German
  13. [EXIGE]ExileChernoWinter|25K|

    Come check us out
  14. [EU] PvE Exile [New Interaction]

    [EU] PvE Exile [New Interaction][New Items/Drop][LOOT+] ... :: [Server Regulations] :: ... 1). A crypto ban on killing other players. He is threatening BAN! Remember, this is a PvE server 2). The administration is always right. 3). If you find a bug in the game that facilitates the game, you must report it to the administration as soon as possible. 4). Killing players is only allowed if two Clans declare war on the forum. ****************************************** [ENG] PvE Military We cordially invite you to the server, which today 20/12/2017. has its official opening. What will you find on the server? * A lot of missions * Friendly Fire * Good drop * A lot of new vehicles * A lot of new items * A friendly atmosphere You're welcome !! ****************************************** [PL] ...::[Regulamin Serwera]::... 1). Katygoryczny zakaz zabijania innych graczy. Grozi BAN ! Pamiętaj jest to serwer PvE 2). Administracja ma zawsze rację. 3). Jeżeli znajdziesz jakiś błąd w grze, który ułatwia rozgrywkę, musisz jak najszybciej go zgłosić administracji. 4). Zabijanie graczy, jest tylko dozwolone, jeżeli dwa Klany wypowiedzą wojnę na forum. PvE Militarne Zapraszamy serdecznie na serwer, który dzisiaj 20.12.2017r. ma swoje Oficjalne otwarcie. Co na serwerze znajdziecie ? * Dużo misji * Przyjazny Fire * Dobry drop * Bardzo dużo nowych pojazdów * Bardzo dużo nowych itemek * Przyjazną atmosferę Serdecznie zapraszamy !! ******************************************
  15. [Armax] Exile Community Servers

    Armax Exile Community! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome, dear player! Want to tell you some words about our server! Armax provides realistic style of hardcore, military simulation and survival gameplay. It has much interesting stuff, friendly community and always active admins! We are working hard on our server, every time upgrading it and fixing all appearing bugs! We always listen to our players about possible server improvements and make their dreams come true! Join our server right now and get an unforgettable experience of playing on it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our servers: 1. Armax Exile Altis PvP We have a lot of features and unique stuff on our servers! Use links bellow to know more about our community! Visit our Web Page: Armax Web Page Don't forget to join our Steam Group: Armax Steam Group Come speak with us, we are friendly! : ) Armax Discord Some screenshots from Armax Exile Altis PvP : ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. The Jungle

    You've just woken up to discover you're no longer in your cell awaiting execution. Good right? Not really, you have been transported over to the island of Chernarus Exile! you have managed to over power your guard and taken his side arm and a few provisions. When you finally look over the loot you got from the guard, you notice he has marked on the map places of interest. Looks like some kind of trading post in the center and several places you can land. But what are these spots on the map, marked with skulls? And this one area with a bio hazard mark? Guess you better get tooled up and build a base... Protection, planning and survival! Welcome to "The Jungle!" !! Bonus !! If you register with our website and post an introduction, you will get a 15k bump in respect to get things going. ++ Features ++ ** Required Mods ** ?? Player Tips ?? >> Change Log <<
  17. BFC Exile Esseker #2 Zombies

    Bravo Foxtrot Company was founded by a group of guys consisting mainly of US Military Veterans that started playing Arma 3 for the first time in Late 2014. We are trying to build a community that likes to have fun and play video games together. So stop on by the forum and say hi. Leave some feedback or suggestions for what you would like to see. ** Required Mods ** CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles CUP Terrains – Core CUP Terrains – Maps Community Base addons A3 Esseker Exile Zombies and Demons
  18. Gravelton Exiles | PVE |

    Gravelton is a customized PVE server set on the Altis map. We are a more relaxed community focusing more on scavenging and building and less on continuous combat. Presently our features include: RHS Mods - USRF, USAF, GREF and SAF CUP Mods - Units, Vehicles, Weapons Extended Base Mod Enhanced Movement - be sure to bind these keys to use the new actions! Advanced Ropes - Towing, Sling Loading, Helo Rappelling, Urban Rappelling R3F Logistics - move and load objects into vehicles. Works with crates and small vehicles. Crates *can* be sold at the Waste Dump! Double-click radio to deploy a motorcycle - does anyone actually like the bicycles? Custom XM8 Unit Scanner - handheld radar with 200m range which detects vehicles, static weapons, players and AI APOC's Air Drop Supplies - use pop tabs in your locker to call in air drops of weapons, food, unarmed and armed vehicles. These vehicles are NOT persistent and are priced accordingly Virtual Garage - accessed through XM8, note that vehicle inventory is *not* stored when the vehicle is added to your Garage StatsBar & CHVD View Distance Repair/Refuel/Rearm Points at all Gas Stations - Vehicle ammo is saved to the database and does not reset when the server restarts Vector Building BRAma Cookbook Roaming AI Vehicle Patrols - Ground and Air Vehicles. The vehicles stick to the main roads, be cautious while exploring! Dynamic and Static Missions run by DMS Town Invasions by VEMF Reloaded - marked on map Helo Taxi between the trader zones Revive dying players with a Defibrillator! These are available at the trader zones. Salvage your destroyed vehicle to recover the gear on your body Gear Crates (marked on map) DayZ-Style Vehicle Crashes (not marked, look for the smoke trails) Zed-infested zones marked on the map in red Roaming zombie spawns at night Customized trader menus and loot table to include items from the mods Since we are a PVE server flag stealing, vehicle hot wiring and PIN code hacking are disabled. Territory protection money is due every 21 days, vehicles not used after 14 days will be deleted. Upcoming features: Custom traders in the SE and SW corners of the map as these areas are a long hike from the standard trader zones! Helo taxi route will be expanded to include these. New dynamic and static missions Aircraft Carrier static mission - this one will take a coordinated effort to complete! Zupa's Capture Points were previously implemented for PvP-allowed zones. Since no one had participated since they were added they are currently disabled. I will reintroduce them if player interest warrants it! As always, I'm open to suggestions for new features.
  19. The Good Old DayZ

    This server customization intends to hold the atmosphere of Arma 2 survivial games, such as DayZ, epochmod and origins. Addons CUP Weapons, Vehicles and Backpacks Open Chernarus Project (OCP) -- interior for all that enterable village houses Ryan Zombies Humanity system. No respect here, guys Custom loot tables, custom loot placement Heli Crashes Dynamic Mission System (DMS) Hero/Bandit missions Vehicles spawn with loot and unlocked. Code 0000. R3F Logistics: Towing (need rope),Lifting and crate loading Wastedump buys from crates. Claim dynamic vehicles with the code lock. Advanced Vehicle System (AVS) : persistent vehicle ammo, refuel/rearm on fuelstations, persistent vehicle spawns (Code 0000) Vector Building XM8:Spawn bicycle from can opener XM8:Crafting recipes XM8:Virtual Garage (on your terriory) XM8:Change View Distance marXet
  20. [Kronik]ExileZ MilitarizedRedux

    Team Kronik's Chernarus server is geared to keep you on your toes. With special AI missions and roamin AI all utilizing the AI enhancer Vcom you are guaranteed to always be looking over your shoulder. Custom AI/zombie missions, traders, and much more.
  21. I'm re-posting a DM here that contains some advice on getting ALiVE AI working with Exile. I've been running ALiVE AI on my Exile Chernarus server for the last month and while there are some compromises and drawbacks, the overall player experience eclipses DMS and A3XAI. Hi, I am using the following modules: Alive Required Virtual AI System (Profile) Military AI Skill Military AI commander Military Placement Module Civilian Placement Module Military Logistics I'm also running the Zeus module so I can spectate and debug the AI. I recommend you do this while developing your mission. You can take the Zeus module out before you 'go live.' In order to add loot, respect and poptabs to AI you'll need to add some event handler code to the end of your description.ext file: class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ai_init.sqf')"; }; }; This code will apply to every 'man' class of object your server spawns. Once you've added this code above, create a new file called ai_init.sqf in the root of your Exile mission folder (right next to description.ext.) Add the following code to the ai_init.sqf file to give the AI, respect, loot and poptabs. It also registers AI deaths and displays the Exile 'killed' message on your screen: private "_this"; _this = _this select 0; if (side _this == east) then { _poptabs = round random 200; _this setVariable ["ExileMoney",_poptabs,true]; _this addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",'if (isServer) then {_this call DMS_fnc_OnKilled;};']; _this setVariable ["DMS_AI_Side", "Bandit"]; _this setVariable ["DMS_AI_Type", "Soldier"]; _this setVariable [ "DMS_AI_Respect", missionNamespace getVariable [format ["DMS_%1_%2_RepGain","Bandit","Soldier"],0] ]; }; This assumes all your AI are all OPFOR (east). The code above uses functions from the DMS AI mission system which most server admins run. If you don't want DMS missions running on your server you can edit the DMS config file to turn off all missions and loot drops, etc but you still need DMS running on your server to use the above code. As for AI killing each other. I had the same problem for hours and hours. I've tried every permutation of config settings but all of my OPFOR (OPF_F and OPF_G_F) were spawning in as INDEPENDENT groups and shooting each other (you can use Zeus to confirm this. They are dressed as OPF but show up in green groups). Eventually I swapped to CUP units and the problem stopped. Today I'm running three factions on my Chernarus server; CUP_O_RU, CUP_O_ChDKZ & CUP_I_NAPA and everything works perfectly. It turns out that Exile *does* interfere with the way Alive spawns vanilla Arma 3 OPFOR units. It makes them all spawn in as INDEPENDENT groups. I haven't found the code that does this yet but I have run the same Alive mission with and without Exile loaded and it runs perfectly without Exile. I'm continuing to search Exile's code... So, currently you'll need to use CUP Units (or possibly another mod) to get around the problem of Alive units killing each other. Other things you might want to consider: Use ALIVE blacklists to remove all AA groups and units otherwise they will routinely shoot down player helicopters (google alive blacklists, it's pretty easy) If factions are using vehicles, check the 'Ambient Vehicle' setting at the bottom of the Military Placement Module settings Blacklist all of your trader zones using the Blacklist Marker field in your Military and Civilian Placement Modules Alive units will spawn with weapons that have attachments. This lets players dupe attachments like optics, suppressors. Some units also have thermal and launchers. There is no way around this other than creating your own factions using the Alive ORBAT editor. That's a big job. I run a community server and I trust my players so it's no big deal but larger, public servers will have duping problems. Use the minimum filter settings for Objective Size and Objective Priority in your Military and Civilian Placement Modules. If you have unfiltered objectives the AI commander will place units in the tiniest buildings in the middle of nowhere. Good luck with your mission. Let me know how you go. speed.
  22. [TAG] Exile Tanoa

    Sanctificate Annihilationem Welcome to the home of Total Annihilation Gaming. We are a clan of dedicated and proud gamers who field a strong presence in Arma 3 and DayZ Standalone, to name a couple of titles. We encourage players wishing to join to put in a request with any [TAG] member, join us on our Teamspeak server or discord using vVMPUmr to join and have a few games with us. Server Features: Virtual Garage Base Raiding Safe Hacking 40 Player Slots 3 Hour Restarts 20.000 Pop Tabs Start Custom Spawn Points High FPS High Loot CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons ZCP Capture Missions Custom AI Missions Rocket & Grenade Launchers Armed & Armored Vehicles (Light) Deployable Bicycle Vehicle Loading (IGI Load for Exile Mod) Required Mods: CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod Community Base addons A3 Exile Zombies and Demons Optional Mods: VTS Weapon Resting Blastcore JSRS Enhanced Movement
  23. Nexus Exile Chernarus PVP

    NEW EXILE PVP SERVER Pvp Cup TRYK HVP Missions Starter Kit Tabs all the goodies I've made some changes since the last time I posted, not sure if reposting is against the rules or not. If so, feel free to delete. I've been running A2 and A3 communities with Dayz and Exile for years now. I have over 2000hrs in the game, most with A3 Exile. I'm looking for some cool players who can keep the douchebagery to a minimum and just have a good time. It's a new server things are quiate, but I am sure once we get some population growth things will be rad! Feel free to PM with questions and I hope to see you in game!!! Cheers! Panda
  24. I'm running CUP vehicles 1.9.0 and many of the vehicles don't offer the "repair" option on the scroll menu. Anyone else encountering this on Exile Mod? Any workarounds out there? On vehicles that don't have a lock/unlock option on scroll menu, I use a custom key bind to lock/unlock. Hoping there's a similar function I can use a custom key for the repair option as well.
  25. Nexus Exile Chernarus

    New PVP server for you! Hello all. I have been in the Arma community as a server owner for years. I have over 2000hrs on Arma3 Exile and about 1000 on Arma2. Started back in the old DayZ....Dayz... (see what I did there?). Looking for a new home for your clan, or tired of crowded servers. Just pop in here and relax. I run a chill, friendly server, with no drama. If drama is your thing, go play COD or find yourself another server. Come on in and stake your territory! We have tons, of mods. x64 server private host server, with high FPS and loot! All the EXAD mods, custom traders. I've also added CUP TRYK, HPV and much much more. Build height restricted so no penis towers.. sorry ladies. Come check us out!