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Found 56 results

  1. Arma 3 Dayz Survivors

    Old school dayz server. Dayz survivors [Exile][scavange][Custom Recipes][day/night] Best way to join is with the with the A3L linked here: For your information, if you have problems with joining the server pls verify the mods. It usually helps to Open arma with steam and it will auto download. Or you can join our discord and ask any admin there Search for Dayz survivors on A3L and u find the server easy New Updates are coming soon!! Player factions: Heros, Bandits and mercenarys PVP-PVE you choice Admin Events Faction Wars And Pure survival Hello guys my name is Bullethourz and I own a server on Arma 3 called Dayz Survivors. We are making a server for people that loved the old arma 2 style DayZ and we are trying to get as close as possible to that feeling. We have a community/server called DayZ Survivors, here are some links to the community; Discord: Website: Server IP: We are a very strong Staff team that loves our players, the community and we are very active. Our goal is to make this server as good as it can become when it comes to Surviving. We have frequent Updates, Balances and Additions Server Features include: Heli Crashes: Helis have airdrops with custom loot. Helis will randomly crash leaving crates around the wreck with custom loot. Don't forget to check the dead Pilot bodies for more loot. Scavenging: Search the bushes/trees for food. Search wrecked vehicles or trash to repair/craft items, Antivirus Injectors & Antivirus Pills Search Cinderblock piles with a sledgehammer for Cinderblocks Search piles of large metal poles with a grinder (ex. factories) for Junk Metal Animals: Kill and gut animals for fresh food to cook on your campfire. Claim Vehicles: If you find a vehicle you want to keep you can claim it with a code lock so it won't disappear on restarts. Repair Vehicles: Damage your vehicle? Don't worry, just make sure you have the proper tools & repair items on you and fix it up Base Building: Place your flag and make your base using Vector building. You can have up to 300 items, so get crafty. Lets see those Mega Bases! Craft: Wood, Reinforced Wood, Brick, Metal or Concrete Custom Recipes: 98% all the items in the game can be used for crafting. Check your Brama Cookbook in your XM8. Zombies: If you get attacked, make sure you have the proper medical equipment to prevent/cure infection and stop bleeding. Watch out! Some Zombies may drop Live Grenades. Join our webbsite or disocrd for more info. we would appriciate to see some new faces in our community and server Happy Hunting guys. Chernarus Redux map Mods beeing used: 1. TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms 2. Survivors Apocalypse Overhaul 3. Extended Base Mod 4. Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 5. CUP Weapons 6. CUP Vehicles 7. CUP Units 8. CUP Terrains-Core 9. CBA_A3 10. Chernarus Redux 11. DS Houses 12. Ryan Zombies (Zombies and Demons) 13. CM Zombies 14. RZInfection 15. Exile Mod
  2. Active Roster Leaders: Steve, Nick Members: Citric, Blake, Ernie, Hectic, , Zetherin, Gellyroll, Rake Inactive Members: Devon, Jimbo, Kingsouth, Costa,Regal, Colegrain, Filthyboy, Sureshot, Abandonpuppy Trials not listed. As a disclaimer we do not like people who get off when they die once or twice. A loss should encourage you to fight more. Application Format We are currently looking for new people who play at least 25 hours a week. 1. What is your Arma 2 and/or 3 experience post a screenshot below 2. How often do you play and during what times. CONVERT it to U.S Central standard time. 3. How old are you? 16+ is preferred but if you genuinely seem like a mature smart player we wont have problems 4. What role would you like to be(typically and most optimally There are the big 3). A light machine gunner - good for disabling choppers and vehicles as well as it is traditionally used for suppressing fire. Marksman - Max range will go up to about 1k usually. Sniper - will regularly be working at ranges beyond 900m and they typically don't get as much action the role is an observatory role for spotting. After applying you can go on our teamspeak it's
  3. Guten Tag, hatte mir die Tage Arma 3 geholt, jetzt habe ich diverse Mods abonniert und sie gedownloaded, wollte hauptsächlich eigentlich erstmal Exile und EPOCH ausprobieren. Jetzt habe ich durchgehend Probleme beim connecten auf die Server, ich konnte nicht einmal auf einen Server connecten. Was mache ich falsch? Jedes mal kommen vorher einige Fehlermeldung .bin/config.cfg/CfgWeapons/WeaponSlotsInfo.scope' Denke es kommen noch andere Meldungen, war jetzt nur die letzte, die kam. Dann klicke ich halt auf Schließen und dann kommt wie meist immer Die Verbindung wurde unterbrochen oder so. Als Mod ist jedoch nur Exile geladen, ich connecte über den Arma 3 Launcher von Steam. Suche einen Server aus, dann bestätige ich, da ein paar Mods fehlen, dass er sie herunterlädt und dann versucht er zu joinen, aber dann kommt jedes mal irgend ein Fehler, bin echt am verzweifeln. Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe, hab absolut keine Ahnung. Liebe Grüße und erholsame Feiertage!
  4. [FdZ] FINALdayZ eXile Esseker

    My name is ARTyom. I'm the admin of the FINALdayZ eXile Esseker server. Its purpose is to provide a challenging post-apocalyptic environment for survivalists. If you believe like I do; that survival without our current infrastructure would be difficult at best then please consider the following features: Spawn Camp. In this scenario the last survivors of the world have gained a stronghold within Esseker. All players spawn within the camp with an aim to disperse into the wilds of Esseker to enforce a living existence despite the undead. Famine. Unspoiled food in the field is extremely rare. Hunting, fishing and gathering clean water is vital for your survival. You can buy food from the spawn camp but it's expensive. Extreme Weather. Expect prolonged periods of torrential rain, high winds, snow, hazardous ground fog, lightning strikes, earthquakes and freezing temperatures all dynamically developing and affecting your status to keep you on the edge. Forsaken World. The environment has deteriorated to the point where debris now provides hazards and buildings are unsafe. Tread carefully whilst looting. Complete Craft. Reduced loot and an extensive crafting system provides new solutions for your survival. Bandit Ai. They are well trained and well equipped. They have bases in key locations to raid. Survivor Camps. There's a few traders providing items which are not found at the spawn camp such as civilian vehicles. They do not require a rank to trade items. Selected Vehicles. Cars, trucks and off-road vehicles are rare and mission vehicles will remain after a restart. Deadly Zombies. Headshots are preferable and because they walk they're stealthy, they hit hard and will attack en-mass. The server is still in development. Features are constantly being added and some bugs may be present. There's only 3 rules: No Hacking, duping or abusing. Murders will only alienate others around you. Challenge yourself to survive the FINALdayZ of humanity... "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine..." Stay ALIVE!
  5. Apocalyptic Survival on Chern>

    Apocalyptic Survival on Chernarus Redux | Wet-Werks | Day-Z Style The apocalypse has finally fallen upon Chernarus as plaque has spread across the land. Society has fallen to the rising crisis as only few survivors are left stranded defending themselves from the hordes of zombies and other survivors. Either scavenging across the land to towns, cities, and abondon military bases for gear and supplies. Many things can be found by scavenging but there are others one has to learn to craft in order to survive.If you are up for a challenging environment through PVP or PVE this server has what you need. We are ever developing for recipes and crafting items to make this scernio as realistic as possible. Fighting to survive is a must and one can not be scared to get their hands dirty in order to live.
  6. FrenksGaming

    Hello welcome on FrenksGaming Community Arma 3 Exile Namalsk Server , this is not just regular server this is , moded server with zombies , base buildings , and more stuff , join us today and have good gameplay experience , we promisse you , you wont find hackers , you wont have PING problems on server and , that there are admins to help out. Register on our Website - Forum : ( For new Announcments and Updates ) Join on our Discord Server so we can talk and make new friends : We are Looking for some Server Moderators if you are interested please join the discord and we can speak about it. Server Owner - Community Owner : FRENKS
  7. [FPS] Exile Survival | DayZ

    A few of you may have played on our previous DayZ'esque Chernarus server, but you've not seen anything like this before. Welcome to THE Exile DayZ full conversion!! FEATURES: No traders No missions Custom humanity system (Bandits and Heroes) Custom healing system (heal/feed other players) Custom persistent vehicles system Custom semi persistent loot system Camps instead of bases Custom camp raiding system Broken bones Infection Full Exile HUD replacement with accurate DayZ icons (Health, Hunger, Thirst, Temp, Broken bones, Bleeding, Combat, Earplugs) Classic DayZ weapons with all attachments MODS: @CBA_A3 @Exile @CUP Terrains - Core @CUP Terrains - Maps @DS Houses @Enhanced Soundscape @Zombies and Demons @RZ Infection @CUP Units @CUP Vehicles @CUP Weapons @Project Infinite - All in one @RDS Civilian Personally I'm a diehard DayZ Mod fan (from the golden days of 2012) so getting it accurate is of massive importance to me. I am certain that fans of classic DayZ Mod will feel the same. The server has the focus on player interaction, and whilst the PVE aspect will get you, to really take off it's going to need those Bandits and Heroes to work their magic! Direct Connect: Or look for [FPS] Exile Survival | DayZ Full Conversion on *A3L* TRAILER:
  8.|Old Schoo

    Welcome to DayZ Survivors DayZ Survivors community was created on the 12th of June, when RayKit announced that Matt, Liam and himself were creating the community. Since then our community has grown over 1500 members and still rising. Our server trys to give back that old school DayZ feeling to the players who use to play it on Arma 2, sadly Arma 2 is starting to go dead and now it's our chance to bring it back in Arma 3 and that's what we will do. Our community has had it's ups and downs however we have learnt from our mistakes and now creating the best DayZ server on arma 3 as we can. Unlike some communities we like to listen to our players and take in their suggestions and try new things to see if it will make our servers better. Join us today and become part of our community and help us build the biggest Arma 3 DayZ community. Mods on the server: Exile Chernarus Redux TRYK Unifrom Extended base mod Community Based Addons Nato RUS vehicles Specialist Military Arms CUP Terrains - Core Ryans Zombies and Demons Extended Base Mods DS Houses ACE Unique to us Completely Custom crafting recipes (use XM8 to find these) Custom military camps and survivor camps around the North of the map Custom Ryan's Zombies to increase realism No traders NOT UNIQUE TO US BUT ALSO PRETTY COOL <3 Random crate missions
  9. Hi! How can I do spawn on the beach in random position on all map?
  10. Hey guys, it's Duncanois here. I've only recently taken an interest in these forums, and I'm already loving the community! So, lets cut to the chase: Me and a few friends (when I say a few, I mean around 3-5) are starting up a new zombie series. BUT we are short on 'manpower' or 'actors'. So I'm appealing to you guys, the community, for help. Any role you select is suitable, as long as it fits in with the story. We are currently looking for a large group of bandit actors to follow a leader. We could also use a few survivors. Any requests, be sure to post them here, and also feel free to message me in private or ping me on my discord server: Thank you for those who help, and continue surviving!
  11. Hey guys, you probably don't know me, but I've decided to create a new series. I know some of you might be calling us a Frankie clone, but fact is: we're aiming for something entirely different. This is gonna be epic, but ONLY if I get enough support. So please guys, help our dreams become a reality. Edit 1: Fixed Youtube link Edit 2: Changed title from "A new series..." to "A new series...(Trailer)"
  12. It's finally out! Thanks to all those who supported me on this! It will get better and better with time and support
  13. Hi I while ago i was playing arma 3 and then i took a break and now comming back i cant join 75% of servers and on some i get you were kicked and some i get you were banned. please help. if it does help one time before i quit for a while I killed an admin on a server and gained like a million xp for it and got insta kicked but they let me back on. they were cool guys and we were messing around it wasnt just me being a dick. Steam id: 76561198065246816:
  14. Apocalyptic Survival

    | Apocalyptic Survival on Chernarus Redux | Wet-Werks, Inc. | DayZ | Server Description: This server has been setup with the whole idea of ultimate survival in a DayZ style post-apocalyptic world within Mother Russia. Every aspect has been thought of to give you, the player, the best experience around. The zombies have been setup to keep you on your toes and to make you think twice when making that carefully placed shot. Remember that not everyone is friendly in Cherno! If you are not careful, you can get overrun. This means that you will have to fight to survive in this harsh world that we have created here, and keep what you have earned. This is not your average DayZ style server, there are no traders. Everything that you need can either be looted, crafted, or stolen. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is where Bambis become Heroes and where Heroes become Legends. There are many custom areas throughout the map the are unique to just this server, with many more additions to come. Come and join us here at Wet-Werks, Inc and see how long you can survive. Mods required: * Exile * Chernarus Redux * SMA * CUP Terrains - Core * CBA_A3 * Enhanced Movement * TRYK * Ryan's Zombie & Demon * DS Houses * Fox Survival Cars * RZ Infection * Mr. Sanchez Headlamps * Wet's Extended Item Project (W.E.I.P.) Optional Mod: * Advanced Urban Rappelling Server Features: * DayZ Style Icons * No Traders * Helicopter Crashes w/ Loot * Advanced Vehicle Repair Script * Customized Zombie Script * Custom Loot Table * Custom Missions * Custom Crafting * Custom Areas - Abandoned Airfield - Military Outposts - Revamped Castle (Top-Tier Gear) * Random Spawn Uniform * Revive Script * Fishing Script * Many Enter-able Buildings
  15. [DS]DayZ Exile AI-Missions-Heil

    The Server Is Always Up Unless This Text Says So
  16. test

  17. ExDayZ: Overpocalypse

    ------------------------------------------------------- STRAY WOLVES STUDIO in association with KIWIBEAR presents: ExDayZ: Overpocalypse - The Last Of Us. ------------------------------------------------------- What is ExDayZ? A complete mission file/server replacement. A highly detailed and customized version of DayZ Mod/Standalone, DayZ Epoch/Origin, and EXILE bundled into one that focuses on performance and bringing back that hardcore survival sandbox. ExDayZ is a multiplayer online hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future. You will need to survive against Zombies, Bandit's and even mother nature herself. Features - Hardcore survival Persistent vehicle spawns ExDayZ spawns and maintains a defined amount of persistent vehicles, that spawn on roads. An in-depth medical system - Players can be knocked out when shot Players can bleed to death with proper credit given to the killer Players can apply aid to other players via scroll wheel actions Infections When players are wounded, they need to treat their wounds or risk being infected Persistent infection levels that increase/decrease effects Sickness No safe zones/Traders Completely reworked loot tables Respect levels - Themed levels Everything the player does is affected by his level Examples - players hunger and thirst deteriorate slower the higher level you are, you have a higher chance to find intel on corpses, self-healing rate is increased. Persistent world - The world in ExDayZ is persistent with seasons Players earn a wage, this is a small amount but can increase your level Dynamic Events - These do not have map markers Heli crashes Town bandits Vehicle drops Headhunters Performance Everything is done with performance in mind No additional server threads High FPS Simulation manager/custom cleanup Every AI spawned, every supply drop, object or mission-related event item is tied to my custom simulation manager for performance and cleanup. ------------------------------------------------------- Server Under Development! Mods List! Alpha v0.12 1# - CBA A3, 2# - Chernarus Redux, 3# - CUP Terrains Core, 4# - Cup Weapons, 5# - DS Houses, 6# - Exile, 7# - Enhanced Movement 8# - Extended Items Exile, 9# - KA Weapons Pack, 10# - NI Arma AllinOne, 11# - Pook H13 and Bell 47 Heli Pack, 12# - RDS Civilian Pack, 13# - RHS USAF, 14# - Ryans Zombies, 15# - Sabs Ultralight ------------------------------------------------------- YOU WILL EATHER DIE SURVIVING OR LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE YOURSELF BECOME THE VILLAIN!!
  18. DayZ Killers Exile server

    New Exile server still being populated with mods, if you want certain things added ask, currently has Exile, DMS Missions with roaming patrols and Police Hunting parties (Currently disabled for a short time) CUP Terrain Core/Maps, CBA. Will also have advanced towing and will eventually have Zombies. Come take a look see what you think.
  19. need squad to play arma exile would like to be round my age 14,15,16 years old and i would like a good server if you have one call my discord @b1onicRaven #7779 thanks for your time Bye
  20. DayZ Exile Reborn SurvivalSpain

    DayZ Extreme Exile Reborn Namalsk SurvivalSpain Autentic survival experience DayZ Exile Reborn is a mixture of DayZ Mod elements, Exile mod and other addons to authentically recreate gameplay, atmosphere, and entertainment! to ensure an immersive dayz-esque experience that anyone can enjoy! Full Server Name: [ES] Namalsk DayZ Extreme Survival | Zeds IA Missions & Events | SurvivalSpain Steam Group: SurvivalSpain Admin(s); JFL, Our server has a host of features to enhance the experience of the zombie apocalypse that is DayZ, including full mods, game changing addons, scripts, and small tweaks to exile itself to give you the best possible experience, we are also taking in any and ALL feedback, criticism, and any other comments you have, suggestions are very welcome to as we want to make the server a better place to play just as you want to play on a better server! Current Mods: - CUP Terrains Core; - CBA A3; - Ryanzombies; - Extended Base Mod; - Extended Items Exile; - Friths Ruin; - Z HUNTERS; - Sabs Ultralight; - IFA3 AIO LITE; - LEN Weapons pack; - KA Weapons; - Enhanced Movement - Namalsk; - Exile; Seasons: Namalsk is a harsh enviorment during the warmer seasons, but when winter comes Namalsk becomes a whole new animal! As the temperature drops, survivors must find refuge from the cold, old houses and deep forests make for perfect shelters to set up camp to keep nice and warm, you may also find old heatpacks to aid you in your travels! All clothing ingame has been looked through to give each piece of clothing a heat value, some clothing will be very warm to mildly, ranging from heavy PCU Jackets to lighter sweaters and jeans, hats also will help fight the cold a good example being the Ushanka hats! Many pre-apocalypse militaries also used to have winter camouflage and the Namalsk Defence Force was no different! They had a multitude of winter clothing vests and helmets to help keep you hidden and protected from the cold and bullets. Many survivors also take refuge at the Survivor Camp to huddle up by the cozy fire with others to stay warm. (Special thanks to John / Reborn for this) Our loot table has been completely reworked to include a number of new catagories for buildings such as farmhouses that have their own table mimicking DayZ Mod's old loot table, thus meaning all loot tables are different and require you to go to certain places to receive certain items. Civilian loot will have plentyful amounts of food, drink, civilian equipment, and some old fashioned bolties. Industrial loot will have many tools, building supplies, fuel drums, and more ALL of which has a use, everything on our server is used for something, there is no wasted items here! Military loot will give you the off chance at a power automatic rifle or even sniper rifle, among other things such as ammo military grade vests and helmets, aswell as their old uniforms. As said earlier much of the industrial loot is used in many of the crafting recipes now, that means SAVE EVERYTHING, make sure to check if it is used in any crafting recipes, if not, make sure it's not used to repair vehicles! Cars now require a wrench and car tire to repair one of their wheels, aswell as a toolbox and number of supplies. Our servers helicopters, the Huey and Mi8, both require many materials to fully make operational. Gameplay Our loot table has been completely reworked to include a number of new catagories for buildings such as farmhouses that have their own table mimicking DayZ Mod's old loot table, thus meaning all loot tables are different and require you to go to certain places to receive certain items. Civilian loot will have plentyful amounts of food, drink, civilian equipment, and some old fashioned bolties. Industrial loot will have many tools, building supplies, fuel drums, and more ALL of which has a use, everything on our server is used for something, there is no wasted items here! Military loot will give you the off chance at a power automatic rifle or even sniper rifle, among other things such as ammo military grade vests and helmets, aswell as their old uniforms. Weapons now also have a chance at spawning WITHOUT ammo, or only one mag. This will help you decide which is better to take in a pinch, a 5.56 with 3 mags or a 7.62 with one, maybe an LMG with no mags to trick enemies! As said earlier much of the industrial loot is used in many of the crafting recipes now, that means SAVE EVERYTHING, make sure to check if it is used in any crafting recipes, if not, make sure it's not used to repair vehicles! Cars now require a wrench and car tire to repair one of their wheels, aswell as a toolbox and number of supplies. Our servers helicopters, the Huey and Mi8, both require many materials to fully make operational. Funcions, scripts and features: SurvivalSpain server is a highly customized version of Exile with the following features: • Our server is PVE, but PVP is allowed. Problem: kill players lost higt respect values. Player names appear over their head when you aim at them. • Zombies: Custom coded zombies, almost walkers, including hordes. Each zombie has a chance to spawn with a vest or backpack with items and random poptabs. • Bandit AI: Bandit headhunter groups stalk a random player on the map. Bandits also drive around the map in vehicles and fly overhead. The helicopter has a chance to drop air assault troops on the players. • Missions: There are not marked missions, but they are out there. Occasionally, a marker will be placed in the style of a player marking the map. These missions include a town invasion style mission, with a large number of AI in a town, a crashed vehicle or a vehicle drop. The vehicle drop includes a fully functioning vehicle you are free to take after killing off the AI. Searching AI and zombies may reveal the coordinates of missions. You can also hack comm towers with a laptop to find mission locations. • Dynamic events: Two fighter jets fly around the map, trying to shoot each other down. When one is successful, the plane crashes and you can get loot in the form of military items, including a flight suit, helmet and more. Supply crates are periodically dropped at the airfields and may contain useful items. Earthquakes will shake you up. Be careful during one, as buildings can collapse from them. Jet fly overs also exist, where a single jet flies over head. • Other events: Anomaly mission, go to informer to more info about it • Hunting and scavenging: You can kill animals and cook them on fires. You can also search some bushes for berries to eat. • Persistent wrecks: You'll find vehicle wrecks scattered around the world. They are persistent, always in the same location. There's a small chance of finding a bag of poptabs laying on the ground near them. • Custom traders: The traders on the server are different from most server, as they don't sell everything that spawns in the game. As a matter of fact, the general store trader sells few items. You'll find pistols and some low end rifles, as well as ammo. Some food and other assorted items are available. However, you will pay a premium price for anything that you buy here and when the trader buys something from you, he's not too generous. • The trader has limited items for sale at high prices. You're going to have to scavenge for what you need. • Medlcal system: You can be knocked out and you can bleed to death. Your wounds can become infected and must be cured with water and Vishprin using the XM8 app. • Temperature system: Freeze to death or die of heat exhaustion! Monitor your temperature. You can warm up at one of the camp fires found at most of the traders. • Safe zones: There arent safe zones in traders. • Respect levels: Level up as you gain respect. Higher levels affect how fast your hunger and thirst deteriorates, increases your healing rate and increases your chance of finding intel. • Wages: Players earn a wage, this is a small amount but can increase with your level. • Simulation manager/custom cleanup: Every AI spawned, every supply drop, object or mission related event item is tied to my custom simulation manager for performance and cleanup. • Unlocked vehicles: An unlocked vehicle is a free vehicle. Make sure to lock your vehicle when you leave it. • Locked vehicles: A locked vehicle is a private vehicle. You can stealt but not destroy it. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Español ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// DayZ Exile Reborn es una mezcla de elementos de DayZ Mod, Exile mod y otros addons para asegurar fielmente una jugabilidad, atmosfera y diversion, que aseguren la mejor y mas inmersiva experiencia DayZ que tu puedas encontrar. Nombre completo del servidor: [ES] Namalsk DayZ Extreme Survival | Zeds IA Missions & Events | SurvivalSpain Grupo Steam: SurvivalSpain Admin(s); JFL, Nuestro servidor tiene una serie de características para mejorar la experiencia de un apocalipsis zombie como es DayZ, incluyendo mods completos, addons, scripts y pequeños ajustes para conseguir la mejor experiencia posible. Tambien estamos abiertos a opiniones, críticas y cualquier otro comentario que tengas, sugerencias que son muy bienvenidas ya que queremos hacer que el servidor sea un mejor lugar para jugar. Current Mods: - Disponibles en workshop de arma 3 en Steam: CUP Terrains Core; Ryanzombies; Extended Base Mod; Extended Items Exile; Friths Ruin; Z HUNTERS; Sabs Ultralight; IFA3 AIO LITE; LEN Weapons pack; CBA A3; KA Weapons; Enhanced Movement - Disponibles en A3 launcher o descarga directa Namalsk; Exile; Seasons: Namalsk tiene un ambiente duro durante las estaciones cálidas, pero cuando llega el invierno Napf se convierte en un nuevo animal! A medida que la temperatura baja, los supervivientes deben encontrar refugio contra el frio, casas, viejas y bosques profundos seran lugares perfectos para hacer refugios y establecer un campamento para mantenerse cálido. También puedes encontrar antiguos heatpacks en Hospitales para ayudarle en tus viajes! Toda la ropa ingame se ha visto rediseñada para dar a cada pieza de ropa un valor de calor. Algunas prendas de vestir serán desde muy, moderadamente o poco cálidas, que van desde las chaquetas pesadas, Parkas a los suéteres más ligeros y jeans. Los sombreros también ayudarán a luchar contra el frío (un buen ejemplo de la Ushanka). Muchos ejercitos solían tener camuflaje de invierno y las Fuerzas de Defensa de Napf no eran diferentes! Tenían una multitud de chalecos de ropa de invierno y cascos para ayudar a mantenerlo oculto y protegido del frío y las balas. Muchos sobrevivientes también se refugian en el Campamento de Sobrevivientes para acurrucarse junto al fuego acogedor para mantenerse calientes. (Gracias especiales a John / Reborn por esto) Gameplay Las tablas de loot han sido completamente reelaboradas para incluir una serie de nuevas categorías para edificios tales como granjas y casas de campo que tienen su propia tabla imitando el antiguo loot de DayZ Mod, lo que significa que todas las tablas son diferentes y requieren que vayas a ciertos lugares para recibir ciertos artículos . El loot civil tendrá cantidades frecuentes de alimento, de bebida y de equipo civil; asi como algun tipo de escopetas y pistolas. Loot industrial tendrá muchas herramientas, suministros de construcción, jerrys de combustible. Todo en nuestro servidor se utiliza o utilizará para algo, no hay artículos desperdiciados aquí! El loot militar es de tres tipos, ligero, mediano y pesado segun el tipo de edificio, lo que proporcionara distinto grado de equipo militar. Asegurate de no tirar nada, pues cada herramienta tendra un uso distinto. Caso aparte son los vehiculos, ahora necesitaras varias herramientas distintas para reparar segun que, y ademas, necesitaras encontrar todo tipo de recambios para repararlos tales como motores, rotores, parabrisas, fuel tanks etc. Funciones, scripts y características El server es PvE, pero el PvP está permitido. para que no haya abuso de PvP, asesinar otro jugador causa una perdida importante de respeto. Asi que asesina solo en caso de necesidad. Sistema de loot completamente revisado y adaptado al entorno extremo. Mundo totalmente persistente: Un dia de juego se corresponde con 4 sesiones del servidor de 4 horas cada una. Un dia comienza a las 4 AM y termina a las 8 AM, reiniciandose de nuevo y continuando desde las 8 AM a las 12 PM y así hasta alcanzar las 8 PM, momento en que comenzará un nuevo dia a las 4 AM de nuevo. Habra 4 estaciones con diferente climatologia: Primavera, verano, otoño e invierno. La estacion del año y el tiempo afecta a la climatologia que te puedes encontrar. Guarda equipo de camuflage blanco. Varios tipos de IA enemiga: Bandidos, cazarecompensas, alborotadores, guardas en helicrash, misiones marcadas en el mapa, misiones ocultas... Misiones staticas: La mafia establece campamentos en determinados asentamientos del mapa de forma permanente. La recompensa suele ser grande, asi como los riesgos a realizarlas. Tambien establecen emboscadas a los infortunados moradores de Namalsk en su afan de robo y asesinato gratuito, asi que ve con cuidado. Misiones ocultas: No se marcan en el mapa, deberas encontrarlas explorando, obtener su posicion registrando cuerpos de zombis e IA muertas o bien hackeando con un portatil en las proximidades de una torre de comunicacion. Estas misiones incluyen helicrash, vehiculos no dañados etc Infecciones: Vigila tus heridas, limpialas con agua limpia y visprine. Niveles de jugador: Todo lo que el jugador haga es afectado por su nivel, asi. jugadores con alto nivel de respeto aguantan mas sin comida o bebida, corren mas, son mas resistentes a la temperatura etc. Todos los vehiculos son persistentes. Los encontraras en carreteras, pueblos, ciudades, casas, helipuertos. En caso de tormenta EVR, tomar cobertura en algún edificio para minimizar sus efectos. Existe una mascara antiEVR que también los minimiza. Desabilita temporalmente los vehículos. En caso de tormenta eléctrica busca cobertura o huye, los rayos pueden destruir edificios, vehículos y también acabar con tu propia vida. Vigila tu temperatura corporal: Usa ropa de abrigo, enciende hogueras, toma heatpack o entra en algun vehiculo cubierto. Pagas: Los jugadores cobran una paga cada cierto tiempo de juego, que se incrementa cuando ganas reputacion. Hay traders, pero el coste de sus productos es altisimo. Claro que si se te resiste algo, puedes optar por pagar.. No hay autorefuel, el combustible solo se puede conseguir llenando una jerrycane desde otro vehiculo o fuente del mapa (gasolineras, depositos etc) aunque estas no estan siempre disponibles. La fuente de combustible varia con el tiempo. Para reparar vehiculos son necesarios multiples items: Motores, rotores, depositos de fuel, parabrisas etc. Algunos son particularmente dificiles de encontrar, por lo que podras craftearlos buscando planos e items correspodientes. Airdrop: Nueva forma de recibir suministro variado a coste cero. Solo necesitaras la humanidad requerida, un telefono movil y un blueprint laptop para poder solicitarlo. Elije una zona tranquila y solitaria y espera a que una aeronave te lance lo solicitado en paracaidas. Incluye vehiculos avanzados (no persistentes, asi que usalos y vendelo antes del restart), kit de armas avanzadas, de suministros o cajas fuertes y lockers. Anomalias: En Object A1, antigua zona experimental, hay un extraño campo de anomalias. Son mortales, asi que cuidado en aventurarse por alli. Claro que podras sacar partido de ellas. Para ello deberas ponerte en contacto con el informador al sur de la Isla que te dara detalles. Añadidos multitud de nuevos crafteos con los que enriquecer la experiencia de juego. Variados uniformes que van desde los mas pauperrimos y calamitosos hasta los mas refinados camuflajes, incluidos de invierno. Toda una pleyade de armas que van desde machetes, dagas o hachas de combate, bates de beisbol, ballestas hasta las mas modernas y futuristas. Hay disponibles ametralladoras pesadas, morteros, artilleria antiaerea, lanzallamas y toda una serie de armas de la segunda guerra mundial. Es evidente que las mas sofisticadas seran las mas dificiles de encontrar. Mapa de Namalsk profundamente customizado con multitud de nuevas edificaciones de todo tipo dispuestas por el mapa. Bomardeos aleatorios y periodicos de las principales localizaciones de la isla. Si oyes la sirena de bombardeo, sal corriendo y salva tu vida. Añadidos vehiculos de todo tipo ambientados en un apocalipsis zombie. Icluye transportes semiorugas acorazados y blindados ligeros armados de 4 a 8 ruedas alemanes, rusos y americanos de la Segunda guerra mundial. el spawn de vehiculos es persistente. Pero ahora cada vehiculo lo hara en diferentes posiciones logicas y no siempre inmediatamente despues de un restart (puede tardar varios en reaparecer). Ademas, su nivel de daño y combustible tambien varia. A las IAs ya habituales y conocidas de otros servidores Survivalspain, añadimos otras nuevas de las que nos ahorramos detalles para no arruinar la sorpresa.
  21. CADEXILE Chernarus Winter

    Canadian based server group company provided on privately owned servers by RYTECH. Servers designed and hand built in Canada for multiplayer performance. Currently we have several game servers, a public community Discord server as well as a dedicated in house TeamSpeak server. We custom make missions and refine them for high performance multiplayer game play and fun! We have various tailor made servers and missions for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. We support various mods and we continually update the servers and missions on a regular basis. We are open to comments and suggestions, and new players are always welcome. Stop by one of our servers today! Visit our TS3 at Alternatively we also have a Steam group at CANADIAN-MILSIM
  22. My New Cherno Server, theatrical screenshot! More shots with new simple objects:
  23. DayZ Esseker

    A German/English DayZ Exile Server with a lot of features, Zombies Side Missions Airdrop System vGarage Custom Statbar Woman Chars Custom Map Custom Main Menu Loadout System (Coming Soon!) Mod List: GTA Masks TRYK Uniforms TAC Vests Extended Base Build JSRS 4 Apex (Sound Mod) Shounka GEK Vehicles CUP Weapons Some other sh** Mod download via Arma3Sync: Informations about updates and changes can you find on our forum! Searching for Scripters!
  24. Hello, I bought arma 3 today and installed it, I also installed arma3launcher for modded servers such like Exile mod. I installed all the mods including Exile Mod. My problem is that when I launch arma 3 trough arma3launcher, I always get stuck on Loading screen saying "Almost there" with crisps bag. But I noticed half a hour my arma 3 updated 7gb with a new update. But i'm not 100% sure if its due that. I await replies, best regards, Álvaro Alexandre aka Wolfieaye