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Found 687 results

  1. Extended Base Mod for Exile Mod With this mod you are allowed to place some Arma 3 content in your Territory based at the Exile mod. For example: Sandbarriers, BagBunker, CamoNets, CncBarriers, Stonewall + Gate, Ladder, Watercooler some are following. Capacity: Huge Container: 20.000 Metalshelf doublesided: 5.000 Icebox: 1.500 Shelf 1: 4.000 Shelf: 3.000 Land Container Green: 15.000 Hangar: 40.000 Ammobox: 7.000 Tentdome: 1.000 Land Container Sand Small: 13.500 Cargo container Small: 6.500 Garbage Container: 8500 Metalshed 4 Layers: 5500 Plastic Crate: 2000 Suitcase: 1250 Ammo Box: 750 V 0.2.9 - Guys i am very sorry, but i had to remove the APEX buildings. Arma fucked it up - fixed the damagetaking problem on earthquakes and explosives. (Breaching charges still work) V 0.2.8 - new Buildables: Airporthangar (Apex), Ammobox, Basaltwall 4m & 8m and Gate (Apex), Breakwater dry & wet (Apex), Huron ammo- and fuelcontainer, IR tent big & small (Apex), Petroglyphwall 1 & 2 (Apex), sandbags green long & short (Apex), Sandbagbunker big green (Apex), Sandbagtower green (Apex), Suitcase - all new walls with snap points - fixed the light of the Shabby Lamp and the Camping Lamp - fixed the height jump of the Pierbox & Airplanehangar V 0.2.7 - new Buildables: Bungalow, House Big, Plastic crate, Researchfacility big and small, Garage Shelter (Apex) - all things or Buildings can be destroyed by the Breaching Charges V 0.2.6 - new Buildables: Big Bunker, Bunker Rectangle, Bunker Hexagonal, Bagbunker small green, Bunkerwall 3m Bunkerwall 6m, Controltower, Barrier 3 green, Barrier 5 green, Sandbagtower green, Trench Forest & Grass(Apex) - lootspawn fixed!!! (BIG thanks to second_coming !!) - excluded Price and Traderlist to make them like recipes and menus (Thank you Greyfox! It made Tanoa Buildings a lot easier!) V 0.2.5 - new Buildables: ATM (working with lockers ) - Snapmode for walls (Just straight, No corners or gates yet) - added Non-Physic for Garbage Container and Metalshed 4 Layers - Exile Walls are only blowable by new charges V 0.2.4 - new Buildables: Concrete Mixer, Flag CSAT, Garbage Container, Metalshed 4 Layers, Watersink - fine tuned all recipes! - changed target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F_Kit"; in menus.hpp to target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F";. menu now working correctly. V 0.2.3 - new Buildables: Camping Chair V1 & V2, Camping Table, Camping Lamp, MapBoard Altis, Pavement straight and corner narrow and straight and corner wide. - added BRAMA categories to the recipes (Container, Walls, Flora, Misc, Buildings, Signs, Lamps) - Battleyefilter added: !"MapBoard_altis_F" V 0.2.2 - changed the way receips and menus are working, now implemented via .hpp (thank you Murgatroyd) - new Buildings: Bush, Pier, 3 kind of Stones, Sleepingbag, 2 Solarpanels - mass of the Big Dome changed to 200 - Armor of following reduced by half:CNC Wall,CNC Wall 1pc,Huge Container,Land Container Green - fixed light_1_hitpoint spam in .rpt V 0.2.1 Hotfix - removed Big Tank and Military Checkpoint. Doors not working and Errors. V 0.2.0 - new Buildings: airporttower, Barracks, Beachbooth, BigTank, Castletower, UnexplodedAmmoSign, Military Checkpoint, Transmissiontower - increased armor of military tower (100 times) - reduced weight of Airplanehangar V 0.1.9 - new Buildings: Dome (big white one), Airplanehangar, Metal Shed, Solartower, Sunchair, Sunshed, Shabby Lamp - increased armor of military tower (10 times) V 0.1.8 - new Buildings:Chair, Cncblock, ContainerSmall, Industryfence 1pt, industryfence 3pt, Lampstreet, Seawall, Tavern, Tavern middle added alternative crafting receips from MrDynamite V 0.1.7 - new Buildings:PortableFloodlight double, Radar Small, Slumplane, Table, Toilet, Pierbox Floodlight coming with next patch Sorry guys V 0.1.6 - new Buildings: CNCBarrier1, Medium CNC Barrier, Crashbarrier, Big Shed, Touristshed, Watersource, CNC Wall small 4 + 8m, Military Sign Vehicle + Base Small - bug fixed where Cargo Containers spawned a lock. -> check "addingmenutoitem.txt" - fixed the bug where containers bouncing around, now same behavior like storage crate ^^ - Tentdome can be placed outside territory - increased armor of military tower again (10 times) - slightly increased armor of all hbarriers - added alternative crafting receips in a separate .txt V 0.1.5 - new Buildings: Broken Shed, Cargo Container Sand Small, CNC Stairs, Garage, Platform, Tent, Tenthangar - added lockability to cargo containers - fixed the bug where other players can pack the container without entering the code. - Baselights now always on! fixed it hope you have fun with them. V 0.1.4 - new Buildings: CNC Shelter, CNC Wall, Fuelstation Shed, Small Shed,razorwire - Removed HalogenLights. Problem with Server restart. sorry guys - lowered Mass of all heavy items. V 0.1.3 - new Buildings: Slum Container, Cargo Container Big, Big Halogenlamp, Military Outpost Small - Hangar now lockable -Menu added - on Rusty Tank you can refuel empty Canister, not Cars. - improved armor of all Buildings - Hangar mass is set to 310 (carryall is 320) V 0.1.2 - new Buildings: Rusty Tank, Metal Shelve, Cargo Tower V2 Big, Fuelstation, BagBunker Large, Shootingpostition - Hangar now lockable - removed Helipadlights due to Memoryproblems! Players who don't have the mod are able to join again. V 0.1.1 Hotfix -new Buildings: Helipadlight Blue,White and Yellow, Wooden Pier. - added inventory to the yellow shelf and the icebox - Hatches from the outpost can be opened now - Hangar is not Lockable... sorry guys - You can build Sandbags everywhere!!! V 0.1.0 Major Patch -new Buildings: ConcreteDoor, BarGate, Helipadlights green/red, icebox, Sign Military Area, Military CncWall, Military Outpost, Steelfence, -Fixed Door Locking! now working correctly V 0.0.4 - Bugfixes - New Buildings: 3 different Types of concrete walls; Helipad; New Shelf V 0.0.3 - New Buildings: Ammobox, LandContainer, Sandbag Corner, Sandbag long, Sandbagbunker, Shelf Sandbagbunker Small, Hangar, Sandbagwall Big Corner, 6m, 4m, ConcreteRamp - Ladder fixed - Stone Gate lockable V 0.0.2 - New Buildings: CNCBarrier, Stonewall, Stonegate, Ladder, Watercooler - FIXED building location was stuck! -> battleye filter!!! INSTALLATION: Please use the readme inside the mod folder Download: Or Available at A3 Launcher Or you just downloaded it from the Workshop The Serveradministrator can add it to the craftreceips (included)
  2. I have just started a exile server and i would like to add the Apex DLC weapons and vehicles to the traders and i cannot figure out how to. Any help would appreciated!
  3. Hello there everyone! So i am having a little bit of an issue im hoping someone here can help me with. So i use to use TADST to always start up my server and get it going but doing this meant i would have to go back and stop it and restart it. This got very frustrating so i came up with a new idea. In the server_config.pbo i put tru for auto restart and the restart timer for how long it took to let the server load before it accepted players. Doing this worked for about 3 restarts so that was another issue and to add on to that one the server clock would keep counting down so once it hit 00:00 for the first time and did its restart it would keep going and saying -00:01, -00:02, -00:03 etc... so to fix this i put these settings. class RCON { /* Note that for this to work you need to have serverCommandPassowrd defined in config.cfg and BE enabled */ // This needs to match config.cfg serverCommandPassword serverPassword = "Darkally7"; // Autolocks server until its ready to accept players useAutoLock = 1; // Server will autoLock at that time before restart (minutes) restartAutoLock = 2; /* Number of hours and minutes of your restart period. Examples: {4, 0} = Every 4 hours {1, 30} = Every one and a half hour (who the hell would do this?) */ restartTimer[] = {4, 0}; /* Kicks players before restart to prevent gear loss. We strongely recommend to use this! 0 = off 1 = on */ useAutoKick = 1; /* Number of minutes before the server kicks players that did not disconnect before the restart. Should at least be two minutes! */ kickTime = 2; /* Self-explanatory 0 = off 1 = on */ useRestartMessages = 1; /* Number of minutes before the restart to inform your players. Only use full minutes here. Value like 5.5 have not been tested. */ restartWarningTime[] = {15, 10, 5, 3}; /* If set to 1 server will execute '#shutdown', to try to shutdown the server */ useShutdown = 1; }; Now after putting all of that the server would restart every 4 hours. At the bottom i put "useShutdown =1;" this would combat my clock issue i had allowing the server to have a fresh restart. To launch the server back up i used a custom ".bat" file like this. @echo off cls color 0A set gameserver=Arma Exile title %gameserver% Auto Restart / Process Checker :start REM Time till Auto Restart. set hours="4" set minutes="0" set seconds="0" REM // Launch parameters start "Exile" /high "arma3server.exe" -port=2302 "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" "-config=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg""-cfg=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default" -netlog -filePatching -pid=pid.log -ranking=ranking.log "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" -autoInit -filePatching -servermod=@AdminToolkitServer;@ExileServer; REM Pull, display and create some time functions for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).AddHours(%hours%).AddMinutes(%minutes%).AddSeconds(%seconds%).ToString('yyyyMMddHHmmss')"') do set endtime=%%G for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).ToString('HH:mm:ss')"') do set nowtimeclean=%%G for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).AddHours(%hours%).AddMinutes(%minutes%).AddSeconds(%seconds%).ToString('HH:mm:ss')"') do set endtimeclean=%%G echo %time% - %gameserver% Server started at %nowtimeclean% and will restart at %endtimeclean% :checkarma for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).ToString('yyyyMMddHHmmss')"') do set nowtime=%%G REM ////////// TIMER CHECK /////////// if "%nowtime%" gtr "%endtime%" ( echo %time% - It is time to restart %gameserver%! echo. echo. goto restartarma ) REM ////////// END TIMER CHECK /////////// REM ////////// PROCESS CHECK /////////// tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq arma3server.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "arma3server.exe">NUL if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" ( echo %time% - The process is not running, restart %gameserver%! echo. echo. goto restartarma ) REM ////////// END PROCESS CHECK /////////// REM restart not needed. Check again in 3 seconds. TIMEOUT /T 3 /NOBREAK >NUL goto checkarma :restartarma REM Either the server crashed or it is time for a restart. Kill the process and go to start. START taskkill /f /im arma3server.exe 2>nul TIMEOUT /T 3 /NOBREAK >NUL goto start @if exist net.log goto rotatelog else end :rotatelog set str=%date% set tme=%time% rem echo."%str%" "%tme%" for /f "tokens=1,2,3* delims=." %%i in ("%str%") do set str=%%k%%j%%i for /f "tokens=1,2,3* delims=:." %%i in ("%tme%") do set tme=%%i%%j%%k rem echo."%str%" "%tme%" move net.log .\NetLogs\%str%_%tme%_net.log set str= set tme= REM This will activate -netlog. :end "C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\arma3server.exe" "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" "-config=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg""-cfg=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default" -netlog -filePatching -pid=pid.log -ranking=ranking.log "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" -autoInit -filePatching -servermod=@AdminToolkitServer;@ExileServer; What this will do is when the Arma3Server.exe is no longer running the server will relaunch it using the startup parameter inside of the launch parameter filed. This was going to be used incase the server crashes but also the .bat file will wait every 4 hours to force shut down on the Arma3Server.exe incase the "useShutdown =1;" fails to work. So in the end the entire program works just like the TADST of course using the extracted setup files from TADST. Now that you know the work around at the end of the .bat file starting from "@if exist net.log goto rotatelog else end" and down this 16 lines of code is used to save the "LOG" files from the console. It works but unlike the TADST where it would save the next log file as a higher number for example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. My bat file saves it as 2, 8, 5, 7, 9, 1, etc... is there anyone that can look over this and help me out.
  4. ETG Heli Crash And Drop Script by Kellojo Description: This script allows you to add helicopter crashes and supply drops to your mission. Features: - cargo drops - heli crashes - random loot - adjustable loot tables - time between drops is configurable - toggable markers - 'easy configuration' - toggable fire at crashsites - toggable AI - debug function Installation: Add this to your init.sqf: //ETG Heli Crash And Drop Script if (isServer) then { fn_crashdrop = compile preprocessFile "fn_crashdrop.sqf"; [2] call fn_crashdrop; }; Included Files: - 4 Screenshots - The script itself - All Exile classnames (old...) Notes: If you have any questions, ideas and/or have problem with the script itself, feel free to add me on Steam (Kellojo). Problems with BattleEye Filters???: This link might help you, its a collection of restrictions/filters created by Cen, ST4RFi and Harard. Thank you very much for creating this! Credits&Thanks: - Special thanks to Galgenjunge(X) for suggesting to add a debug function - Special thanks to everyony else who reported bugs - Special thanks to CEN ( ) for creating the BE Filter list - Special thanks to ST4RFi ( ) for creating the BE Filter list - Special thanks to Hazard ( ) for creating the BE Filter list License/Disclaimer: You can use this script on you servers and missons and are allowed to modify it however you want. Its not necessary to give credit to me but it would be appreciated. Screenshots: Can be found on the Armaholic thread ^^ Download/Changelog: The download and changelog can be found over at Armaholic:
  5. Hey Guys, I wanted to make some Custom Spawns for my Server. But they don't work, since 5 days I am googeling the shit out of my PC and tried everything I found... When I Respawn I just get set at some random position which seems like to be exiles standart spawns for Tanoa... Every tip is appreciated... mission.sqm
  6. Right, This problem started persisting when i started playing ArmA 3 again. Only that Exile is the only mod that kicks me out of all servers. I've tried other servers with/without mods, works perfect. Reinstalled Exile Manually and Automatically from A3Launcher. Yet it doesn't fix it. Tried reinstalling ArmA 3, nope. Tried deleting anything that connects with ArmA 3. BattlEye installed manually and automatically, nothing out of it. I've seen all threads around these forums, none of those methods work. Yet i can't play with my friends. This has been for several days and a few weeks. Any help? If so, Please do help. RPT File: And this:|2048:1152&composite-to%3D*%2C*|2048%3A1152&background-color=black It nearly gets me to join, but at the end, it decides to kick.
  7. Hi, so i've had VEMFr running for a little while now, decided to go do a few missions upon completion there was no loot marker on the map. I checked the rpt logs immediately to see if loot had dropped and sure enough it had and told me the coordinates. Sure enough loot was there, Also no smoke on crate either. All other notifications and markers work.... (Notifications about mission start, mission complete & Dynamic Mission Markers) these lines are enabled announce = yes; // enable/disable mission notificatons useMarker = yes; // enable/disable mission markers markCrateOnMap = yes; // enable/disable loot crate marker on map called "Loot" markCrateVisual = yes; // enable/disable loot crate VISUAL marker (smoke and/or chem) smokeTypes[] = { "SmokeShell", "SmokeShellBlue", "SmokeShellGreen", "SmokeShellOrange", "SmokeShellRed", "SmokeShellYellow" }; spawnCrateFirst = no; // enable/disable the spawning of loot crate before mission has been completed i've disabled the other missions
  8. Hallöchen alle mit einander, wie im Titel beschrieben suche ich Anschluss an eine Gruppe von Spielern für die Mod Exile [Arma3]. Geistiges Alter sollte vorhanden sein. Zu mir : Ich bin 22Jahre alt, des Englischen mächtig, geduldig, gesprächig und bin für spontane Aktionen zuhaben.
  9. Hi everybody, Currently i'm in the process of setting up a Arma 3 Linux Ubuntu 16.04 server with exile, and a few other mods that are gonna be added. Because i'm new to setting up A3 modded servers i was hoping that there is somebody who wants to help me out a bit and learn me a few things in the process about mod customization. Because its my first time setup i also want to make a new ( Bit more detailed ) tutorial on howto setup and configure the server from scratch in the process for others. From scratch-> Install linux-> Prepare software -> Dependencies installed? -> Steam/cmd conf -> Arma server preparations-> Download server and conf-> etc etc etc... I mainly wanted to setup a new tutorial because the old one dates back to 2015... and in the piles and piles of information i kinda got lost with everything ^^, Any how, Currently writing out some main configuration ( test it, run it, connect to it. see what happends ) and when exile mod is finished i'm gonna try to install that if the previous step went according to plan. Oh, ATM i'm in the ts from EXILEMOD. Hope to see some ppl here soon. Greetings, Justin.
  10. Hi! So I'm trying to make an Exile server so me and my friends can play on privately, I have sucesfully installed the following mods: Exile CBA Extended Base Mod AdminToolkit The problem is that I'm trying to add Task Force Radio and it semi-works, I can see in the corner when pressing CAPS LOCK that it says "Transmitting" and I can open the Radio when pressing Control and P. Also when I'm joining the server (in loading screen) I can hear it move me to the TaskForceRadio channel, but as soon as I load the world and can move around it moves me back to the previous channel I was in and not working. Anyone have an idea on how to make Task Force Radio work on my server, It would bring alot of fun when fighting zombies and etc. Thank you!
  11. Hallo Exiler, seit wenigen Tagen versuche ich schon eine neue Map auf meinem Server zum Laufen zu bringen - vergebens! Die unter G-Portal funktionieren (Altis und Tanoa). Jedoch ist auch Namalsk von Anfang an mit dabei (inkl. Mission.PBO) doch sobald ich versuche diese zu installieren, startet der Server nicht mehr. Und wenn er denn mal startet, dann komme ich nicht rauf weil ich aus Gründen XY gekickt werde. Durch ein wenig googlen stieß ich auf die Möglichkeit, dass man auch Chernarus installieren könnte. Also weiter nach Chernarus gegooglet und auf Armaholic auf das All In Arma Terrain Pack gestoßen und gedownloaded. Jetzt weiß ich aber nicht wirklich weiter. Wie installiert man es? Brauch ich dazu eine Mission.pbo? Woher bekommt man die? Altis.pbo nehmen? Gibt es DEUTSCHE YT-Tutorials die eine Step-by-step Anleitung haben? Ich bin, wie man aus vergangenen Hilferufen noch weiß, der englischen Sprache nicht ganz gewachsen. Auf sinnvolle Beiträge würde ich mich sehr freuen. Danke im Voraus.
  12. Hey guys I have a modest Youtube channel and thought I would share with you my newest arma 3 series. Legends of the Exiled, hope you enjoy
  13. Hey everyone, thanks for clicking on the post! Sorry if this is a bit overdue, a friend of mine HunterGaming recently told me I should be putting my videos up on Exile's home forums, so I thought why the hell not. Every time I release a new one, ill post it here. If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to give me some feedback, feel free to post at any time! Links to my stuff will be below. From time to time I also may put up something that is just an Arma 3 related video that could either help you better yourself in the game, or just make you laugh! YouTube Twitter Alone:
  14. Hallo zusammen, habe jetzt schon eine Weile im Netz gesucht Es geht um folgendes: Ich hab auf einem Exile Server gespielt wo Patrouillen in gewissen Abständen, also ich bin der Meinung, immer die gleiche Route gefahren sind Da das in der Nähe meiner Base war fand ich das nice, weil man konnte sich auf die Lauer legen und die Gegner beseitigen und das Fahrzeug klauen und verkaufen Nun habe ich einen eigenen kleinen Exile Server gebastelt wo ich mit Kollegen spiele Soweit ist alles gut...AI Mission, Loot usw usw Leider klappt das mit den AI Patrouillen nicht so recht......die spawnen zwar aber irgendwo im Urwald und verbuggen dann oder verlassen ihre Fahrzeuge und rennen irgendwo hin Habe mittlerweile Occupation mit DMS probiert.....wie gesagt Patrouillen spawnen aber total blöde.......20 Patrouillen habe ich eingestellt wenn da 2-3 auf der Straße fahren ist das schon viel :-) Habe es mit Random und Static probiert..............Static hmmmm.....war komisch irgendwann standen zig Fahrzeuge auf einem Fleck rum ohne AI :-) einfach nur chaotisch Jetzt habe ich VEMF probiert......da kann ich Patrouillen einen Weg vorgeben, aber die nutzen kein Auto sondern sind zu Fuß...und auch nur eine AI :-( Kennt jemand VEMF und weiß ob man dort Vehicle Patrouillen einstellen kann? Oder kennt jemand ein anderes AI Patrouillen System was gut läuft Ich wäre echt dankbar über ein paar Antworten Danke im Voraus Thosie
  15. We have a relatively new server ~2 weeks old. If you would like to check it out Search BurningTreeGaming IP: The servers are based on the East Coast (North Carolina) If you like it and feel you can contribute message me and I will be happy to talk to you about being a mod.
  16. I run a Panthera/Winthera server myself and ive had quite a few messages about the mission files and so on, so i thought i would share a basic Exile.Panthera3.pbo file with loot positions for others to use. Personally i dont know why this map isnt more popular, IceBrakr has recently released a winter version which is included in the download. There are 3 traders in my version, Also a upgraded military base with the loot positions added to the table, Pictures are below Installation: To run this map all you need is CUP_Terrians_Core and the Panthera map itself. Download Cup Terrains Core from here Add to the server root - @CUP_Terrains_Core Download the Panthera3 map from here. Add to the server root and make sure the folder is called - @panthera_a3 Parameters used : -mod=@panthera_a3;@CUP_Terrains_Core; For Panthera: MpMission : Exile.Panthera3 For Winthera MpMission : Exile.Winthera3 You can download my basic pbo file here, when changing between Panthera and Winthera, Remember to change the PBO name aswell = Exile.Panthera3 or Exile.Winthera3 Here are the loot positions (Including new military base) Replace in your exile_server_config Here are some pictures of the map and traders Map: Trader #1: Trader #2: Trader #3 Simple Boat Trader: Upgraded Drulovka Military Base:
  17. I am having the exact same problem, I keep trying to join servers, sometimes I get in and play for an hour or two, then I get kicked from the game! it gives no reason and it happens for no reason. yesterday, I recently left elektro, and I believe i was in mogilevka, and I saw a downed helicopter, and as I was reaching it, I GOT KICKED! so I called it a night and went to bed, today, I couldnt get into that server so I went to another ccg chernarus server with only 22 people and I got instantly kicked from the server as soon as I got to the lobby. same as the person above. It cant be any missing mods or anything else because I can get in and play and fight with other players, and the pop up didnt say anything about any missing content, just says "you were kicked from the game" that's it, can someone help please?
  18. Ok so I built a custom trader base on Altis, all simple objects show up perfectly. Map markers and safe zones all good. But cannot see what i did wrong that the traders themselves arent showing/spawning. Will post Initplayerlocal below. My additions at the end. Please take a look. Thanks
  19. Hey so today i have installed Ryan zombies and ExileZ spawner onto my exile development server and im getting Script Restriction #19 when i get inside the Zombie trigger zones #19 "azinesmaxSoldier - ryanzombiesmagazinesminSoldier)))); _l addmagazinecargoglobal [_magazine,_magazineAmount]; }; if ((random 100" i attempted to fix this by adding this to line #21 in my Scripts.txt file !="azinesmaxSoldier - ryanzombiesmagazinesminSoldier))));_l addmagazinecargoglobal [_magazine,_magazineAmount];};if ((random 100" Below is the entire line #21 7 addMagazine !="zine\":\n{\nif (_bulletCount isEqualTo -1) then\n{\n_container addMagazineCargoGlobal [_itemClassName, 1];\n_added = true;\n}\nelse \n{\n_" !=" call ExileClient_util_containerCargo_clear;\n{\n_container addMagazineAmmoCargo [_x select 0, 1, _x select 1];\n}\nforEach (_data s" !="hisRound = _ammoToRefund min _ammoPerMagazine;\n_container addMagazine [_magazineClassName, _ammoToRefundThisRound];\n_ammoToRefun" !="gazines;\n};\n_newMagazines pushBack _toMagazine;\n{\n_object addMagazine _x; \n}\nforEach _newMagazines;\ntrue" !="azinesmaxSoldier - ryanzombiesmagazinesminSoldier))));_l addmagazinecargoglobal [_magazine,_magazineAmount];};if ((random 100" This didn't fix my issue and i get the same script restriction #19 everytime, this is the 6th inline of many script restriction's from Ryan Zombies but this is the only one that has not been fixed by simply adding it to the BE Filter if anyone can help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
  20. Hi i am looking for a scripter on my server who is familiar with PVE game play i will pay too must have a few years exp. My server is E2P exile mod if you need to contact me do not hesitate Thank you SimonIrish TS
  21. Servus, Wir vom Server "the Purge" suchen noch einen Scripter zur unterstüzung in userem Team, Was wir bieten: -Root Server -MySQL DB -Laufenden Exile Server -Ts -Spaß Was wir suchen: -Einen Scripter mit erfahrung -Alter 18+ -Aktivität Bei Interresse einfach mal bei uns im Ts melden :
  22. [FF] Fear Factory ExileMod Altis

    Die Fear-Factory lädt alle interessierten Spieler ein bei uns auf Altis das Exil zu erleben. Wir bieten euch einen stabilen Server für ein flüssiges Spielerlebnis,netten Support und unbürokratische Hilfe wenn mal was total daneben geht.Bei uns gibt es die PVE/PVP Variante mit RP-Elementen damit für alle etwas dabei ist. Ihr benötigt folgende Mods um zu joinen : Exile 1.0.2 // ExtendedBaseMod 0.2.7 // Cup Units 1.8.1 // Cup Vehicles 1.8.1 // Cup Weapons 1.8.1 // CBA_A3 Vers. Wir sind eine weltoffene, tolerante und abgerundete Gemeinschaft mit Mitgliedern von jung bis alt. Wir spielen im allgemeinen Arcade-, Action-, RTS- und Puzzlegames. An oberster Stelle steht der Spass am Spielen und das gemeinsame und gemütliche Treffen untereinander. The fear factory owns several servers with different games, we play all maps but primarily ALTIS. News on the team and around the gameplay can be found into the Forun on our Homepage, Happy Gaming, your FF-Team.
  23. Hallo Leute, nun ist es schon ein paar Tage seit verkündet wurde das Exile nicht weiterentwickelt wird...und dennoch wird dieser phantastische Mod weiterhin gespielt... leider haben einige Spieler aufgehört an Exile zu glauben und haben sich zurückgezogen... Wir die fear-factory, ein deutscher Multigaming Clan haben nicht aufgehört an Exile zu glauben und spielen es witerhin. Auf diesem Wege möchten wir alle interessierten Spieler herzlich einladen bei uns auf dem Server vorbeizukommen und mit uns gemeinsam auf Altis weiter zu machen. Nähere Informationen was ihr an Mods benötigt um bei uns zu spielen erfahrt ihr auf unserer Homepage oder in unserem Teamspeak dessen IP ihr auch auf der Homepage erfahrt. Ich hoffe es finden sich genügend Spieler um Exile nicht aussterben zu lassen. Bei uns wird Wert auf guten Umgang miteinander gelegt weshalb wir auch ein Regelwerk aufgestellt haben um allen Spielern die bestmöglichen Spielmöglichkeiten zu bieten. Unser Server läuft stabil und flüssig und wir haben einige features implemantiert um den Spielspaß zu vergrößern, vieles kennt man auch schon von den anderen Mitstreiterservern denn im Grunde sind wir alle eine große Exile-Familie! Also kommt vorbei schaut es euch an und vielleicht gefällt es euch und ihr möchtet bleiben Wir freuen uns über jeden Neuankömmling und helfen gerne wenn es mal eng wir mit etwas Zucker,Mehl oder ein paar Poptabs aus . Um auf unserem Server zu spielen benötigt ihr folgende Mods: Exile 1.0.2 // ExtendedBaseMod 0.2.8 // Cup Units 1.8.1 // Cup Vehicles 1.8.1 // Cup Weapons 1.8.1 // CBA_A3 Vers. Ihr könnt diese Mods(außer ExileMod) via Steam-Workshop Abonnement,A3 Launcher oder via Armaholic laden. Bei Fragen nutzt gerne unseren Teamspeak unter der IP-Adresse: Hoffentlich bis bald wir freuen uns auf euch. eure (verfasst von T.E. Lawrence) our Server-information and rules are in english also . so English speaking Players are welcome. To join our Server you need the following Mods: Exile 1.0.2 // ExtendedBaseMod 0.2.8 // Cup Units 1.8.1 // Cup Vehicles 1.8.1 // Cup Weapons 1.8.1 // CBA_A3 Vers. You can get these Mods (except Exile Mod) via Steam-Workshop Abonnement,A3 Launcher or via Armaholic . For any other Question/Problem join our Teamspeak IP-Adress: See you soon your (written by T.E. Lawrence)
  24. Just put together a quick tutorial to show you how I fixed my memory errors whilst loading. So as I was trying to load into the server the other night I had about 20-30 memory errors in a row and I was f~@$ing screwing! So I sought out a fix ! and here it is, this worked for me! it may or may not work for you but its worth a try
  25. Vial of Salt's ExileZ Server

    Welcome to Vial of Salt's ExileZ Server. (Date Started 12/19/16) Requirements: APEX, Exile, and Zombies and Demons. This is a PvP server. Don't whine when you lose gear, vehicles or items. Current Scripts: Halo Jump Towing AI Missions Planning on adding more! Current Hardware: M.2 SSD Storage 3.4GHz Haswell-E CPU Gigabit Network/Uplink Headless Client We recommend you run the latest arma3client_performance_166_139792_v7.7z released from BIStudio. Server IP: