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Found 862 results

  1. Yellow, i was just wondering how to make vehicles spawn as a map object in my server. Cuz i want them to be a part of my trader, but just putting them in whit the editor doesn't seem to work. Help plz
  2. Extended Base Mod for Exile Mod With this mod you are allowed to place some Arma 3 content in your Territory based at the Exile mod. For example: Sandbarriers, BagBunker, CamoNets, CncBarriers, Stonewall + Gate, Ladder, Watercooler some are following. 14.06.2017 - clientside hotfix , where snapposition of floor/wall is fixed (server doesn't need to update) V -Hotfix Snappositions V 0.3.2 - new Buildings 11pcs. (selfmade): Brickwall System (compatible with Exile buildings), Helipad, Airhook, Parksign - deleted Pierbox (Land_Pier_Box_F_Kit), Big Pier (Land_nav_pier_m_F_Kit), and all camo nets ("CamoNet_OPFOR_open_F_Kit","CamoNet_INDP_open_F_Kit","CamoNet_BLUFOR_open_F_Kit") Admins have to delete them in the Database - updated Battleyefilters! V 0.3.1 - added 80 new buildables // Thank you Kurewe for providing me the codes of 64 Items!!! celebrate him guys! : TV, Plastic chair, Gaming Set, Gym Bench & Rack, Office interieur, PC set, Trophys, Sunshades, Stuff for the Garage like Engine Crane, Tool storages, Helipad lights, Tripod screens, Targets,... - Battleyefilter reworked - Recipe categories reworked - enabled Simulation on serverrestart! REMOVE THIS FIX: exileServer_object_construction_database_load = "EBM\exileServer_object_construction_database_load.sqf"; //Original fix by Eichi V 0.3.0 - Huge Lamp illmination fixed - doors fixed (original by Eichi) - certain apex buildings available V 0.2.9 - Guys i am very sorry, but i had to remove the APEX buildings. Arma fucked it up - fixed the damagetaking problem on earthquakes and explosives. (Breaching charges still work) V 0.2.8 - new Buildables: Airporthangar (Apex), Ammobox, Basaltwall 4m & 8m and Gate (Apex), Breakwater dry & wet (Apex), Huron ammo- and fuelcontainer, IR tent big & small (Apex), Petroglyphwall 1 & 2 (Apex), sandbags green long & short (Apex), Sandbagbunker big green (Apex), Sandbagtower green (Apex), Suitcase - all new walls with snap points - fixed the light of the Shabby Lamp and the Camping Lamp - fixed the height jump of the Pierbox & Airplanehangar V 0.2.7 - new Buildables: Bungalow, House Big, Plastic crate, Researchfacility big and small, Garage Shelter (Apex) - all things or Buildings can be destroyed by the Breaching Charges V 0.2.6 - new Buildables: Big Bunker, Bunker Rectangle, Bunker Hexagonal, Bagbunker small green, Bunkerwall 3m Bunkerwall 6m, Controltower, Barrier 3 green, Barrier 5 green, Sandbagtower green, Trench Forest & Grass(Apex) - lootspawn fixed!!! (BIG thanks to second_coming !!) - excluded Price and Traderlist to make them like recipes and menus (Thank you Greyfox! It made Tanoa Buildings a lot easier!) V 0.2.5 - new Buildables: ATM (working with lockers ) - Snapmode for walls (Just straight, No corners or gates yet) - added Non-Physic for Garbage Container and Metalshed 4 Layers - Exile Walls are only blowable by new charges V 0.2.4 - new Buildables: Concrete Mixer, Flag CSAT, Garbage Container, Metalshed 4 Layers, Watersink - fine tuned all recipes! - changed target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F_Kit"; in menus.hpp to target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F";. menu now working correctly. V 0.2.3 - new Buildables: Camping Chair V1 & V2, Camping Table, Camping Lamp, MapBoard Altis, Pavement straight and corner narrow and straight and corner wide. - added BRAMA categories to the recipes (Container, Walls, Flora, Misc, Buildings, Signs, Lamps) - Battleyefilter added: !"MapBoard_altis_F" V 0.2.2 - changed the way receips and menus are working, now implemented via .hpp (thank you Murgatroyd) - new Buildings: Bush, Pier, 3 kind of Stones, Sleepingbag, 2 Solarpanels - mass of the Big Dome changed to 200 - Armor of following reduced by half:CNC Wall,CNC Wall 1pc,Huge Container,Land Container Green - fixed light_1_hitpoint spam in .rpt V 0.2.1 Hotfix - removed Big Tank and Military Checkpoint. Doors not working and Errors. V 0.2.0 - new Buildings: airporttower, Barracks, Beachbooth, BigTank, Castletower, UnexplodedAmmoSign, Military Checkpoint, Transmissiontower - increased armor of military tower (100 times) - reduced weight of Airplanehangar V 0.1.9 - new Buildings: Dome (big white one), Airplanehangar, Metal Shed, Solartower, Sunchair, Sunshed, Shabby Lamp - increased armor of military tower (10 times) V 0.1.8 - new Buildings:Chair, Cncblock, ContainerSmall, Industryfence 1pt, industryfence 3pt, Lampstreet, Seawall, Tavern, Tavern middle added alternative crafting receips from MrDynamite V 0.1.7 - new Buildings:PortableFloodlight double, Radar Small, Slumplane, Table, Toilet, Pierbox Floodlight coming with next patch Sorry guys V 0.1.6 - new Buildings: CNCBarrier1, Medium CNC Barrier, Crashbarrier, Big Shed, Touristshed, Watersource, CNC Wall small 4 + 8m, Military Sign Vehicle + Base Small - bug fixed where Cargo Containers spawned a lock. -> check "addingmenutoitem.txt" - fixed the bug where containers bouncing around, now same behavior like storage crate ^^ - Tentdome can be placed outside territory - increased armor of military tower again (10 times) - slightly increased armor of all hbarriers - added alternative crafting receips in a separate .txt V 0.1.5 - new Buildings: Broken Shed, Cargo Container Sand Small, CNC Stairs, Garage, Platform, Tent, Tenthangar - added lockability to cargo containers - fixed the bug where other players can pack the container without entering the code. - Baselights now always on! fixed it hope you have fun with them. V 0.1.4 - new Buildings: CNC Shelter, CNC Wall, Fuelstation Shed, Small Shed,razorwire - Removed HalogenLights. Problem with Server restart. sorry guys - lowered Mass of all heavy items. V 0.1.3 - new Buildings: Slum Container, Cargo Container Big, Big Halogenlamp, Military Outpost Small - Hangar now lockable -Menu added - on Rusty Tank you can refuel empty Canister, not Cars. - improved armor of all Buildings - Hangar mass is set to 310 (carryall is 320) V 0.1.2 - new Buildings: Rusty Tank, Metal Shelve, Cargo Tower V2 Big, Fuelstation, BagBunker Large, Shootingpostition - Hangar now lockable - removed Helipadlights due to Memoryproblems! Players who don't have the mod are able to join again. V 0.1.1 Hotfix -new Buildings: Helipadlight Blue,White and Yellow, Wooden Pier. - added inventory to the yellow shelf and the icebox - Hatches from the outpost can be opened now - Hangar is not Lockable... sorry guys - You can build Sandbags everywhere!!! V 0.1.0 Major Patch -new Buildings: ConcreteDoor, BarGate, Helipadlights green/red, icebox, Sign Military Area, Military CncWall, Military Outpost, Steelfence, -Fixed Door Locking! now working correctly V 0.0.4 - Bugfixes - New Buildings: 3 different Types of concrete walls; Helipad; New Shelf V 0.0.3 - New Buildings: Ammobox, LandContainer, Sandbag Corner, Sandbag long, Sandbagbunker, Shelf Sandbagbunker Small, Hangar, Sandbagwall Big Corner, 6m, 4m, ConcreteRamp - Ladder fixed - Stone Gate lockable V 0.0.2 - New Buildings: CNCBarrier, Stonewall, Stonegate, Ladder, Watercooler - FIXED building location was stuck! -> battleye filter!!! INSTALLATION: Please use the readme inside the mod folder Download: Or Available at A3 Launcher Or you just downloaded it from the Workshop If you guys want to support me: Support here OLD VERSION: V0.3.1: Here The Serveradministrator can add it to the craftreceips (included)
  3. Hello, On my server a lot of vehicle exploded! For example by approaching a vehicle without touching it it can explode or sometimes when exiting a car it explodes or even by laying a helicopter delicately on the ground it explodes! My vehicle spawns are set to 0 damage! I know that since the maj ARMA 3 1.68 there can be critical hits to vehicles but there I speak of explosion without NPC! How can I fix this problem because it puts my server in peril because many players are unhappy. Thank you
  4. Looking for Exile Heroes. We have started recruiting member to join our ranks on a Tanoa server we have started to call our own, We are about 12 members strong looking for fresh blood to join up and have fun with us, along with participate in Training sessions and Server side Missions.~RequirementsAge 16+Working microphoneAble to follow ordersAble to participate in weekend training sessionsBe activeHave Brains before Bullets (Hero material)If you have questions feel free to add me
  5. Hey Leute, wir, die fear-factory,ein deutschsprachiger Clan, suchen noch neue Spieler für unseren Server. Von Jung bis alt ist bereits alles vertreten und selbstverständlich auch willkommen.Wir sind seit einiger Zeit große Exile Fans und freuen uns über nette neuankömmlinge auf Altis um mit uns ne gepflegte Runde zu zocken. Auf unserem Server ist für jeden was dabei, sei es für den PVP Spieler oder für alle die einfach nur im rahmen von PVE ihr Exil dasein geniesen wollen. Und das beste ist das sich keiner in die Quere kommt da es mehr als genug platz für alle gibt.Bei uns steht der Spaß im Vordergrund und nicht das Hardcore Survival. Schaut doch einfach mal vorbei und macht euch ein Bild. Nähere informationen zu Uns als Clan und der Möglichkeit bei uns zu spielen erfahrt ihr Hier im Serverbereich der Exil-Mod Seite oder auf unserer Homepage: Bis dann Hey Guys, we are looking for new Exilants, so come and join our Clan or just play on our Server. We are a multigaming community and give you the possibility to play exile on altis in a mixed gameplay with pve and pvp. we offer a lot of features so everyone is free to play the kind of exile he prefers. you like a nice and chilled exile wit pve and rules...or just a rough and bloody pvp style without any restrictions.... we offer both! well if you´re intrested come and have a look. for detailed information see the server-info in the serverthread of exilemod-forum or on our homepage:
  6. Hi there, Im having some issues whit my server. Im trying to get Malden to work and if got everything working just fine expect for the fact that i keep being kicked! This is what it says in the loggs: 15:03:44 "ExileServer - Player Sebastian (UID 76561198092036423) connected!" 15:03:46 "ExileServer - Starting session for 'Sebastian' with ID 'jolcljqt'..." 15:03:46 "ExileServer - Dispatching hasPlayerRequest for session 'jolcljqt'..." 15:04:56 Client: Remote object 4:0 not found 15:04:56 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : 4b9de040# 626898: coveralls.p3d" How do i fix???
  7. [SSG] Smoke Shack Gaming

    Smoke Shack Gaming has been around since Arma 2: DayZ and Arma 2: Dayz Epoch and Overpoch. Our server replicates Old Arma 2 DayZ overpoch. The map contains coustom loot spawns with Open Chernarus, aswell as High End Traders that replicate Overpoch Hero/Bandit Traders. We Hope to see you soon! Mods: Mods: @Exile @CUP_Terrains_Core @CUP_Terrains_Maps @TRYK_TRYK’S_Multiplay_Uniforms @Extended_Base_Mod @Chernarus_Isles @Advanced_Urban_Rappelling @Advanced_Sling_Loading @Advanced_Towing @Advanced_Rappelling @CBA_A3 @RHSUSAF @RHSAFRF @Open_Chernarus_Project_with_JBAD @CUP_Units @CUP_Weapons @CUP_Vehicles
  8. Moin, hab mir vor ein paar Tagen Arma 3 gegönnt und spiele zur Zeit auf Frankie's Tanoa Exile Server, und suche nun noch den ein oder anderen Mitspieler um zusammen zu überleben, zu looten und andere Spieler zu töten bzw. auszurauben! Habe schon über 500 Std. in Arma 2 verbracht, da sich Arma 3 nicht allzusehr davon unterscheidet also schon genügend Erfahrung. Alle Banditen sind herzlich Willkommen ! ;-)
  9. OCD-Gaming Exile Chernarus

    OCD-Gaming Chernarus At OCD-Gaming server performance is everything and we strive to keep our servers optimized for the best possible game/player experience. If you are looking for good FPS then our High Spec Dedi box, fully custom scripts & apps make our server a great choice. Custom OCD XM8 Live Leader Board Custom OCD Donator Perks - (non player advantage & non game changing) Very Active Admins & Developers (Find us in our TeamSpeak) High FPS Plus Loot Events & Competitions Revive Hacking & Grinding 50K in Locker to Start Required Mods Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Rappelling CBA CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Exile Mod Open Chernarus Project NATO Rus Weapons NATO Rus Vehicles TRYK's Multi-Play Uniform NIArms - Complete HVP
  10. Hello Exile Community, Today I want to present to you my go at extb3 implementation. Take note that this is by no means official. But, with that being said I have a server running it right now and have thoroughly tested it and made sure to our best that there were no database issues. When submitting an error report please provide the following; A brief description of the issue, The FULL Server RPT File, The FULL ExtDB log, and any other information you feel is pertinent to the issue. Installation : New GUIDE (Easier to follow/Setup):
  11. Hallo Community , die Zeit ist für mich wieder gekommen mich einem Exile Server zu widmen und ich habe mir auch schon ein paar Gedanken gemacht. Ich hoffe der Titel ist nicht irreführend, aber ich hab mir gedacht, es muss doch eine Mod geben die Lootbare Schiffwracks einbaut oder ähnliches. Ich liebe es zu tauchen in Arma und wollte das mal mit Exile verbinden. Natürlich nehme ich auch andere Ideen, bezüglich der "Wasserwelt", entgegen. Schönen (warmen) Tag euch allen, Papawolf.
  12. Hello, I bought arma 3 today and installed it, I also installed arma3launcher for modded servers such like Exile mod. I installed all the mods including Exile Mod. My problem is that when I launch arma 3 trough arma3launcher, I always get stuck on Loading screen saying "Almost there" with crisps bag. But I noticed half a hour my arma 3 updated 7gb with a new update. But i'm not 100% sure if its due that. I await replies, best regards, Álvaro Alexandre aka Wolfieaye
  13. There's probabbly alot of posts about this, but this is my last resort. I bought a server today from GTXGaming, and am attempting to add a few mods to it etc, apart from before I bought the server i didnt know it would be this confusing to setup. If someone could provide assistance it would be much appreciated as I have opened various tickets with GTXGaming and just received blunt replies. I wanted to add mods (can provide names) config mission, loot, vehicle and ai. spawns. possible setup trader zones. I basically need someone with more general knowledge about setting up a server than me. Kind regards.
  14. ABC Game Servers | By Gamers For Gamers! Are you tired of all the GSP's that don't meet your expectations? Do you want a server package that just works? Then look no further as ABC Game Servers has you covered. Who are we: ABC Game Servers is a small U.K. based company comprised of 7 staff members, we are all gamers that have a love and passion for what we do and we want to feed some of that love and passion into the server hosting industry, we are firm believers of quality over quantity and with that we ensure we put the same level of care into making sure all our customers are happy with their servers whether its help with leaning to get the most out of your server package or just learning how to install mods we will be there to provide the best support we can in achieving what you want out of your server! Your server package: From £13.50* you will get a bare bones ArmA 3 server with the ability to customise it to your desires! For the above price you get all the industry standard features listed bellow. Full DDoS Protection! 24/7 Ticket Support. One click install for various mods. Full unrestricted FTP access. TCAdmin client control panel. Fast and fully automated setups. Servers in France and Canada. ABC Game Servers unique features Included in your ArmA server package. TCAdmin Steam Mod Downloader** Engineers highly knowledged in the Exile hosting scene, see @KamikazeXeX for his community movements. 64-Bit server support! (Some mods require 3rd party fixes). Supported payment portals. PayPal As a new customer you can use the promotional code "EXILE50" at the checkout page for 50% your first month! * ExileMod requires a MySQL Database for an additional £1.50/pm ** Unlike other GSP's ABC Game Servers fully supports the usage of the steam workshop API to download mods directly to your server bypassing any long and messy mod upload times!
  15. Moin Soweit laeuft es bei mir. Was ich drauf habe: @ExileServer Exile.Altis Mein Problem: mir werden an Gear Crate´s oder anderen Kisten Load in 2x Angezeigt 2. Alle ca. 3-5 sec. kommt ein Lag bei jedem Spieler. 3. mir wird am Fahrzeug nur 1 angezeigt aber das ich ein Seil dran machen kann nicht Woran kann das alles liegen. Kann mir wer da Helfen?
  16. Moin bei wehm geht die Infistar Version für Exile also @@infiSTAR_Exile ?
  17. [WG] Arma 3 Exile RU|EU PVP

    Попробуйте единственный русский сервер Arma 3 Chernarus на котором все делают для игроков
  18. I have deleted the post information I will better explain when I am home and have time. I must not have explained myself clearly for some and will do so when I am available to do so. Thank you
  19. Hei folkens.. Vet at mange av dere ønsker å spille på Norske servere. Ikke mange som gidder å hoste i dag da det kan bli fryktelig dyrt. Jeg har satt opp 2 servere på mitt system som går på vmware 5.5 Det går på en HP 580 G5 200GB ram 4x 2.6 ghz CPU 5TB disk 250 mbit/s linje
  20. OK so i havent had my server up for about 2 months and i go back to load it up nothing was messed with at all but when i load it up it will no longer show when people search for it. I can't even find it on the land connection i ran it on the same pc i am playing it on and it will not show up. Can someone please help me with this issue?
  21. Hey Exilers, Currently I am working on a list of all items and constructions of exile and EBM. In future, this list will be published, so that each server owner can change the price, level or recipes. Here is a small section of my work Exile & EBM Building List v0.1
  22. Alright, i played exile for a quite long time without any problems. Yesterday i tried to join a Exile server, it kicks me off. I was once blacklisted, got it removed, cause i was proven to be innocent. Now the same thing is happening and i hope i'm not blacklisted again for nothing, i haven't got any signature errors or anything. I did everything that was listed in other threads, hell, i even reinstalled ArmA 3 + All mods. None helped. A wee bit help, please? @MGTDB I believe you checked if i was blacklisted earlier, and i was due to signature error et cetera, so could you check again, please? Thanks.
  23. We are a new exile server, looking for active players, staff, and developers! We have already got a great server that is up currently and we want you to come play!!!!!!Why you should you join us? 1. We offer a great staff team that are very active and provide support as soon as possible, not only that we have ingame admins thats constantly monitor the server for rule breakers!2. We have a great server! ! We offer a awesome EXILE experience with a great economy, missions etc 3. We love change, we want to create something you and we love, so why not tell us our faults! we are always happy to listen and make changes!Staff Team: Our staff team are currently recruiting so if you are interested ask a staff member for the application! Once completed our Director of Administration will contact you! Good Luck!Quick links:Teamspeak IP: IP: Cup Terrains, Cup Core, Cup Weapons, Cup Vehicles, Cup Units, TRYK, Extended Base Mod, Advanced Towing, Advanced Slingloading, Urban Rappelling, Advanced Rappelling, DMS Mission System, Zupas Capture Points,CBA_A3,Open Chernarus with JBADWe hope to see you soon!!!
  24. What is Chernarus Redux? Chernarus Redux has been a on and off project for the last few months which has rapidly now began to pick up more pace. With one goal in mind, we are striving to give the arma 3 community a fresh retake on the beloved map from arma 2. What has been done? The Hillside East of Kamenka has now been updated to give more of a cliff feel to it. Zelenogorsk, Balota and Chernogorsk have been completely redone, as to give abit of re-freshness to these popular areas. Alot of the South and South Eastern Forests have been reworked. Here is a visualization of what's been done below. Will there be alpha and beta testing? When will the map be released? There will be a course of closed alpha testing to allow server owners/mod developers to try and cofingure/optimize the map to their liking while providing feedback and bug reports. Eventually after alpha testing is wrapped up we will move on into open public beta testing (no whitelisting) where we will host a server(s) for everyone to join and help us with feedback and additional bug reports. Lastly we have no hard deadlines, however we'd like to achieve a alpha testing phase sometime Soon™. Progress Photos Dev Team Axinx KillJoy NiiRoZz ComatoseBadger Smiffy Wreckedem Official Twitter Official Discord Official BI Release Thread If you have any ideas or any suggestions please post them in the comments. Thank You to Bohemia for giving us the go ahead for the project.
  25. LifePlus-Exile Hallo Community gerne möchte ich euch unseren Server vorstellen. Da ich nach Jahren in der RGP Branche die Nase voll hatte, und dennoch Arma3 Scripten nicht aufgeben möchte, entschied ich mich einen EXILE Server zu machen. Bei uns geht es nur um Vergnügen. Jeder der Admins und Supporter ist ehrenamtlich im Dienst. Der Server steht noch in den Kinderschuhen und daher ist er noch etwas Vanilla like. Sollte es Leute geben die gerne einsteigen möchten einfach mal melden. (Skripter,Mapper,Support) Ich kann euch aber versprechen es wird noch einiges dazukommen. Folgende Features dürft Ihr momentan erwarten. Exile Lemon 1.0.3 64bit Basebuilding mit 1400 Parts Custom Trader und Map details Towing und Igiload dürfen auch nicht fehlen. Taktische Handsignale bringen immer eine Schmunzeln KI Missions on mass Unser Highend Server steht mitten in Deutschland um euch einen super Ping zu gewähren. Unser Biest, so wie ich Ihn gerne nenne, macht den Server restart alle 4H in 24Sek. Natürlich hat er eine 1GBit Internet anbindung. Wie jeder Server besitzen wir eine Website und einen Teamspeak. Forum ist schon fertig aber noch nicht online. Zu den Daten: Exile Server Ip: Teamspeak: Website: