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Found 48 results

  1. Ciao mi chiamo DarkPhoinix giocatore di DayZ sin dagli inizi!Dopo avere giocato in server gestiti da admin cerebrolesi e ignoranti ho deciso grazie a l'aiuto di amici un server veramente funzionale con FPS e varietà di missioni. Se sei un giocatore maturo che è stufo di vedere server che girano malissimo e non giochi più per FPS troppo bassi ti aspettiamo. Non siamo comunità di giocatori di minecraft e altro ma solo di ARMA EXILE! Il server non è per giocatori che hanno meno di 1000 ore di arma! Il server un 6 core 3,5GHz, 16GB ram, 120 SSD OS Linux l'unico sistema in grado di gestire ARMA 3 [non dimenticare Steam OS gira su linux]! Prima di giocare da noi ti consiglio di farti un giro nei server di altri Italiani e vedere le porcherie di cerebrolesi o bm con le dita piene di nutella solo allora venire a provare il nostro e provare l'unico server hostato in Italia per Italiani! Il server è quasi tutto totalmente tradotto in Italiano. Cercaci su google siamo ItalianS Gamers.
  2. There is currently a bug on the server for clients where they will be playing normally for like 30 mins - 2 hours and then all of a sudden the client side FPS will drop down to 1-3 fps and it is usually when they are doing something important like pvp or driving or piloting. It is hard to time this bug, after using the performance build in 1.64 itr fixed itself but the current performance build for 1.66 does not seem to help. If anyone knows what I am talking about and knows how to help, please hit me up Thank you
  3. WCD Exile Tanoa 20k|Loot+|Vector

    GENERAL RULES * no duping or hacking * no exploiting or glitching * no racism * advertising other game servers, communities or teamspeak servers in game, or on the forums is not allowed * a player breaking the rules is not an excuse for you to break the rules * accusing someone for hacking needs to be backed up by video proof and reported on the forum * no combat logging * ramming in any form is not allowed - air to air, air to ground, ground to ground. * deploying an ATV into parked vehicles is considered kamikaze and thus not allowed SIDE-CHAT RULES * english only in side chat * no voice in global side chat SAFE-ZONE RULES * the traders marked with a pop-tab icon are a safe-zone. * stealing inside the safe-zone is not allowed (Even a box of matches) * shooting into a safe-zone is not allowed * vehicles left inside a safe-zone will be unlocked after a server restart, and will be able to be stolen within the first 5 mins of a restart, after that taking a veh is bannable. (Be mindful of your times, as everything is logged) * ramming vehicles inside the safe-zone is not allowed * there are no rules for traders without a safe-zone. GENERAL BUILDING RULES * only one flag per person allowed * building OVER a road is allowed, at least 2 stories high * if you are unsure if something is allowed, ask an admin before you start to build. * territory protection payment is set to every 14 days * the lowest part of the flagpole must be fully accessible, do not place a flagpole mid-air or into the ground * You are not allowed to place a flagpole underwater * You are not allowed to build within 1000 meters of a cement mixer * You are not allowed to build within 1000 meters of a safe-zone * You are not allowed to build within 1000 meters of a spawn-zone * You are not allowed to build within 1000 meters of a Black Market trader * Admins can remove your flag upon request or it it violates any rules, admins will however not move your flag so think before placing it * A base breaking any of these rules will be deleted without any refunds. ******Additional Server Information****** TERRITORY LEVELS (needs to be edited with actual numbers) * Level 1, 30 Building items, 15 meters Radius, 2 Virtual Garage slots, place a flagpole. * Level 2, 60 Building items, 30 meters Radius, 4 Virtual Garage slots, 10000 Poptabs to upgrade. * Level 3, 90 Building items, 45 meters Radius, 6 Virtual Garage slots, 20000 Poptabs to upgrade. * Level 4, 120 Building items, 60 meters Radius, 8 Virtual Garage slots, 30000 Poptabs to upgrade. * Level 5, 150 Building items, 75 meters Radius, 10 Virtual Garage slots, 40000 Poptabs to upgrade. * Level 6, 200 Building items, 90 meters Radius, 12 Virtual Garage slots, 50000 Poptabs to upgrade. * Level 7, 250 Building items, 105 meters Radius, 14 Virtual Garage slots, 60000 Poptabs to upgrade. * Level 8, 300 Building items, 120 meters Radius, 16 Virtual Garage slots, 70000 Poptabs to upgrade. * Level 9, 350 Building items, 135 meters Radius, 18 Virtual Garage slots, 80000 Poptabs to upgrade. * Level 10, 400 Building items, 150 meters Radius, 20 Virtual Garage slots, 90000 Poptabs to upgrade. RESPECT LEVELS * You spawn with a weapon based on your respect level. BASE RAIDING * Doors with a code lock can be opened by using a grinder and batteries * A hack has 15% chance of failure destroying the laptop * A hack can only be initiated when there are at least 10 players online * Initiating a hack will mark the position on the map and will inform all players * A successful hack on the virtual garage will result in spawning one random vehicle from the virtual garage * A successful hack on a safe will unlock it, but will not provide the code * Breaching charges needed for breaching cannot be bought at traders and can only be found in special areas such as radiation island CLEAN UP SETTINGS A territory which is not payed for will be deleted after 14 days, this includes all constructions and containers in it, for example, all safes, crates and tents. A territory without a flag will be deleted after 3 days (72 hours) Vehicles stored on the map and which are not used for 3 days (72 hours) will be removed REPORTING When reporting a player you must have proof or contact an admin on TS while the violation is occurring If you see someone breaking the rules, please record a video and report it on the TS All violations can be reported on the forums, when there is no admin available on TS use the forums COMPENSATION We can only compensate after we have received conclusive video proof We do not compensate when you die to stairs, rocks or bushes We do not compensate when you cannot access the inventory of a corpse We do not compensate vehicles that were stored outside the Virtual Garage We do not compensate safes, crates and Exile containers that lost their content due to moving. (This includes any vehicle, or by the move ability) Empty them before moving it. When you suspect an admin or moderator is abusing his powers, please report it to another Admin: Spankin, Phyro, Cheech, Pepkilz or WCD Management. Enjoy and have a great time!
  4. Every time i have this: When a vehicle explodes or something heavy happends. I get a huge freeze that unloads everything al the terrain vehicles tree’s and more… When this happends my fps hovers around the 4 a 1 FPS… The only way to stop the freeze is to just quit arma 3 and restart it. How do i fix this?
  5. fps

    Hayho Leute, Ich wollte mich an euch wenden weil ich langsam echt nicht mehr weiter weiß. Ich habe sämtliche Foren durchsucht und Youtube durchforstet und finde immer wieder nur denn selben "Mist". Okay fangen wir mal ganz normal mit meinem System an. System: Prozessor: AMD FX - 6200 Six Core Prozessor mit 3,8GHz Arbeitsspeicher: 8gb Grafikkarte: AMD Radeon HD 7970 Black Edition DirectX 11 Alle Treiber Up-to-Date. Ich weiß das System ist nicht auf dem neuesten Stand und AMD ist fürs zocken nicht wirklich gemacht aber dennoch wundert es mich stark das ich Arma 3 + Exile-Mod nur mit ca. 11-17 fps im Durchschnitt spielen kann. Spiele wie Star Wars Battlefront oder Battlefield 1 kann ich ohne Probleme spielen und die laufen auch mit 50-70 FPS ruckel frei und ohne Frame Drops. Ich habe schon die Arma3.cfg Datei bearbeitet hat aber nichts gebracht und ingame einstellungen helfen im Singleplayer aber nicht im Multiplayer. Es würde mich zusätzlich noch wundern falls es am Server liegt da ich da nun auch schon ca. 30 verschiedene ausprobiert. Egal ob es sich um +FPS Server oder komplett lehre handelt ist völlig egal. Die map macht auch keinen großen unterschied. Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir eventuell helfen oder hattet sogar die gleichen Probleme. Ich bedanke mich schon mal im voraus! Mit Freundlichen Grüßen Unbehaarter Wookie
  6. [NOD] PVP - 20K - AIRDROP - FPS

    [NOD] PVP - 20K - AIRDROP - FPS - REVIVE - AI - RHS - ZOMBIE It's a new survival server that needs new brave and hard players! Server mods: Exile RHS:AFRF RHS:USAF RHS:GREF Zombies and Demons RzInfection Extended Base mod Advanced Urban Rappelling Arma Enhanced Movement Optional : BlastcorePhoenix ------------------------------------------- On our server there are: -Hand gas grenade (green) -Vehicle rearm at gas stations(or buyable ammo truck) -Car towing -Box loading on offroad, trucks and some helis -Scary night -Zombie hordes -Infection -Drop at Airfields -Radzones and anti rad mask -Ground and Air patrools (NPC) -Missions -24hours day for one restart. Restart every 4 hours
  7. TSG EXILE|25K|XM8|++| (++)

    he dark & omnius era begins, now, you can only try to survive in these hostile conditions... Can you handle it? TSG is not dependent on player donations, TSG in its whole is funded by ImThatGuyM8 and in part Madros55, this is and always will be a hobby project to hone and improve my skills, and in turn create something awesome in the process for you all to play on. We are not going away, we are here to stay. Enjoy! (Oh and we are not like most admins, we will never charge you for anything, we even give away a support crate to new players, as a welcome to our madness!) Server Ip: - TSG EXILE|25K|Highly Customized Survival - 30 Slot, Non-Reserved, Tanoa (Apex) 4 hour restart - Automatic Warnings, Auto lock/Kick Day/Night Vote Disabled - Static server time is between 15.30 - 19.30 (Day/dusk/night in 4 hours) - 2 hour day, 1 hour dusk and 1 hour night Weather, Fog & World Events - 16,5% chance of Sunny, 33% chance of Cloudy and 49.5% chance of thunderstorm/Lighning - Creates a local fog around every player when it starts to get dark - Starts halfway through the restart shcedule, 2 hours in Custom loot spawns - Ordinary Exile items and TSG Mod list loot table Custom Vehicle Trader Menus & Content - Offroad, Armed, Armor, Sports, Exile Cars and Trucks Custom World Map Vehicle spawn - HAP, FMP & Exile (True to the theme of TSG) 25K poptabs Start Bonus (Locker) w/ Axe and a backpack + misc items - Free Support Crate Welcome Package if you register at our forums (Wood or Concrete) (In some rare occasions both) Upgraded Terretories - Level 1 - 11 (Information below) Build, explore & survive - Highly customized survival server - Things can change, change with it - By night, be careful, the raider group is ready to kill you when they find you Advanced Towing - Land/Air/Sea - You need rope to attach to cars (Buy it from Hardware Trader) - Enter all towed vehicles as driver, or it will not work. - Max towing capacity: 3 car/truck/boat line (i.e the you drive one and tow two more behind you) DMS & Exile Occupation (serverside) Roaming Missions - 3 Bandit missions running at any given time (21 in the pool) Roaming Vehicle AI - 5 Vehicles each restart - Kill all AI to unlock cars/Trucks - Rare AI Vehicle Spawn % = 12 (Armed) Random spawning loot crates with AI guards - Custom loot (HAP/HVP/CUP + Exile Items) - Rare item spawn is 15% Dayz style helicrashes - Custom loot (HAP/HVP/CUP) - 5 Crash sites each restart - Rare item spawn is 20% TWD Zombies - Slow walkers(Low reach) - Agressive Zombies (Hungry) - Legally blind Zombies, but they will hear you break wind 100m away. Required Mods: - CBA_A3 - CUP Weapons - Hobo's Arma Pack - Frenzied Mod PAck - Arma 3 Apex DLC - Ryan Zombies & RZInfection - Exile (Who would have known, right?) ...All of which are available on A3Launcher and Arma Launcher (Steam) TSG has 3 types of in-game Exile Admins, each with their own tasks /* Admin class 1 (root) */ root Access - Can do anything, even better than you? /* Admin Class 2 (Support) */ In-game Player Support - Spawn in missing/glitched items/vehicles, kick/ban, Teleport, Spectate, delete Vehicles /* Admin Class 3 (Moderator) */ Kick & Tempban - Basically kick or ban offensive or abusive players, and hackers... TSG Login Reward; _tier1 = 5; //Adds 1x food + 1x drink _tier2 = 10; //Adds 1x random food + 1x random drink _tier3 = 15; //Adds 1x magazine _tier4 = 20; //Adds 1x magazine + 1x drink _tier5 = 25; //Adds 1x magazine + 1x random drink + 1x random food _tier6 = 30; //Adds 1x magazine + 1x ductape/instadoc _tier7 = 35; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1x ductape/instadoc _tier8 = 40; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1/2x ductape/instadoc _tier9 = 45; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1x ductape + 1x instadoc + 1x random food + 1x random drink _tier10 = 50; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1x ductape + 1x instadoc + 1x random food + 1x random drink + 1x beer TSG Territory System; Price Radius Objects {5000, 20, 50 }, // Level 1 entry fee {1000, 25, 75 }, // Level 2 {2500, 30, 10 }, // Level 3 {5000, 40, 125 }, // Level 4 {10000, 50, 150 }, // Level 5 {15000, 60, 175 }, // Level 6 {20000, 70, 200 }, // Level 7 {25000, 80, 250 }, // Level 8 {50000, 90, 300 }, // Level 9 {75000, 100, 400 }, // Level 10 {100000,110, 500} // Level 11 (NEW) TSG Database Information; // Remove all deleted items from the database after X days permanentlyDeleteTime = 3; // Remove all territories (and contructions + containers in it) that were not paid after X days territoryLifeTime = 14; // Remove all containers outside of territories that have not been used for X days // Example: Tents containerLifeTime = 7; // Remove all constructions outside of territories that are older than X days or not moved for X days // Example: Work Benches constructionLifeTime = 2; // Remove all vehicles that were not moved/used for X days vehicleLifeTime = 7; // Set safe as abandoned abandonedTime = 7; // Deletes a base X days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid stolenFlagLifeTime = 3; // Sets door & safe pins to 0000 and marks safes to abandoned X days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid unlockLifeTime = 2;
  8. Stable Server fps / German

    Master of Exile Wir bieten: Einen Stabilen Arma 3 Exile Server Einen Teamspeak3 Server 3x Aktive Admin's High/Stable FPS MED-HIGH LOOT Vehicle Spawns Unser Server läuft 24/7, versehen ist er mit Missionen, Basebuilding(+Mods) und Random AI's.

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" width="560" height="95" alt=""/></a> [NODZ] PVP|20K|FPS++|REVIVE|ROPES|AEM|AI|24H|CRATES| It's a new survival server that needs new brave and hard players! Server mods: Exile RHS:AFRF RHS:USAF RHS:GREF Zombies and DemonsRzInfectionExtended Base mod Advanced Urban Rappelling Arma Enhanced MovementOptional :BlastcorePhoenix ------------------------------------------- On our server there are: -Hand gas grenade (green)-Vehicle rearm at gas stations(or buyable ammo truck)-Car towing-Box loading on offroad, trucks and some helis-Scary night-Zombie hordes-Infection-Drop at Airfields-Radzones and anti rad mask -Ground and Air patrools (NPC)-Missions-24hours day for one restart. Restart every 4 hours
  10. BBG Exile Server

    Hey guys! We finally got our Exile Server working! Anyhow all you will need is to have exile (duh) and all other MODS ARE ON STEAM WORKSHOP! Search BBG Exile Pack in collection section! I was thinking of doing a YouTube series but its not fun to play alone so yea! If you have any question or problems connecting please leave a comment and or join our TS and well will see what we can do!
  11. >><< | Exile Tanoa

    [DE]>><<|Exile Tanoa|Zombies|AI|5k Start|Loot Server: Port: 2302 Server Website: (WIP) Server Features: - HighFPS Linux Server - A3DMS - infiSTAR AntiHack Tool - Ryans Zombies & Demons - ExileZ by Patrix87 - & more Scripts (GroundFog, StatusBar, etc.) more Information is comming soon !
  12. PT-PT COSA NOSTRA EXILE (1.0.2|1

    New Portuguese Arma 3 server Exile in tanoa Island, where you can doe anything outside safezones!
  13. CCM Exile | Chernarus |

    A brand new server that has many mods, and meets to most people's needs. We have a 10k starting money, Many active missions , Custom compounds and traders, Heli traders and Very polite active admins who are always there to help. We also host server events time to time
  14. [SAS] Exile

    Stars and Stripes is here to bring you an awesome experience, With our clan being founded since 2003 a few of our members decided it was time we expanded into arma. A few of us have over 6 years of arma experience. Our server runs on a dedicated box. Mods: Cup Core, Cup Maps, CBA Al Rayak, RHS US, RHS RUS, RHS GREF, NIarms, Exile, Extended base mod Exile minigun temp fixes Enchanced movement. Allowed extras: JSRS Blastcore Scripts: Revive, Deployable vehicles, ExAD - vg, bar and more Hide body, ZCP Capture, DMS missions, Random Heli crashes (ala dayz), Towing vehicles and Load into vehicle (R3F with Igiload), Persistent Time of day and weather (Day night cycles), anti theft, rearm and refuel on gas station, Custom traders, Custom loot tables, more. Hope to see you on our server and please enjoy.
  15. skydungeon Exile Altis Server

    Our Server is one of the best Exile Server. We have high loot, missions and high FPS on our server!
  16. +Deutschlands bester Server+

    Joint auf Deutschlands besten Server. Ihr fragt warum ist das der beste Server. Ganz einfach! Wir hören auf die Wünsche unserer Community!!! Wir arbeiten hart mit eigenden Skripten und Addons daran diesen Server ständig und rundum die Uhr zu verbessern. Wenn ihr selbst bestimmen wollt... Oder Mitspracherecht möchtet, müsst ihr wohl auf diesen Server joinen. Tut ihr es nicht werdet ihr es sich bereuen.... Also man schießt sich.... Ahja, Eltern haften für Ihre Kinder... :-)
  17. Bringin' NAPF Back!

    Gaming International Association is all about the experience you get playing Arma. We live for the type of experiences you have, and find yourself laughing about years later with good beer and good company. Our goal is to give you *that* kind of nostalgic experience. We provide a server with zombies that do not lag/break the server and tons of cool vehicles to chose from - backed by Exile. It all happens on the beautiful, nostalgic NAPF map loaded with custom cities, traders, and loot spawns. Our server has a more original "survival" feel that still makes PVP a blast and rewards looting. We've also packed your XM8 with tons of new, cool features including an app that will alert your mobile phone if your base is being raided. Just as important to the experience is the *performance*. Frankly, I'm sick of servers saying "great FPS". The fact is, ours is unparalleled. We only run our servers on a dedicated machine with minimum 32GB of DDR4 and enterprise SSD's. Come see for yourself why users are getting over 70FPS on 4k. When we say "active admins" we mean it! We are available in game, on Discord, and we even have a mobile number where you can reach out to us with questions or concerns that texts our moderator team. So come join us, and see why we're "Bringin' NAPF Back!"
  18. uKz Gaming Exile Chenarus

    Hi. first id like to thank you for reading this, secondly id just like to say i have just purchased an Arma 3 server and we are currently scripting all the mods and the bits&bobs in, we are a friendlly clan that has over 6000 hours on arma and have been through and played on many servers so we know how players like to be treated and how they like a server to run so here is our plan The mods and features are/will be: MODS: - Exile - All in Arma terrain pack - Advanced Movement - Tryk Clothing - CUP Units - CUP Weapons - CUP Vehicles - CBA_3 FEATURES - Chenarus - 5k Poptabs start - prices changed - Server Events - Towing - DMS Missions and 1 Large missions worth about 50k - Donner Perks - Base Raids-Grinding Locks/Safe Hacking - 30 Slot TeamSpeak - 30 player Slots - ZCP Capture Points - Black Market Traders - Boat Traders - Helpful Admins - High Loot PLEASE NOTE THE SERVER IS STILL UNDER WORK IF YOU LOOSE ANY GEAR YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL THE GEAR AND PROGRESS YOU LOST + EXTRA! WE ARE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS AND WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK Server Name: uKz Gaming Exile Altis[Missons]PVP]High Loot]Base Raids] Server Ip: TeamSpeak Ip: Steam ID:
  19. LMS Exile Server | Need Admins

    We are looking for new players, we also need some staff for the server. We are protected by InfiSTAR, so you will not see as much hackers as you would any other server.
  20. The Taru helicopter causes big time FPS drop when you fly near a base, this has been the case with both myself and others on my server. When flying the Hummingbird I have 65-70 fps, with the Taru it's around 15. You don't even have to fly it close to the base, all you need is having it parked close to the base. I'm pretty sure this occurred after updating to the new version of Arma 3. Anyone else experience this? -Anti
  21. I know im not the first to ask this question and i probably wont be the last, but as you can guess i have some serious fps issues. My PC specs are: Nividia GTX770 Overclocked - AMD A10-6800KOverclocked - 16BG Ram - Windows10 - 64Bit In the stand alone Arma 3 Game i can max all the settings and still get 60+Fps, even in heavy action moments, I can also get a decent 40-60Fps on most other servers Still on all Max However when i join exile servers i barely scrape 20Fps at any times (in cities and out) No matter what i change my settings to, the fps doesn't change at all. While running the game I have Core Temp open displaying my CPU core loads and temperatures and none of them even reach 55% and the temp is well within limits(around 40*C) Its the same story with my gpu, nothing is maxing out yet mt fps is really struggling. I know that some of the time it can also be down to server side problems, but Ive played with friends who are getting 40+Fps on worse pcs maxing out their cpus, yet mine doesnt want to come close. For a while ive just been telling myself its server side lag, but i recently told my friend to boot up his laptop to see if it would out perform my pc, and it did, he got 3x the Fps i got everywhere, towns cities all of it, and it was running worse specs than my pc by a long shot. Ive heard alot of people saying its down to shitty AMD CPU's which im guessing may be the cause after all the people ive asked, but i dont understand how a game can lag without even trying to stretch my pc at all Any ideas or help?
  22. IncredibleExile/Tanoa/FPS+/Loot+

    Regeln: Regeln: Beleidigungen, rassistische Äußerungen oder anderweitige destruktive Kommunikation sind strengstens verboten. Basen dürfen nicht in den Bereichen (HighLoot/MillitärLoot/Städte/Straßen) errichtet werden. Fahzeuge werden in der Safezone nach Restart aufgeschlossen. Mutwilliges Zerstören von Fahrzeugen ist verboten. (Unbemannt) Basen dürfen nur geraidet werden wenn die Gegner partei Online/Anwesend ist. BaseRaider die bei einem Angriff zerschlagen wurden, müssen sich mind. 1std von der Base fern halten. Combatlogging ist verboten. Trolling in jeglicher hinsicht ist verboten. Safezone Camping ist Verboten. BugUsing/Glitchen ist verboten und wird mit einem Ban bestraft. StreamSniper ist Verboten und wird mit einem Ban bestraft.
  23. [QC] Death by Exile

    Bullet point style for ADHD people like me You start with 10k in your locker to make the beginning a bit smoother. Augmented non-persistent vehicle spawn. Prison island doesn't mean running all the time. AI missions / AI factions to inject some action and cool rewards. Other cool server addons, nothing client side. Joining the server must remain simple. Overall we setup the server for people that enjoy this mod (we really do!) but that don't have that much time to play. Easier start, more vehicle to wander around and dedicated admins that listen to the community.
  24. Ultsg Exile Tanoa 1.0

    We have our Exile Tanoa server up and going. We use have smooth fps normally around 30-50 fps for the average user. Active non-abusive admins. We have Revive,Virtual-Garage,Ai-Missions,1HrDay1HrNight1HrDay Cycle,Customized Xm8 apps,Base Spawn,Hacking/Grinding,Claim Vehicles. New dedi running a I7 6700k at 4.2ghz, with 64gbs ddr4 ram, 2-2tb hybrid ssd drives,1gb data connection
  25. EXILE1.0/RHS.ALL/HVP/Zombie/AI

    German,Swiss Server. Mods required (all on a3launcher) RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation: oder A3 Launcher RHS: United States Armed Forces: oder A3 Launcher RHS: GREFoder A3 Launcher Extended Bases- HOLLOW'S VEHICLE PACK V2.1 oder über A3 Launcher (HVP) Zombies and Demons Public Server Jeder Ist Willkommen , Spiele alleine in ruhe oder komm mit deinem Clan Registrieren im Forum (kein muss) und Belohnung kassieren Active Admins ExileZ (Zombies) Armed & Armored Vehicles Extended_Base_Mod Missionen DMS mission Enigma Revive master Repair, Re-Arm and Refuel Service Stations Besucht unser Forum für alle Infos. Es sind alle Willkommen ob Neulinge oder Profis. New players (or clans) are always welcome! Facebook