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Found 228 results

  1. Hey guys thanks to everyone here in the exile mod fourms my servers coming along smoothly and I just wanted to thank everyone for the help but I have one more question to ask where the heck to do turn on death markers I.E. when you die you can see your body on the map marked with the red skull? I have infistar installed so idk if its blocking it or its just a setting somewhere i dont know to turn on.
  2. Hi, idk how to remove the thermal vision from all vehicles, scopes and helmets. Can anyone help me? thanks
  3. Hey! I am new here, and i really need some help. I bought a gameserver at a danish host (Because i live in Denmark), and i want to get Exile mod on my arma 3 server. I don't know how. Can you guys guide me through it, so i can play
  4. installation

    Hey! I am new here, and i really need some help. I bought a gameserver at a danish host (Because i live in Denmark), and i want to get Exile mod on my arma 3 server. I don't know how. Can you guys guide me through it, so i can play
  5. everytime someone spawns they are in the ground cant move or press ESC. i need help no matter what i do i cant fix it
  6. Hey there community I've been crushing issues popping up on my server for the past few days with little issue however I have advanced towing, repelling, and hooking in my server and they all work except towing I dont get the option to tow any vehicles even though its it successfully implemented on my server Idk why its not working when hooking is I did have to turn off some things in infistar to get hooking to work but it was just an issue of it de attaching after attaching the ropes with towing i dont even get the option to to a car to a truck any ideas?
  7. Hi everyone, im new in exiles servers so idk how to change the default malp Altis to Napf and add missions, anyone can help me with that? i know, im noob in this...
  8. So i thought i'd give creating my own online server a go however my home internet would not support a large dedicated server so purchased one from GTXgaming, i'm pretty decent with IT wise based stuff but i now seem to have hit my wall and have found myself stuck I keep watching videos/reading step by step however this is to dedicated servers and i'm uncertain to how to proceed to updating the online server. i come here requesting if anybody would like to help me out on building server & teaching me some useful stuff on server creation + implementing mods Discord: I am from the UK
  9. Hey there Exile Community I have a quick question I have been looking for how to change rep gained when selling items I.E waste dumping and individually selling items however I have been control F'ing every file I can think of and have searched multiple sites with no avial, does anyone know how to do this or where to find the value i have to change without changing the item sell prices or buy back raitio.
  10. Hey guys. If this is in the wrong place please move it!! I'm looking to host an Exile server from my home server. More of a Test server for now with 10-20 slots nothing huge. I'm not trying to add any other mods than Exile...At least to start. I'd like to get it set up and running before I start adding mods. I've spent many hours on Google trying to find a working tutorial with little success. I've found a few "How to" but they are all at least a couple years old and they all seem to have a different way of doing it. Mysql, Navicat, Bec Etc . SO My question is does anyone know where I can find a new WORKING tutorial to help my setup my server OR can someone please help my figure it out! Any help is very much appreciated!!! Thanks ahead of time guys!
  11. I am getting this Warnings in the Console when I join the Server: This is my startparameter: ./arma3server -ip= -port=2320 -config=server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -mod="@Exile;@ryanzombies" -servermod="@ExileServer" -profiles=config -name=config And this is my mission.sqm: version=12; class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "Ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "a3_map_altis", "A3_Characters_F" }; Pls help me guys
  12. After spawning in I am roughly the height of if I were to spawn as a rabbit, but i am invincible. When i respawn, I get stuck on "Requesting character..." which then times out. I am running @infistar_servermod but no other mods (other then @Exile and @ExileServer of course) if I reconnect, even if I haven't restarted the server, I spawn back as the invicible thing, in the same spot I spawned, even if I moved before suiciding. This is the error i am receiving instantly after "Requesting Character..." fails. This is followed by Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:1096 not found Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:1096 not found once I am auto kicked by the server from the character creation failure. RPT Log Any insight into the problem is greatly appreciated as i have no idea what the issue is by this point. Update: I have now evolved from prey to predator, and i am now an invic snake judging by the left to right head movement and lower camera. EDIT: My SQL-mode is not set to strict.
  13. so my status bar is saying this ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\addons\statusbar\statusBar.hpp not found. in the web console and this file is in here. can someone tell me how too fix or link me too a status bar that is not glitched? also this file is in the statusbar-master file
  14. Good morning, I recently stared hosting a server rented through GTX Gaming and I have successfully installed various mods on the server no problem however I am trying to make the server a high military loot spawn server with CUP, TRYK, and NI ARMS items spawning around the map of chernarus and be able to sell and buy each item at the trader however after days of testing loot tables with the loot complier provided by and trying to use pre made ones found around the interwebs I have not been able to get any successful results if someone would be willing to take the time and talk me through adding the items properly or has a pre set script I can just copy and paste with theses 3 mods that would be awesome!
  15. So today for my server I started to setup BE Filters but with that being said i'm have a problem with one i just cant seem to figure out. Here's my .log , And Here's my .txt , I know its in conjunction with GR8 Kill Messages and ive re-read the installation about a million times but can seem to figure out why its still kicking me but cant figure it out. I've Tried removing the "" in front also tried adding the = true to the statement but every time i reload the events with RCON when i try to join it still gives me that error. Next question would be with AVS and InfiSTAR, I installed AVS to my server and it says everything is active good to go, But when i try to scroll to get the rearm function it didn't work so i checked my RPT and when i'm trying to get to the menu it dose this : , Im assuming Infi is blocking it or something?? If you could please help with my two issues that would be fantastic guys and would mean alot. Thanks, - Jundtie
  16. Hello to all and anyone interested, me and some friends started the process of making an exile server, we know how to make the map and placing of traders. We need a lot of help when it comes down to the scripting part of everything such as, prices of traders (which I have an idea), making god-mode in safe zones, missions and random placements of them, ect. We need a lot of help, if anyone can that would be amazing, my friends and I are willing to pay. Email me: p.s. We have a teamspeak or discord to speak, which will be emailed to you. Thanks so much, -Brandon.
  17. Include file mpmissions\__cur_mp.xcam_taunus\custom\CUP\ArsenalCUP.hpp i keep getting this error on my server i know nothing else other than this is the error keeping my server down
  18. I need help with my server. I am getting an errror. Error in expression <llExtension _query); (_result select 1) select 0> Error position: <select 0> Error Generic error in expression File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf, line 16 plz help
  19. so i was wondering how i get lockers in my traders as i have none.i have the default traders for cherno
  20. so i keep getting this error message when i try to start my server and it says "Warning Message: Addon 'hlcweapons_aks' requires addon 'hlcweapons_core". The thing is im not using hlc im using NIArms
  21. i would like some help deving my server i would like someone experienced with arma if u would like too help let me know.
  22. Hey there, so after I got the infiSTAR admin menu setup I encountered another problem. I now want to add another UID as an admin, but it does not seem to work, I've definetly put his Arma ID in the right place, and I've also tried swapping his if with mine, so that I am number two in the configuration file -without any result- so that I could concluded that it has not got anything to do with the position of the Arma 3 ID. The log files do not show anything which could be of any interest. Now my question is, what's the problem. -- I am definetly not inexperienced in serveradministration -- Also I would like to point out @infiSTAR for his very appreciated help. He and @BetterDeadThanZed have helped me out with my latest problem, but There's no need to bother them again, so I'm going to ask others now. Have a nice day.
  23. Hey I have a propblem with my ocp mod. There are so many failure and i dont know how to remove them. Could anyone please thake a look at them. My RPT log was to big for pastebin so you can find it here: There are a lot of failoure inside like: Warning: ds_houses\derevnya\a2_housev_1l2\d_housev_1l2.p3d:1 Error while trying to generate ST for points: 5538, 5555, 5532 Warn: Shape '???' contains water texture however it does not carry a special class name. Consider craeting one to speed up the detection! Conflicting addon DShouses in 'ds_houses\derevnya\a2_housev_2t1\', previous definition in 'ds_houses\derevnya\dom_02_pinsk\' Thank you for your help Sry for my english my language is german
  24. Current server specs: Ram: 16gb DDR3 1333MHz (I think) CPU: AMD Athlon X4 750k @ 3.40GHz OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 I want to run(I already run the server with no problems, but wanna upgrade the CPU just because of arma): TS Server (24/7) Arma 3 Exile server (24/7 40-60 slots with restarts) Now i heard AMD Cpu's are NOT good for Arma 3 servers, so i was looking to upgrade it to an Intel cpu, but i dont wanna break the bank, i was not looking to spend over £250(Hopefully motherboard included.). Anyone got any recommendation, do keep in mind i would like to reuse the 16gb DDR3 with the new cpu so a newer cpu such as Skylake(DDR4 right?) won't be an option.
  25. Hello, I placed a wooden wall in my base on the extreme outer limit of my territory, but now I can't move, remove, or pack it. I tried relogging, waiting until restart, and hitting it with an ax, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.