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Found 333 results

  1. i am running chernarus redux on my exile server and everything is running fine except loot does not spawn exile_server_config loottable.h lootbuildings.h config.cpp cfgcustomcode most recent rpt
  2. Read from Bank I have mods setup correctly and the mission.sqm is correct yet it still puts through read from bank. Even though in .RPT it says about a DB Error it's not, that's only occurring due to worldName error.. on Altis it works fine. .RPT .Launch Bat .Mission SQM
  3. The new exile came out and it made me veirfy it and i did and it wont work. Ive tried deleting it and downoading it form the forums and still wont work. On A3 launcher ive dont the same, but now when it asks me to verify it it says, 0 out of 0 files and then it says needs checking. Ive tried everyhting over and over again please help!!!!!
  4. The new exile came out and it made me veirfy it and i did and it wont work. Ive tried deleting it and downoading it form the forums and still wont work. On A3 launcher ive dont the same, but now when it asks me to verify it it says, 0 out of 0 files and then it says needs checking. Ive tried everyhting over and over again please help!!!!!
  5. Hi all im new to developing so not capable of making a script/addon however i dont suppose anyone has a PVE script that works? by this i mean if I was to shoot a player and it hit him i would die myself? Ive seen this on an exile server so i know its possible... Anyone got ideas ? cheers Jacobob
  6. i cant find the missing ","
  7. Hello All, I was wondering if it would be possible to make "dynamic" map markers. For example in dms missions is it possible to make a marker show up like "Claimed by (player)" When that certain player kills an AI at said mission, This would be pretty cool as we are hosting a PvE Exile server and this would help alot!
  8. Hi all, Im kinda new to developing been on and off for a while and can someone please give me some instructions on how to install the Infistar XM8 Apps it says to "(infiSTAR.de_xm8apps\@infiSTAR_customApps\addons\a3_infiSTAR_Exile_customApps\app_defines.hpp) in a text editor." which ive found and then where do you put the apps? it just says "It is self explaining :)" so my question is where do you put these? thank you all Jacobob
  9. I started more than 50 servers but after 3 years of pausing I have stuck. I am unable to start up the exile on windows server 2012 r2. All working fine but have good all grass spawning (database eror). So, I need free or pay manager to solve this problem. Give IP, username and pass. Please PM me with your price (or without).
  10. Hi, quick question. With regard to the DMS Occupation "Gear crates" that spawn on the map, i would like to make it so when someone completes a gear/loot crate, they get a reward of 1000 pop tabs (example) is that possible? Also, at the moment, when someone does complete one, it doesnt remove the map marker, and doesnt notify the other players? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone I know that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of these post out there. But if I don't ask I will definitely not know if there is someone out there willing to help a complete noob.... We are a small community wanting to host our own exile server. The intentions are; 1. Host and run the server for our community to enjoy. 2. Hopefully the serer will be so much fun to play on that we manage to grow our community with some new players joining. 3. I am willing to learn to hopefully be able to manage most aspects of the server myself. The challenge is; * I have no server setup experience and even thou I am following the fantastic guide that Super Jerome has put together, still manage to "break" things and cant get the server running the way we want to. * I'm from the older generation... let me just say on the wrong side of 45... but I learn fast and is willing to do the job myself, a bit of assistance would just be awesome. * We would love to run Exile Chernarus with all the bells and whistles... What we have; 1. We have a hosted server with HostHavoc (full FTP access). 2. We also have our own TS3 server. What do we need and what do we offer; 1. Expertise, Technical Advice, Mod Developer and a Mentor. 2. We can offer you lifetime friendship and VIP access to our server for as long as we are around. If there is anyone that is willing to take on this "challenge" please PM me and we can have a chat! If this was a total waste of your time my apologies! Thanks
  12. Long story short. I created an exile server over January. The map itself has awesome custom locations created by myself. I put a lot of work into it but now as I'm back to college I am unable to maintain and future develop the server. As well as that, I have had no experience with this side of scripting before, so I am limited to what I want to add. With already 70+ people in our Discord the interest is already there, we just need the extra push to make the server even better. I will be focusing on the branding and promotion side. Please add me if you are interested, or message me on discord. Discord: Server Overview: Thanks, Metta
  13. Hello Exile Community, i know its strange but i got an big problem with infiSTAR. I Play on a Altis Life Arma 3 Server. Going well and were fine but then i was too good and i got promoted to Admin. and they gave me Accsses to the Admin Tool from InfiSTAR. [the Server is hosted on nitrado and got Infistar Nitrado version] when i go ingame and press F1 or F2 it showes [AdminLogin Succsessfull] but no admin menu, i got in the Z menu the admin buttons but it wont open the admin tools on F2 we found no clue and i saw the infistar support answereing here so i ask here if someone cloud help me. I gave the Owner my Steam Account Details so he can look if he can use the menu but he cant so its a Problem with my client or my computer. already reinstalled Arma 3. Btw. the server is using SealDrop The owner is often here so you can find him too. Please contact me on TeamSpeak 3 [Ernst Fall] i can speak german and some english but it will work. IP: I Hope Someone can help me
  14. Can someone help me? I host the Exile server. Linux OS. I have an infiSTAR. I'm using Advanced Towing by @duda . I install the @advancedtowing folder on my server: MyExile Server / @advancedtowing. Copy the key into the folder. Launch parameters -serverMod = @ ExileServer; @infiSTAR_Exile; @advancedtowing ;. Everything is working, but towed vehicle returns to the place it was towed from on server restart. If I tow a vehicle and block it, the position remains.
  15. Looking for someone to give me help on configuring my server. I have tried to add mods like zombies and demons but with no success, also need help on configuring loot tables and how to take the map, edit it and then upload it. Thank you
  16. My Deploy Vehicle script from ExAd now no-longer works since I installed infiSTAR last night which leads me to believe it has something to do with description.ext or CfgRemoteExec.hpp. Right now I'm not sure what to do. - Description.ext
  17. RPT: Mission.sqm: Any help is appreciated, the two things I changed before this was: Price changes for Traders. Adding DMS.
  18. I join it tell me this
  19. Ran into an issue tonight whilst adding a few changes to my server Mods running = Ryan's Zombies and Demons & Mozzies Server mods running = Exile & infistar Addons = DMS & Occupation& ExAd i had tested ExAdand all was working fine then i added Grinding and Hacking and this is when i got this issue yet it show it is to do with Occupation Latest Server .rpt bellow The issue from the rpt: Latest client side .rpt bellow I have gone into the \@ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation and tried changing the config setting To both true or false and i get the same result Here is my \@ExileServer\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf Any ideas? TIA Smoke
  20. Hi new guy here.... A few buddies and I decided to rent our own Arma3 server to play on. (End of Reality Hosting Co) We also purchased infiSTAR Exile and we are not able to get it running. I've followed the The Gaming Junkie Show YouTube video to the T and also tried the posted version by "TheOldMan" and have been unsuccessful. I've wiped and installed a fresh copy of Arma3 Exile on the server twice now thinking i may have messed something up. After many, many attempts it still does not work. When loading into the server there are no infiSTAR messages coming up on the screen so i'm thinking it's not working at all and not just a admin console issue. Any assistance would be appreciated, Thanks
  21. does any one know how to instill the exile on stream
  22. Нужна помощь! Кто подскажет как поменять цвет уровней респекта, я добавил новые уровни но, они белого цвета. Help is needed! Who will tell you know to change the color of the levels of the respect, I added new levels but, they are white. P.S. sorry for my English. =)
  23. So, I have tried both adjusting the starter loadout and also making it so that the files get overwritten to some new files I put in the mission.pbo. But neither have worked. I assume that the method I am using must be old and exile doesn't support it anymore. But I just want to change it so basic spawned players have the Exile_Uniform_Woodland and the V_rangemaster_vest and as their apparel. I have also been looking into doing respect based loadouts. I have tried both the _Score and ExileScore variables in code I have used from another post but again, no success. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  24. Hey modders, server owners, and anyone who might be able to help, Not sure if this is the right place to be venting my problems, however, I have tried everything in my power at this point, and I literally created this account to post this here because I have been trying to create a custom Exile map for a server and have encountered some issues. So where do I begin? Well, my friend and I want to start up our own Tanoa Exile server and I want to make the map for it. y'know with traders, static missions, pvp zones, loottables, mods included (like CUP) and all that good stuff. In essence, I'm trying to build this map from the ground up. I have all the required plugins and the up to date server that is the same version as my exile mod. I have familiarized myself with the EDEN editor, Notepad ++, .pbo unpackers, and where my mpmissions folders are located and all that. My problems started when I went to place a trader down. So here's my problem: Trader placed down- no problems there. Access the trader menu when testing in game- no issues. Trader is selling 0 items- big issue. Not glitched items, not unable to buy items, literally nothing shows up its just the trader menu and a blank dropdown box. attempted solutions: 1. Watching an ungodly amount of videos, reading a hefty amount of forum threads, googling till my fingers bled. It was all either too vague and not my exact problem, or outdated and no longer working as intended. 2. Saving and replacing my initPlayerlocal.sqf files and initServer.sqf files AFTER placing the trader. No luck 3. Using red_ned's "Easy Trader setup" which can be found here. - Did EVERYTHING that was detailed in the .txt instructions. Still no luck. (none of this was binarized) I feel like i'm missing something here? I'll link a mediafire to my unpacked .pbo mission file from C:\Users\USER\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Giant\mpmissions\Tanoatest.Tanoa so you can load it up and try it for yourself here. Feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong spot. Could use a bit of help. I have discord and steam if anyone would prefer to convo about it. Thanks.