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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, thanks for clicking on the post! Sorry if this is a bit overdue, a friend of mine HunterGaming recently told me I should be putting my videos up on Exile's home forums, so I thought why the hell not. Every time I release a new one, ill post it here. If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to give me some feedback, feel free to post at any time! Links to my stuff will be below. From time to time I also may put up something that is just an Arma 3 related video that could either help you better yourself in the game, or just make you laugh! YouTube Twitter Alone:
  2. So after 5+ hours of trying to get a different Bounties script working (spoiler: it doesn't, but it's my fault apparently of course), does anyone know of an alternative working one? My players are really interested in having a good old bounty system and I really want to have that happen!
  3. [GER|DE] EXILE HC | AI Missio

    MOIN MOIN, Wir sind ein deutscher Server mit hauptsächlich Deutschen-Spielern, wir legen viel Wert auf das Survival Feeling. Deswegen haben wir bestimmte Sachen noch in den Exile Mod mit eingebaut. (die ihr NICHT laden müsst) The Server Server Features: - Custom/indv. gestaltete Map (AREA 51) - AREA 51 mit ca. 100 NPC´s zur Verteidigung (schafft ihr es extra LOOT für euch) - HUNTER, Strider, Ifr. HMG + GMG bei Trader verfügbar - MunitionsLKW´s zur Aufladung von Fahrzeuge bei Trader verfügbar - Extra eingebautes REVIEW TOOL / zur einmaligen Wiederbelebung pro. Leben!Charakter - Geheime LOOT Verstecke! - NPC / AI Patrouillen in der LUFT / FUSS / KFZ (HARDCORE) - mehr Car Skins! - Max Mission in one Servertime (6h) - Statusbar
  4. Hey guys, while I play Exile im probably going to be streaming and getting my recordings at the same time. Im going to try to stream at least once a day for a few hours or so, usually announcing when im starting on Twitch. I dont have a set schedule due to school and work wreaking havoc on my life. I will also be posting in this topic whenever I am going live. I will usually be playing with Hunter Gaming, search for him on YouTube if you want to check him out, hes a cool guy! Thanks for reading, you can visit my streak by clicking the link below. Twitch