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Found 318 results

  1. XM8CustomDeployBike XM8CustomApps (InfiSTAR) Deploy Bike System by exceptionptr (0x2AFF) Want another feature? Just ask Have fun!
  2. Hello, Everyone I've created a Exile Hosting Directory to list all Hosting companies that offer ExileMod and various other features. If you want your hosting company listed contact me direct via pm. Visit: >> HERE <<
  3. i did to push "F1" to open it but nothing happen...
  4. Ok, so after some time away, I've come back to arma 3 for some exile and zombie action. So I went ahead and started with a fresh rebuild of my old server, got exile working, the RZ&D, adv. towing, DMS, and finally infiSTAR. Initially, it was working fine, but then as one of the final adjustments I set up the infiSTAR restart system using the fixed time array. The server runs fine, everything works great - until the restart, which ends at the following point in the process per the logs: stderr from the point of restart initialization: stdout: Note the partial line output where the server crashes. I imagine this is a threaded operation, and not completely relevant. Potential stderr anomalies or useful info from initial launch: System Information: I can provide additional snippets if requested. As a general rule and for fairly obvious reasons, I'll only post infiSTAR snippets if asked for by Christian. As a professional developer, I'm all too familiar with the, "It's not my code, it's your implementation" defense, and I'm plenty willing to concede that point if it's actually the cause. That said, everything seemed perfectly fine until I implemented the restart system. That is - no 'unusual' warning/error messages in the complete error log (see above). ArmA scripting isn't my day job though, so here's hoping you folks can spot something I overlooked. Thanks in advance for any assistance. -TCM UPDATE#1: ANY combination of restart/shutdown whether timer or time-based produces this same 'String id' error followed by server crash. UPDATE#2: I decided to try eliminating other mods as the cause of the issue by setting up a vanilla exile server with infiSTAR only. Interestingly - it too produces the exact same string id error. I'll try Exile only and send it a shutdown command without using infiSTAR to see how it behaves.
  5. I want buy infistar for aarma 3, ifistar for arma 3 will work with arma exile mod? Or need infistar exile for exile mod.
  6. 0:59:49 "<>netids| ~Delta~(*************) - R Bad Blood:1 (~Delta~) REMOTE, Exile_Unit_Player - 2:815 - 3 [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorynumberofconstructions] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [0] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorymaintenancedue] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [[2017,9,22,22,51]] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileflagstolen] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [0] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileowneruid] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [76561198023660562] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorymoderators] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [[""76561198023660562""]] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritoryname] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [Bad Blood] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorybuildrights] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [[""76561198023660562""]] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exilelocation] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [Bad Blood] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorylevel] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [1] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileradiusshown] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602: mast_f.p3d REMOTE] is not known to the antihack! Value: [false] | 0h 1min 49s [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84] [13-09-2017 23-58-07 - v84]" 1:00:52 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| ~Delta~(*************) | Variable [exileterritorysize] on object [27c3b844100# 1813602:
  7. Hey @infiSTAR i really like your work, but i got the following problem: i updated my rootserver (including the Database changes and exile.ini changes.) but my server is now looping with (out of .rpt) and i use infistar like a servermod. (not inside @ExileServer) 15:43:51 CallExtension loaded: armalog (C:\Arma\Server\@infiSTAR_Exile\armalog.dll) [͂<] 15:43:51 "<> infiSTAR dll loaded successfully" 15:43:51 "<> [GER]Windelflitzer|PvP|Sarge AI|Vector|Tanks|Custom Missions|EBM" 15:43:51 "<> License accepted!" 15:43:51 "<> Loading infiSTAR code.." and then it shuts down. When i remove the infiSTAR dll s it is starting normally but without infiSTAR. I checked the passwords for the servercommands and everything seems to be ok. Pls help

    Moin, Ihr sucht Abwechslung? Ihr sucht nen Server der NICHT durch allerlei Regeln kaputtgemacht wird? Ihr sucht die Möglichkeit Mods wie JSRS zu nutzen? Ihr habt Lust auf massig Missionen und/oder PvP? KEIN PROBLEM! Kommt auf die Bierbude und freut Euch auf ne momentan noch leider kleine aber feine Stammspielerschaft bei stets sehr guten ServerFPS und aktiven Support durch den Admin (mich)! Ich biete euch Vector-Building, DMS, Occupation-Missionen, ZCP, Shipwrecks, Advanced Movement, Rappeling (abseilen), Advanced Towing, Custom-Trader / Spawns und ne Menge mehr. Zudem nen eigenen, 100 Slots umfassenden Teamspeak-Server. ALLE Mods sind OPTIONAL bzw. Serverseitig und damit das ganze auch rundläuft, ist es auf nem Haswell XEON mit 3,7GHZ, 8GB RAM, SSD und Anbindung ans Deutsche Forschungsnetz gehostet. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!
  9. Austrian Jagdkommando Exile

    Hello Player's I just bought myself this server and i thought why not a exile one. Currently setting it up so it's playable. If you have any problems add me on steam or contact me here hf
  10. I was playing on a friends server, he lightning bolted me for fun and I was banned on his server. He unbanned me then 2 days later I was global banned by infiSTAR. This is my steam id: 76561198156326271 If @infiSTAR can help me with this I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  11. We've had several request if it's possible to lock in the end users view distance settings through server restart. As it stands (unless we have something reconfigured which is possible), when you make changes to your view distance in the XM8 they reset upon server restart. Is there a way those changes can modify the local players profile in "Arma 3 - Other Profiles"? If this has been answered elsewhere please link to the discussion. Thanks in advance!
  12. @infiSTAR Seit der V81 gibt es probleme mit dem Magazin der M134 Painless (Minigun^^) von NIArms infiSTAR kickt alle die diese waffe haben wenn sie auf den server joinen da das magazin ingame nur 250 Schuss hat aber in wirklichkeit 500. Ist wahrscheinlich eine neue schutz funktion die den kick dann verursacht. Wollt dir nur mal bescheid geben vllt kannst du die waffe intern irgendwie whitelisten in der nächsten infi version _____________________________________________ Since the V81 of infiSTAR there is a problem with the mag of the M134 Painless (minigun^^) of NIArms. If a player is joining with this weapon he will kicked from infistar because the "official" arma mag size is 250 bullets but you can add up to 500 Bullets (at least 1 shot there are 2 bullets fired so you will have 1000 bullets into one magazine)
  13. So I've seen this kind of thread a couple of times but it always gets the same response and my "goat brain" can't figure it out. It's a initialization error connected to "Infistar" apparently: Screenshot: I keep seeing that the solution to this is to ensure that the "ServerCommandPassword" is set to the same thing in the Server.cfg. I'm unsure if I'm simply dumb or this is called something else on my server, since I run my Exile from from a Dedicated "Unmanaged" server box, which I manage myself. The closest thing I could figure the server.cfg would be is the TADST_config file or do I need to add it to the BE_Server.cfg? I hate to be asking this but I followed all instructions to the best of my ability and I'm now seeking help from the community. Edit: The TADST_config.cfg keeps resetting itself back to no servercommandpassword. And I don't know how to prevent this.
  14. Hey guys. trying to use the immersive cigs mod, everything is placed in game fine. get the lighter/matches/pack of smokes, but there is suppose to be a action on the action menu to use and its not there. think it may be somehting with infistar blocking it. anyone got any ideas?
  15. I installed the 'ExAd' package yesterday but now my infiSTAR admin menu isn't working, error in the .rpt is 'infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp is not in your MPMission or you forgot to #include it'. I'm 99% sure this is down to my description.ext It looks like this at the bottom currently: I've tried adding the infistar admin menu include into the 'cfg functions' section but that causes the server to loop at 'reading mission file' as does adding all of the other excludes. I've tried moving it to the very bottom of the file and it makes no difference, I can remove the 'Cfgfunctions' section w/ everything below and the menu works but then exad doesn't. Any assistance appreciated, or if someone could post the end of their description.ext (if they're using exad and infistar) that would be great. Or is infistar just not compatible with exad at the moment?
  16. Hey, I recently decided to make my private server again and went to the website to download the latest update. I signed up and the website says my purchase has been verified but when i tried to download it with my key it says it is blocked. Can you look into this for me? i can send you our convo threads and emails in regards to the purchase
  17. SofakingS Hardcore Exile

    We have set up our server to give any player a challenge yet giving even to newest player a chance to make big moves in very short amount of time. We are now running Malden Silver edition with the bridge expansion to utilize to capability for anyone to reach loot and death. The trader is located in the south near loot and death for quick sales of your loot. The spec ops trader is centrally located on the mainland. Don't forget your gasmask. Radiation has been turned on for loot and death. Creates are saleable, loadable and slingable. We offer TRYK, VSM, CUP (v,w,u), SMA, Bloodlust, RHS, Shipwrecks, DMS, Roaming AI, Enhanced Movement, Advanced sling loading and repelling both urban and advanced, WMO, Towing, Ryan Zombies, Occupation, And we plan on adding a few more like sharks and a few other well known and sought after mods such as massi's mods and perhaps NI Arms. If you join the server and you find yourself in the ground. Do not disconnect. The server is loading you for the very first time. It takes up to 15 seconds for new players. Our database is better then you might think Our Mod Collection for the eight player server can be found here: Our website is under development so please be patient. Join us on Facebook You can also join our discord here
  18. Just wondered what is contained in this file. Are these the global infistar bans? Thanks - Ghost
  19. Hello all, Fresh server install, and all was fine until InfiSTAR was installed. I have installed many times before without issue, but can't figure this one out. Here are the logs: I have searched this issue already and tried these: and Thank you, any help is appreciated.
  20. Resoved - please see my post below.
  21. BTTR Malden --- new gameplay

    Join our community NOW We are in growth and we become great! Many projects, more and more Servers with time, great gameplay and good ideas! JOIN NOW to check our creations! Play with you´re Friends, find new friends, play against you´re friends or play against other people. All is possible, it's your decision! And I want to say one thing. I will add my own MOD in some time! Look forward to this surprise!!! Read the informations below for a better overview! Mods: (need to download before) (Best way to join is A3 Launcher to download automatically) Exile FFAA Mod Ryanzombies Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Rappelling Enhanced Movement Advanced Towing CDAH Mod Pack HVP Extended_Items_Exile (EIE) CUPTerrainsCore Other Addons: (included in Missionfile/Serverside, mission automatically download on every join) DMS Missions AntiCheat and Hack (Infistar) Statsbar R3F Vectorbuilding And some more But this is not all. We also join in different changes: New mapparts Military Industrial Bot base and battle ship Custom additions Eastereggs Complete revised Loottables new loot included (FFAA, CDAH, EIE) new lootspots new types of loot inside buildings logical loot with better chance FFAA Mod some new Vehicles new choppers new planes new planes to transport vehicles new boats new boat to transport vehicles 6 new craftable cars some new clothings some new weapons Extended Items Exile (EIE) I think this is one of the biggest thing on our server. With these we got many new Items to craft nearly everything! new buildings to store loot new blueprints to craft safe, codelock, ... many new items for crafting! Claim Vehicle You can add a codelock to vehicles with has not a codelock. R3F You can load crates in vehicles (logical). Also added new Trucks for loading Vehicles in there (logical). You can move crates and bikes. Sell Crates You can sell crates with content at Wastedump trader. CDAH Modpack With these you can craft the new vehicles (HVP and FFAA) Nearly add recipes for crafting ammo and some other things XM8 Apps You can see the rules in there You can change your viewdistance Also includ a craftbook for easy look on recipes (Repair Made //it´s up there but functions will included later) Statsbar It shows all important information about you we overwrite old icons with new and add some informations showing restart --->>>2 Entrys are empty and for future incoming mod Zombies We have Hordes which spawn random near triggers if players in the near of the trigger. Zombies are balanced and we have different types and loot Missions All missions are revised Balance difficult (also Bots) Better and logical loot Some random settings about gear and vehicles Bot Base/Bot Boat These 2 projects are currently in production. The base is included but the mission spawn yet. To balance it perfectly i need some more days. But you can loot there and ist really good Stuff Gamebalance 3k on start Trader prices was balanced and items revised. remove all overpowered weapons from trader, you only can get them in militarys, radiation military, some missions, Bot Base, eastereggs and some more Increase base options (price, objects to build, range). Some overrides for Arma Update and Exile Balanced nonpersistent vehicle spawn New and better airdrops Custom settings for Basepay, remove, reset objects and so on. You found everything ingame in your XM8 under XM8 Apps -> Rules High spawnrate for pistols at spawn for protect against zombies Plans for the future: Finish Botbase and the secret battleship, Add new Missions Many map updates (new military, industrial, some trader revises, some other and easter eggs ) My own Modification (Mod) It is currently in work. You will find some informations ingame, if you open your eyes Pre - Alpha is running on Testserver and it is working. Foundation is finish, now I include/create more and more features and the overlay (design) for the menu. Bugfixes <3 and some more
  22. AC ExileZ Chernarus

    Dear community, we created a server and its online for abt. two weeks right now. We already have a couple of players and are usually at around 15-20 people at the weekend. We have 50 slots and a nice community :-). It´s not a fun server so you gotta work hard for your stuff! - Lost Island - Radiation Zone incl. trader - Missions - Custom loot - District A (it´s like sector B from origin) etc. We are running the following Mods: All CUP mods, Zombies & Demons, Enhanced movement and extended base mod. You can download our collection on steam workshop: Here is a screenshot of lost island (extreme good loot) and spawn screen We would be very happy to welcome you on our server! Best regards
  23. /////-PLAYBOX-\\\\\ Exile Altis

    Wir sind PLAYBOX! Playbox ist ein Arma 3 Exile Project, das von einem ehemaligen ServerTeam neu gegründet wurde. Nach langer Abstinenz aus der "Scene" sind wir nun wieder da, und wollen Euch ein tolles Spielerlebnis liefern, und unsere Leidenschaft wieder ausleben Das Gründerteam besteht aus dem Scripter Blain, so wie die Admins Leanas, Barcadi und m55m-Artemis. Nach dem wir als Scripter/supporter uns von einem anderen Server trennen mussten, haben wir uns als Spieler auf verschiedenen Servern herumgetrieben und haben einiges gesehen und erlebt.....aber nie fühlten wir uns richtig wohl, da doch irgendwie immer etwas fehlte oder uns einfach nicht gefallen hatte. Dieses Gefühl wollten wir nicht mehr und haben entschlossen uns wieder einem eigenen Server hinzugeben, der uns so wie hoffentlich Euch, all das bietet was Ihr sucht Wir haben viele bekannte Scripts auf unserem Server wie die Virtuelle Garage, ebase, AI- Base, R3F and IGILoad, AIMissions, Deploy Quad or jetsky ,High Loot, Revive, Bush Kit, Player stats, Lockpicking, Statusbar, paintshop, Baseraiding, Base hacking, Flag/virtuelle Garage hacking, usw. aber auch customs Scripts, customs Zone wie z.b District 9 und Sector B, Vehicle crafting und das ist erst der Anfang! Was macht uns besonders? Wir versuchen ein Spielgefühl zu liefern wie zu den DayZ zeiten, aber nicht Ohne die Gegenwart zu vernachlässigen. Den Spieler/ Das Spiel Gefühl im Vordergrund zu setzten. Die Leute schnellst möglich zu Supporten und Glitcher/Duppern keine Chance zu geben. + Arma enhanced movement (optional) + Urban rappeling (abseilen/optional) + exile...natürlich Wir wünschen Euch viel Spaß und guten loot auf unserem PlayBox Server. Euer PlayBox-Team Blain -(Scripter-/-Admin-/-Serverbesitzer) Leanas -(Map Designer-/-Admin) M55M -(Admin-/-Support-/-HP Erstellung-/-Verwaltung-/-TS-3 Erstellung/Verwaltung) BacardiM -(Admin-/-Support/- Map Designer-/-HP Designer) Tazz -(TS-3 Designer) English version! Server Info Playbox is an arma 3 Exile Project, that was founded by an former Serveradministration team. After a long time of abstinence from the scene we re finaly back, and want to provide you an awesome gameplay on our Server. The founder team consists of 4 people, our scripter Blain and 3 admins Leanas, m55m, BarcadiM. After we had to seperate from an other Server as Admin team, we played alot on different Servers, there we had all kind of different experience. But never we felt to be on the right place, everytime we though something was wrong or missing. This feeling we wouldnt want to go throug anymore, and made the decision to make an own sever again and we hope that this server is going to be awesome for us and hopfully for you We got a lot well known Scripts running on the server, like VirtualGarage, AirDrop, AI-Missions, igiload, r3f, deploy quad or jetski, high loot , revive, bush kit, player stats, BaseRaiding safe/garage/doors), statsbar, and many other scripts aswell as 2 huge custom zones (Sector B mission, Distirct 9 high loot zone) and soon yo will be able to craft vehicle. Rappeling from building and bases! What makes us special? We will try always to give you players the best playing experience possible, what does that mean? Blain is alway looking for new scripts, that he can do by him self that are fun to use ore make the game a bit more enjoyable We will ensure that the server is always stable, we take care of a lot of thinks, we cant be perfect but we try to be perfect We listen to our community, if you want something to change or new..have ideas of some new possibilities, we will listen. As for now, we got following Mods on our Server + Arma enhanced movement (optional) + rappeling (abseilen/optional) + exile... We wish you alot of fun and good loot on our Server. Your PlayBox-Team Blain -(Scripter-/-Admin-/-Serverowner) Leanas -(Map Designer-/-Admin-/PR) M55M -(Admin-/-Support-/HP Designer) BacardiM -(Admin-/-Support/HP Designer) Tazz -(TS-3 Designer) Server: Upcoming changes on Playbox-Exile, We finally introduce our rework of the hole map Altis on ExileMod It's not done yet, but here a liddel sneak peak...what it will be, to play on our Server. Playbox SaveZone Mit Freundlichen Grüßen DAS PLAYBOX TEAM
  24. Hallo, ich habe infistar eingerichtet, aber wenn ich auf den Server gehe, und F1 drück passiert nichts. Was kann ich tun?
  25. Hello, I have a problem with Infistar It stops well the server (with 40 minutes of delay). But never restart him. Here are my log and my files. Here are my log and my files. EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG: Log R PT: It seems to me that there is a problem with DB, but I am not on. Here is my Exile.ini : I really hope someone can help us. Thanks in advance !