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Found 13 results

  1. Bonjour, J'ai ouvert 2 serveurs Exile, mais j'ai un problème, je sais que l'on peu verrouiller un véhicule non persistant a l'aide du trader en safe zone(contre argent bien sur) et pour le coup ca ne fonctionne pas. il me demande de prendre contact avec un admin! Est ce que vous connaissez la solution pour que les joueurs sur mon serveur puissent garder les véhicule?? Merci d'avance de vos réponses John
  2. So, My server is militarised. I have come across a dilemma with safezones. People are able to lock onto ground vehicles from air vehicles and maintain what is called a "Soft lock" Which allows them to see their location from miles away. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share or create a script for me that when a player drives a vehicle into a safezone, the soft lock cancels out and while they are in the safezone, the vehicles cannot be locked onto from the air. This would prevent people keeping a lock on the target and then following them after leaving the safezone and knowing the location to then getting the hard lock and eliminating someone who has potentially just spent thousands on gear. If this is not possible then somebody let me know please. Thanks
  3. On almost every server I've played, I go to lock/unlock my car, The code lock thing flashes (Appears and then disappears within under a second) I then have to select unlock again and again until the flashing stops and I actually get the pin code to show for longer than a second. when the restart occurs I have to do the same thing again to all of my vehicles and doors in my base, If I relog I have to do the same thing to all of the vehicles, And sometimes I press unlock and nothing shows up after repeatedly trying to unlock it, I go to press unlock again, and again but still nothing shows up unless I relog. Anyone have a solution to this? Thanks - Edward. (Btw I posted in this on another area but I got 9 views and no replies... may I ask what that was about?)
  4. I have started having a problem with not getting the dropdown menu on some doors/walls until I put down another base wall or something and then I get the dropdown for maybe 20-30 seconds then it goes away again. Its all concrete gates/ports that are locked. I can open a concrete gate that is not code locked fine. I have verified my exile mods. If anyone needs screenshots or more info, I'll be checking this thread regularly. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi Exile Team, me and my mates came accross the issue, that doors can not be locked or unlocked sometimes until we move a wall or start a construction of something and then end it. This issue exists since we are using concrete walls and floors. Its not a big deal as it works with the mentioned workaround but is this known and going to be fixed? Have a nice day, Mike
  6. Hello, today found a bug with Concrete Window Hatch. Added a codelock and even on lock/unlock state hatch can be opened. sry for bad eng.
  7. Hello Im currently setting another server. I was after some help with a little problem i have. There are persistent vehicles around the map. They are the main source of people getting around - after they have fixed them. I would like to add some "high end" vehicles to purchase from the trader. I would like these to be bought with out a locking function on them. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey i just added tanks to shop but when ppl buy it they cant lock the tank... someone know the fix?
  9. i have problem, i restart server vehicles no lock..... any option for blocked?
  10. I have autolock enabled so when my server restarts it stays locked until the server is ready, however, that takes upwards of 15 minutes. So I have a couple of questions. Is this normal that is takes so long to load and unlock? Is there a negative side effect to not locking the server and allowing people to join?
  11. Hey there, if you move a already locked door, you will loose the lock and it will be non refunded. Dunno if this is meant to be like this.
  12. Hi Guys, Anyone know of a script that can limit lock-on rockets to object view distance specified in infistart AH? got guys on our server camping in helis 2.5km's away & just blowing people to pieces, don't wanna remove rocket completely. Thanks in advance for feedback
  13. hi, on the server i cant lock cars and when i upgrade the gates it dissappers, help please regards Tom