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Found 73 results

  1. Yellow, i was just wondering how to make vehicles spawn as a map object in my server. Cuz i want them to be a part of my trader, but just putting them in whit the editor doesn't seem to work. Help plz
  2. Please visit the topic on BI forums linked below for up to date information on an upcoming terrain I am creating, Vortorsk. Newest work
  3. Hey everyone, *NGC* GMCtyphoon92 here from NoKturnal Gaming Community I am releasing my custom map content to be run server side for the Esseker map. Put the .pbo in your @ExileServer / addons folder and it will fire up. Adds many Buildings for Military areas as well as Industrial Areas. I will also release my loot tables if anyone needs them. Link for my dropbox.
  4. **EDIT** with the posted function I get a map now, the "picturedItem" doesnt show as anything though Im trying to create a Recipe for a map using this function based off of the example in the config, it appears and I have the option but when i try it says not enough inventory even if i empty it all out except the Magazines...Please help class Map: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe { name = "Map"; pictureItem = "ItemMap"; returnedItems[] = { {1, "ItemMap"} }; components[] = { {1, Exile_Item_Magazine01}, {1, Exile_Item_Magazine02}, {1, Exile_Item_Magazine03}, {1, Exile_Item_Magazine04}, }; };
  5. Hi i want to install a custom map on my server and that map is taunus. Now the server provider does not have that map avaliable in the 1 click installs so i will have to install manually, which i dont mind doing. But i cant seem to find a good guide on how to installa custom map, can anyone point me in the right direction please with this? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm working on a new map, Elba Island ... that's will be a realistic reproduction of this island located in Italy - Tyrrhenian Sea. A while ago, when I was young :-))) , I traveled all the streets of this island on a bike and so I decided to reproduce it based on my knowledge of the place and google map3d for the exact location of objects (houses, trees, walls ... .) For now I've finished the most boring part (leveling roads etc ..) and a small part of forest and houses. The style of houses and buildings is the same as altis and also the type of vegetation but Elba is much more vegetation, so we say similar to cherno in percentage .... I want to make a map that doesnt need cups or other addons .... if I put in new items will be created by me ... As for the completion I will update in this thread but I assume it will not be before the end of 2017. In 2018 a winter version will be produced . Map Size 32768x32768 Grid 8192 Cell 4 m Sat Image 32768px Resolution 1m/px Smooth Roads/Terrain [complete 98%] Objects Insertion [complete 2%] Some Screens but for now nothing of striking cuz just started :-)) BISTUDIO THREAD
  7. Hello community and Arma players, I have been trying to get an edited map on my exile server for almost several hours. I have read many posts and topics now up and down, without success ... I am playing on the map Altis and have set a building in the editor for test purposes and saved this mission. I am from there u.a. Followed this guide: "Simply take the Sqf into the missionfile, open sqf, remove the Unit / Center / West, just leave the _initCodes = [] at the beginning, then save in the init.sqf simply execVM" nameDerMapAddition.sqf "; . " Now take the first step "Sqf", my mission file was saved as SQM and there is also no Unit / Center / West or initCodes in the beginning ... My question is now, how do I get the placed building from the editor on my exile server? I am currently really perplexed and do not know, I hope one of you can help me with this topic ... I thank you already in advance with you! Regards, Capone
  8. Say if I wanted to get Taviana for example, and make an Exile server. What actually needs to be done to make it actually work? Is it just the mission file?
  9. Hey friends, im likely posting this in the wrong sub so apologies if so. I've spent about three days messing around trying different ways of implements a marker for a bridge ive made. 0 luck, just a lot of issues. Heres what im trying to add: (im likely doing this completely wrong but I havent found a single post/guide that has worked) So if any one has a suggestion or idea for me to try, I would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps there is a different method I could use to add markers that im unaware of? I've just been adding this to the mission file, which works itself, but when thats added server goes nuts. Ether loops, or comes up with error in stringtable [indefinite], or it would work and there no map icon. - Thanks, Patrick
  10. Hi, I have a custom mission briefing that is initialized in the mission folder and displays server rules etc;. Upon loading in it displays fine. After a player dies and respawns, however, it does not and is no longer present on the map screen. How can I make it permanent or force it to reload upon respawn? Not much use in having a rules section if no one can see them after their first death. I'm not so much of a good good coder boy, but I was wondering if it's the difference between "null =[] execVM " vs "[] execVM " in the init.sqf. Thanks in advanced for any help. Pastebin to briefing file: Initialization script is: null =[] execVM "briefing.sqf"; from the init.sqf in mission file. Before death: After Death:
  11. # Exile.IslaAbramia Mission and Server files w/ Easy Traders and Loot Spawn Building Positions. Default Loot Tables This is a shared effort and credit will be given. Required Mods ============== - ExileMod - - Cup Core - or - Isla Abramia: or Information ============== The Exile_Server_Config.pbo has already been edited for this map. You will only need to edit the config.cpp if you want rcon, turn off halo, adj weather etc. Building Loot Positions are already added but not tested for floating loot, if you notice any loot floating let me know in forum with the coordinates so i may correct. LootTables are default and you will need to use to compile loot if your using other mods. The Map Markers and Single Trader with objects and trader data was provided by cantkillphantom - Easy trader was provided by Red Ned - and and incorported into this release by myself. I have made the mission files so they are easy to edit. simply edit the hpp files included: - config.cpp - CfgRemoteExec.hpp - CfgExileCustomCode.hpp - CfgMusicPlaylist.hpp - CfgMusic.hpp - CfgSounds.hpp - CfgFunctions.hpp - CfgRscTitles.hpp - CfgHints.cpp - CfgNetworkMessages.hpp CfgMusicPlaylist.hpp you can add class names of custom music tracks, or remove default exile tracks if not wanted. CfgMusic.hpp you can add your own tracks, I have left examples of 3, so you can see how the format would be. For example, if you wanted a new intro song. you would make your ogg music file. call it introSong1.ogg and copy it into the Music folder. then edit CfgMusicPlaylist.hpp Ambient[] = {"ExileTrack03","ExileTrack04"}; Combat[] = {"ExileTrack06","ExileTrack07"}; Intro[] = {"ExileTrack02","ExileTrack03","intro1"}; duplicate for combat and ambient if wanted, just note, that if you add music to your mission file, it will become very large. I have tested this and it does load, it does snow when you are over snow texture.
  12. So a bit if a noob question probably but i cant seem to figure out how to make it where ai units dont show up on the map, i dont want to make it a hardcore server either to do this
  13. Hallo Leute, würde gerne wissen ob es möglich ist Gebäude von der Map Chernarus zu entfernen, da ich an der Stelle gerne etwas anderes stehen hätte. Ich hab's probiert indem ich nen Game Logic Marker gesetzt habe mit dem Befehl: " hideObject ([0,0,0] nearestObject xxxxx); " wobei xxxxx die Haus ID war, die ich mithilfe des Codes: " do3DENAction "ToggleMapIDs"; " in der Debug Console sichtbar gemacht habe. Nun hab ich an der Stelle ein neues Haus gesetzt und wenn ich das auf den Server werfe, übernimmt er das Gebäude, aber nicht den Code zum "verstecken" des anderen Hauses auf der Stelle. Resultat: Jetzt stehen da zwei Häuser. Mag mir jemand ein Tutorial zukommen oder eine kurze Step by Step Anleitung hier lassen, der davon ein wenig Ahnung hat? Ciao, Papawolf
  14. I added 3 boat traders, In my sqm where it says text ="" I put BOAT DEALER. The circle is there in game but the text is not... I am new to Arma 3. So how do you add text to the map?
  15. Well most of us, are making custom trades, and some are even making hole Trader towns... But, is there a way to make a Legend for those Icons we are all posting on our maps, to show what is what... DMS has a small one in the left corner of the map... but something like that.... but with all those crazy "unit types"...
  16. These are our official Map files These are the files For our offical Map on the exile IGG chernarus server Feel free to use at your own will! Join us in teamspeak if you have any questions Features: Spawns around the South and East of the map Custom aircraft traders Completely Custom Traders exile_server_config In downloads section for loot positions for OCP+Jbad SpawnCords are in a txt Not added: Cement Mixers Roulette Addons Required : Open Chernarus Project + jbad CUP Maps CUP Core If you cant figure out how to install it and pack it into a pbo maybe you shouldn't use it. Downloads: Exile.Chernarus + Config.cpp(defualt) +spawn/tradercords+custom traders Chernarus Loot spawns - Thanks to @odizzzzle for the OCP loot spawn cords I will not be updating this IT WORKS After editing your config.cpp And doing any other configuring you wish Pack it as a PBO And enjoy!
  17. Hallo Exiler, seit wenigen Tagen versuche ich schon eine neue Map auf meinem Server zum Laufen zu bringen - vergebens! Die unter G-Portal funktionieren (Altis und Tanoa). Jedoch ist auch Namalsk von Anfang an mit dabei (inkl. Mission.PBO) doch sobald ich versuche diese zu installieren, startet der Server nicht mehr. Und wenn er denn mal startet, dann komme ich nicht rauf weil ich aus Gründen XY gekickt werde. Durch ein wenig googlen stieß ich auf die Möglichkeit, dass man auch Chernarus installieren könnte. Also weiter nach Chernarus gegooglet und auf Armaholic auf das All In Arma Terrain Pack gestoßen und gedownloaded. Jetzt weiß ich aber nicht wirklich weiter. Wie installiert man es? Brauch ich dazu eine Mission.pbo? Woher bekommt man die? Altis.pbo nehmen? Gibt es DEUTSCHE YT-Tutorials die eine Step-by-step Anleitung haben? Ich bin, wie man aus vergangenen Hilferufen noch weiß, der englischen Sprache nicht ganz gewachsen. Auf sinnvolle Beiträge würde ich mich sehr freuen. Danke im Voraus.
  18. I've been doing some map editing for my Tanoa server but have run into some roadblocks. I'm hoping to get steered in the right direction. What I was originally doing was importing the mission.sqm into Eden/M3Editor and placing buildings, copying and moving non-construction/safe zones, saving that file as mutiplayer and wrapping it back up into the .pbo. That's nice because I can see the objects as I manipulate the markers. The list of entities gets pretty long though. I had downloaded someone else's trader addition which consisted of adding include lines in the initPlayerLocal.sqf & initServer.sqf files pointing them to respective files in another folder. This seems like a nice way of compartmentalizing but I can't figure out how to generate the sqf's in Eden (they have the "Created with Exile Mod 3DEN Plugin" header). Tonight I made a trader in Eden and exported the objects, took that code, and pasted it into my mission.sqf and was stoked when everything loaded in... until I realized that everything was rotated in the wrong direction. I assume that Eden's rotation coordinates don't translate to the mission.sqf. So what is the best way to go about this? I'm not a coder and want a way that will allow me to easily differentiate the areas I'm creating. In the initServer.sqf I just ///commented the beginning and end of the objects and that would be fine. I keep finding partial information and introduction videos to several tools but nothing that really addresses these questions.
  19. The drop box link contains my .pbo and rpt file. im not sure whats causing the crash but i did notice some skeleton errors for the traders.
  20. Used all the info posted to build an implement objects in altis with m3eden editor. Placed and arranged exactly how they were supposed to in GSP server but problem is that is the objects are over water I think. Items spawned in or dropped from inventory just act very odd or as if the ground isn't there. Also having trouble finding info on adding additions to the viewable map. I teleport to the area and get put under water. I have tried searching the forums without finding this info Thanks.
  21. hey all im looking for good working chernarus files for my server can you guys help me out?
  22. hi everyone I'm currently having an issue with my server I'm working on ...when a player die show two death notification how can i remove the first one ..and leave the exile notifications
  23. Hello everyone, Not sure if this is the right place to post something like this: I have gotten my server up and running now, everything is working fine, but now i am looking to customize my maps aesthetics, for example, i would like to add ground fog, ambient noises and also change the lighting. I have never changed/added anything like this on an arma server and i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of how to do this. Thanks for any help!
  24. All Credits To Me And My Team! don´t ask for help with other mods (the map is working fine) don´t be a asshole and say Its yre work (that is bullshit its my and my teams work) Chernarus Map + Traders + Loot what have we done in it ? from vanilla to full playable we have done all mate Trader zones Radiation Zone Map Markers Needed Mods CUP Terrain Maps CUP Terrain Core Parameters to start it on the server -mod=@Exile;@CUP_Core;@CUP_Maps; yre config file For Any Help Join Me On and make a support ticket before y make a ticket read the first lines of this post i will give only vanilla help nothing more! Or In our Ts Server @ Download REMOVED! How To download the mission file packet in a .rar copy the Exile.Chernarus.pbo file in yre mission dir of yre server DONE y made it start yre server and have fun with my release
  25. [SOLVED] Thanks for the help guys, I made the custom one and it works. HAPPY IS ME TODAY Since Apex has been out I can not get rid of the players map markers. This map is a PVP and if players can see the other players, well I might as well make it a PVE. I dont want to do that (Just venting sorry) btw I am running Exile Tanoa. If I change to veteran the 3rd person goes away. Has anyone else ran into this and does anyone know how to fix?