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Found 72 results

  1. Extended Base Mod for Exile Mod With this mod you are allowed to place some Arma 3 content in your Territory based at the Exile mod. For example: Sandbarriers, BagBunker, CamoNets, CncBarriers, Stonewall + Gate, Ladder, Watercooler some are following. Capacity: Huge Container: 20.000 Metalshelf doublesided: 5.000 Icebox: 1.500 Shelf 1: 4.000 Shelf: 3.000 Land Container Green: 15.000 Hangar: 40.000 Ammobox: 7.000 Tentdome: 1.000 Land Container Sand Small: 13.500 Cargo container Small: 6.500 Garbage Container: 8500 Metalshed 4 Layers: 5500 Plastic Crate: 2000 Suitcase: 1250 Ammo Box: 750 V 0.3.0 - Huge Lamp illmination fixed - doors fixed (original by Eichi) - certain apex buildings available V 0.2.9 - Guys i am very sorry, but i had to remove the APEX buildings. Arma fucked it up - fixed the damagetaking problem on earthquakes and explosives. (Breaching charges still work) V 0.2.8 - new Buildables: Airporthangar (Apex), Ammobox, Basaltwall 4m & 8m and Gate (Apex), Breakwater dry & wet (Apex), Huron ammo- and fuelcontainer, IR tent big & small (Apex), Petroglyphwall 1 & 2 (Apex), sandbags green long & short (Apex), Sandbagbunker big green (Apex), Sandbagtower green (Apex), Suitcase - all new walls with snap points - fixed the light of the Shabby Lamp and the Camping Lamp - fixed the height jump of the Pierbox & Airplanehangar V 0.2.7 - new Buildables: Bungalow, House Big, Plastic crate, Researchfacility big and small, Garage Shelter (Apex) - all things or Buildings can be destroyed by the Breaching Charges V 0.2.6 - new Buildables: Big Bunker, Bunker Rectangle, Bunker Hexagonal, Bagbunker small green, Bunkerwall 3m Bunkerwall 6m, Controltower, Barrier 3 green, Barrier 5 green, Sandbagtower green, Trench Forest & Grass(Apex) - lootspawn fixed!!! (BIG thanks to second_coming !!) - excluded Price and Traderlist to make them like recipes and menus (Thank you Greyfox! It made Tanoa Buildings a lot easier!) V 0.2.5 - new Buildables: ATM (working with lockers ) - Snapmode for walls (Just straight, No corners or gates yet) - added Non-Physic for Garbage Container and Metalshed 4 Layers - Exile Walls are only blowable by new charges V 0.2.4 - new Buildables: Concrete Mixer, Flag CSAT, Garbage Container, Metalshed 4 Layers, Watersink - fine tuned all recipes! - changed target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F_Kit"; in menus.hpp to target = "Land_CargoBox_V1_F";. menu now working correctly. V 0.2.3 - new Buildables: Camping Chair V1 & V2, Camping Table, Camping Lamp, MapBoard Altis, Pavement straight and corner narrow and straight and corner wide. - added BRAMA categories to the recipes (Container, Walls, Flora, Misc, Buildings, Signs, Lamps) - Battleyefilter added: !"MapBoard_altis_F" V 0.2.2 - changed the way receips and menus are working, now implemented via .hpp (thank you Murgatroyd) - new Buildings: Bush, Pier, 3 kind of Stones, Sleepingbag, 2 Solarpanels - mass of the Big Dome changed to 200 - Armor of following reduced by half:CNC Wall,CNC Wall 1pc,Huge Container,Land Container Green - fixed light_1_hitpoint spam in .rpt V 0.2.1 Hotfix - removed Big Tank and Military Checkpoint. Doors not working and Errors. V 0.2.0 - new Buildings: airporttower, Barracks, Beachbooth, BigTank, Castletower, UnexplodedAmmoSign, Military Checkpoint, Transmissiontower - increased armor of military tower (100 times) - reduced weight of Airplanehangar V 0.1.9 - new Buildings: Dome (big white one), Airplanehangar, Metal Shed, Solartower, Sunchair, Sunshed, Shabby Lamp - increased armor of military tower (10 times) V 0.1.8 - new Buildings:Chair, Cncblock, ContainerSmall, Industryfence 1pt, industryfence 3pt, Lampstreet, Seawall, Tavern, Tavern middle added alternative crafting receips from MrDynamite V 0.1.7 - new Buildings:PortableFloodlight double, Radar Small, Slumplane, Table, Toilet, Pierbox Floodlight coming with next patch Sorry guys V 0.1.6 - new Buildings: CNCBarrier1, Medium CNC Barrier, Crashbarrier, Big Shed, Touristshed, Watersource, CNC Wall small 4 + 8m, Military Sign Vehicle + Base Small - bug fixed where Cargo Containers spawned a lock. -> check "addingmenutoitem.txt" - fixed the bug where containers bouncing around, now same behavior like storage crate ^^ - Tentdome can be placed outside territory - increased armor of military tower again (10 times) - slightly increased armor of all hbarriers - added alternative crafting receips in a separate .txt V 0.1.5 - new Buildings: Broken Shed, Cargo Container Sand Small, CNC Stairs, Garage, Platform, Tent, Tenthangar - added lockability to cargo containers - fixed the bug where other players can pack the container without entering the code. - Baselights now always on! fixed it hope you have fun with them. V 0.1.4 - new Buildings: CNC Shelter, CNC Wall, Fuelstation Shed, Small Shed,razorwire - Removed HalogenLights. Problem with Server restart. sorry guys - lowered Mass of all heavy items. V 0.1.3 - new Buildings: Slum Container, Cargo Container Big, Big Halogenlamp, Military Outpost Small - Hangar now lockable -Menu added - on Rusty Tank you can refuel empty Canister, not Cars. - improved armor of all Buildings - Hangar mass is set to 310 (carryall is 320) V 0.1.2 - new Buildings: Rusty Tank, Metal Shelve, Cargo Tower V2 Big, Fuelstation, BagBunker Large, Shootingpostition - Hangar now lockable - removed Helipadlights due to Memoryproblems! Players who don't have the mod are able to join again. V 0.1.1 Hotfix -new Buildings: Helipadlight Blue,White and Yellow, Wooden Pier. - added inventory to the yellow shelf and the icebox - Hatches from the outpost can be opened now - Hangar is not Lockable... sorry guys - You can build Sandbags everywhere!!! V 0.1.0 Major Patch -new Buildings: ConcreteDoor, BarGate, Helipadlights green/red, icebox, Sign Military Area, Military CncWall, Military Outpost, Steelfence, -Fixed Door Locking! now working correctly V 0.0.4 - Bugfixes - New Buildings: 3 different Types of concrete walls; Helipad; New Shelf V 0.0.3 - New Buildings: Ammobox, LandContainer, Sandbag Corner, Sandbag long, Sandbagbunker, Shelf Sandbagbunker Small, Hangar, Sandbagwall Big Corner, 6m, 4m, ConcreteRamp - Ladder fixed - Stone Gate lockable V 0.0.2 - New Buildings: CNCBarrier, Stonewall, Stonegate, Ladder, Watercooler - FIXED building location was stuck! -> battleye filter!!! INSTALLATION: Please use the readme inside the mod folder Download: Or Available at A3 Launcher Or you just downloaded it from the Workshop The Serveradministrator can add it to the craftreceips (included)
  2. Hello guys, as my first mod ever, I decided to recreate and expand the Mad Max universe. At the moment the mod contains: Vehicles: Weapons: Helmets: Facewear: Vests: Charakters: In case if you wonder, original stands for content, wich has been seen in the movies or in the game, I does not means, it was ripped of the game. Known buggs and errors: - plymouth rock missing .rvmat error - the wheels of the plymouth rock are not at the correct postion - the vest is not fitting, gets sucked into the body directly under the armpit and has only texture on one side - the shadows are not perfect - the shotguns can use scopes, this is not wanted, so make shure you have an empty sight slot on the shotguns (or you will see nothing and think the gun is broken) BI Forums WIP Discussion: Special Thanks: - Fled for releasing the model of the plymouth rock - I3lueVein for his models of the mad max and the inspiration - KingDom for spending his freetime, while searching with me via teamviewer for the errors - ianbanks & Pennyworth for helping me with the first person error Credits can be found in the Files. If theres interest in my mod, you can join the discord server: here! Download Links: STEAM: Armaholic: (Might not have the lastest update) You can use it for Exile or whatever you want, but please don't repack or reupload it anywhere else without giving credits.
  3. The CDAH-Team is proud to present you the CDAH-Mod-Pack Version 1.3 for the latest version of Exile-Mod What the f*** is this? Now you can build your own crafting-garage in your base and craft your favorite vehicles. From small karts to heavy tanks, all your dreams come true. >> Get the Mod here << The Mod adds 13 items for crafting and 13 buildings for the garage and a lot of crafting recipes. (around 130 for items & 150 for vehicles) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Installation: - subscribe the mod in Steam Workshop - available on A3Launcher - for serverowners you'll find a "readme" in the mod ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First steps how to build your garage: - First you have to craft a "Craftbox" (Level 1 base required) - After That you have to craft a "Terminal" (Level 2 base required) - With this you have the possibility to enter the "Workshop GUI" on the Terminal. - From here i think it's possible to find your own way --- If u have some questions: PLEASE ASK US Come to our TS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 03/05/17 Ver. 1.3 Changelog: Bugfix: - Anvil now movable and with physic - fixed major exploits New: - Added "config.sqf" in "\CDAH_crafting\logic" (mpmission)(take a look to UPDATE) - Added crafttimerscript, controllable in the config - Added craftsound, controllable in the config - Added craftprograssbar Changed: - moved the Rearmscript to the mod-code (take a look to UPDATE) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 12/17/16 Ver. 1.2 Changelog: new Item: - Rearmbox (added Vehicle Rearm, instructions in the "howtoinstall.txt") new Recipes: - added new advanced crafting recipes Changed: - Ammo Container - Refuel Container - Repair Container changed to cunstructions instead of containers Bugfix: Texture failure of - Ammo Mold - Piston - Crankshaft - new Key (important for serverowners) !!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 11/24/16 Ver. 1.1 Changelog:- craftbox exploit removed - removed bike recipe, causing a database issue - new Key (important for serverowners) !!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thx @happydayz for help, our Joda
  4. Seguinte, estamos com uma máquina com um servidor rodando, mas estamos carentes de alguém que saiba configurá-lo, temos todas as ideias formuladas, scripts que queremos adicionar, só falta colocá-las em prática, se você sabe como configurar um servidor, mexer com scripts e quer ajudar a criar um servidor de qualidade para os BR's fale comigo. Ps: Alguém sério e não curioso (amador). Steam: Desde já agradeço!
  5. installation

    Hey! I am new here, and i really need some help. I bought a gameserver at a danish host (Because i live in Denmark), and i want to get Exile mod on my arma 3 server. I don't know how. Can you guys guide me through it, so i can play
  6. (Just started my server to make a screenshot on-demand, and the plane that was on top of my base decided to explode for no reason... ty arma 3) Download: installation: Install addons folder to your mission pbo in mpmissions/ Add the following line at the very end of your initPlayerLocal.sqf inside the mission pbo: [] execVM "addons\statusbar\statusbar.sqf" Add the following lines at the very end of your description.ext inside the mission pbo: class RscTitles { #include "addons\statusbar\statusbar.hpp" }; If you want a background go to addons/statusbar/statusbar.hpp and uncomment the line with colorBackground[] = { 0, 0, 0, 0.4 } and change it to whatever you want (RGBA) Hope it helps somebody, it's my custom statusbar, at least it works and tested. Enjoy.
  7. Hey there my arma 3 exile server says it has no security active on the server where as any others have security how do i change it so mine has or how do i install battleye on the server as i think thats the issue Also battleye random kicks me and others when on the server as its playable . just nothing in the logs as to why -mod=@exile;@CUP_Core;@CUP_Terrain;@ryanzombies;@Extended_Base_Mod;@RHSUSAF;@CBA_A3;@HVP;@CUP Weapons;;Kart,Mark,Heli -servermod=@exileserver;@infiSTAR_servermod this is my setup params is there anything im missing ?
  8. Is it possible to link a file containing a list of items to a mods loot list? For example: DMS uses: And occupation uses: If external files could be linked, such as: It would make it a lot easier to modify, add, or remove items on a per mod basis. Obviously, not all mods use the same format. VMFr uses: But even if only the first 2 worked it would greatly increase the variety of loot in those mods, while making managing them easier.
  9. I recently pre-paid for 6-months of server time with the server hosts (BlackBox). I am struggling to find topics and information on how to add mods to my server.. I attempted to add the mod @Ryanzombies and I was part-way successful, I'm at the point where it gives me this error whenever I try and join my server "add additional keys that are accepted by the server". I've completely scraped everything I've done, and I'm starting fresh in order to better understand this whole process. I used this thread to set-up the MOD the first time: "In the thread above"- There is only parts of information on How to add MODS to a server, I don't understand all the terminology and I need something more explanatory." Since I lack the knowledge which I'm sure is common on these forums, would the community walk my through this step by step? I have the Mod @Ryanzombies, How do I put this MOD into my online server? Please feel free to ask any questions, I have to warn you though - I'm a complete newb! but if you can help me, then many more will benefit from this. Thanks ahead of time for any help.
  10. We have a relatively new server ~2 weeks old. If you would like to check it out Search BurningTreeGaming IP: The servers are based on the East Coast (North Carolina) If you like it and feel you can contribute message me and I will be happy to talk to you about being a mod.
  11. hey leute mein freund kann nicht auf einen normalen exile server drauf da kommt immer [>> Wrong signature for file addons\missions_f_epb_video.pbo <<] wenn sich jemand damit auskennt bitte um schnelle hilfe
  12. He there! I have a problem! I just installed AVS to get persistent vehicle spawns on my server. the problem is that everytime I join the server now I get a screen whit grass on it for 10-20 seconds and then get put back in the server menu! Also in the console it says this: 0:42:48 Error Generic error in expression 0:42:48 File AVS\bootstrap\fn_preInit.sqf, line 31 0:42:48 Connected to Steam servers 0:42:48 c:\w\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp NetworkServer::OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! 0:42:48 Mission id: f0bfcef418544e940a7b1862a49e26ab22ffb410 0:42:48 Attempt to override final function - avs_fnc_getconfigloadout 0:42:48 "AVS Rearm System active." 0:42:48 "AVS Refuel System active." 0:42:48 "AVS Fill Canister active." 0:42:48 "AVS - Mission code initialized." 0:43:08 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: [BIS_fnc_preload] ----- Scripts initialized at 20425 ms -----" So I went to the file fn_preInit.sqf and I don't know whats wrong! // This code is NECESSARY for spawning persistent vehicles. DO NOT REMOVE THIS CODE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AVS_UIDs = []; { if (_x select 0) then { { _uid = _x select 0; if !(_uid in AVS_UIDs) then { AVS_UIDs pushBack _uid; }; } forEach (_x select 1); }; } forEach [ [AVS_useSpawnedPersistentVehiclesLocation,AVS_spawnedPersistentVehiclesLocation], [AVS_useSpawnedPersistentVehiclesRoadside,AVS_spawnedPersistentVehiclesRoadside], [AVS_useSpawnedPersistentVehiclesRandom,AVS_spawnedPersistentVehiclesRandom] ]; This has line 31 in it! PLEAS HELP MEE!!!
  14. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I DO NOT POST ANYMORE BECAUSE EXILE ARE FULL OF BULLSHITS. THE CODE STILLS OPEN SOURCE AND ANYONE CAN EDIT, POST AND SHARE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This script checks the mods loaded by the client. If one mod is not loaded, automate .POP UP´S let the player know about it, offering costumizable links to community guides. . You can define each mod as “required” or “doesn’t required”. If required mod is not loaded by the client, Mod Checker warns the player, and when the player closes the dialog, he is kicked from the game in a silent way. If non required mod is not loaded, Mod Checker warns the player, but the player can still on the server. If no errors are generated, Mod Checker runs in silent without popup INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS Download from github 1- Copy addons\modChecker folder to your mission file. 2- Copy the content of initPlayerLocal.sqf at the bottom of your initPlayerLocal.sqf 3- If you are usin infistar, whitelist display 999999 in EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp under allowedIDDS XM8 Mod Checker addon by @jmayr2000 CONFIG INSTRUCTIONS In addons\modChecker\modConfig.hpp 1.- Read carefully all addons\modChecker\modConfig.hpp and his comments 2- Moddify classes from CfgPatches. You can find under editor. ("Tools" - "Config Viewer" - "Configfile" - "CfgPatches") 3- Change mod variable names according to your mods and link to custom string depending if the mod is loaded or not. 4- Set if a mod is required (errorLevel = errorLevel + 99) or if is optional (errorlevel = errorLevel + 1) 5- Repeat steps from 2 to 4 for each mod used on your server. Modify Add your mods or delete any mod class not used. if (isClass(configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "Exile_Client")) then { checkExile = "<t size='0.9' shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' align='center'>Exile Mod is</t><t color='#2fd402' size='0.9' shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' align='center'> found!</t><br/>"; } else { checkExile = "<t size='0.9' shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' align='center'>Exile Mod is</t><t color='#ff0000' size='0.9' shadow='1' shadowColor='#000000' align='center'> NOT FOUND!</t><br/>"; errorLevel = errorLevel + 99 }; In addons\modChecker\displayConfig.hpp 1.- Read carefully all addons\modChecker\displayConfig.hpp and his comments 2- Edit, add or delete Mod variable names according to modConfig.hpp //Mod variable names _message = _message + checkExile; _message = _message + checkEsseker; _message = _message + checkRyan; _message = _message + checkWeapons; _message = _message + checkVehicles; _message = _message + checkUnits; _message = _message + checkTerrain; _message = _message + checkCBA; 3- Set custom messages to your community guides. // Custom message with community links _message = _message + "<br />"; _message = _message + "If you get any error, please, read the following links<br /><br />"; _message = _message + "Download the mods from <a href= '' color='#ff9900'>Steam Workshop</a> Only click on Subscribe!<br />"; _message = _message + "<a href= ',674.0.html' color='#ff9900'>Guía de lanzamiento e instalación de mods [ESPAÑOL]</a> </t><br /><br />"; CREDITS The XM8 app are ported by @jmayr2000 . This project contains code from @Repentz Advanced Server Rules and is inspired with this comment in BI official forums. Thanks to Chema, from to correct my english. This is my first script, please don’t blame. Apologize my english too, I know that is like a shit. If any part is wrong, please be constructive. I appreciate any feedback. If you like or use this script, please hit LIKE button. I can be more motivated to share.
  15. Base built with a lot of the apex parts in Extended base mod. Player 1 who built the base of course see everything. Player 2 who does not have Apex does not see the parts from Apex and can walk straight through them into the base. Has anyone else encountered this?
  16. Hi, i´ve got a big Problem, i use Extended base Mod on my Server and everything works fine, but i cant place any buildings. I can craft them, buy them, but cannot place them i just go into the building menu for ajusting heigh etc and when i press Spacebar nothing happens, the only way to get out is to press Esc, but whats wrong ? why i cant place the building but see the icons, can buy and craft them ? pls help me ! Thanks EDIT : ther are no Logs
  17. essen

    Moin Moin, Ich bin schon seit längerem auf der suche nach einem Mod / script der es ermöglicht das Tiere Fleisch geben wenn man sie tötet. Ich habe bis her nix gefeunden und möchte euch um Hilfe bitten. LG LaungeGamer
  18. Mahlzeit Hab so ebend erfolgreich mein Arma 3 Exile Server erstellt, nun wollte ich noch Ryanzombies hinzufügen. Hab die Mod gedownloadet, und Sie in den Arma 3 Ordner eingfügt. In meiner Startparameter bzw (Serverstart.bat) steht das hier drinne: -name=Exile "-mod=@Exile;@ExileServer;@Ryanzombies;" . Server neugestartet.....und siehe da er hat es nicht erkannt Sorry für die Dumme frage, aber wie gesagt bin neu in den Bereich Arma 3.^^
  19. I won't go into specifics, however, I want to make a mod for my exile server (and everyone) that will add content (uniforms, items, weapons, etc..). I am very experienced with writing config files and sqf scripts, however, my experience falls apart when manipulating 3D character models to work with A3. I am looking for a 3D developer that will be able to convert 3D character models that I will send to him/her to work as A3 character uniforms/equipment. I am currently able to add my character models into A3 as static objects and they look fantastic, however, I am unable to make the models into playable character uniforms. If you have what it takes ,would be willing to help add a great content mod to the A3 community, and don't mind doing it for free, please send me a message on discord
  21. Hello! Anyone got the RHS config.cpp? And could someone tell me how to install it ? I've tried myself for the last 2 days, but my server wont start when i put RHS stuff in x~x
  22. UPDATE v3.2 For EXILE 0.9.34+ - This version should work with upcoming patches What is this script? it's a unit spawner script used to spawn in AI into any map it's setup to be easy to use in this case it's been used as a zombie spawner for Ryans Zombies and Demons it can do so much more it can also spawn AI from other mods. This update has a few changes you will find three types of .zip files in the new code folder each one is listed below. The files also have readme.txt added to .zip folders with install instructions. - Features: Old v3.1 script with added fixes * Updated community triggers * New Setting to remove AI from trader zones * Updated note on ZOMcivilianside * Fixed reported _back RPT error - Features: Most of this update is optimization * Can now choose to have AI walk (move around) or stand still and wait * Changes to Headless Client settings * Updated note on ZOMcivilianside * Settings on spawn size optimized by default * Advanced FPS Settings added - is optional and not needed * New Setting to remove AI from trader zones * Fixed reported _back RPT error * Updated community triggers - Features: This is made to run server side in the @ExileServer addons folder you will need a PBO tool * Can now choose to have AI walk (move around) or stand still and wait * Changes to Headless Client settings * Updated note on ZOMcivilianside * Settings on spawn size optimized by default * Advanced FPS Settings added - is optional and not needed * New Setting to remove AI from trader zones * Fixed reported _back RPT error * Updated community triggers - All settings can be found in init\fn_init.sqf it runs the same as only server side helps client performance. - Old system not updated left it alone packed into .zip TOOL FOLDER: This tool is used to Decode .sqm and ccp files enjoy! Install has had a slight change see Setup info inside .zip files from github link provided below Download the script - NOTICE! This spawner needs Zombies & Demons to work has to be server and client side! Known issues: * AI using Mods logic for damage and attacking issues with AI not attacking can be seen at times * Random FPS issues on spawning in AI * If Ryan's Mod check for clients fails to work they can be killed by invisible AI update your mission.sqm BE Filters: scripts.txt add to execVM line !="ZOM\generate_zone.sqf" !="ZOM\init.sqf" !="ZOM\walk.sqf" !="zom_fuc_realDamagehandler"createvehicle.txt !="C_man_polo" !="RyanZombieC_man_1" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_1" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_2" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_4" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_5" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_6" !="RyanZombieC_man_p_fugitive" !="RyanZombieC_man_w_worker" !="RyanZombieC_scientist_"" !="RyanZombieC_man_hunter_1" !="RyanZombieC_man_pilot" !="RyanZombieC_journalist" !="RyanZombieC_Orestesslow" !="RyanZombieC_Nikosslow" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_02" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_02_f" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_02" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_03" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_03" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_03w" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_04" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_04" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_04" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_lite" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_lite_F" !="RyanZombieboss1" !="RyanZombieB_RangeMaster_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieSpider1"setpos.txt - add all to stop the client kicks for zombie movement 1 "" !"Exile_" !="RyanZombieC_man_1" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_1" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_2" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_4" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_5" !="RyanZombieC_man_polo_6" !="RyanZombieC_man_p_fugitive" !="RyanZombieC_man_w_worker" !="RyanZombieC_scientist_"" !="RyanZombieC_man_hunter_1" !="RyanZombieC_man_pilot" !="RyanZombieC_journalist" !="RyanZombieC_Orestesslow" !="RyanZombieC_Nikosslow" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_02" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_02_f" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_02" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_03" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_03" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_03w" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_04" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_04" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_04" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_lite" !="RyanZombieB_Soldier_lite_F" !="RyanZombieboss1" !="RyanZombieB_RangeMaster_Fmedium" !="RyanZombieSpider1" I uploaded some Some pic's to see 1st is one of my co admins shooting zeds and wetting himself at sounds of a boss coming Amount of zombies in big city I know you will ask this and it's No the zombies will not re trigger if more players enter it's set to a max number they stay while any player is near and they will re spawn again if under the max number and another player enters. Thanks to TheCreep3r for more BE Filters it helps the community out. If you guys have other map coordinates please message me a copy in a paste bin link I'll add it to main topic for others to use Map coordinates added to updates and readmes
  23. Hello, i would like to change the time it takes to "sledge" down a container to get scrapmetal, maybe change it to 5 hits or something, i have looked through the files but i can not found any setting like that. tips? Thanks!
  24. Hello, I'm having trouble installing extended base mod and was hoping someone could help me figure out what is wrong. I followed the information in the readme as closely as I could. When I try to join the server I get stuck on the loading map screen. My gamepanel shows that there is one person on the server, but thats just me stuck on the loading map screen. I have tried the following lines of code both inside and outside of brackets. Can anyone help me? class CfgExileArsenal class CfgTraderCategories class CfgCraftingRecipes class CfgExileArsenal class Exile_Trader_Hardware
  25. Roleplay4Life

    Guten Tag liebe NItrado Community, Vor kurzem hat unser Tanoa Life Mod Server die Closed Alpha verlassen und ist nun in der Open Beta. Nun ist es an euch, denn Server zu füllen und noch weiter zu testen damit wir den Server stetig verbessern können. Unser Ziel, ist es einen Arma 3 Tanoa Life Server zu kreieren beidem es nicht wie bei normalen Servern nur um das Standart RP geht, sondern darum dass hier "HardcoreRP" betrieben wird. Nach diesem Grundsatz sind auch die Preise - +/- den echtgeldpreisen angepasst worden. Auch die Mods die auf unserem Server laufen, sind abgestimmt auf dieses RP. Was bieten wir euch: - Wir bieten euch eine grosse Auswahl an verschiedensten Mods - TFAR zum reden InGame - Einen 180 Slots Server - Teamspeak mit genug Slots - gutes Scripter Team / Mapper Team und freundliche und hilfsbereite Supporter Ihr wollt auf unserem Server Spielen aber wisst nicht wie? Das ist ganz einfach, ihr müsst euch weder Bewerben noch sonst was lediglich hier auf unserem Forum Anmelden: Forum RolePlay4Life Die Mods könnt ihr momentan noch per Swifty Downloaden, jedoch wird es bald einen eigenen Launcher geben sobald unser Scripterteam damit fertig ist. Hier findet ihr eine Anleitung zum Downloaden von Swifty und den Server Mods: YouTube - Tutorial Switfty Die Mods haben ca. eine Momentangrösse von 5GB sollte also für jeden schnell runtergeladen sein. Unseren Teamspeak ist unter folgender IP erreichbar: Und unsere Server IP ist folgende: So, nun ist alles gesagt und ich hoffe ich konnte euch überzeugen den Server auszuprobieren und auf dem Server nun zu Spielen. Aller Anfang ist schwer, jedoch denke ich, dass wir mit eurer Hilfe den Server füllen können und so eine gute Roleplay liebende Community bilden können. Wir freuen uns auf euch Bis bald auf dem Server Liebe Grüsse Nico