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Found 4 results

  1. Found a bug in the virtual garage. Dupatta poptabs if poptabs to leave in the car. You have to file ExileServer_object_vehicle_network_storevehiclerequest.sqf forgot to write _vehicleObject setVariable ["ExileMoney", 0, true]; once you add pop tabs to the ground. Video how to fix it
  2. Hello guys, i was wondering if there was anyway to add say 10000 pop tabs to every crate in the missions? seen a few posts on here about what to do but cant seem to get it working, thanks.
  3. How do i get my xm8 to show my inventory pop tabs and not my locker?
  4. So im hosting a server and im trying to find the file to edit that will allow players to have 15K pop tabs in their locker when they first enter the server. Anyone know how to do this? Follow up question, how do i spawn stuff for players? Like say their vehicle got glitched, how can i give them a new one? I am on the latest version of Exile by the way and i have access to my files through a ftp server